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Trend Sync

The indicator shows the trend of 3 timeframes:

  • higher timeframe;
  • medium timeframe;
  • smaller (current) timeframe, where the indicator is running.

The indicator should be launched on a chart with a timeframe smaller than the higher and medium ones.

The idea is to use the trend strength when opening positions. Combination of 3 timeframes (smaller, medium, higher) allows the trend to be followed at all levels of the instrument.

The higher timeframes are used for calculations. Therefore, sudden changes in the market may cause the signal to change as the chart is updated, if the candles of the higher timeframes are not closed yet. But due to this the indicator is able to interact with positions that are currently open (it analyzes the most relevant and timely situation on the market).

The indicator informs about the synchronous movement of trends on the selected time periods in the settings and about the desynchronization of trends.


  • Type_Arrows - type of arrows.
  • TF_medium - medium-term timeframe.
  • TF_long_term - long-term timeframe.
  • MA_Period - period of the moving average for determining trends.
  • MA_type - type of the moving average for determining trends.
  • MA_price - price type used in calculation of the moving average.
  • only_sound - enable / disable sound alert.
  • alert - enable / disable alert (sound+dialog).
  • send_mail - enable / disable email alerts.
  • send_notification - enable / disable notifications in the mobile terminal.
hkarram 2018.09.29 01:32 

very good indicator .... if you are creative you can use it with the trend and counter trend ..... seller is very helpful and answered all my concerns proficiently ..... the other product which I think very good as well is ( Mr Big ) from the same seller ...... works very well on the higher time frames ...... both trend sync and Mr big are highly recommended

Version 1.2 2018.10.01
Added notification of the completion signal.
Version 1.1 2018.09.29
Added settings:
sound alert.
send an email notification.
send a mobile notification.