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Flash Scalper

Flash Scalper is a scalper Expert Advisor that exploits acceleration of volatility of the market. It goes into action when there is an explosion of volatility for example during the news or special events. The minimum volatility is settable from input parameters. The EA work every time with stop loss and take profit, no martingale. Any initial deposit on account is allowed to start work with this expert advisor. The most important conditions for this expert advisor are low spread and fast execution broker. An ECN broker is preferable. All the tests that you can see below, were performed with a spread of 1 pip, to do a stress test of the expert advisor. Only the last one test is a simulation of an ECN broker with a spread of 0.2 pip... see how to changes the performance.

The expert includes inside the code a time execution test, and an average slippage measurement of the executed trades, with them you can decide if the broker is good for this EA or not.


  • Low spread broker < 1 pip.
  • Low time execution.
  • Account leverage >200.

Input Parameters

  • SL: StopLoss in pip.
  • Vol: Min volatility in pip.
  • Delta: Offset to place orders in pip.
  • Risk: If >0, lot amount is calculate in percentage of account balance.
  • Lot_: Fix lot if Risk = 0.
  • MaxLot: Max lot allow to trade.
  • MinEquity: Minimum account equity for trade.
  • MaxTimeExecution: Max execution time in milliseconds for the orders.
  • TimeFilter: If true the time for trade are filtered by StarHour and EndHour parameters.
  • StartHour: Start hour for trade if TimeFilter is true.
  • EndHour: End hour for trade if TimeFilter is true.
  • OrderCmt: Order comment.
  • Slippage: Max Slippage in pip allowed to open an order.
  • MaxSpread: Max allowed spread in pip.
  • Magic: Unique magic number used by the EA to manage orders.

For any questions don't hesitate to contact me by private message.

Fuat Ulugay
Fuat Ulugay 2017.04.20 22:16 

I have tested it for two months and without profit.

The backtesting was wonderful however the live results very bad.

20.04.2017 I have just started a new test with the updated version. I will update when I have some results.

NaBaj 2016.10.31 14:40 

I am very satisfied with the Expert and with the support of the author. He is very helpful and replies to all questions so that the buyer can enjoy the benefits of the program. I would suggest it to anyone who is looking for a reliable expert with great support!! (which is very important).

Version 1.4 2017.04.12
Improve Breakeven System.
Version 1.3 2016.07.14
Fixed a problem with stop loss in pending orders.
Version 1.2 2016.05.24
A bug fix in average slippage calculation.