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Running along Lines

The indicator draws support and resistance lines on a significant part of the chart for making decisions.
After the line has appeared, you can work on the breakout of the line or rebound from it, as well as place orders near it.
The obsolete lines are removed automatically. Thus, we always deal with the most up-to-date lines.
The indicator is not redrawn.


  • Size_History - the size of the calculated history.
  • Num_Candles_extremum - the number of candles on each side of the extremum.
  • Type_Arrows_extremum - label style.
  • Color_line_high - color of resistance lines.
  • Color_line_low - color of support lines.
  • Style_line - line style.
  • Width_line - line width.
  • sound - sound alert.
  • send_mail - send an email notification.
  • send_notification - send a mobile notification.
  • send_alert - standard terminal alert. 
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Version 1.2 2020.09.04
Added settings:
sound alert.
send an email notification.
send a mobile notification.
standard terminal alert.
Version 1.1 2020.06.09
Icon updated