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Belkaglazer EA is a fully automated Expert Advisor for creating diverse long-term trading strategies in different markets: FOREXFORTSCryptoIndices. It is designed for professional algorithmic traders.

  • The EA is based on 4 models with clear logic: PriceChannel, Pivot, PriceAction, PRNG;
  • This is a sophisticated platform that can trade momentum, breakout, counter-trend, mean-reversion, scalping, and other strategies depending on settings or set-files;
  • Supports Limit/Stop/Market orders, works with Instant/Market execution and automatically adjusts for 4 and 5-digit quotes;
  • Contains CBOE VIX Filter. Advanced News Filter allows you to backtest the market impact of any news event. Automatic detection of GMT Offset;
  • Works with different types of MM. Author's strategies do not use Martingale, grid, hedging and other risky Money Management techniques; every trade is protected by stop-loss;
  • Designed clearly and logically and provides tools for creativity and research. All settings/strategies are fully customizable, no hidden parameters;
  • Provides additional options that can be configured via belkaglazer.ini file;
  • Backtested with 99.9% modelling quality and variable spread. Backtest results match live trading;
  • There is a possibility to create a FIFO compliant portfolio;
  • This is a long-term project that will last at least 10 years.

Live monitoring

My signals, accounts, and set-files do not use dangerous elements of Money Management. Therefore, there will be drawdowns, bad days, weeks, months, and maybe even a bad year. The equity curve will not look like a straight line with a 45-degree angle. If you use my strategies or set-files, make sure that you are prepared for a long stagnation period.

For more info (and set-files), visit the Settings page as well as my website. 

>>MT5 version<<

The original EA can only be purchased at MQL5.com.


The EA allows you to use various strategies. List of my published strategies:

  • Daily_levels uses price movement through an identified horizontal daily level of support or resistance. The strategy opens a trade during high volatility periods when the price breaks through support/resistance levels. 
  • Impulse_Intraday strategy waits for a strong price movement, assuming that the market will continue to move in the same direction. The strategy has a low winning percentage of 30%...40%. You can experience over 5-15 consecutive losses in a row. 
  • NY_CloseTrading is a classic mean reversion strategy. It places a pending limit order in the opposite direction of the price movement at the end of the North American Session (New York). The MR strategy assumes that the price will revert back towards the mean (average price).
  • MondayTrading strategy enters a trade on Monday morning in the opposite direction to the price movement on Friday. It uses the difference in volatility between Friday and Monday (‘Weekend effect’). The volatility is higher than the average during the trading day on Friday and lower than the average during the trading day on Monday.
  • Inclined_Lines is a breakout strategy that uses the most recent support/resistance levels in the form of two inclined lines forming a price range.
  • AntiMomo strategy places a pending stop order after a strong momentum to catch a possible reversal.
  • And others.

The default settings of the EA correspond to the 'Daily_levels' set-file. It is a breakout strategy based on the horizontal support/resistance levels.


  • It is highly recommended that you use a VPS and 5-digit broker with low spreads who closes daily bars at 17:00 New York time. Such a broker gives five 24-hour day candles a week. 
  • It is recommended backtesting strategies with fixed lots. The more strategies you use, the less your risk, and the better you can trade in different market regimes (trend/flat).
  • It is necessary to divide trading risks between set-files based on the same strategy.
  • I recommend changing default settings for the 'TakeProfit', 'StopLoss', 'StopBar' parameters. This will help you avoid slippage and situations where the price comes very close to the TP level but does not hit it for a long time. You can set up a trailing stop to protect the floating profit. Remember to do a new backtest with the changed settings.

Complete Settings List

Sergey Demin
Sergey Demin 2020.05.22 17:01 

За эти деньги я получил конструктор для своих идей;

получил внятное объяснение рынка.

И много действующих стратегий торговли.

Дописываю через несколько дней после покупки:

обращался к Автору за рекомендациями по настройке продукта- получил грамотную и подробную рекомендацию.

Спасибо, Дмитрий :)

И подробное объяснение - что со всем этим делать.

Советник в сочетании с Автором - высший пилотаж.

trader 2020.04.24 23:50 

I believe this is the best and most versatile auto trading solution in the entire market. Dmitriy provides a lot of regularly updated strategies and detailed information on his website.

