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Night Envelopes

This trading adviser is designed for trading during a low volatility, when the majority of the population sleeps or rests. You can set up any trading hours (for example, from 23 pm to 9 am) and the closing hour of all open trades. Can make no more than 2 transactions in one direction, so that it is not critical for the deposit. To open trades uses the lines of the indicator Envelopes.

When testing and trading on the standard settings, be sure to optimize the trading time and transaction closing parameters (the last 3 parameters), since time zones can be different. In addition, optimization of most parameters should also be done after about 1-2 weeks or a month.

Input parameters

  • Lots - lot size (at 0 lot volume will be calculated from the percentage of free funds on the account);
  • Percentage of free money - the percentage of free funds for opening each new transaction (works at Lots = 0);
  • MaxSpread - the maximum spread for the opening of the transaction (for accounts with a floating spread, so that the transaction opens when the spread is not too large);
  • Magic - unique identifier (it is necessary to do it different if several advisers are launched in one terminal);
  • TakeProfit - Take-profit (in points);
  • StopLoss - stop-loss (in points);
  • TrailingStopValue - value of trailing stop in points (at 0 trailing is not used);
  • OrderComments - comment to the opened orders;
  • TradeEveryTick - trade every new tick (slows down the optimization);
  • EnvelopesPeriod - the period of the indicator Envelopes;
  • EnvelopesDeviation - deviation of the indicator Envelopes;
  • EnvelopesMethod - method for calculating the moving average indicator Envelopes;
  • EnvelopesPeriod2 - the period of the Envelopes indicator for the second transaction (0 - do not make the second transaction in one direction);
  • EnvelopesDeviation2 - deviation of the indicator Envelopes for the second transaction;
  • AdxPeriod - the period of the ADX indicator;
  • MinAdxLevel - the minimum level of the ADX indicator;
  • MaxAdxLevel - the maximum level of the ADX indicator;
  • Trading start hour - the hour of commencement of trade;
  • Trading end hour - the end of trading hours;
  • CloseHour - is the closing hour for all trades (you need to do more than one hour after the end of the trade).

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