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Expert Advisors and Indicators for MetaTrader 4 - 58

icon Trading robots perform market transactions automatically, while indicators allow you to better analyze quotes and predict the price behavior. With these applications, you will be able to perform deals in MetaTrader 4 in a more informed manner, while capturing more opportunities.
Break out email
Antonio Simon Del Vecchio
Receive alerts to your phone via email when the price breaks out the maximum or minimum formed by the last "N" candles. With the "Break out email" indicator, you can easily view the supports and resistances formed by the last "N" candles that you previously specified. Additionally, you can receive an email just when the price exceeds the last support or resistance formed. The indicator has only two input parameters Candles: Number of candles to take into account for the formation of the suppor
Советник "Stochastic and MA_filter" торгует по индикатору "Stochastic Oscillator", используя фильтр в качестве двух средних скользящих, по желанию Пользователя применяется мартингейл (количество умножения лота при серии убытков ограничивается), безубыток, трейлинг стоп, инвертирование сигнала, возможно настроить, как скальпирующий советник.   Для каждого валютного инструмента необходимо подбирать настройки.    Настройки советника: Индикатор Stochastic Oscillator: Kperiod=5; период линии K Dp
SDX Chart
Tsvetan Tsvetanov
4.5 (2)
The SDX Chart is a free additional indicator which can be used in combination with SDX Dashboard . Features Ability to review the history of each symbol and time frame. Ability to change symbols and time frames with one click. Works perfectly in combination with SDX Dashboard and helps you to understand the system better. Settings MA Period - number of periods for the calculation of the moving average and the standard deviation. Number of Bars - how far back to draw the indicator. Buttons Siz
Exp4 Close Minus by Plus
Vladislav Andruschenko
5 (12)
Closing unprofitable positions by searching and closing profitable positions This assistant looks for, among all positions, in the terminal the most unprofitable position. Further, by searching for the remaining profitable positions, he calculates a series of positions that can cover the loss when the profit of one or more positions is greater than the loss of another position. If a set of such positions was found, then the adviser closes them. A series of positions can consist of absolutely an
With the Multiday Overlay Strategy EA, you can trade in parallel all major/minor/cross pairs in Forex. This EA is rather unique, as it is capable to "follow the market", this means: no optimization is needed; the same set of input parameters is good for all pairs; you do not need to change the input parameters even if market conditions change. These three features mean that the EA is not "manually adapted" to a specific pair in a specific timeframe, as it normally happens when you optimize a pai
ADX Channel EA
Alexander Nikolaev
This Expert Advisor draws a channel based on the readings of the ADX indicator (Average Directional Movement Index), and trades from the boundaries of this channel when the price reversals. A sell trade is executed when the price touches and bounces off the upper channel line, a buy - from the lower one. At the same time, it can filter trade entries depending on the readings of other indicators: Stochastic, ATR and RSI. The channel drawn by this indicator turns out to be a bit similar to Envelop
30 USD
5 (1)
This scanner shows the trend values of the indicator BillionaireTrend for up to 20 instruments and H4,H1,M15,M5 and M1 time frames.  The scanner collects the trend signals of every timeframes (H4,H1,M15,M5,M1) from T rendBandMT4  indicator and also, generates daily signal under the considerations of like correlations of each timeframes,ATM rule and Fibonacci levels. Installation Note Before opening this indicator, the T rendBandMT4  indicator (upto version 2.8) should be installed and invoked on
WebTech Media Ltd
Aeon is a fully automated Expert Advisor that trades multiple currencies. The EA trades using market orders and uses averaging to turn otherwise negative trades positive. This EA works best on the M5 timeframe. A VPS is advisable when trading this system. Check the comments for back test results and optimized settings. Please note: I have made the decision to give this EA away and many more for free with limited support so that I can concentrate on Custom EA. If you wish to use this EA it will
Vasiliy Anokhin
FractZigER calculates reversal vertices on the chart and connects them by lines individually for High and Low and complements the chart with lines by bottoms for High and Low in a similar way. Only one parameter is used for setup (ReachBars - number of neighbouring bars for plotting a vertex), as well as one parameter for drawing into history (DRAWs - number of bars in history to be used in calculation). Use the indicator the same way you previously used ZigZags and indicators based on fractals,
"Separate Moving Average" is a custom indicator made from the combination of 2 moving averages in a different window (the indicator window) for the goal of removing the clutter from the price chart, the indicator also has arrows to show the moving average cross either long or short. All the moving average parameters are customizable from the indicator input window.
