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PlusFX EA combines a very intelligent trading system with very tight money management rules to ensure consistent profitability.

Trades are always protected with a Stop Loss that are very tight to ensure that our risk/reward ratio is very high. Due to this, the percentage of winning trades is low, however, this is done to ensure a low drawdown (which is what we consider to be the most important figure when assessing strategies).

PlusFX EA is to be used on the EURUSD M30 for best results as this is the chart it has been developed around. It could possibly work on other currencies and timeframes, however we would not advise it.

This EA is not a "get rich quick" scalper. It is for traders who want consistent gains with a low risk (see the screenshot from the backtest).

This system uses no martingale or grid setting and is very easy to use. The system needs to alter for EURUSD M30.


  • Lots: Currently set at .1 per $1 000 in your account (for an account of $10 000 use 1.0 lots).
  • Stop Loss: Stop loss in points (leave as is for optimization).
  • Take profit: Take profit in points.
  • Trailing Stop: Trailing Stop in points (This system must use a trailing stop).
  • Slippage: Allowed slippage before an order is processed.
  • Barsize: Signal bar of 400 is recommended for 30 mins (for a higher timeframe the bar size should increase and vice versa).

Feel free to contact me with any questions.

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Version 1.10 - 2015.11.18
Update in version 1.1:
Added lot size in proportion to account risk per trade. We recommend 2% risk (0.2).

Please note: using this update will increase the returns and increase the risk and drawdown throughout a period of time, therefore if you want steadier results use the original version.