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Expert Advisors and Indicators for MetaTrader 4 - 59

icon Trading robots perform market transactions automatically, while indicators allow you to better analyze quotes and predict the price behavior. With these applications, you will be able to perform deals in MetaTrader 4 in a more informed manner, while capturing more opportunities.
Balanced Entry by VArmadA A simple yet powerful fractal based Support/Resistance Indicator Works with timeframes 1H and higher and tested on all major pairs. Pay attention to the signal: An arrow indicating a long or short entry. How It Works: Arrows indicate reversed support/resistence. Up arrow means long - down arrown indicates a short trade. Instructions: - IndicatorLong/IndicatorShort: Choose the colors for the given indicator arrows - Show Resistence Levels: Visualize the resist
CandleCrusherX ScalpingEdition FREE
Christian Opperskalski
4 (1)
CandleCrusherX Scalping EA  analyses the market situation on volume and strong price movement within internal Timeframe. It works on all major forex pairs and Timeframes (M5 or M15 recommend). The EA has integrated dynamic Take Profit, this means, if you reach your defined TP it gives you the chance to follow on the Trend by dynamic TP & SL and extend your profits. Also a News Filter function is integrated, to prevent miss trades on News events. Dynamic Lot calculation integrated On Request we a
Polynom Moving and Channel
BeeXXI Corporation
5 (2)
The use of a polynomial expansion of data opens up new possibilities for analysis and decision making. But the problem of all existing algorithms is a very slow computation. The main feature of this indicator is its fast algorithm. The speed of calculation of the polynomial algorithm and its standard deviation values ​​is several thousand times faster than conventional algorithms. So this is a convenient algorithm for use without the need to apply supercomputers. Also, starting from version 1.4
KT Donchian Channel MT4
KT Donchian Channel is an advanced version of the famous Donchian channel first developed by Richard Donchian. It consists of three bands based on the moving average of last high and low prices. Upper Band: Highest price over last n period. Lower Band: Lowest price over last n period. Middle Band: The average of upper and lower band (Upper Band + Lower Band) / 2. Where n is 20 or a custom period value is chosen by the trader. Features A straightforward implementation of the Donchian channel
Switch symbols and timeframe by arrow buttons 1. You can switch multiple symbols of one or all charts. 2. You can set list of symbols to switch between them or get them from Market Watch. 3. You can change timeframe of one or all charts. List of timeframes here [M1, M5, M15, M30, H1, H4, D1, W1, MN1]. Switch symbol of all charts: indicator check current symbol of the chart to get index of it in list and change for next or previous. Key functions: - Right arrow key: switch to next symbol. - Left
This EA allows you to send alerts to your Telegram Groups or Channels. As simple as opening or closing trades on MT4 and alerts are automatically sent to Telegram. Alerts will also be sent when you modify the SL or the TP Updates and possible improvements will be sent to buyers I will send you a tutorial to get your Telegram Api key and chat id          You must enter your API key and Chat ID of the Group or Channel 
Order Block Scanner
Reza Aghajanpour
5 (2)
** All Symbols x All Time frames scan just by pressing scanner button ** *** Contact me after the purchase to send you instructions and add you in "Order Block group" for sharing or seeing experiences with other users. Introduction: The central banks and financial institutions mainly drive the market, Order block is considered a market behavior that indicates accumulation of orders from banks and institutions, then the market tends to make a sharp move(Imbalance) on either side once the order bl
Gianfranco Tanzi
1 (1)
This Expert Advisor is our latest trading system and it is designed to work with EURUSD and GBPUSD . This EA produces good results with medium spreads. It opens a market order following the market trend and then it opens  Market Orders with different amount of lots to close all orders or single order in profit with small amounts. To close trades, it uses a cumulated closing function or a closing function for each trade opened. It works with  all time frames, better with lower TF,  and you can us