It’s a unique product between all this crap that does not have an edge and/or is based on dangerous money management.

Most users will use it as an auto pilot but you can learn so much about Forex if you read his website and try to create your own strategies.

I can see that it was a lot of work and the price is really low for the value. Dmitriy could have kept if for himself but he decided to share it with the community.

Thank you so much Dmitriy for your hard work and great support.

Frank B
Frank B 2019.11.22 09:30 

User didn't leave any comment to the rating

Georgios B.
Georgios B. 2019.11.11 20:20 

This EA, and author himself will never disappoint you. A literally complete EA, with every real PA strategy inside. Full robust sets provided. Do you want to built yours complete robust set with news testing? You can! Plus, the cost of the EA is greatly low for its actual value.

Fake Noburou
Fake Noburou 2019.01.10 07:57 

The system seems to be durable if an user diversifies portfolios with multiple presets as an author recommends, and he is really helpful.

I will update rating stars after my evaluation for this EA.

Zhi Hu
Zhi Hu 2018.09.12 07:49 

User didn't leave any comment to the rating

Aleksandr Vlasenko
Aleksandr Vlasenko 2018.04.28 14:07 

Excellent EA, stable with low risk. It has many strategies for different pairs, also you can check author signals which prove worth of the Belka EA. Great job Dmitriy!

Junick 2018.04.28 10:35 

I base my review on the overall experience with Belka and Dmitry.

1. Belka has over 10 different strategies with several sets for each of them all backtested with 99%MQ, reasonable number of trades (over 200) and at least 10 years of history. That certainly gives high statistical chance that the certain market behavior exploited by the strategies/sets will be present in the coming years (of course nothing is 100% certain, but the odds are on your side).

2. Belka gives you an option to trade a portfolio - one EA that can be used with various strategies both Breakout and Mean Reversion. When risk is carefully managed among sets it should help the trader be profitable in the different regimes of the market (trending or ranging).

3. Communication and support is very good. All the issues or questions that I had were promptly answered by Dmitry.

So Thank you Dmitry for your help and ongoing support!

P.S. I have Belka on my accounts since January and it consistently generates profits - there are good and bad weeks but overall the curve is up:)

Alexander 2018.04.13 11:24 

Developer support alone is worth 5 stars

Yuan Liu
Yuan Liu 2018.04.11 06:07 

Safe, low profit.

Serafin Perez
Serafin Perez 2018.03.22 17:18   

No voy a dejar una catalogación en estrellas, pero si quiero dejar claro que las multiples estrategias disponibles lo hacen atractivo. Puede ser que escojas una estrategia y te vaya bien para un determinado par, porque de eso se trata. Por eso no le voy a dar una puntuación, porque eres tú el responsable del buen funcionamiento. Funciona bien si estudias bien la estrategia y la aplicas. No digo más.

Wei Song
Wei Song 2018.03.13 11:50 


-Professional developer = Professional EA.

Good support


Tomislav Stampfel
Tomislav Stampfel 2018.02.27 10:34 

The only product in the market that will give you decent profit in the years to come.

When I look at EA and decide to purchase it - it needs to pass through following criteria:

1. Positive testing 99% quality from the time data is available (2003 - 2005 depending on pair).

2. It needs to have more than one pair to diversify risk.

3. Portfolio needs to pass robustness test (stress test - monte carlo analysis)

This EA has it all, I believe if you ended up here you have probably realized most of EAs are crap and offer 2 - 3 year test (for a good reason).

Big thanks to Dmitriy for willingness to share his work with us! I know you have put in a lot of effort in building this EA and you could have kept it for yourself. So, thank you man!!

Marcus Nyman
Marcus Nyman 2018.02.18 16:42 

Probably the best EA at the moment.

This thing is solid as a rock. Follow the instructions with the capital size and lot and do some deep research. Try to backtest it yourself to learn its backside.

I have built several portfolios and all is profitable and robust.

I recommend.

Teherauto1 2018.02.17 18:51 

seit 14.12.2017 bis heite den 17.02.2018 4X Gehandelt 4X Verlohren !!! Gemitet für 69€ nicht Gut!!!!!!!

Luca Pulito
Luca Pulito 2018.02.17 14:19 

Excellent EA allowing to set up many diversified strategies on different pairs.