Stanislav Korotky
2.67 (3)
This is an adaptive ZigZag based on modification of  HZZ indicator (original source code is available in this article ). Most important changes in this version: two additional indicator buffers added for zigzag evolution monitoring - they show cross signs at points where zigzag direction first changes; zigzag range (H) autodetection on day by day basis; time-dependent adjustment of zigzag range. Parameters: H - zigzag range in points; this parameter is similar to original HZZ, but it can take 0
Binary Options Assistant (BOA) ICE Signals Indicator provides signals based on gkNextLevel Binary Options Strategy.  Indicators: 2 Bollinger Bands & Stochastic Stop missing trades, stop jumping from chart to chart looking for trade set-ups and get all the signals on 1 chart! U se any of the BOA Signals Indicator with the  Binary Options Assistant (BOA) Multi Currency Dashboard .   All BOA Signal Indicator settings are adjustable to give you more strategy combinations. The signals can be
The WTR Dynamic Range Indicator is a powerful and deeply customizable range indicator that takes in account the average upward and downward movement of the price in the past trading days.  This fully customizable indicator can be setted for a lot of uses and cases:  • Trend trading on level breakouts  • Spotting high probability targets for Take Profits • Setting a multiple targets for position scaling out  The WTR Dynamic Range Indicator calculates the average movements in the long side, the
The List swap is an indicator for the MetaTrader 4 platform, which allows to display swaps for all symbols (available in the Market Watch). When using the free demo version, you need to remember that the Strategy Tester of the MetaTrader 4 does not provide the ability to obtain data on other symbols. In the Strategy Tester, the swap information will be displayed only for the symbol the indicator is attached to. The indicator can be useful for traders utilizing the "Carry trade" strategy, as well
32 USD
移動平均線クロス、ボリンジャーと移動平均線のクロス、移動平均線の角度でサイン表示 MT5インジケータ こちらに サイト とがあります。 このインジケータは3つのパターンでサインを表示(切り替え可能)します。 ①   移動平均線のクロス ②   ボリンジャーバンドと短期移動平均線とのクロス ③   ボリンジャーバンドと短期移動平均線とのクロスと、中期移動平均線と長期移動平均線の角度 移動平均線のクロス 指定した短期移動平均線と長期移動平均線のゴールデンクロスでは買いサイン、デットクロスでは売りサインを表示します。 ディフォルトでは短期は5,長期は20となっています。 もちろん変更可能になります。 移動平均線の種類をEMA(指数平滑移動平均線)やSMMA(平滑化移動平均)などに変更可能で適する価格も変更可能になります。 ボリンジャーバンドと短期移動平均線のクロス ボリンジャーバンド(以降BB)と短期移動平均線のクロスでサインを表示します。 ディフォルトではBB+1σと5MAのゴールデンクロスで買いサイン、BB-1σと5MAのデットクロスで売りサインでサインを表示します。 BBの期間や
38 USD
HN levels
Hosamnasr Noshy
5 (1)
this indicator Construction on  Gann angles and it,s very effective .you can use it as (Support and resistance) it,s very successful and easy to use.if candle Cross through level thats mean price is going ti next level but with on condition. The price cames from a previous level There is a variable of  angles for frames the best is 1h frame and stander variable.........
