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Ultimate Tick Scalper Real

Took more than 1.5 years to build/optimize and test the EA for our team. No Grid/Martingale or other choppy system. Only fast tick scalping system.


This expert was developed at first for use on EUR/USD and timeframe M1. But can also work on other pairs and timeframe.

Recommended minimum balance: 200$

Low spread needed and prefer ECN broker.

  • MaxSpreads_Points - 1000 (default); Maximum pair spreads in order to open position. (Lower for lower risk)
  • AutomaticCalculateMagic - TRUE/FALSE Will generate automatically the magic number.
  • Enabel_ECN_Broker - TRUE/FALSE This setting is for if you use regular or ECN broker
  • Enable_5Digit_Broker - TRUE/FALSE This setting is if your broker is 4 or 5 digit.

Hidden Pending Setting

  • Hidden_Pending_Distane_Pips - 10 (default); This is the indicators for scalping/opening position. Recommend 10. If you want higher risk, you can lower this parameter. If you want safer (will open less trader) put a higher parameter.
    Example: If you want trade news spike, set it to 20 or more.
    This expert is fully automatic and has hidden StopLoss & TakeProfit. Automatic Trailing profit too.

LOT SIZE/ RISK Management

  • LotSize - 0.01 (default) This setting is if you prefer set the lot size manually
  • MaxLot - 30.0 (default) This setting is to set the maximal lot size.
  • AutoLot Size - TRUE/FALSE. Default is TRUE. The lot size will be automatically set according to your equity and broker leverage.
  • Amount_Per_baseLot - 100.0 (Default); This parameter is for the adjustment for the AutoLot Size. If you set 50.0 the risk/lot size will be higher. If you set higher than 100, lot size will be less.
Wlodek Nar
2016.02.10 17:08 

I use it with normal setting. Many small profits and one or two big losses a day. The result -15% after one week.

XhanYchayn Wu
2016.02.05 15:36 


allen M.
2016.02.04 17:13 

Profitable !

2016.01.21 17:54 

Great results on live! almost 90% win is true. I use it with normal setting and second chart with 20 for distance. It gave me wonderful results!

Gonna keep you informed of my progression!

Version 3.0 - 2016.02.12
We did few optimizations to the expert.

- The Automatic Take profit and trailing has been optimized and will take profit at higher target.
It will be better for user with high commissions fees of higher spreads.

- We added 2 functions : Fixed Stop Loss AND Fixed Take Profit.
User can set them TRUE/FALSE.