PZ Tick Chart
4.75 (4)
This indicator displays a complete tick chart with two optional moving averages, and makes paying attention to sub-m1 price data really easy. [ Installation Guide | Update Guide | Troubleshooting | FAQ | All Products ] Identify price spikes easily The blue line is the ask price The red line is the bid price The indicator doesn't lose tick data when reloaded It implements two optional moving averages The indicator is non-repainting Input Parameters Display Moving Averages: Display or hide the
BE Line by MMD MT4
Mariusz Maciej Drozdowski
Break Even Line by MMD The Break Even line is a useful indicator for people using strategies that allow simultaneous trades in both directions, such as the MMD methodology. This indicator is useful when playing statistical models and averaging positions in accumulation and distribution zones. The indicator draws levels by summing positions in three groups: positions included in BUY, positions included in SELL and all positions included. Functionality description: Show BUY BELine   - shows
Strong and Weak FX Pairs
Ahmed Saad Soliman
5 (3)
Strong and weak Pairs is a trend following indicator to help you choosing the pairs to trade based on the currency score. Strong and weak Pairs is comparing currencies position to the moving average for all major pairs then display the position score from Zero (0) to Seven (7) with two lines on the chart. 7 is the strongest currency and zero is the weakest currency. Additionally there is a dashboard displaying all the currencies score to choose the pair you will trade. Strong and Weak Indicator
Currencies Hunter
Noha Mohamed Fathy Younes Badr
Currencies Hunter    is a new era of trading the most unique expert for trading currencies  use  very  secretive trading algorithm ,  took a year to program and test it  with a lot of coding ,Currencies Hunter designed to trade on real accounts and provides exceptional results. trade in fully automatic Currencies Hunter use very special  algorithm you can make back test with every tick option and see the results by your self  this expert use unique strategy to open order and close it  Therefore
KT Aroon MT4
5 (1)
KT Aroon oscillator is the modified version of the original Aroon oscillator initially developed by Tushar Chande in 1995. It measures the time interval between the ongoing highs and lows and uses this deduction to calculate the market trend's direction and strength.  It works on the notion that the price will form new highs consecutively during an uptrend, and during a downtrend, new lows will be formed. Buy Signal: When Aroon Up line cross above the Aroon Down line. Sell Signal: When Aroon Do
What is the INDRA Trend indicator? A INDRA Trend is a trend following indicator which give most accurate arrow signals of BUY and Sell based on the moving average , buying power and selling power in market, checking with other multiple indicators and providing the best possible time to get in to the market . This indicator is tested in multiple time frames as showed in screenshots it is also tested in multiple currency pairs , crypto and metal pairs such as USD/CAD EUR/JPY   EUR/USD EUR/CHF   US
Indicator Description If you need to know future volatility for trading, this indicator is what you need! With the Predictor of the ATR you trading system will be more perfect. This indicator predicts future volatility, and does it quite well. Prediction accuracy is up to 95% at a distance of up to 5 bars into the future (on the period H1). The average forecast accuracy is about 85%, the number of predicted bars is limited by your imagination only. There are five methods used for prediction. The
HyperSignal 3 AM
Andriy Matviyevs'kyy
The  indicator generates signals for opening positions. The principle of operation is to compare the current closing price with the closing price range for a longer period. The signals are confirmed when the price exceeds the High/Low of the bar where the indicator generated the signal.  Maintenance of an open position is carried out on a smaller TF. Indicator signals to open an opposite position on a smaller TF are a signal to close the deal. This indicator does not repaint or not recalculate.
