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AnglerFish is one of the software products of the INTEGRAL project, where we have implemented the original scalping algorithm for trading in the foreign exchange market.

AnglerFish Expert Advisor trades inside price channels. Their amplitude and time interval are customizable.

The EA uses a number of custom indicators to determine the direction of the main trend, and waits for its retracement to make a trade in the direction of the main market trend. The main reference points are price channel borders the quotes touch during a retracement and trend continuation.

AnglerFish applies a Stop Loss order at each trade, as well as the smart system for managing trading risk that forcibly closes a losing trade if the price reverses against an open position.

You can assess AnglerFish operation on a real account using the following link: https://www.mql5.com/en/signals/author/fibomen2

Recommended parameters for using AnglerFish

  • Timeframe: M5
  • Time for trading: end of the American - start of the Pacific session
  • Minimum deposit $100 and above
  • Account type for trading - ECN
AnglerFish fully complies with the FIFO requirements.

The set files for customizing the AnglerFish can be downloaded on the Description tab of its operation monitoring page.

AnglerFish manual settings

Trading parameters:

  • StopPoints – SL
  • TakePoints – TP
  • Lot – trading lot size (for trading a fixed lot)
  • MaxSpread – maximum allowable spread value
  • MagicNumber – trades ID
  • MoneyManagement – select the algorithm for managing open trades
  • Risk – risk value (for trading lot auto calculation)
  • Exponent – lot multiplier
  • NumberDeals – number of trades simultaneously opened on a currency pair

Trading time:

  • StartHour – operation start hour
  • StartMinute – operation start minute
  • StopHour – hour to stop trading
  • StopMinute – operation end minute
  • StartMarketOpenMinutes – delay in operation start after the market opens on Monday
  • FridayStop – time to stop trading on Friday
  • FridayClose – time to forcibly close trades on Friday

1st block of trading system management:

  • UseRevers – use reverse signals
  • ValuePrice – indicator initial value
  • Check – indicator signal value
  • Flat – flat filter
  • Trend – trend filter

2nd block of trading system management:

  • Price – price value
  • Up – sell value
  • Down – buy level
  • PriceNext – indicator period
  • NextUp – shift value for selling
  • NextDown – shift value for buying
  • PriceStop – trading stop indicator period
  • StopUp - selling stop value
  • StopDown – buying stop value

3rd block of trading system management:

  • Index – flat indicator period
  • Level – level to start trading
  • IndexNext – flat filter period
  • LevelNext – flat filter value
  • IndexStop – trend indicator period
  • LevelStop – trend indicator value

4th block of trading system management:

  • Filter – volatility filter period
  • DownFilter – minimum volatility
  • UpFilter – maximum volatility
  • FilterNext – additional volatility filter period
  • DownFilterNext – minimum volatility
  • UpFilterNext – maximum volatility
  • FilterStop – filter value to stop trading
  • DownFilterStop – minimum level
  • UpFilterStop – maximum level

5th block of trading system management:

  • UseIndicator - enable/disable the indicator
  • Slant – trend slope period
  • Shift – shift
  • Method – method
  • Type – type
  • NumberBars – minimum number of bars
  • UseIndicatorNext - enable/disable the filter indicator
  • SlantNext – number of bars for analysis
  • NumberBarsNext – segment size for analysis
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