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The Expert Advisor is building two virtual 3d spiral (helical lines) and is trading on them. The first line of the axis moves in the path of the second line.

After each crossing of the price with spirals,the EA opens order depending on the direction of the spiral. The target is the average price of position to be closest to the axis of the second helix.

Classic grid EA, which buy cheaper and sell more expensive, but remodeled so that if there is a trend, 50% of price movement to follow the trend and 50% is against him. Profit is guaranteed mathematically and experimentally. Unfortunately - drawdown too, because there is a link between the two of them.

Reduction of a drawdown = reduction of the profit. That is managing by the external parameters. Reduction of the both radius of spirals - leads to more orders, more profit and greater drawdown.

For different currency pairs and different sizes of accounts deposit - optimal parameters should be obtained from the tester. Period of testing and timeframe does not matter.

BOSSVORS BOSSVORS 2013.04.23 23:36 


Виталий Власов
Виталий Власов 2013.04.01 18:32 

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