MQLTA Target Line Indicator
MQL4 Trading Automation
4.43 (7)
Volume Analysis Indicator MT4
Ahmad Ar Abedalaziz Alazaizeh
This indicator integrates the Bollinger Band strategy in calculation with a volume-over-MA calculation to further narrow down "Areas of Interest" levels for a potential re-test zone to the right of the chart. We added a Moving Average calculation for a multi-level cloud and further broke down more conditions to highlight both volume flow crossover on the High and Extreme High MA's and also high and extreme high volume spikes on set period average without bull\bear conditions. Original Bull
The Mode
Naim El Hajj
3.75 (4)
The M.O.D.E stands for " Multiple Oscillator Divergence Exit ". It is an indicator which signals a divergence between the price, and multiple oscillators. It is initially an exit indicator because it signals the weakening of a trend, but it could be used as an entry signal if used analytically Key Features: Check many divergences at once Non repainting Sends   Alerts and Push Notifications You could load the M.O.D.E onto a single chart, and be able to see the divergences happening on multiple os
Project Tiptop
Joel Protusada
T I P T O P    Tiptop is a trend following Expert Advisor that runs its own proprietary analysis and algorithm. No indicator is used to analyze the entry point. It based it only with each price bar movement and closing price. Same logic with "Volatility Watcher". For the exit plan, it uses the proprietary Sequence Method and implement the cut-losses-and-let-the-profit-run strategy. You will be surprised that at the closing of all trades, almost most of them are having a positiv
Smart Dashboard
Mansuri Parvez
4 (1)
After purchase  : -   Please contact me at telegram  https://t.me/SmartForex777 This Smart Dashboard Penal Very Easy , Fast And Accurate to Enter And Exit Trade Manually... Unique features Close All Orders... Close All Sell... Close All Buy... Buy / Sell... Lot Size Change Option... Works on any account type and broker... Works with all times frames and currency...
Signal Trend Super Indicator of accurate market entry. Very good entry indicator for your trading system, I recommend to use it together with - System Trend Pro  and    Professional Trade Arrow The indicator does not redraw and does not change its data. Wait until the candle closes. Any questions? Need help?, I am always happy to help, write me in private messages or In Telegram
Evgenii Kuznetsov
3.67 (9)
The EA identifies divergences in two correlated currency pairs and trades in the direction where they converge back. Working timeframe: M30 Input parameters MagicNumber - identification number for the EA. OrdersComment - comment to order, automatic if an empty value is set. Lots - lot size. DepoPer001Lot - automatic lot calculation (specify the balance per 0.01 lot) (if 0, the value from 'Lots' parameter is used). TimeFrame - working timeframe. Symbol #2 - correlated currency. Symbol #2 revers
This indicator is a free version of Double Top Tracker . Unlike the full version, some functions are disabled and the parameters cannot be changed. This indicator analyzes in parallel price charts for multiple currency pairs on all timeframes and notifies you as soon as a double tops or double bottoms pattern has been identified. The alert occurs when the the second peak has been reached. Double Top is a trend reversal pattern which are made up of two consecutive peaks that are more and less eq
Hello all. This indicator helps you  to open a trade, when break out occurred, also you can add to your position and ride it if trend continued. I use it on 1-5 min chart, as you can use short stop loss. Also profit target should be small as well. It is better to enter few small position, so you can book some profit early and ride the rest for bigger gains. Look at the past to have a plan. Enjoy. 
