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BinaryUniversal is a signal indicator for binary options and Forex. In its work, the indicator uses a complex algorithm for generating signals. Before forming a signal, the indicator analyzes volatility, candlestick patterns, important support and resistance levels. The indicator has the ability to adjust the accuracy of the signals, which makes it possible to apply this indicator for both aggressive and conservative trading. The indicator is set in the usual way, it works on any time period and with any trading symbol.

The indicator on the chart displays signals in the form of arrows and an information window, where the current trading symbol, spread, direction of the local trend and confirmation of the signal are displayed.

Advantages of the indicator

  1. setting the accuracy of the signals
  2. the indicator works with binary options
  3. the indicator works on Forex
  4. suitable for scalping
  5. suitable for aggressive and conservative trading

Indicator parameters

  • Accuracy=3 - the accuracy of the signals is 0...10 , the larger the value, the higher the accuracy of the signals
  • TrendPeriod=10 - period for determination of the local trend
  • alert=true-enable / disable the Alert window
  • notification=false - enables/disables the sending of push notifications

Recommendations for working with the indicator

  1. To exclude from the trade time to change the trading sessions and news releases
  2. Expiration time for binary options to choose in the amount of 2-5 candle
  3. After the appearance of the signal in the form of arrows on the chart, be sure to wait for the confirmation of the signal in the information window or wait for the Alert signal.

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