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Expert Advisors and Indicators for MetaTrader 4 - 52

icon Trading robots perform market transactions automatically, while indicators allow you to better analyze quotes and predict the price behavior. With these applications, you will be able to perform deals in MetaTrader 4 in a more informed manner, while capturing more opportunities.
Master Levels mt4
Dmitry Homenkov
2.4 (10)
Master Levels mt4 ( version for MT5 ) analyzes market situation over the last few days and determines current levels. It tracks a breakout (or rebound) of these levels. Trades open in the breakout (rebound) direction. The EA is fully automated. Master Levels is equipped with a flexible position management system. There is opportunity to close a position with two parts. And there is a feature of a trailing stop, which allows to protect gain profit. Depending on the settings, the EA can work both
39 USD
BotDev Trend Indicator
With this indicator you will never miss a good and profitable trade. Using multiple indicators to give you the best up, down or neutral trend. Never miss a great opportunity again. In your upper left corner will appear a message warning you if its a uptrend, downtrend or neutral. this is a good way to train yourself, because when the indicator gives you a trend you can look at the chart and check the chart's trend itself.
Stop Trailing
Mihails Babuskins
This Expert Advisor does not take positions, This EA is made just for: "trailing stop loss".   Description The expert moves the SL by Moving Average value or by last candle's high or low(candle trailing).   Indicator Parameters Trailing Method (trailing by moving average value or candle trailing). MA Period (period of moving average). MA Method (simple, exponential, smoothed, linear weighted). Apply to (when you select "Trailing With MA" method, calculation and moving average based on close, ope
Dmitriy Prigodich
For the convenience of traders, many features have been added to make trading more comfortable and secure. The Expert Advisor has a built-in author's indicator of protection against unidirectional grid. Recommended tools : USDCHF; GBPUSD; EURUSD; USDJPY; USDCAD; AUDUSD; EURJPY; recommended minimum mm and settings: usdchf, deposit =   $ 1000 , lot =   0.01 , expected annual profit on the instrument =   15-25% ; GBPUSD , Deposit =   $ 1000 , Lot =   0.01 , Expected annual profit
30 USD
SailSystemEA Pro
Nikolaos Pantzos
3 (3)
This Expert Advisor is a pure hedging system. The expert place and manage two market opposite orders. Runs perfect on pairs with tight spread and low commission broker (commission plus spread equal or less than 0.5 pip). Pairs and Time Frame Pair: eurusd Time frame: M1 Default settings are good for eurusd. Information Please test expert on demo account first, before uses it on real account. Have on your mind, this expert is sensitive and depend on broker's slipping. Expert parameters U
This utility manage your position risk by trailing stop with "Parabolic SAR" indicator value. Indicator Parameters SAR step(Parabolic SAR step value) SAR maximum(Parabolic SAR maximum value) Timeframes(Choose timeframes). Stop Place(put SL in current(open) candle or last close candle). Is the spread considered?(Set SL with considering to Spread or not, the choice is with you). Working with this utility is very simple, Just drag it onto the chart. There is no problem with multi-part trades. It is
This multi time frame and multi symbol indicator scans for engulfing and tweezer formations. Features Can monitor all symbols visible in your Market Watch window at the same time. Apply the indicator to just one chart and instantly monitor the entire market. Monitors every time frame, from M1 to MN, and sends you a real-time alert when an Engulfing or Tweezer formation has been identified. All Metatrader native alert types are supported. Uses RSI as a trend filter in order to properly identify p
30 USD
aleksandr butkov
Free version of BBarsio Expert Advisor, which is intended only for AUDCAD pair. Works with a fixed minimum lot ! The Expert Advisor uses a weighted scalping strategy. Currency pair: AUDCAD. Timeframe: M5-M15. The advisor's strategy: the advisor finds possible reversal / trend continuation points; filters out some of the false signals; entry into the deal with only one order !!! exit from a trade by take profit or by a signal of a possible reversal; Default settings for M5. The Expert
Please contact me at telegram  https://t.me/smartforex7 After purchasing SmartForex Indicator then Use This Indicator...................... SMART EXIT PROFIT LINE Indicator is very Helpful with SmartForex Indicator ........................................ SMART EXIT PROFIT LINE Indicator Attach with SmartForex Indicator after then Red Line Show Exit buy Profit , Green Line show Exit Sell Profit................