The software is quite sophisticated and based on a solid background of forex market behaviour and trading experience by the developer.

Great transparecy of certified results, strategies and super great support.

Dimitriy is always responding in literally few minutes to all my requests on how to set up the EA at best.

I am live on a real account. Will update in few months with trading results.

***** 5 stars + for me.

Franz Krenn
Franz Krenn 2018.02.15 14:26 

@Firdaus Salim ( please excuse me partly copying your review here )

1) Diversification - various trading systems using different currency pairs plus dozens of 99% backtested setfiles to choose from.

2) Transparency - Over 7 real live monitoring accounts with at least 3 months of history

3) Dedicated Developer - This EA has its own bloody website: belkaglazer.com

4) You can create your own portfolio ( or also your own strategie ) with your own risk level and you get tools to do that.

5) Even earning money with this EA and well sleeping because of KNOWN risk !!

I hope that Dmitriy will do such an good job in the future and support us with strategies and sample portfolios.

Thank you Dmitriy

Texan Cowboy
Texan Cowboy 2018.02.15 10:53 

I have had this EA running for around 7 months live. The author's signals this year have pretty much all performed bad, except maybe one or two (out of around 15). I am still using it, just updating my review. Thus far I have a live and demo account (+4%, and -16%).

Dmitri Custurov
Dmitri Custurov 2018.02.15 10:26 

Таких продуктов в публичном доступе просто нет. Это не просто торговый бот с готовыми пресетами, а целая платформа для исследований. Лучше продукта я не встречал. Спасибо.

danibarcelona 2018.02.09 15:52 

Excellent robot and better customer service. Very professional. I have been testing it for a month on real account with small lots and performance is good.

dimonatal 2018.02.07 10:30 

Отличный робот с большими перспективами! Я тестировал его в течении месяца и только сейчас понимаю всю сложность и объемность работы, сделанную Дмитрием! Спасибо огромное за это!

shenjon 2018.02.06 00:21 

Excellent EA, Nice Developer! Although I just rented and used this EA for several days, I bought it with no doubt!

tradingdiver 2018.01.26 15:44 

Professional Expert Advisor, professional developer ... actually everything professional. And the best part of it all ... it works! Thank you Dmitriy!

Attila Temesvari
Attila Temesvari 2018.01.26 09:44 

Professional support, and very good performance.

Fallet Willy
Fallet Willy 2018.01.25 13:03 

nice :)

Kris Tungkarak
Kris Tungkarak 2018.01.25 06:03 

Variety of strategies for you to customize your setup, very good support, and the most important part....it works! its not going to trade very often, its not going to be perfect result, but overall the system is profitable.

Saraph 2018.01.04 23:42 

I've never seen a support as good as for this EA. Dmitriy knows his stuff. I love that the trading strategies are all relatively simple (plus explained on the website) and actually make sense, unlike most of the systems that hide their strategy. If you wanna do forex seriously, you can never trust a black box. I learned that the hard way. This system doesn't promise astronomical returns and that's how it should be. Low risk, low return systems will always beat high risk systems promising high returns.

Diego Zancoli
Diego Zancoli 2017.12.29 18:24 

This EA allows you to have many strategies. Every strategy is like having an EA, but with the price of one. Dimitriy has already the strategies set.

You can create your own portfolio, with different strategies together, or copy the portfolio that already exist. The creator continuously improves the product and creates new strategies is like having new EA. Good job.

Stanislav Tomilov
Stanislav Tomilov 2017.12.13 21:41 

Very safe and stable! Highly recommend for big deposits!

blauboot 2017.12.12 18:20 

A very sophisticated EA, well structured, prompt and personal support to the point, awesome documentation around the EA - and already a bunch of strategy setups that work. What else to say...as thanks to the developer.

ZHE WEI 2017.12.08 03:20 

It is absolutely a great EA with almost all main trading strategy methods, valueable!!

And running on live account, tightly sl, low dd, stable profit curve, same with author's signal, be satisfied with 5 stars.

Carl Gustav Ekstroem
Carl Gustav Ekstroem 2017.12.05 00:43 

Great work! Very professional.

Thank you,

Fauri Angelo De Souza Lopes
Fauri Angelo De Souza Lopes 2017.11.12 22:03 

Excellent EA, the default settings are excellent, it has several strategies and the support is also very good.