TakeProfit Bot
5 (1)
When you open a trade and you have to calculate the ratio, 1:1, 1:2 etc, you have to check the distance between the open price and the Stoploss to know where to put your takeprofit and sometimes you got to somewebsites that have tools to help you, but don't worry with that anymore,  TakeProfit Bot  will take care of that . With this expert advisor you don't need to do all that calculation. Simply put your StopLoss where you want and the TakeProfit Bot will take care of the rest. TakeProfit Bot 
Trade With Trend Lines
Supun Sameera Manasinghe
Trend Line Trader Now, eliminate most of the emotional factors from trading with trend line trader. You can set dynamic sell limits and buy limits with this EA. Please read the description carefully. Parameters: SLMT: SELL LIMIT behavior BLMT: BUY LIMIT behavior BSL  : STOP LOSS for buy orders SSL  : STOP LOSS for sell orders BTP : TAKE PROFIT for Buy orders STP : TAKE PROFIT for sell orders RC    : Risk capital to calculate the lot size FL    : Fixed lots for trading ID : ID assigned by the EA
Gamma Bands
Ziheng Zhuang
4 (1)
This indcator shows the trend with the color histogram. It is simple and easy to use. Usage: If the histogram changed from the aqua to the fuchsia, which means the trend is up. If the histogram changed from the fuchsia to the aqua,which means the trend is down. Inputs: MaPeriods: the periods of moving average. f1: the multiplier of inner bands f2: the multiplier of outer bands
Iberian Bollinger Band GBP USD is a professional, fully automatic Forex expert advisor. This EA trades according to trends (NO scalping, NO martingale) As a central point of the strategy we use the Bollinger Bands. We apply it to "High" for purchases and "Low" for sales. Next, we start a series of additional validations to finish validating the trend. The strategy is effective and works well. The success of this EA is supported by the progressive adjustment of the 'Stop Loss' according to the a
Igor Kryuchkov
4.6 (5)
This indicator draws lines based on the standard Fractals indicator. Once a fractal is broken up or down, the indicator generates an alert, sends an email notification and a push message to your mobile phone. User Inputs History - the number of bars in history for calculation. Color Up Fractal - the color of the upper fractal line. Color Down Fractal - the color of the lower fractal line. Width - the line width. Alerts - alert. EmailAlerts - email notification. NotificationAlert - push notific
Full Info Pro
Aleksei Semenko
4 (2)
Informational indicator to aid in trading English and Russian version Balance Equity Drawdown Margin level Opened orders Spread Total profit Profit for today Profit for yesterday Profit for the week Profit for a month Detailed statistics for 5 pairs Detailed statistics on the current pair ATR MarginCall quote and distance to it Breakeven quote and distance to it Minimum margin level Maximum drawdown Maximum possible lot to open Displaying the breakeven line Displaying MarginCall and Stopout lin
The Flat Horizontal Channel Range Price indicator automatically draws a horizontal channel (range) of prices on a higher or current timeframe. This indicator was developed to simplify the determination of sideways movements of the market, as well as to search for entry signals for a pullback from the boundaries of a channel (range) or for its breakdown. Input parameters: BarsCount - 1000 - Number of bars to search for a horizontal channel AutoPeriodDraw - true - Enabled automatic drawing of
35 USD
The   relative strength index   ( RSI ) is a   technical indicator   used in the analysis of   financial markets . It is intended to chart the current and historical strength or weakness of a stock or market based on the closing prices of a recent trading period. The indicator should not be confused with   relative strength . The RSI is classified as a momentum   oscillator , measuring the velocity and magnitude of price movements.   Momentum   is the rate of the rise or fall in price. The RSI c
Parabolic Sar easy mode
Parabolic Sar easy mode, remake the original p.sar indicator making it more easy to read for novicians traders and experimented traders looking to reduce the time analizing the charts, you can make your own strategy modificating the periods and fusioning it with others indicators like RSI ,stochastic or what you want,its one indicator runs better on high time charts like H4 or D1.
Divergence Reader - индикатор который поможет Вам идентифицировать на графике дивергенцию и конвергенцию. Настройки Type - выбор типа сигнала (дивергенция, конвергенция, оба сигнала); Minimum length of divergence (Candle) - минимальная длинна сигнала (в свечах); MACD SETTINGS - настройки индикатора МАСD; Важно! Индикатор не рисует графику на истории! Для визуальной проверки индикатора рекоммендую использовать тестер.
