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Kangaroo EA is adjusted for AUDUSD.


  • Lot – the volume of trading orders, if the value is "0.0" then the volume is calculated according to the risk in percentage of the Deposit;
  • StopLoss – the value of stop loss;
  • ZeroProfit – number of points after which the stop loss is moved to breakeven;
  • Spread – spread;
  • Risk – risk as a percentage of the Deposit for automatic calculation of trade volume;
  • Slip – the maximum price deviation at the opening of trading positions;
  • UseTrailing – enable / disable trailing stop; do not change this;
  • TrailingStart – the distance, in points, after which trailing stop is enabled;
  • TrailingNext – the value of the next trailing stop in pips.

The EA is configured for h1 AUDUSD with a minimum of 100 units and 5 digits. For 4 digits, you need to reduce the number of zeros. Example: for five-digit prices - 100, for four-digit prices - 10.

Remember that Forex trading implies a high degree of risk. Do not invest money that can badly influence the balance of your life.

The EA constantly adjusts to the current market situation.

2015.12.08 17:09 

Хороший эксперт для трейдера, который торгует на основе индикаторов.

2015.12.02 19:47 

Cпасибо, Братуха! Только я вбил свои параметры, которые более стабильны на длительном отрезке и поставил другой таймфрем,удачи)

Version 1.2 - 2015.12.02
4 indicators are added: Moving Average, RSI, ADX, MACD.
Now you can adjust parameters under your trade system.
Version 1.1 - 2015.12.01
The EA automatically detects the type of quotes for the account: 4-digit or 5-digit.
You only need to configure the parameter Spread, the spread of Your pair.