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This is a non-indicator trading robot. The trading is performed inside the channel.

Trading by time is provided in the Expert Advisor's settings. For example, you can trade only during Asian and American sessions.

The product contains protection against an increased spread, which can expand during a rollover and news releases.  

Also, there is a protection against reducing the leverage on Friday.  

The Expert Advisor is set for AUDNZD M15.

  • WidthFactor - channel expansion ratio. 0.7 on default. Optimization 0.1/0.1/25.0.
  • ChannelPeriodFactor - main value of the calculated channel. 2.2 on default. Optimization 0.1/0.1/25.0.
  • W_period - number of bars for calculating the channel's width. 5 on default. Optimization: 1/1/300.
  • B_period - number of bars for calculating the channel's width. 105 on default. Optimization: 1/1/300.
  • S_period - number of bars for calculating the channel's width 175. Optimization: 1/1/300.
  • Delta - channel expansion parameter. 75 on default. Optimization: 1/1/200.
  • MM - position division ratio when the margin reaches stl level. 2.0 on default. Optimization: 1.1/0.1/10.
  • stl - margin level, at which the position is closed partially. 100 on default. Optimization: 10/10/10000.
  • TakeProfit - setting and modifying Take Profit at the channel boundary. It is used to fix profit without slippage. Under certain settings, this value can significantly affect the results obtained both by tester and in real trading. It cannot be optimized. The default value is false.
  • Lot - if Lot is greater than 0.0, trading is performed using a fixed lot. The default value is 0.0.
  • MaximumRisk - dynamic lot is enabled if Lot = 0. It is calculated as the maximum possible lot for opening an order * MaximumRisk. 0.05 on default. Optimization: 0.01 /0.01/1.
  • begin - trading session start. 12 on default. Optimization: 0/1/24.
  • end - trading session end. New orders are not opened. 24 on default. Optimization: 0/1/24.
  • begin1 - trading session start. 0 on default. Optimization: 0/1/24.
  • end1 - trading session end. New orders are not opened. 24 on default. Optimization: 0/1/24.
  • typ_spread - spread limitation when closing SELL and opening BUY. It is recommended to set typical spread. 15 on default. Not optimized.
  • mag - magic-номер. Not optimized.
  • GRAFICS - enabling chart display = false.
Gary Davis
2014.07.23 04:48 

For sure this is a more profitable EA than most of my expensive ones.

I am now using the EA for Several Pair. AudNzd, GbpCHF and more. And you should check out 30 min TF. I am getting GREAT results.

Version 1.1 - 2014.06.17
Added comments for orders.