Dinapoli Targets Version 2
Ramoletane Lekhanya
5 (4)
This indicator sets stop, start and target 1, 2 and 3 levels based on detected market swings on multiple timeframes. It was originally written by Mishanya and has been updated by Ramoletane to move with the price and automatically update the levels. A trade can be placed when price has crossed the white start line and stop loss placed on the red stop line. The lot size can be reduced at the green target 1 level, the yellow target 2 level and the position finally closed at target 3. Most of the t
Candle Timer displays the time remaining until closing the current Bar, and a new bar forms. Feature simple to use . no lag or delay . customize position, color & font Size . server time not local time. Inputs - position * Beside Active Candle ( Default ) * Right Upper * Lift Upper * Right Bottom * Lift Bottom - font size *  14 (Default) - color *  SpringGreen (Default)
There is a very simple and surprisingly effective indicator called Pi Cycle, which starts to give the first warning. It is worth a look, so as not to miss the giant elephant in the living room!)) What is Pi Cycle? Pi Cycle is a very simple indicator created by analyst Philip Swift . It takes into account two (DMA biased moving averages ): 350-day average x 2 111-day average Both can be considered long-term indicators. The second one is obviously more sensitive to current market changes, sin
Angle High Low
Taras Slobodyanik
The indicator calculates the angle between the Highs, Lows and Closes of neighboring bars. The angle can be measured in degrees or radians. A linear chart or a histogram is drawn in a subwindow. You can set the scale for the calculation — floating or fixed. For use in the EA, you need to specify a fixed scale. Parameters Angular measure — degrees or radians. Scale mode for calculation — scaling mode. Free scale — free transformation, the indicator will calculate values each time the chart scal
Sergey Kruglov
3.67 (6)
Tarantula is a trend Expert Advisor that looks for entry points based on the standard Moving Average indicator. It works with two timeframes selected in the settings. The EA looks for the points of trend change and opens an order when the signal matches on different timeframes. All orders are protected by stop loss. However almost all orders are closed by the EA on a signal change. Parameters SL - stop loss. TP - take profit. OnWork_1 - enable/disable searching for signals on the first timefra
EMA Separation Coefficient reflects the separation between short-term and long-term exponential moving average trend resistance, as well as the direction of the current movement. Pay attention to potential crossover points when the coefficient approaches zero, this may indicate an upcoming breakout or reversal. Wait for confirmation of the trend before entering the trade, and exit when the coefficient forms a max (for calls) or a min (for puts). This is a small tool to help visualize the differe
Carlos Moreno Gonzalez
Wager is an uncomplicated and very useful utility that is used in combination with your favorite Expert Advisor or signal. Maybe you have an Expert Advisor or a signal with a good winning percentage, and you wish you could increase the position size? That is exactly what Wager does. Wager monitors the Expert Advisor of your choice by Magic Number, so that when your Expert Advisor opens, modifies or closes an order, Wager will mimic the exact same thing as fast as you would expect. It doesn't ma
US30 Break Scalp
Vitor Manuel Goncalves Pinto
This Expert Advisor trades based on a specific range breakout within a specific hour using scalp techniques. It does not use dangerous techniques like martingale. It only opens a maximum of 3 trades per day (default settings). The default settings are optimized for IcMarkets, FTMO and MFF (set file in the comments) although it can be used with other brokers, you just need to confirm the hours input. Despite this Expert Advisor presents good results in backtesting and for this month (January 2023
Roman Gergert
4.19 (43)
It is based on Surfing strategy. USES MARTINGALE. The EA catches the moments when the previous candle crosses the moving average indicator and eliminates the false breakouts using the RSI+MA indicator, and at the same time analyzes the trend direction. The EA trades pending orders, which also allows to avoid false movements. If the pending order was not triggered and the chart reversed, then the EA deletes the pending order. If the pending order was not triggered and the chart reversed, then the
Choppiness Index
Libertas LLC
5 (1)
"Wouldn't we all love to reliably know when a stock is starting to trend, and when it is in flat territory? An indicator that would somehow tell you to ignore the head fakes and shakeouts, and focus only on the move that counts?" The Choppiness Index is a non-directional indicator designed to determine if the market is choppy (trading sideways) or not choppy (trading within a trend in either direction). It is an oscillating indicator between -50 (very trendy) and +50 (very choppy). There are man