Oleg Pavlenko
3 (5)
NOW trading will become much EASIER ! JUST INSTALL the EA on separate charts with currency pairs: AUDCAD,   AUDCHF,   AUDJPY,   CADCHF,   CHFJPY,   EURAUD, EURCHF, GBPAUD, GBPCAD, GBPCHF,   GBPNZD,   NZDCHF,   USDCHF and SELECT the same pair in the EA settings I will not deceive you - This is NOT the Grail, NOT a SCAM and not the promise of huge profits. This is Cheap Stable Result EA Stability and Results  is a fully automatic EA that is distinguished by its stability and reliability I will
129 USD
MACD With Histogram
Wichayuth Chotklang
Standard MACD is the 12-day Exponential   Moving Average   (EMA) less the 26-day EMA. Closing prices are used to form the MACD's moving averages. A 9-day EMA of MACD is plotted along side to act as a signal line to identify turns in the indicator. The MACD-Histogram represents the difference between MACD and its 9-day EMA, the signal line. The histogram is positive when MACD is above its 9-day EMA and negative when MACD is below its 9-day EMA. Peak-Trough Divergence The MACD-Histogram anticipate
35 USD
Visual Order Tracking Demo
5 (1)
The Visual Order Tracking (VOT) indicator makes trade history and performance metrics visible on the chart in four ways: 1)   Draw History   of closed and open trades with arrows, lines and trade result numbers (pips, $ profit, % profit, % change); 2)   Trade Manager   to show Open, SL and TP levels as vivid horizontal lines with dynamic specs and partial closing options; 3)  Summary Trade Panel   to show sortable table of open and closed trade summaries by symbol, lots, pips, profit and advance
The Adaptive Moving Average (AMA), created by Perry Kaufman, is a moving average variation designed to have low sensitivity to market noise and volatility combined with minimal lag for trend detection. These characteristics make it ideal for identifying the overall market trend, time turning points and filtering price movements. A detailed analysis of the calculations to determine the AMA can be found in MetaTrader 5 Help ( https://www.metatrader5.com/en/terminal/help/indicators/trend_indicators
1. Make sure you trade only with GBP/USD on an 1h chart as this model is built specifically for the hourly Cable trading. 2. If you are backtesting the EA during weekends, make sure to specify a reasonable spread (such as 30 or 50) instead of using current spread because the market is not trading and the current spread may be some awkward number. During weekdays, feel free to use current spread as it is the correct current spread value. 3. If you want to have an even more stable-performing EA,
Revolutionary novelty Fox wave provides an indicator that draws wave values ​​on all 28 pairs plus xauusd. EURUSD,USDCAD,EURAUD,GBPJPY,NZDJPY,GBPNZD,CADCHF,USDJPY,NZDUSD,EURCAD,AUDJPY,GBPAUD,AUDCAD,NZDCAD,GBPUSD,EURJPY, EURCHF,CADJPY,GBPCAD,AUDCHF,NZDCHF,AUDUSD,EURGBP,EURNZD,CHFJPY,GBPCHF,AUDNZD,USDCHF,USDJPY You have a constant overview of the state of the market Bonus : Day, Week, Month and Annual fibos This version is primarily intended for time frame day and week and is used to introduce Fox
120 USD
Andrej Hermann
5 (1)
Universal trading advisor "WOz" with a built-in trading panel The EA's capabilities can be easily tested in the strategy tester in visual mode. The EA can simulate real trading with the ability to move the SL and TP levels.  The EA has 5 modes of operation:  1. AUTOTRADING automatic trading mode on a set signal  2. ONLY SIGNAL mode of tracking the set signal without auto trading  3. RANGE MODUS mode of automatic placement of equidistant orders on Bayi Sell at a specified time  4. H
Paul Reymkhe
4.67 (3)
SpreadLive shows the full Spread history of a chart with different colors. It alerts you (MT4, E-Mail and Mobile) when the spread reaches the limit, which you can define in the settings. The menu contains Current Spread , Average Spread and Highest Spread of current chart. The main idea is to use it with an EA and analyze negative profits from the spread history. This helps you to see how your broker varies the spread. Inputs Spread limit - limit to alert. Type - Show in points or pips. Alert:
This indicators when combine with its slave version can help you a better view in backtesting visual mode. https://www.mql5.com/en/market/product/61574 They will help you in developing a multi time frame trading strategy. 1) Run backtest in visual mode 2) Add the master indicator to the backtesting chart 3) Add the slave indicators to other charts of the same symbol with different time frames. Run the backtest and you will see all the charts auto scrolling.