As simple to use it as any other moving averages, e.g. SMA , follows the trend and filters out the noise. Minimalist parameter set: Period:           number of calculated bars; the larger, the smoother (default: 63, minimum: 4) MA method: use LWMA or EMA (default: EMA) Price:            applied price (default: Typical) Shift:              shift right for prediction purpose (default: 0) Although moving averages are fundamental to many technical analysis strategies, you ought to combine it
Sergey Batudayev
5 (2)
EasyTradePad trading panel for MetaTrader 4 is trading panel  for manual / semi-automatic trading. Working with positions and orders, calculating money management in one click! The panel will definitely help you: open a trade with the exact risk that you yourself specify in% or in the currency of the deposit save profit by moving stop loss to no loss average the trade by smoothing out the market volatility add a position along the trend if the trade goes in your direction squeeze the maximu
100 USD
Trend Basement
Maryna Shulzhenko
Trend Basement indicator showing buy and sell areas. The indicator follows price movement around the opening price. It also displays information about the trend following the breakout of the low and high. The indicator has a very simple but effective chart: an orange dot is displayed above the open price, and a blue one below the open price. The indicator also includes a sound alert and a pop-up window that notifies you when the candle closes at these important levels. The indicator will allow y
44 USD
This indicator is a multitimeframe trading strategy. It has the levels for stop loss, take profit and entry point. The order level can also be set manually. The indicator uses the regularity of the market, which manifests itself on all instruments, and does not require adjustment of the parameters. The strategy uses a proprietary approach to determining: trend, volatility, hierarchy of timeframe significance, the size of the history period (the number of candles), which is important for making a
99 USD
Currency Strength 28 Pro Free
Tsvetan Tsvetanov
3.75 (8)
This indicator allows you to analyze the hidden trends and correlations between the 8 most traded currencies via unique strength meter which creates multiple charts in a single window based on the price action of each currency in relation to all other currencies. The indicator also includes interactive panel where you can see the trends for all 28 pairs as well as the distance to the highest and the lowest price for the selected period. With this panel you can switch between currency pairs with
High Low indicator for MT4
Renaud Herve Francois Candel
5 (1)
HighLow Arrow Indicator HighLow Arrow is a simple indicator to be used to signal major lows and major highs in your chart. This indicator is not intended to be used to trade alone but more as an alert that a turning point might be forming.  In this case the HighLow Arrow indicator signals that a new high or a new low is forming and that traders can prepare for seeking new signals. The formation of the High or the Low is confirmed after 2 bars have been closed. In the meantime, the alert ca
139 USD
High Trend Lite
Evgeniy Scherbina
5 (1)
The indicator High Trend Lite monitors 5 symbols in up to 3 timeframes simultaneously and calculates the strength of their signals. The indicator notifies you when a signal is the same in different timeframes. The indicator can do this from just one chart. Therefore, High Trend Lite is a multicurrency and multitimeframe indicator. With the High Trend Pro , available at this link , you will have an unlimited number of symbols, 4 timeframes, a colourful chart of the primary MACD indicator, several
TakePropips Moving Average Crossover  is a powerful and effective tool that automatically detects trading opportunities using two Moving Average Crossover Strategies   and also provide you an entry and exit signals.  This multi-function indicator includes a   Statistical Dashboard Panel and a Trend-Detection Scanner.  It is designed to provide you trading signals and save you hours analyzing the charts! Main Features: Automated Entry and Exit Signals   - detects buy & sell opportunities and p
98 USD
Today is the Day
Alexander Shienkov
5 (2)
This simple information indicator shows the name of the current day and past working days, months and years. On the concept of time and timeframe It is common knowledge that a timeframe is a time interval considered in technical analysis of free financial markets, during which the price and other market data changes occur when the price charts are plotted. In the MetaTrader 4 trading terminal, these periods are separated by vertical dashed line, which can be enabled or disabled by simply press
Andrey Boytsov
3.5 (2)
This EA does not place pending orders, but forms a virtual grid according to the settings. The EA showed maximum efficiency on a pair of EURJPY. The work of the adviser can be seen on the information panel. For stable work on a cent account you need at least $ 600. With such a deposit, the EA withstands recoilless movement of the price of 4000 pips and does not lose the starting depositю
PREVIOUS INDICATOR’S DATA MA CROSSOVER https://www.mql5.com/en/users/earobotkk/seller#products P/S: If you like this indicator, please rate it with 5 stars in the review section, this will increase its popularity so that other users will be benefited from using it. This indicator notifies and draws an arrow on the chart whenever    the MA line has crossed over its previous indicator’s data MA filtered by MA Trend.   It also displays total pips gained from all the entry set-ups. Setting ·   You
Time to Trade Trading timing indicator is based on market volatility through 2 ATR indicators to determine the timing of a transaction. The indicator determines the times when the market has strong volatility in trend. When histogram is greater than 0 (blue) is a strong market, when histogram is less than 0 (yellow) is a weak market. Should only trade within histograms greater than 0. Based on the histogram chart, the first histogram value is greater than 0 and the second histogram appears, this