Time Closer can help you closing all the open position at the specified time "Everyday". Mainly for Day trader that don't want to hold position overnight, or over different session, or over a specific time. Simple Parameter to use. Usage Download and drag Time Closer on the chart (Chart Symbol should be the same Chart Symbol as you want the position close) Check Allow AutoTrading is "On" Set parameters Input Parameters Turnon  True - Turnon the utility False - Turnoff the utility Close All Op
OCO News Order Manager in an Expert Advisor to Trading News . The usability makes this tool an excellent ally for FAST operations on NEWS Time. We recommend that you try it on demo account to understand what kind of decimals using your broker to set your input values. The EA is usable on every Markets. On news time the spread could be manage from Broker, please make attention. Main functionalities Open STOP PENDINGS ORDER a number of seconds (in input) before News Time Floating of pending orde
Get news
Aleksander Gladkov
5 (1)
Utility for reading news from investing.com To access the site, you need to add WebRequest in the Options terminal menu on the Expert Advisors tab: https://sslecal2.investing.com If reading is successful, a message about writing the file is displayed. The INV_week_this.txt file is written to the MQL4\Files folder of the terminal and is kept up to date, updating data according to its own timer You can attach the utility to any chart with any time frame; one is enough to support indicators o
Trends and News
Aleksander Gladkov
5 (1)
With the Trend and News indicator you will always be up to date! Tells you in which direction it is safer to open positions 3 in 1: trends + news + news influence index news for the selected period actual trends for five timeframes (M5, M15, H1, H4, D1 by default) news impact index calculated by assessing the actual values of published news News Displayed on the chart as vertical lines with a description in the form of a tooltip The text displays two news: the previous published and the ne
MACD Signals Dashboard
Mihails Babuskins
4 (4)
Download directly the indicator file here. (if you can't open on MT4) MACD Indicator is one of the most popular momentum indicators among users. Searching and detecting MACD signals by the eye may not be easy. Scan Full Charts Dashboard Indicator with simple user interface and search customization panel saves time and scans all charts for MACD signals search and notifies the user with high accuracy. After finding the signal, the user was aware of the result by alerts and notifications. This ind
Monthly OHLC MA
Sattiraju Kottapalli
4 (1)
This indicator Plots Open, High, Low and Close levels of previous month, on current month's lower time frames. These levels act as good support and resistance levels. Most of the time price oscillates within the levels. wait for price to reach these levels and act accordingly. Pay special attention to confluence of levels. According to my observation if Close (White) level is in confluence with any other levels, High probability of break out or bounce back. Scroll back to previous months and
Trading History
Aleksei Semenko
5 (2)
Trading History - The best visual indicator of trade history. Shows closed and current deals on the chart. Closed deals are shown with a solid line, current ones - with a dotted line. Positive trades are displayed in aqua color, negative ones - in red color . The   panel displays the number of closed and current pips and their profit. The indicator is perfect for trading analysis.
ADX Signal AM
Andriy Matviyevs'kyy
4.75 (4)
The indicator is an interpretation of the Average Directional Movement Index (ADX) allowing you to determine if there is a price trend. It was developed by Welles Wilder and described in his book "New concepts in technical trading systems". The indicator shows signals on the price chart when +DI и -DI intersect and when an ADX value rises or falls relative to the +DI и -DI positional relationship. The indicator's buy signals work just like a support level, while the sell signals work like a resi
This indicator triggers an alert for one of the most popular methods used in Stochastic Oscillator. This is as follow: a buying alert when the Oscillator (either MAIN [%K] or SIGNAL [%D]) falls below a specific level (e.g., 20) and then rises above that level. a selling alert when the Oscillator rises above a specific level (e.g., 80) and then falls below that level. Note: this tool was developed based on the code of Stochastic Oscillator indicator included by default in MetaTrader 4 terminal
Range Robot
Hong Ling Mu
1 (1)
This forex robot was specially designed for XAUUSD Gold. The best time frame is H1 and the logid is base on Moving average. If the price touch the range of 2 moving average, the EA will make an entry. Stoploss is made based on the outer band of the moving average. The trade time is already ptmized and you can use the time filter to make a good profit. You can change these parameters. tp and stoploss and time trade time and lot size.
