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The Stalker EA

The STALKER works by waiting for when the market starts moving quickly and then pounces with quick acting trades. It does this by placing pending buy and sell stop orders above and below the current market price and regularly updates these orders regularly to ensure no false triggers. If the market has a sudden move in any direction, one of these trades will be triggered and the money management system kicks into place to complete the trade. For the next x minutes it then goes into attack mode whereby it trades more aggressively to take advantage of market volatility. After x minutes, it will then go back to stalking mode and wait for the next signal.


  • Operates on market action only - no complex indicators or theories. If the market is moving, this strategy will take advantage of it. Simple.
  • Fast acting scalper probing for quick market moves
  • Two trading modes for greater profits and less risk.
    • Stalking mode to sense big moves in market
    • Attack mode to trade more aggressively when stalking mode is triggered
  • Tight stop losses to protect capital
  • Tight trailing stop to lock in quick profits
  • Spread Protection
  • Only trades when the market is active and busy
  • Can be used an multiple currency pairs
  • Performs best in volatile or quick moving markets
  • Extremely low draw down

Being a scalper it works best with a fast ECN broker with low spreads and running on a VPS

Best pairs are EURUSD, EURJPY and USDJPY but will also work with many other pairs for the big breakouts

Input Parameters

  • Trade size based on account balance (eg 10% of $10,0000 account = 1 lot)
  • STALKING MODE distance to place pending orders (distance from current market price to place buy and sell pending stop orders - in points)
  • Time period between updating pending orders (minutes between updating orders eg 2 minutes)
  • Time period to wait after trade is activated (when a pending order is activated you can delay before placing new pending orders - in minutes)
  • ATTACK MODE Distance to place pending orders (when a trade is activated, the ea will change order distance to this input for a set time - in minutes)
  • Time period to stay in ATTACK mode (number of minutes it stays in attack mode)
  • Initial stop loss (stop loss used when placing pending orders - in points)
  • Initial take profit (take profit used when placing pending orders - in points)
  • Move stop to break even (number of points in profit where stop is moved to break even)
  • Trailing stop loss (when trade is activated, trailing stop starts working immediately - in points)
  • Maximum Spread (Pending orders will be removed from system if spread is greater than this input and restored when spread falls again - in points)
  • Start Trading Hour (Broker time to start ea being active)
  • End Trading Hour (Broker time to stop ea being active)
  • Magic Number (unique number for ea to identify trades it places)
  • Comment (any comment you like to identify ea)

Recommended to use factory default settings for major pairs.

asaens15 2016.10.03 12:19 

Poor performance to the point of taking it off my system after a few weeks of testing. 1 star for performance +1 star for Author interacting with me as customer.

cyberryder 2016.09.20 15:04 

i can only give 1 star regardless of how good the product might or might not be, because the vendor does zero effort to show a decent sized, live account on a reputable ECN broker which is not a Cent-account. He only points to a demo account, which is ridiculous for a scalper, especially for a spike EA. This together with a high price of 299 USD, categorizes the vendor as greedy and not thinking about making his clients profitable.

The youtube video of trading the Brexit is also just a demo account.

My first test-results on live with a top ECN broker and vendor set, v2.4 are not promising, mostly streaks of loss.

Product is in the stage of a BETA-product yet and has to be further developed first. At this stage, asking for 299 EUR is just a joke. Vendor should do his beta testing himself and come back asking for money after the product is profitable on life.

Trust in the vendor comes first, then comes the product. The vendor failed terribly in the first run.


My proven rules established over years to choose an EA (95% of vendors here does not even come close):

1) Vendor shows a decent sized (3-5k EUR balance) live account on a reputable ECN broker, not a CENT account, with at least 3 months full history to be analyzed on m*fxbook

2) Vendor cares about showing a proven EA first, before aggressively upping the price

3) Vendor is able to explain how the EA controls the risk (prevent big floating DD, prevent big losses, news filter, trading hour filter, which market situations are good which are not good or the EA, ect.)

4) Vendor is uploading the full 99% backtest we can download as .zip, done using Tickdata Suite, where we can see all settings. Max spread or floating spread from which tickdata provider is explained.

Noel Nobleza
Noel Nobleza 2016.09.15 02:39 

Rent this EA this month, the results is disappointing no trades at all. All trades are cancelled by this EA.

carlos33 2016.09.12 17:32 

After two weeks I decide to change my review, this ea start very well for 3 days profit, after this only loss, small loss everyday day, so be carful

Muhammad Farrukh
Muhammad Farrukh 2016.09.09 23:48 

Lost 50 $ in 2 days. Consecutive losses in small amount. Random gain trades. Plus 50 rentaaway.Actual results are no where near the back test resullt.Slow poison for the account.Stay away.

Andrey Korenkov
Andrey Korenkov 2016.09.08 14:57 

Это очередное барахло! Если Вы хотите потерять Ваши деньги, купите этот EA.

vandi13 2016.09.02 15:55 

Not sure what to think of it currrnently

rahul05 2016.08.26 16:31 

in this last hour it's made some good profit in my account, i am very much happy with this ea and i would like to say big thanks to keith, everyone should try this ea once :)

Version 2.5 2016.09.23
Much improved trade speed and money management systems.
New improved set files for USDJPY, EURJPY and EURUSD
You will now see this sitting on the sidelines for longer but performs more efficient trades when the market gets active. A great EA to have running in the background.