Stanislav Korotky
This indicator provides a statistical analysis of price changes (in points) versus time delta (in bars). It calculates a matrix of full statistics about price changes during different time periods, and displays either distribution of returns in points for requested bar delta, or distribution of time deltas in bars for requested return. Please, note, that the indicator values are always a number of times corresponding price change vs bar delta occurred in history. Parameters: HistoryDepth - numbe
Trend Mate
TREND MATE is an useful indicator that will support your decision to trade according to the current trend. It is possible to configure alert and push notification to receive when entering to first candle for bull / bear trend. If you want to use this indicator for a EA, use the function iCustom as follows: DOWNTREND : iCustom(NULL,0,"Trend_Mate",0,0) . If downtrend result is "1", otherwise is "0". UPTREND : iCustom(NULL,0,"Trend_Mate",1,0) . If uptrend result is "1", otherwise is "0". Fo
Parabolic Sar Style
Javier Morales Fernandez
Because the style matter I know how annoying it is to click properties every time to change the candle’s color, the background to light or dark, and to put or remove the grid. Here is the solution with one click: Three customizable buttons to choose the candle style that traders want. One button to switch between Day and Night mode. One button to show or hide the Grid on the charts.  *****On the settings, you can choose where the buttons should be displayed on the screen***** What is Parabolic
Easy backtest 2 pro
Jacek Pawel Bialek
Easy Backtest 2 Pro try the demo version now! Easy Backtest 2 Pro   is a great alternative for all those expensive testing software that exist on the market!. You can    test your new strategy in   Strategy Tester   in your   MT4 , using all available historical data. Beyond the basic functions such as: BUY, SELL PENDING ORDERS STOP LOSE, TAKE PROFIT AUTO RISK MANAGMANT AUTO LOT SIZE  You can modify  each of them at any time, exactly like in live trading. Advanced features PRO such as: P
Rua Trend Pro
Rua Trend Pro This is an indicator that helps identify Trends relatively accurately. Can be used for any currency pair. And usable on all time frames. Recommended use from M15 and above. You can use it to identify trends, or to identify reversals very well. Input parameters:  in_TradePeriod       in_StopPeriod             in_Alerts   A product of Ruacoder Provide code indicator and EA services upon request
C eight two
Steve Zoeger
The Robot was designed by myself and works already on live accounts. Can be used with TP and SL settings with trailing stop as Martingale The robot works on all Currency PAirs and all Time Frames. The higher the Frame so higher the possibility of the trade accuracy. I wish everyone who purchases the EA maximum sucess and good trading results Please trade carefully and responsibly. Thank you and Happy trading everyone
31.30 USD
Please check the "What's new" tab regularly for a complete and up-to-date list of all improvements + parameters. FREE indicator for my trading utility Take a Break . This indicator allows you to manage multiple other EAs with just one Take a Break EA instance. Simply specify the corresponding Chart Group in the indicator(s) and Take a Break EA settings and you are good to go.  Setup example (Indicator + EA) You want Take a Break to manage 3 other EAs: EA1 on EURUSD, EA2 on EURGBP, EA3 on GBP
Black Cat
Heinz Kappler
2.67 (3)
Expert with martingale strategy, to experiment. A profit trade offsets a loss trade. An example: Cent-Account, 35 USD are then 3500 USD. Account: USD and 1: 400 EA setting: Cat_type Normal, Variant 1, BaseLot 0.1 If the case occurs with two loss trades in a row , the loss is about 3000 USD . Two loss trades in a row can be avoided by a low spread and continuous trade of the EA. Signal: https://www.mql5.com/en/market/product/22450#!tab=comments&comment=5808183 Technical specifications Underlyin
Adrian Armenta
3 (2)
VolumeFX works placing pending orders up and down of the current price, taking benefits from the oscillations, so when the price its out of operation range a new batch of orders will be placed, allowing the program to work continously every time a new price range its shaped All the parameters of the program may be modified, so you can adjust them to the pair you most like to operate, though the default parameters works well in the EURUSD pair with accounts of 500 usd or more. Here is how you c
