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Silk MT4 Expert Advisor can work and deal with all kinds of market and situation. If the market is undecided it will find the best time for passing orders and avoid any false signals. It will pass Buy Stop and Sell Stop with tight SL for all orders. For better results hold and wait until it will find the best level to trade.

  • No Martingale.
  • No Grid.
  • No-Arbitrage.
  • No any other risky strategy inside.


  • Maximum Spread - spread limit for orders.
  • Lots - for the fixed lot.
  • Orders Type - for selection of long, short or both.
  • Auto Lot% - money Management.
  • Take Profit - in pips.
  • Stop Loss - in pips.
  • Time Frame - H4 is recommended.
  • UseTrailing - if false it's disabled.
  • TrailingType - dynamic or hard.
  • Pending Order Distance - Pending Order Distance from Price in Pips
  • MagicNo - unique ID of EA trades.
  • Trade Start Time - HH:MM Daily Broker Time.
  • Trade Stop Time - HH:MM Daily Broker Time.
  • Show Chart Info - if true will show trading info on the chart.
  • Text Color - chart info display color.
Jereime Jude
Jereime Jude 2018.04.21 08:32 

more losses than win no matter how you change the parameter.

paolomisson 2018.03.01 18:37 

More lose that win.

Ying Wang
Ying Wang 2018.02.01 13:18 

3 accounts until now only loss money,one is ICmarkets account, one is Tick mill account, one is Pepperstone account all is ECN account , until now only lose money,but the back test is wonderful....I want my money back for this EA!

Zainab El Issaoui
Zainab El Issaoui 2015.11.16 13:17 

Good EXPERT!!!! ... does not work the same in all Brokers ... I have tested in different real accounts with different results ... stop levels are important and seller needs to improve the trailing stop that works well but Backtest live accounts stop even with levels of 0 does not work ... the seller knows what I say and experience for future versions may terminate only if you really want to do it ... I paid $ 300 and I like working with this EA acceptable benefits, but I think we improved the Trailing Stop one of the best EAs much market which has shown only focus on the free version with limited functionality ... The robot works but you have to improve points sensitive in the trailing stop ...

Version 4.6 2017.12.20
i. Updated entry rule.
ii. Added pending order distance in pips (Distance between pending order and price)
Version 4.5 2017.11.21
Updated Entry rule
Version 4.4 2016.06.16
i) Better entry rule
ii) Added Selection of Trade Type Long, Short or both
ii) Added Daily Trade timing
Version 4.3 2015.11.18
Now EA will check broker stop level and then pass orders.
Version 4.2 2015.09.22
Few minor bugs fixed.
Version 4.1 2015.08.27
Added function for order restore with time delay, where value zero means no delay.