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Atr Grid Maker Pro

This Expert Advisor uses ATR as CORE indicator for GRID operative.ATR measures intrinsec volatility. Using ATR on a GRID, you will give enought space between lines considering current volatility.

On this EA, you can set ATR period and timeframe parameters, and also you can set a ATR multiplier factor, to increase margin between each GRID level. In the same way, you can also configure the number of GRID levels (up and down) as well as the color of the drawn lines.

In addition, it has a start/end time filter with hour:minutes, parameters to close profit operations (or not) and loss operations (or not) when time filter is finished.

It also includes optimization functions:

  • A trend filter with moving average, where you can set period, class (simple, exponential, etc.) and timeframe.
  • An ADX filter, to force certain trend force.
  • A Heiken Ashi filter, to use this kind of candle to operate.

(all filters are optional).

Finally, you can set orders, if you want to operate buy and/or sell, Take Profit, Stop Loss, Break Even and Trailing Stop, all of them considering GRID blocks. You can also set magic number and max spread and max slippage filters.



  • ATR_Period: Number of periods for ATR indicator.
  • ATR_Factor: Factor for ATR used in GRID.
  • ATR_TimeFrame: TimeFrame used on ATR indicador.


  • LinesAboveNumber: Lines number above GRID.
  • LinesBelowNumber: Lines number below GRID.
  • LinesColour: Set the lines colour.


  • DrawTimeFilter: Draws (or not) time filter.
  • StartTime: Set start time filter.
  • FinishTime: Set finish time filter.
  • CloseEndProfit: Closes profit orders at finish time.
  • CloseEndLoss: Closes losses orders at finish time.


  • MovingAvFilter: Enables/Disables moving average filter.
  • MovingAVPeriod: Moving average period.
  • MovingAvMethod: Moving average method.
  • MovingAVTimeFrame: Moving average TimeFrame.


  • EnableADX: Enables/Disables ADX filter.
  • ADXPeriod: ADX period.
  • ADXLevel: Minimum ADX level to pass filter.


  • EnableHeikenAshi: Enables/Disables Heiken Ashi filter.
  • HeikenAshiTimeFrame: Heiken Ashi TimeFrame.


  • Buy: Enable buy.
  • Sell: Enable sell.
  • TP_Blocks: GRID blocks to TakeProfit.
  • SL_Blocks: GRID blocks to StopLoss.
  • BE_blocks: GRID blocks to BreakEven.
  • TS_blocks: GRID blocks to TrailingStop.
  • Slippage_Max: Slippage maximum.
  • Spread_Max: Spread maximum.
  • LotSize: Lot size.
  • magicnum: Magic number.
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