By applying this expert onto any char window, you are able to force download the historical data upon all time-frame (PERIOD_M1, PERIOD_M5, PERIOD_M15, PERIOD_M30, PERIOD_H1, PERIOD_H4, PERIOD_D1, PERIOD_W1, PERIOD_MN1) of 28 major pairs. The 28 major pairs are the combination of the 8 major currencies. 8 major currencies "USD", "EUR", "GBP", "JPY", "AUD", "NZD", "CAD", "CHF" 28 pairs "AUDCAD","AUDCHF","AUDJPY","AUDNZD","AUDUSD","CADCHF","CADJPY" "CHFJPY","EURAUD","EURCAD","EURCHF","EURGBP",
Jinxiong Yuan
The GBPIndex is the Pound index, which is integrated for the seven currencies of GBPAUD, GBPCAD, GBPCHF, GBPJPY, GBPNZD, GBPUSD and EURGBP.  Through this index, the direction of USD overall trend can be intuitively understood.  The GBPIndex works better with other indexes in combination. For example, the combination of GBPIndex and NZDIndex can directly reflect the trend of currency GBPNZD.  It is easy to understand that the currency GBPNZD is split into two indices, one is the GBPIndex and the
Price Line
Nikolay Likhovid
5 (1)
High, Low, Open, Close — isn't this too much? Sometimes you need a unique history of prices. But if choose one thing, you lose the rest. Smoothing also leads to data loss. Often you lose one of the most important market details: information about extremes. It is due to the preservation of information about the highs and lows, the correct "smoothing" for the history of price is a zigzag. But zigzags also have drawbacks — they do not provide intermediate values. The Price Line indicator solves thi
Transaction Data Analysis Assistant: This is a statistical analysis tool for transaction data, and there are many data charts for analysis and reference. language: Support language selection switch (currently supports Chinese and English active recognition without manual selection) The main window shows: Balance display Total profit and loss display Now the position profit and loss amount is displayed Now the position profit and loss ratio is displayed The total order volume, total lot size, and
Price Velocity
Oleg Pechenezhskiy
5 (1)
The indicator calculates the average price velocity over the specified time period. It is known that the trading time flows unevenly, in bursts. It either goes faster, or slows down. This indicator will tell if the trading time has accelerated and it is necessary to go to the smaller timeframes to search for trade signals. Usage Alert is generated when the price velocity exceeds the specified threshold. The threshold value can be modified using the buttons on the information panel. A .wav file
Keyboard Trading
Victor Christiaanse
5 (2)
Keyboard Trading - Open and Close orders with your keyboard This tool allows you to open and close orders with your keyboard. As opening and closing orders with your keyboard is faster than with your mouse, this tool is very useful for Scalpers. How does it work? If you press the key "b", it will open a buy order with lot size, SL and TP as specified in the settings. If you press the key "s", it will open a sell order with lot size, SL and TP as specified in the settings. If you press the key "c
The indicator is a trading system for short-term trading. Scalper Assistant helps to determine the direction of the transaction, and also shows the entry and exit points. The indicator draws two lines (possible points for opening positions). At the moment of the breakdown of the upper line up (and when all trading conditions are met), an up arrow appears (a buy signal), as well as 2 goals. At the moment of the breakdown of the lower line down (and when all trading conditions are met), a do
68 USD
This Expert Advisor is a professional trading tool, which integrates a flexible risk control and six groups of trading panels. MT5 Version:  Quick Panel Pro Hedging Features Calculating lots is easy and fast: move the StopLine, the calculation is processed immediately Most trading operations can be quickly made by clicking the button on these panels. Changing panels is quick just by clicking the green button. The EA can run on the strategy tester, use this feature to do training or review your s
SK RandomWalk Monkey EA
Mr Sakkarin Yartfoong
Are You Better than Monkey? Prove it... The trade of this EA is based on random output with customizable lot size (use martingale or not), stop-loss, and take-profit levels. Easy to use and Simple Great for benchmarking tests against other EAs or manual trade. Works for ECN/Non-ECN brokers and 2-3-4-5 digit symbols Support us by open  My recommended broker. Exness Tickmill robot monkey uses Adx trend filter for fair game no-trade unfavorable market ( you can turn off set adx = 0) . EA starts
