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Classic Keltner Channel


This indicator works depending on the classic ten-day moving average rule described by Chester W. Keltner (1909–1998). All parameters are set to the classic version of Keltner system by default, while the user can change them if he wants.

About Keltner Channel Formula

  • Calculate the Center Line as a simple moving average from the Typical Price (= (High + Low + Close) / 3).
  • Calculate The Average Daily Range (ADR) which is the average difference between high and low, with the same period and calculation method for the center-line.
  • Keltner Buy Line = Center Line + ADR.
  • Keltner Sell Line = Center Line – ADR.

Keltner 10 day moving average rule

Keltner formula leads to create two basic lines on the chart

  • Keltner Buy Line. This is the line where you cover your sell position and go to buy.

  • Keltner Sell Line. This is the line where you cover your buy position and go to sell.

CKC Expert Advisor Example:

Read next blog to sea how to use CKC buffers to build your own EA or scanner:


By using those two lines we got trading rules that depend on the "Start and Reverse" principle that is widely used in technical analysis.

  • When price line close above Keltner Buy Line (the red line) then buy. Use Keltner Sell Line (the blue line) as a stop and reverse from buy to sell.
  • When price line close below Keltner Sell Line (the blue line) then sell. Use Keltner Buy Line (the red line) as a stop and reverse from sell to buy.

CKC Features

  • CKC does not repaint or recalculate its results.
  • It works on cryptocurrencies, stock, index, oil,  gold, and on all time frames.
  • Sound, email alerts and Mobile Notification.
  • Buy, sell arrows to help identifying trend signals.
  • Well-designed parameters to help user easily navigate between them.
  • Buffer to build your own expert advisors.
  • Four different color lists to choose from.

CKC Parameters


  • CKC Candles. Number of candles used in bands calculations (default is 10 candles).
  • CKC Range Multiplier. How much far will the Keltner Buy/Sell line will separate from their Center Line (default is 1.0).
  • CKC Moving Average Method. Moving Average type used in calculations (Simple Moving Average is default).
  • CKC Applied Price. Price used in Keltner Center Line Calculations (Typical Price is default).


  • Sound Alert. Choose to use or stop alert sound and message (default is true).
  • Send Email. Option to send notification to the user (default is false).
  • Send Mobile Notification. Option to send notification to the user (default is false).


  • Chart Colors List. You can choose between four different color lists (default is Do Nothing).
  • CKC Upper Band Color. Default is Red.
  • CKC Lower Band Color. Default is Blue.
  • CKC Width. Default is one.

I hope that CKC help you at your trading. Please, contact me if you have any questions. I wish you good trading.

Best regards
Muhammad Al Bermaui, CMT

Firmin 2020.02.27 11:49 

I like this indicator

ahmedfaresii 2019.11.13 00:48 

The indicator is weak I do not recommend it and the seller is weaker also asked him to refund the money but did not respond to messages.

Version 2.2 2020.03.08
Added a buffer for Signals to make it easy for developers to use the indicator in building expert advisors.

The new buffer is no. 2. It is called "BuySell". It works Like this:
1) If BuySell = +1 then buy
2) If BuySell = -1 then Sell
Version 2.1 2020.03.02
Added an icon to the description.
Version 2.0 2020.02.26
1. Enhanced the calculation method.
2. Added color lists, for a better chart view.
3. Enhanced all the alerts.
4. Arranged the inputs to be more user friendly.
5. Added buffers to indicator description.

I didn't make any changes on CKC basic formula. It is still the same.
I didn't make any changes in the indicator buffers.