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Bermaui Bands

Bermaui Bands (BB) is a technical analysis tool that helps filter between ranging and trending price movements. The idea behind this indicator can be explained in the next steps:

  1. Calculate Standard Deviation as an oscillator that moves between 0 and 100. I will name it Bermaui Deviation percent (BD %).
  2. If "BD %" is near zero then volatility is at its extreme. In addition, if "BD %" is near 100 then volatility is very low.
  3. High volatility means a great probability for a trending market, while low volatility means side-way or ranging market.
  4. Middle Line is a Simple Moving Average (SMA) because Standard Deviation is calculated depending on SMA.
  5. Add "BD %" to a simple moving average with the same number of bars in the calculation to get The Upper Bermaui Band.
  6. Subtract "BD %" from a simple moving average with the same number of bars in the calculation to get The Lower Bermaui Bands.

Important Information

    How to use it

    • Use Bermaui Bands as a filter to help you identify trend direction.
    • If BB lines separate from each other then there is a great probability that price candles will move in a side-way or a ranging movement.
    • When BB lines separate from each other and price candles move in between them then trade with a ranging market strategy.
    • If BB lines combine like a single line then there is a great probability that price will move in a trending movement.
    • When BB lines combine like a single line and price candles move away from them then trade with a trending market strategy.


      • Buy & Sell alert signals when price candles penetrate BB lines.
      • Suggested Stop loss that depends on a percent from Standard Deviation.
      • Well-designed style that user can control.
      • Sound, email alerts depending on the user choice.

      Bermaui Bands most important inputs

        1/ Bermaui Bands Settings

        • Candles [Min =2]: The number of candles used in band calculations. If less than two Bermaui Bands will be terminated, an alert message will pop up on the screen and this parameter will be reset to default (= 50).
        • Deviation Multiplier [>0]: This parameter will help you to control Bermaui Band's width or how much far the bands can be away from the center-line (default is 2.1). It should be bigger than zero or Bermaui Bands will be terminated, an alert message will pop up on the screen and this parameter will be reset to default.
        • Bands Width: Choose the width of the bands (the median line will always be a dotted line).
        • Bands Color: Color of the bands. The default is Gray.

        2/ Arrow Settings

        • Show Arrow Signals: Show or hide signal arrows (default is true).
        • Buy Arrow Color: Default is Blue.
        • Sell Arrow Color: Default is Red.

        3/ Alert & eMail Settings

        • Send Alert: Choose to use or stop alert sound and message Default is true.
        • Send eMail: Option to send messages to the user by email. Default is false.
        • Send Notification: Option to send mobile notifications to the user. Default is false.
        I hope Bermaui Bands to be a good trading tool for you. If you have any question send me a message and I will answer as soon as I am online.

        Enjoy the game
        Muhammad Al Bermaui, CMT
        maxfire54 2020.05.15 01:57 

        Logical and coherent original indicator. you have to do it but it can give a lot of satisfaction if used well.

        kasugaful 2020.05.08 05:29 

        brilliant indicator.

        laizongde 2020.03.11 11:54 

        very good indicator.

        spetrosyan1979 2020.02.22 15:30 

        Если следовать тренду, то норм.

        nitinjain04 2020.01.23 04:57 

        super indicator

        Yun Su Kim
        Yun Su Kim 2019.11.06 12:37 

        I think, it's logic is reasonable. It's enough, the rest will depend on me.

        IAGO PONTES 2019.11.02 15:38 

        One of the best indicators, I am very pleased with it. Only profit. Very good indicator - nice to analyze the market a have good high probability trades. I fully recommend it worth it big time.

        muna111 2019.10.16 20:05 

        Great indicator for all condition and great honest author. Deserve more then 5 ⭐️ ⭐️ ⭐️ ⭐️ ⭐️ ⭐️ ⭐️

        ahmedali282924 2019.10.08 18:33 

        You want an indicator that helps with breakouts, well this is it. I use it this in my Algo to help and has made my win rate shoot up to the sky. Use this with his TDO and other indicators and there would be no reason you should not come out ahead in this business at the end of the year. Do not wait around in deciding to get this, you will only be delaying in your abilities to get money out the market.

        Essam_1969 2019.10.02 14:35   

        very good indicator. it really works fine

        Sio Fong Fok
        Sio Fong Fok 2019.09.25 10:53 

        good indicator

        Hai wen yuan
        Hai wen yuan 2019.09.25 07:25 

        Hello, I bought BB again. Now TDO and BB% are used together. It's really great. Thank you very much.

        66681859 2019.09.24 11:40 

        Really helpful....

        Sergey Aprintsev
        Sergey Aprintsev 2019.09.17 15:04 

        Great indicator, it takes your trading to the next level.

        neongreen 2019.09.09 14:11 

        My second indicator I bought to compliment TDO, looking forward to greater profits. Two thumbs up !!!

        Nasruddin Naser
        Nasruddin Naser 2019.09.01 05:57 

        Just purchased and installed it. Wow!! Mr Muhammad Bermaui work is phenomenal. Are you mathematician? Professor? Engineer? Cant believe it. I am able to visually see how the band isolated the whipsaw market.. You beat the bollinger band!!!!!!

        raghvendra5 2019.08.30 14:38 

        Day 1 : Just purchased based on some test results...lets wait for the more to share..

