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Smart win mcp expert

Multi-currency expert advisor based on the strategy of breaking through levels and trading on the trend. You can you it for scalp with little take profits.

Martingale and averaging are NOT used!

Use a demo account to check the expert's performance!

It is necessary to conduct tests of each pair before making a decision to use it in the expert!

Does not work correctly in the tester! Usd demo acc to test it.

Main strategy settings: Easy and Hard. For the Hard method you must use stricter money management settings.


  • Use TF older than M15. For a working TF M15, use Reverse signal = true with a short take.
  • For the working TF H1 use TF for check signal = M5, for H4 - M15, for D1 - H1.
  • Use a pause between signals Signal Pause = 1440 for H1, 3000 for H4, and 10080 for D1.
  • Use take Take Profit = 2.0 for H1 and 3.0 for H4.
  • Use major pairs (except NZD USD).

Not recommend:

  • To use GBP the pair.
  • Use <M15 timeframes.

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