Introduction to GARCH Indicator GARCH is the short initial for Generalized Autoregressive Conditional Heteroskedasticity and it is the volatility prediction model commonly used in financial industry. GARCH model was first appeared in the work by Danish Economist, Tim Peter Bollerslev in 1986. The 2003 Nobel Prize winner, Robert F Engle also added much contribution for the refinement of GARCH model with Tim’s work. Our GARCH INM predictor took the original method of Nelder Mead for GARCH model bu
Trend Momentum Pro
Thomas Bradley Butler
*OPTIMIZE THIS EA BEFORE TEST, MAKE SURE IT WORKS FOR YOU BEFORE PURCHASE Once upon a time, in the bustling streets of Wall Street, there existed a sophisticated algorithm known as the "MOMENTUM PRO" Trader. This digital entity was not just any ordinary piece of code; it was equipped with a repertoire of a feed forward neural network that gave it a keen insight into the ever-shifting dynamics of the financial markets. At the core of its decision-making process lay the moving averages (MA) and
BreakHarmony Multi-Timeframe Breakout Indicator for MT4 The BreakHarmony Multi-Timeframe Breakout Indicator for MT4 is a highly advanced tool providing information on breakout points across different timeframes, aiding traders in decision-making and understanding market movements. [   Features and Manual   |   MT5 version   |  All Products  ] The indicator tracks breakout points on price charts across 6 timeframes. Breakout prices are indicated with the closing price of the corresponding candl
Eleni Koulocheri
Triple Exponential Moving Average ( TEMA ) is a  moving   average (MA) that gives the  most weight to recent price data. TEMA is more reactive to  all price fluctuations than  a Simple Moving Average (SMA) or an Exponential Moving Average (EMA) or even a Double Moving Average (DEMA) and surely can help traders to spot reversals sooner because it responds very fast to any changes in market activity.  TEMA was developed by Patrick Mulloy in an attempt to reduce the amount of lag time found in trad
No Nonsense ATR
4.3 (20)
Overview No Nonsense ATR is a tool designed to help the No Nonsense Forex Traders backtest strategies and trading in real time. The indicator calculates the value of the Stop Loss and the Take Profit (SL/TP) based on the ATR (Average True Range) allowing to verify the historical data in a simple and practical way, showing not only the SL/TP values but also the place where they would be and if it was a gain or loss. The No Nonsense ATR also calculates the trading volume required for each trade
Channel scalper EA
Aleksei Moshkin
4 (10)
Channel scalper EA The EA trades in the SMA channel based on price change rate and volatility. Trading starts 1 hour before rollover and 1 hour after rollover, from 23:00 to 01:00. Trading settings from 23:00 to 01:00 are suitable for brokers using GMT+2 in winter and GMT+3 in summer. If your broker uses GMT-0, the trading start time must be set between 20:00 and 22:00. The EA does not use dangerous strategies, all trading orders are protected by a stop loss. Currency pairs for trading eurusd,
News Filter Alerts EA. Low, Medium & High impacts News This EA will not work on the Demo version in backtest You only need to authorize this url in the MT4 options: To see the url and how to add it to MT4, visit this post: https://www.mql5.com/en/blogs/post/754794 Many traders will recommend NOT trading during the news since indicators and Expert Advisors tend to make mistakes unnecessarily arriving several times in SL in a very few minutes since at that moment some politician is ta
My Big Bars
Evgeniy Scherbina
4.86 (7)
The indicator My Big Bars can show bars (candles) of a higher timeframe. If you open an H1 (1 hour) chart, the indicator puts underneath a chart of H4, D1 and so on. The following higher timeframes can be applied: M3, M5, M10, M15, M30, H1, H3, H4, H6, H8, H12, D1, W1 and MN. The indicator chooses only those higher timeframes which are higher than the current timeframe and are multiple of it. If you open an M30 chart (30 minutes), the higher timeframes exclude M5, M15 and M30. There are 2 handy
Top USD Index
Madzhid Forgani
5 (2)
This indicator is used to calculate the dollar index according to the formula of currency pairs(EURUSD ,GBPUSD,USDJPY,USDSEK,USDCHF,USDCAD)Even if the broker does not have the dollar symbol. this Indicator displays the dollar index chart in a separate window at the bottom of the chart. It also displays the current dollar index graphically. In this indicator, it is possible to set the minimum and maximum value of the indicator as well as its size scale on the chart as an input parameter, and it
Just a simple panel that I created to make my trading life easier.   Features:         Buy and Sell with TP & SL right on chart         Lot size is calculated by risk percentage         Martingale - will open opposite position when SL hit (please don't enable unless you know what you are doing)  Will have more add-ons like Close-all button, Break-even, Trailing-Stop, etc.  It's FREE so please leave your negative review somewhere else.
