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Mega Simulator is a one of it's kind Expert Advisor, it adds a panel with controllable buttons to the strategy tester.

The Simulator gives you FULL MANUAL CONTROL over the Strategy Tester.

This Expert Advisor can be used to quickly develop and test your new strategy manually in the Strategy Tester.

Not only this, it can also be used to help traders improve their trading skills, through practice.

By adding multiple controllable buttons like SELL-BUY-CLOSE, as well as the ability to control take profit, stop loss, and trailing stop levels,

Mega Simulator allows you to manually override the entire order and close process in the strategy tester.

Here is an overview of the buttons built into Mega Simulator:

  • #1. Symbol - Displays the traded Symbol.
  • #2. Time Frame - Displays the traded Timeframe.
  • #3. Bid - Displays the current Bid Price.
  • #4. SELL - Button to manually open up a sell order.
  • #5. BUY - Button to manually open up a buy order.
  • #6. Ask - Displays the current Ask Price.
  • #7. CLOSE - Button to manually close orders.
  • #8. Trailing - Displays Trailingstop value, and visual triggering.
  • #9. High - Displays High value in pips.
  • #10 .Low - Displays Low value in pips.
  • #11. Total - Displays total value in pips.
  • #12. Profit - Displays Profit value.
  • #13. Volume - Displays volume.
  • #15. Spread - Displays spread value.
  • #16. Lots - Displays lotsize.

Besides these buttons, Mega Simulator offers the following features:

  • Full Manual control over the Strategy Tester.
  • Fixed, or Adjustable Take Profit and Stop Loss levels.
  • Trailing stop feature.

It is very easy to set up and use Mega Simulator.

  • Load the expert in strategy tester.
  • Select Symbol and Time Frame.
  • Set expert parameters, Take Profit, Stop Loss, Trailing Stop, Trading Mode, Etc.
  • Press Start.
  • Then Press Pause.
  • Now load all desired indicators that you want to use to test your new strategy onto the chart.
  • Set desired testing speed.
  • Press Start to begin Trading.
2017.06.25 18:10 

Request to the developer - please add ability to open more than one trade at a time, and to open buy and sell trades simultaneously.

Erdenebayar Lamjav
2017.06.04 11:50   

Buttons and texts are too big, can you change size smaller?

Rinor Memeti
2016.02.25 22:31 

User didn't leave any comment to the rating

Abdullah Alrai
2016.01.23 18:05 

for this price i think it is so good simulator it must have more visual style to be better but it is working perfectly you must to add control speed key..