Hunter Scalper Night
Mikhail Pisarev
2.33 (3)
Полностью автоматический советник, предназначенный для скальпинга в период низкой волатильности рынка. Советник использует расширенный алгоритм точек входа, а так же несколько дополнительных фильтров для входа и выхода из рынка. Советник не требует оптимизации и дополнительной настройки. Не использует мартингейл, сетки ордеров. Торгует в основном ночью. Рабочий тайм-фрейм М15. Минимальный депозит 100$ MaxSpread - Максимально допустимый спред для открытия позиции MaxSlippage - Проскальзывание 
40 USD
EVO lite
Aibek Mugiynov
3.75 (12)
The EVO Exclusive EA Lite EA is based on support/resistance level breakthroughs. It works autonomously on a VPS server. The EA passed testing on real ticks. Pro or ECN accounts with Market Execution are required for correct operation. The Expert Advisor controls the spread and slippage, thereby protecting your capital from risks. No martingale, no grid, no hedging. The EA applies stop loss, take profit and trailing stop. This is a free version. Not all functions operable! The free version has a
The block of bars is collected under condition of divergence . If the divergence conditions are not met, the block is deleted. More precisely, the condition is the transition of the block of bars from the state of divergence to the state of convergence . Blocks are formed selectively with gaps. Gaps are characterized by the state of convergence of bars.   Before removing the block, we find the extreme bars inside the block   (min, max). The line connects the extreme bars. The line is drawn only
Indicator of vertical lines on the timeframes М5 and М1. It draws the lines for the period of the current day and the previous day. This indicator visualizes visually shows the trader the beginning and end of the chart hour, as well as the past hourly periods, 30-minute and 5-minute chart intervals. The advantage provided by this indicator is that the trader using this indicator on a chart of a currency pair with the smaller timeframe will always be aware of when the new hour begins. On the co
This is a very simple yet useful tool to close positions with different conditions and methods. You can use panel buttons to close positions or set multiple rules to close all positions. Panel has two main tab, Active Order and Pending Orders: Active Tab: You can set profit or loss target to close all positions. You can set equity target to close all positions, You can set a special time to close all positions. Moreover, by panel buttons you can close only buy/sell positions or only negative
Nikolaos Pantzos
5 (4)
This Expert Advisor is a tool to be used for closing all open positions by ticket in profit. Does not open positions, can only close positions. You can select the type of profits (pips or currency) and type of tickets (buy or sell) to manage it, and specific ID (magic number). You can to get source code from here . Parameters ManageBuySellOrders - Way to manage opened orders, as different basket buy from sell, or same basket buy and sell. CloseBuyOrders - Close all buy positions if target ac
Very special indicator of Joe Dinapoli which is a derivative  of a Detrended Oscillator. Through a set of parametric equations, a predicting oscillator is created that forecasts, one period ahead of time, overbought and oversold conditions. The resulting predictor values are expressed as bands on the bar chart, both above and below the market. It may be mistaken as a Bollinger Band but has no resemblance to it whatsoever. The Predictor bands may be used in a variety of ways to aid in entering an
65 USD
Sivakumar Subbaiya
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Megatrends  Indicator   Time Frame: Suitable for any time frame.  Purpose: Trend Prediction. Blue and red color indicate the buy and sell call respectively. Buy: When the blue line is originating it is opened buy call. Sell: When the Red line is origination it is opened sell call Happy trade!! this indicator is suitable for all time frame, but our recommended time frame to use 1hour and 4 hours, suitable for any chart. Subscribe our MT4 trading signal copier https://www.mql5.com/en/signals/9
Levels Scalper MT4 Free
Maksim Poshlykh
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Скальпер для счетов с хеджированием. Для тестирования. Имеет ограничение в сроке действия. В данном эксперте реализована стратегия торговли на отбой от уровней поддержки и сопротивления. За базовую идею принят индикатор  Levels.  С помощью настроек внутреннего индикатора можно установить любой базовый таймфрейм для расчёта уровней. Запускается Эксперт на малых таймфреймах, рекомендуется    PERIOD_М5 . Торговля доступна как с установленным в настройках размером лота, так и с динамически изменяющи