        One week later : Initial results are as expected or better to says as explained in Manual..so far so good.. Still learning so shall revisit after a month or so

        ROBERT JAGER 2019.08.30 00:44 

        Nice Indicator... Looking for the awsome EA :)

        Ramiro Pena
        Ramiro Pena 2019.08.23 23:15 

        Muy buen indicador el Bermaui Bands, ayer lo adquiri y hoy me dio la primera señal en gráfica de una hora, y antes de comenzar el gran desplazamiento de eurusd y usdjpy, que fue formidable, ya cerré las operaciones que fueron muy exitosas pues para que mas después de ese movimiento tan grande, ademas esta el fin de semana por delante, a decir verdad, es un indicador que no repinta y te da el aviso antes que termine la barra (vela) , por eso le doy un cinco estrella, ya veré en futuras operaciones como se comporta . Muchas Gracias

        Mohamed Osman
        Mohamed Osman 2019.08.23 17:13 

        User didn't leave any comment to the rating

        Firmin 2019.08.21 21:39 

        I am very happy with this indicators.

        aw1977 2019.08.21 05:42 

        very good combination with TDO in confirming low risk entry in a trend...thanks a lot Muhammad

        smlviking 2019.08.16 19:34 

        This indicators looks very good! I hope it can bring more profits!

        I believe that Professor: Muhammad Elbermawi is honest,

        As well as a distinct explanation of the products.

        BTW,I like that the indicator"TDO" also.


        Yuan Liu
        Yuan Liu 2019.08.11 07:42 


        Fxpro Trader Technical
        Fxpro Trader Technical 2019.08.05 03:28 

        Have bought all the previous indicators , excellent analysis tool , a trader must have , great communication and great product , recommended to all. Thanks

        Christof Schoneweg
        Christof Schoneweg 2019.07.24 15:52 

        Sehr guter Indikator. Dies ist schon der zweite Indikator, den ich von diesem Programmierer habe. Tolle Ideen toll umgesetzt!

        zero9898 2019.07.22 14:32 

        This is my 3rd indicator I bought from the excellent developer Mr. Muhammad Elbermawi, I like his expertise and nice service as well.

        Mohamed Hamaidan
        Mohamed Hamaidan 2019.06.24 10:43 

        I really like it for 1H and 4H charts along with TDO on the other hands you can get very nice results. Thanks brother

        Irfan 2019.06.16 14:35 

        I have bought two indicators BD% and Bermaui bands. I am compelled to give developer only 1 star as the developer is not replying to any of my messages. I am new to his indicators and has some queries but he never replies. I will change the star rating once the developer changes his attitude towards his customers.

        Add it: Developer did not contact because of his mql5 account. He has contacted and replied to my queries. I am happy with his indicators. The indicators look very useful I hope to be able to make profitable trades.

        baelar 2019.05.23 13:32 

        With the right system this is an amazing breakout indicator.

        xiesw 2019.05.19 05:16 

        The second purchase of the professor's index, the last TDO performance is good, I hope this indicator can bring more profits!

        Frank Paetsch
        Frank Paetsch 2019.05.16 10:54 

        Very good results. Thank you :-)

        I use the indicator with the expert in the multi chart and it is extremely strong and accurate. Few Signals but accurate. I run it on 16 charts and get enough signals every day and everything is great.

        Mr Bermaui, you are a magician. Thank you very much

        ali-haider 2019.05.15 03:11 

        Product references were reviewed and followed in the test

        I liked it a lot, and I think the best I see now

        Purchase succeeded

        Really worth getting

        This seller is honest

        As well as a distinct explanation of the products

        Thank you Professor: Mohamed

        drnsf 2018.11.14 17:45 

        I believe that Muhammad Elbermawi is the only that teached me how to trade manually.Great tool!

        Hc Chung
        Hc Chung 2018.11.11 19:33 

        The author replied me and answered my questions so I can use this indicator for automated trading.

        I also like that the indicator provides email alerts (on blue dots/red dots) which are very helpful too.

        I may have updates later for its performance after I use it for a longer time.

        exeedorbit 2018.10.12 14:37 


        It's okay at predicting breakouts. But too many false signals. No alert on buy/sell signal.

        Not very useful without a scanner and alerts.

        Clifford Mwenja
        Clifford Mwenja 2018.07.06 10:25 

        This is a good breakout indicator. I love the fact that it shows me when the volatility is adding up and helps me trade news faster! Much love from Kenya Muhammad Elbermaui! Am a fan of Mo Salah and Egypt by the way!

        Version 4.2 2019.11.17
        I fixed a small error in the indicator description.
        Version 4.1 2019.10.16
        In this version I added a checkup code for Mobile notification and email messages.
        Version 4.0 2019.05.15
        1. Enhanced Bermaui Bands calculation method.
        2. Organized Bermaui Bands parameters in a better style.
        Version 3.0 2018.10.30
        1. Improved user input
        2. Improved code.
        Version 2.1 2017.07.17
        A division by zero error is corrected.
        Label in Data Window is enhanced.
        Version 2.0 2017.07.03
        - New band calculation method.
        - Signal & alert now appear for the first time only until reverse.
        - change in style and colors.