Julio Gutierrez
Julio Gutierrez 2017.11.04 20:08 

One of the best developer on MQL, Belkaglazer is a real professional EA, highly customizable and Dmitry is always responsive and updating the EA with new functions, 5 stars!

jun du
jun du 2017.09.20 08:55 


choose6569 2017.09.18 13:27 

Очень качественный советник со множеством функций, стратегий и возможностей. Но больше всего я в восторге от разработчика который оказывает колоссальную поддержку на каждом этапе, с каждый вопросом, дает развернутые ответы. Автор данного советника настоящий профессионал, на маркете я не встречал более отзывчивого опытного и компетентного разработчика!

Antoine Riou
Antoine Riou 2017.09.16 12:07 

User didn't leave any comment to the rating

Alan 2017.07.27 14:29 

I mainly use the momentum and breakout strategies of this EA. They are definitely the best I have seen. Everything work as expected.

The only downside is that if you are using mql5 vps which has a max slot of 32, then this EA does take up a lot of slots.

Franck 2017.07.23 17:29 

-Professional developer = Professional EA.

-"No Martingale, No Grip, No Scalping or any other methods of dangerous money management" as it state in the EA description. Which makes Belkaglazer stand out of all the crowd in the MQL5 community.

-This EA is not for quick money.

-This EA is for long term.

If you studied Forex and been involved into trading, Belkaglazer, will be like a piece of gold. There is so much you can do with this EA. 3 different strategies with 3 Models, you can use them in conjunction with each other and back-test them with the currency of your choice using Dimitry custom software tool which came with the price of the EA. Dimitry signals are there for you to refer to, with its given settings. The developer has many years of experience in trading and is a great person to know as for any advice on the Forex Market, Broker Selection. He helped me many times with the risk management on each of the currencies pairs/ Commodities i trade. Dimitry has also manage many clients accounts which makes him reliable in the way he use his risk management. I am very fortunate to have come across this EA in its beginning stage. This EA is going to rock the market.

SkystheLimit 986
SkystheLimit 986 2017.07.21 20:29 

Very professional, serious developer.

This product has a high degree of great work behind it.

Other developers should take this as an example.

Andrew Lee
Andrew Lee 2017.06.30 08:35 

Support from Dmitriy has been amazing and has helped me create custom strategies for a couple of my accounts. I now have a portfolio which suits my risk and diversification needs with no more stress. I actually get what this EA is doing, and it's right on par with how I like to trade. Excellent long term EA that looks extremely promising.

zankkasz 2017.06.06 11:08 

I wouldn't call it an EA. It's more like a powerhouse! The developer even provide you with a researcher tool in order for you to find some sweet spots. And talking about the developer, I've never seen such a great support like his. He knows what he's doing. Super professional. Couldn't be happier with the purchase.

Eric Ruvalcaba
Eric Ruvalcaba 2017.05.30 06:19 

Amazing, so far my best purchase on the entire market, professionally made and more profitable every update (I managed to get in quickly).

Many presets passed my rigorous back-tests for a 10 years period 99% quality, realistic spread and statistically correct slippage for ICMarkets, worth a lot more than it is right now to be honest.

Matthew Todorovski
Matthew Todorovski 2017.05.22 20:16 

User didn't leave any comment to the rating

l0e0u0n0g 2017.05.16 13:44 

Nice EA. Looking forward to more sets because more sets mean more profit.

Fecha 2017.04.19 11:57 

Советник мне нравится!

MaxPips Max
MaxPips Max 2017.04.16 18:04 

User didn't leave any comment to the rating

Firdaus Salim
Firdaus Salim 2017.04.07 14:24 

I would like to be the 1st to comment that this EA should be the benchmark for all developers out here.

1) Diversification - various trading systems using different currency pairs plus dozens of 99% backtested setfiles to choose from.

2) Transparency - Over 7 real live monitoring accounts with at least 3 months of history

3) Dedicated Developer - This EA has its own bloody website: belkaglazer.com

4) Value for Money - I'm not earning money with this EA yet, but from what I have seen here, I surely will soon.