Info Spread
Jaroslav Rajcher
4.4 (5)
Displays current spread in the main window of the chart. Indicator Setting: BigDisplay =true or false to switch on and off. DisplaySize = 20 is default DisplayColor = Blue Display_y = 550 position: staring position Y of background panel Display_x = 1200 position: staring position X of background panel Author: Happy Forex (Expert Advisor - your algorithm-driven profit, without stress or work)
MP Andean Oscillator
Pierre Ksachikian
5 (1)
The MP Andean Oscillator is used to estimate the direction and also the degree of variations of trends. It contains 3 components: Bull component, Bear component and Signal component. A rising Bull component indicates that the market is up-trending while a rising Bear component indicates the presence of down-trending market. Settings: Oscillator period: Specifies the importance of the trends degree of variations measured by the indicator. Signal line per: Moving average period of the Signal line
Maxim Polishchuk
4 (6)
Alerts utility issues notifications when orders are opened, closed and removed, as well as when the price touches the selected graphical objects on the chart. The utility supports all graphical objects used in graphical analysis and features a simple graphical interface. Once launched, the indicator works in the background, does not take up space on the chart and does not consume system resources. Tracking order status. If tracking order status is enabled, the utility automatically checks orde
Intraday Signals Free
Oleg Borisov
4.25 (4)
IntradaySignals   Intraday Signals is a visual and effective semi-automatic trading system, that: generates possible entry points to open BUY and SELL trades; displays recommended  Take Profit and Stop Loss; displays current profit on open trade; displays  current spread. The profitability of the indicator is shown in the screenshot on the example of the GBPUSD pair Does not redraw and works on opening bar. Time frames - M1-H1. Recommended TimeFrame-M5-M15. Signals are produced based on the used
What is the Overlay Chart Indicator? The Overlay Chart indicator is exactly as its name suggests. It is a custom technical indicator which overlays another price chart over the current price chart window. It allows traders to overlay another currency pair over one pair which allows them to compare price movements and the characteristics of price action. It then plots a grid to indicate the price of the overlaid currency pair for better reference. It also plots the open, high, low, and close pric
ATR Bands
Alexander Chertnik
Expert Advisor uses 2 ATR indicators and Bands for Enter trades. the trades will be closed after interaction with second Band indicator.  tested and optimized from 2010 on IFCMarkets. default settings for GBPCAD 15m chart. best performance on ranging markets. can be optimize for trading more symbols and timeframes. EA uses  grid   and   method. trading deposit:   1000 and higher. This EA operates only once per bar opening.       Fast methods of strategy testing and optimization are valid.   