Script to create arrows and lines on chart of history positions traded on account for the symbol where you launch the application. From inputs you can select: - Magic number (default is -1; -1 = all magics number) - "From" date and time (default is 1970.01.01 00:00; all positions) - "To" date and time (default is 1970.01.01 00:00; all positions) - Color for buy open positions (arrows and lines between open and close) - Color for buy closing positions (arrows) - Color for sell open positions (arr
Today is the Day
Alexander Shienkov
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This simple information indicator shows the name of the current day and past working days, months and years. On the concept of time and timeframe It is common knowledge that a timeframe is a time interval considered in technical analysis of free financial markets, during which the price and other market data changes occur when the price charts are plotted. In the MetaTrader 4 trading terminal, these periods are separated by vertical dashed line, which can be enabled or disabled by simply press
Liu Chun Xiao
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倒计时指标功能介绍 类别 解释 备注 预计结束倒计时 计算当前周期蜡烛图的结束时间(可应用于所有周期),其考虑了蜡烛图可能会因为日常休市而提前结束的情况; 如果该蜡烛图包含多个休市和开市的情况下,以最后的休市或者蜡烛图收盘时间为准。 值得特别注意的是:本指标并没有将平台额外公布的节假日休市、修改休市或者开市时间等因素纳入考虑范围,它仅仅是基于MT4所公开的交易时间做计算,无法100%确保本品种的收盘或者开盘时间无误 ,故使用者需提前明确该品种交易时间情况。 预计开盘倒计时 仅限于状态为"休市中"的提示,根据MT4上公开显示开市时间进行预估大约还有多久时间开盘; 和预计结束倒计时类似,并没有将额外公布的时间纳入考量。由于W1和MN1周期中包含多次的开盘和收盘,所以该两周期无休市提示。 【状态】 颜色 状态 备注 绿色 正常 一切正常 黄色 服务器无报价 服务器实际上传送到MT4并非是毫无中断的,可能是1分钟之内出现多次,甚至是连续较长的时间无报价,取决于您所处的网络延迟、服务器的情况等等。 本品种已有X秒无报价 MT4上并不是所有的品种的报价都是最新的,有可能某
Currency Outlook DM30
Kriengsak Peitaisong
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Currency Outlook   is an indicator that can help us "Trade the right pair in the right direction and at the right time". This indicator analyzes prices of all cross currency pairs of the selected currency and report the result to us in form of double colours histogram diagram.   The maximum height of the histogram diagram of the indicator is 100.   The indicator is exclusively programming for AUD, CAD, CHF, EUR, GBP, JPY, NZD and USD. A feature for calculating trade lot size has been added to th
Liongrid Free
Dorian Baranes
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Note: This is a Limited Edition of   Lion Grid . It works only on Mondays. The trading strategy has been been created by using machine learning algorithms to build a model directly from the historical data. Machine learning is an application of artificial intelligence (AI) that provides the ability to automatically learn and improve from experience without being explicitly programmed.  The strategic focus of this robot is to identify trend reversals by analyzing multiple technical indicators
Background  This is the free version which has all features except that the lot is limited to the minimum size (0.01) and disabled Martingale Settings. To get the Full Version  Please Click Here Scalping Hero is an unique EA adapts a complicated way of analysis of  27 pairs  together on all available time-frames to get you the best possible trades then filters them to only give you the most accurate winning trades it observes the price trend on each pair separately then links it with other pairs
Horizontal Line Alert DEMO
Christianiel Robles Faustino
This is a Indicator that alert if price closed above/below/touched the line. ---------------------DEMO VERSION----------------------- This will only run on GBPUSD and EURUSD currency pairs only. (Full Version works on all currency pairs ) Features/Settings: Timeframe supported: 1m, 5m 15m, 30m, 1H, 4H, 1D, 1WK, 1Mo Works on all currency pairs. Candle Size in Pips: Alert based on Candle Full length or Candle Body Select Line style/width/color Alert type: Popup, Send to mobile, Email Input alert
AllDay EA
Thomas Cain
AllDay EA is designed to trade at multiple price action levels simultaneously. This system uses 3 independent baskets of positions to take advantage of more opportunities that may arise. AllDay EA is designed to open all 3 baskets when long trends occur, utilizing retracements. Entry levels are based on tight Bollinger bands and distances. Due to the nature of the design, at times this EA may use the  majority of available margin for its strategy. The new version of ALLDAYEA is called Lazy EA, a

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