Version 1.999 2020.06.12
The final release of Belkaglazer ver. 1.x (You can safely skip it)

– Added new parameters for compatibility with version 2.0:

– EA Mode: ‘SingleSet‘ and ‘MultiSet‘. In MultiSet mode, the EA loads set-files (portfolio) from a specified folder and run them on a single chart. In other words, the EA supports ‘one chart setup’ and allows you to backtest portfolios in MT5. SingleSet(default) allows running only 1 set-file on 1 chart at the same time.
– ‘WorkTimeframe‘ – working timeframe (chart period the EA should be attached to) of the used set file. This parameter must be set if MultiSet is enabled.
– DailyDataCorrection – how the EA should adjust the daily bars if the broker does not use New York Close 5 Day Charts: DeleteWeekend(default, fast) – delete weekend bars and recalculate daily data; RebuildData(high accuracy) – completely rebuild the daily data using lower timeframes; NoCorrection – do not correct the daily data.

– Minor Improvements.
Version 1.998 2020.04.19
Optional update (you can safely skip it)

– Minor Improvements.
Version 1.996 2020.03.26
Optional update (You may skip this update)

– Added a new parameter: 'EventHandling' – how often to handle events: Once a minute (default) or Every tick (this may use too much CPU resources).

– Minor Improvements.
Version 1.988 2020.02.06
Optional update (You may skip this update)

- Added a new backup url to determine GMT offset: https://belkaglazer.com

- Added a new parameter - 'Symbol'. This parameter will be used in MultiSet mode that will be added soon. The new v2.0 of the EA will be able to work in 2 modes: SingleSet and MultiSet. In MultiSet mode, the EA loads several set-files (portfolio) from the specified folder and trade them on a single chart. In other words, the EA will support 'one chart setup'. In addition, this mode will allow you to backtest a portfolio in MT5.
Version 1.972 2020.01.05
Bug-fix release

– Fixed minor bugs.
Version 1.965 2019.12.15
Recommended Update

- Added a new parameter 'UseTailFilter' – allows you to automatically switch trading off together with me before/during rare and irregular high impact events (such as Brexit, elections, etc.) to protect portfolios at the times of tail risk events. Tail risk events may bring to tail risk and damage or ruin portfolios.
– Added an opportunity to disable trading (opening new trades) by clicking on the comment text at the top of the info panel.
Version 1.956 2019.12.08
Optional update (You may skip this update)

- Added a new parameter 'AllowExtraTrades' - maximum number of additional trades that can be opened if the EA gets a new signal, and there are open positions. This option uses the orderID section of MagicNumber, so it can't work together with the Dangerous MM, MaxLot_Per_Order, and StepBetweenOrdersPip parameters.

- Improved code quality.
- Fixed minor bugs.
Version 1.947 2019.11.25
Mandatory Update

- GMT parser updated because the 'https://time.is' website changed the page layout.
- Improved code quality and efficiency.
Version 1.932 2019.11.12
Optional update

- Fixed the bug with outputting the equity to a CSV file
Version 1.927 2019.11.07
Mandatory Update

– Added 'CBOE_VIX_Filter' parameter.
– Added 'AutoGMT_Detection' parameter.
- Added 'Offset Mode' parameter.
– Added 'ExecutionDelay(Sec)' parameter.
– Added 'NegativeSwapFilterDays' parameter.
– Added 'NegativeSwapFilterAction' parameter.
– Added 'PriceActionFilter' parameter.
– Added 'MinTakeProfitPip' parameter.
– Added 'MinStopLossPip' parameter.
– Added 'TakeProfitSwapCorrection' parameter.
– Added 'EquityHardStop' parameter.
– Added 'TradingFrequency (PRNG)' parameter.
– Added 'None' model. Allows you to turn the models off and generate signals based on filters.
– Added 'Random (PRNG)' model that randomly generates trading signals in a random direction.
– Added new Extra settings.
- Changed Default settings.
- Improved backtesting speed.
– Fixed bugs.
Version 1.871 2019.05.15
Optional update

- Improved backtesting speed.
- Fixed minor bugs.
Version 1.869 2019.04.15
Optional update

- Improved backtesting speed.
- Improved RangeFilter. Added ability to set negative values (-4...-1).
- Improved graphics in visual mode.
Version 1.867 2019.04.05
Fixed duplicate messages in the 'Experts' log when backtesting.
Version 1.866 2019.04.05
- Added backup URL to determine GMT offset.
- Fixed minor bugs.
Version 1.859 2019.03.28
– Added NewsFilter: ‘UseNewsFilter, ‘DataProvider‘, ‘Symbols‘, ‘FilterEvents‘, ‘FilterCustomEvents‘, ‘FilteringAction‘,
‘BeforeEventMin‘, ‘AfterEventMin‘, ‘DisplayEvents‘ parameters. The News Filter allows you to backtest the impact of any news event and select various news data providers.