Features: fast opening / closing deals the number of deals and the total profit for the Symbol Fast open deals: set the Lot volume set  StopLoss / TakeProfit in points (if you set "0", then it is not used) set slippage set Magic (if necessary) set comment (if necessary) Fast open features: fast open Buy fast open Sell fast close ALL open orders for the current Symbol Attention: this utility works only on the current instrument this utility works on a VPS must enable Algo trading in the te
Chicken EA
Tuan Nguyen Van
Chicken EA: Multi-currency EA. It has high accuracy, 90% of all orders are profitable. This EA is NOT sensitive to spread, slippage or any other broker related variables. Minimum balance: $500-$1000 Leverage :1:500-1:2000 Controls 9 pairs simultaneousl  EURUSD, GBPUSD, AUDUSD, NZDUSD, EURJPY, GBPJPY, USDCAD, USDJPY, USDCHF Solid backtest and live performance 1. CHICKEN EA https://www.mql5.com/en/signals/1379016 2. CHICKEN RUN EA https://www.mql5.com/en/signals/1379018 Setting: One Chart Set
This indicator is very effective for trading everyday. A combination of moving averages and 2X Pivots calculation to produce a very convincing signal everyday. Blue colour signals a buy opportunity. Follow the arrows for possible buy points. The Blue pivots and average line, serves as possible support. Red colour signals a sell opportunity. Follow the arrows for possible sell points. The Red pivots and average line, serves as possible resistance.  Best use on the 15 minutes, 30 minutes or 1 hour
Torsten Hempel
3 (2)
This EA keeps an eye on drawn lines and alerts according specification. It is a semi-automatic robot, which does NOT draw or change any lines. A user can draw them manually or use tools like Trendline-Architect or Channel-Architect, which draw lines automatically. Objects of type OBJ_TREND, OBJ_CHANNEL, OBJ_TRENDBYANGLE, OBJ_REGRESSION, OBJ_STDDEVCHANNEL and OBJ_FIBOCHANNEL will be detected - others will be ignored. The lines or channels have to have valid coordinates and rayed to the right, oth
Fractal Round Levels Trade
Dmitriy Epshteyn
4 (1)
Советник выставляет рыночные ордера, если свеча, на которой появился фрактал, пересекает круглый ценовой уровень, который используется, как фильтр для входа в рынок по фракталам. Настройки советника: Dig = 2; значение рыночной цены округляется до количества (Dig) знаков после запятой. Пример, рыночная цена на данный момент 1.1228, Dig = 2, цена округляется до 1.1200, если эту цену своими тенями зацепит свеча выбранного графика одновременно с пересечением индикатором RSI на этой свече установле
Countdown Bar Timer
Makarii Gubaydullin
Countdown timer till the bar closure, + % Progress status:  My   #1 Utility :   includes 65+ functions  |   Contact me  if you have any questions In the settings of the indicator, you can configure: Timeframe for Calulculation; true / false: Higher TimeFrame option (next from the currently used: M15->M30, H4->D1...) Position: 1 = Bottom Left corner; 2 = Bottom Right corner; 3 = Top Left corner; 4 = Top Right corner; Font Size; Color; Font Style;
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Double Exponential Moving Average ( DEMA ) is a moving  average (MA) that gives the most weight to recent price data.Like exponential moving average (EMA), it is more reactive to all price fluctuations than a simple moving average (SMA) and so DEMA can help traders to spot reversals sooner, because it is faster responding to any changes in market activity. DEMA was developed by Patrick Mulloy in an attempt to reduce the amount of lag time found in traditional MAs. ( TASC_Feb. 1994 ). DEMA can al
Rsimfi100 go
Kevin John Hastings
Enhance your trading strategy with this indicator from tr1cky.com . When the indicator turns red - Hold off When the indicator turns green - Proceed with the trade in the direction indicated by the indicator This indicator provides insights into the market’s momentum and the optimal trading direction. Derived from its successful Expert Advisor counterpart, the RSIMFI100 go indicator is now available to all. Happy trading!
The   x2 Smoothed RSI   is an advanced modification of the classic Relative Strength Index (RSI) indicator. It aims to provide more reliable signals for identifying overbought and oversold market conditions. Here are the key features: Calculation : The x2 Smoothed RSI is derived from the standard RSI. It applies smoothing to the RSI oscillator, enhancing its accuracy. Smoothing Methods : The indicator uses a moving average of the RSI values. Traders can choose from various smoothing strengths C

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