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TechnoScalper Engine

It is a truly useful multifunctional tool. I did it thinking about my needs as a trader some years ago although I have been modifying it for my partners to use it.

This tool allows:

✅Directly send buy or sell orders with one click and shows where you should place the stop loss based on an algorithm using ATR and comparison with previous significant levels.

✅Close all profits by clicking a button.

✅Close all losses by clicking a button.

✅Close all operations by clicking a button.

✅Shows the current profit.

✅Shows the current spread.

✅Draws convenient channels and trend lines with one click.

✅Dynamic element that changes color and position indicating possibility of change based on Commodities Channel Index (it is a support analysis, combine it with your own strategy if you wish).

✅Change the interface theme from day mode to night mode and vice versa with one click. 

❓Common questions:

⚠️ Is it normal if TechnoSEngine does not open trades in the Strategy Tester?

✅Answer: For MT4 Strategy Tester that is normal. However, all the buttons work perfectly if you are trading on Live account or Demo account.

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