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Ultimate Tick Scalper Real

Took more than 1.5 years to build/optimize and test the EA for our team. No Grid/Martingale or other choppy system. Only fast tick scalping system.


This expert was developed at first for use on EUR/USD and timeframe M1. But can also work on other pairs and timeframe.

Recommended minimum balance: 200$

Low spread needed and prefer ECN broker.

  • MaxSpreads_Points - 1000 (default); Maximum pair spreads in order to open position. (Lower for lower risk)
  • AutomaticCalculateMagic - TRUE/FALSE Will generate automatically the magic number.
  • Enabel_ECN_Broker - TRUE/FALSE This setting is for if you use regular or ECN broker
  • Enable_5Digit_Broker - TRUE/FALSE This setting is if your broker is 4 or 5 digit.

Hidden Pending Setting

  • Hidden_Pending_Distane_Pips - 10 (default); This is the indicators for scalping/opening position. Recommend 10. If you want higher risk, you can lower this parameter. If you want safer (will open less trader) put a higher parameter.
    Example: If you want trade news spike, set it to 20 or more.
    This expert is fully automatic and has hidden StopLoss & TakeProfit. Automatic Trailing profit too.

LOT SIZE/ RISK Management

  • LotSize - 0.01 (default) This setting is if you prefer set the lot size manually
  • MaxLot - 30.0 (default) This setting is to set the maximal lot size.
  • AutoLot Size - TRUE/FALSE. Default is TRUE. The lot size will be automatically set according to your equity and broker leverage.
  • Amount_Per_baseLot - 100.0 (Default); This parameter is for the adjustment for the AutoLot Size. If you set 50.0 the risk/lot size will be higher. If you set higher than 100, lot size will be less.
Wlodek Nar
Wlodek Nar 2016.02.10 17:08 

I use it with normal setting. Many small profits and one or two big losses a day. The result -15% after one week.

XhanYchayn Wu
XhanYchayn Wu 2016.02.05 15:36 


allen M.
allen M. 2016.02.04 17:13 

Profitable !

johnny111 2016.01.21 17:54 

Great results on live! almost 90% win is true. I use it with normal setting and second chart with 20 for distance. It gave me wonderful results!

Gonna keep you informed of my progression!

Version 3.0 2016.02.12
We did few optimizations to the expert.

- The Automatic Take profit and trailing has been optimized and will take profit at higher target.
It will be better for user with high commissions fees of higher spreads.

- We added 2 functions : Fixed Stop Loss AND Fixed Take Profit.
User can set them TRUE/FALSE.