– Added ‘UsePercentagePips‘ parameter.
– Added ‘ReversalExpirationBars‘ parameter.
– Added ‘DaysOffBeforeAfterNY‘ parameter.
– Added ‘FixMajorBugs‘ parameter.

– Added ‘UseSettingsFile‘ parameter. Extra settings managed via belkaglazer.ini config file: ‘EAProtectionFilter‘, ‘ExportEquityToCSV‘, ‘ExportEquitySeparator‘, ‘AutoConstructionEquityCurve‘, ‘UseCustomParameterForOptimization‘, ‘DangerousMM‘.

- Added ‘Dangerous_MM‘ parameter. Allows you to add various dangerous types of Money Management (Anti-Martingale, Martingale, Pyramiding, Averaging) to any strategy. Dangerous MM is a position sizing method that calculates lot sizes based on the latest trading results. Added the related parameters: ‘MaxNumberOfSteps‘, ‘Multiplier‘, ‘CustomMultiplier&Steps‘, ‘MinStepValuePip‘, ‘ComputeDrawdown‘, ‘TP_Calculation_Method‘, ‘SL_Calculation_Method‘.
***All my signals, strategies and set-files do not use dangerous elements of Money Management.

- Fixed major bugs.
Version 1.837 2018.11.22
Bug-fix release

- Added 'Graphics' parameter.
- Fixed a lot of minor bugs.
Version 1.819 2018.08.06
- Added 'MaxSpreadToExitPip' parameter.
- Added 'TrailingActivationPip' parameter.
- Added 'DontUseMT4_SL' parameter.
- Added 'VinceCalculator' parameter.
- Added 'EMA_TimeFrame' parameter.
- If 'Balance' set to a negative value then the EA calculates lot sizes based on the account equity.
- Fixed a lot of minor bugs.
Version 1.799 2018.03.13
- Added the 'MaxLot_Per_Order' parameter.
- Added the 'StepBetweenOrdersPip' parameter.
- Added the 'MaxLot_OpenOrders_Filter' parameter.
- Added the 'MaxNumber_OpenOrders_Filter' parameter.
- Added the 'Disable_TP&SL_Control' parameter.
- Added the 'TradeDirection' parameter.
- Added a new PCh mode - 'Inclined_Lines'.
- Added the 'ExpirationBars' parameter.
- Added new strategies.
- Fixed minor bugs.
Version 1.787 2017.09.05
– Added 'OrderHours‘ parameter.
– Added 'OrderMinutes‘ parameter.
- Added new strategies.
- Fixed minor bugs.
Version 1.779 2017.08.02
– Fixed minor bugs.
Version 1.778 2017.07.26
– Added the ‘MaxSlippagePip‘ parameter.
– Added the ‘UseBrokenLevels‘ parameter.
– Added the ‘MaxTakeProfitPip‘ parameter.
– Added the ‘MaxStopLossPip‘ parameter.
– Added the ‘StopProfitBar‘ parameter.
– Added the ‘StopProfitPip‘ parameter.
– Fixed minor bugs.
Version 1.765 2017.06.22
– Fixed minor bugs.
Version 1.759 2017.05.24
– Added the ‘SkipFirstTrade‘ parameter.
– Added the ‘CloseOnOppositeSignal‘ parameter.
– Added the ‘TradingPauseBar‘ parameter.
– Added the ‘PreviousDay’s_Return%ATR‘ parameter.
– Added the ‘OrderMonths‘ parameter.
– Fixed minor bugs.
– Added ‘IntradayMR‘ and ‘PreviousDayHL‘ strategies.
Version 1.748 2017.04.27
– Added the 'MaxRiskPerTrade%' parameter.
– Added the 'OrderMonth' parameter.
– Added the 'GMT_offset' parameter.
– Added the 'Daylight_Saving_Time' parameter.
– Fixed minor bugs.