Free and limited version (   only one alert ) of the popular X-Lines indicator. X-Lines 2.0 Pro I want to present for your attention a new and completely updated and expanded version of X-Lines indicator. Version 2.0 Pro has many new features and can make your analysis more productive. Please read full instructions   here . Purchasing full version   here . 1)   Multi-timeframe settings and user-friendly control panel. You can dynamically select and save indicator settings not only for each c
Algorithmic FREE
Vladimir Gorbachev
3.82 (11)
Medium-term trading system that tries to profit during the price rollbacks after significant movements. The system automatically determines the current trading range, the price rollback levels. This is a demonstration version of the Algorithmic EA, which is optimized over the year 2016 for trading the EURUSD currency pair. It is possible to trade in manual mode using a simple on-screen panel or in fully automatic mode. Amount of trades per month is from 5 to 18 in automatic mode. The recommended
Candle High Low Exit
5 (2)
The Candle High Low Exit indicator uses the highest high and the lowest low of a range to draw trailing stop lines (orange under buys, magenta over sells) that advance with the trend until the trend changes direction.  Moreover, the trailing stop lines are generated to support the order’s trend direction (long or short):  In an upward trend, the long trailing stop line (orange line under buy) appears and advances upward until the close crosses under the line.  In a downward trend, the short tra
The Swapping support and resistance indicator is designed for successful traders, the only one of its kind. It not only builds support and resistance lines, but also instantly notifies the trader about the change of these lines. And this is the most important thing in trading. You will always trade according to the trend: from resistance down, from support up. I recommend using the H1 timeframe. Everything is formed on it, and then it increases on the higher timeframes, and you will already b
Alligator Analysis
Aleksey Ivanov
4.75 (4)
Indicator description.            The “ Alligator Analysis ” ( AA ) indicator allows you to build various (by averaging types and by scales) “ Alligators ” and their combinations, i.e. allows you to analyze the state of the market based on the correlation of this state with a whole range of different " Alligators ".  The classic " Alligator " by Bill Williams is based on moving averages and Fibonacci numbers, which makes it one of the best indicators now. The classic " Alligator "   is based on
Candlestick Oscillator
Stephen Reynolds
4 (1)
Candlestick Oscillator is a truly unique Oscillator that uses the concepts of within candlestick trading called the Record Session High. This is a method of analysing candlesticks to gauge when a trend might be wearing out and therefore ready for reversal or pause. We call it a record session high when we get 8 or more previous candles that have higher closes. We call it a record session low when we get 8 or more previous candles that have lower closes.  We don't rely on the typical Oscillatio
This multi time frame and multi symbol indicator sends an alert when one or more trend reversal candle patterns have been identified on several time frames. It can be used with all time frames from M5 to MN. It is possible to enable moving average or RSI trend filter to filter out only the strongest setups. Combined with your own rules and techniques, this indicator will allow you to create (or enhance) your own powerful system. Features Can detect the following patterns: Pin bar, Engulfing, Tw
39 USD
Classical Keltner Channel Indicator, Extended version. Works on any instruments. It shows Keltner Bands under these parameters:  * periodMa - Period of Moving Average  * periodAtr - Period of ATR (Average True Range) *  atrMultiplier - ATR Multiplier, multiplies range, calculated by PeriodATR parameter  * modeMA - modes of moving average (MA) calculations (Simple, Exponential, Smoothed, Linear Weighted) * modePrice - modes of Price calculations for MA (Close, Open, High, Low, Median, Weighted) T
Price Action Ultimate
Makariy Gubaydullin
1 (1)
Price Action Patterns The indicator displays the most important Price Action patterns that indicate a potential reversal or continuation of the trend. Avaliable candlestick patterns: Pin bar; Engulfing; Inside bar (Harami); Morning star; Evening star; Dark Cloud Cover; Piercing Line; Features: you can select patterns to display and disable unnecessary patterns; notifications : alerts in the terminal, Email and Push-notifications (on a mobile device); you can further customize each pattern :
49 USD
Andrea Ferrino
4 (2)
Description Cube EURUSD is a bias trading robot that sells and buys at predefined hours on specific days. It goes long on Monday, Wednesday and Thursday and it goes short on Wednesday, Thursday and Friday. Every entry is filtered out by a specific condition that aims to reduce false signal and to increase the average win. It works just on EURUSD timeframe H1. Key Features Absence of dangerous algorithms. It works just when the bar is closed. Each order has a protective dynamic SL and TP level
Andrey Kolmogorov
A trading advisor that uses a moving average channel and 2 modes for opening orders. 1. Reverse - a mode in which, immediately after closing an order by Stop Loss, a new order is opened in the opposite direction; 2. Support - Mode of operation of support orders. Signals:   https://www.mql5.com/en/signals/author/old_padre All orders are opened with a strictly fixed Stop Loss. Sets are in the "Comments" section comments #10-12. Key Advantages A constructor of unique strategies; No need to close th
150 USD
Easy Backtest
Jacek Pawel Bialek
Easy Backtest Backtesting your trading strategy is the most important thing which every successful trader knows very well. Easy Backtest is the perfect solution to test your new strategy in Strategy Tester in your MT4 , using all available historical data. You can place orders: BUY , SELL , pending orders with Stop Loss and Take Profit , and you can modify them at any time. You can close orders individually or all at once, and also  breakeven the same like you do it in live trading. The play
Pavel Shutovskiy
4.25 (4)
The script sets Fibonacci levels on the chart using maximums and minimums visible on the chart. The script names Fibo with such timeframe on which it has been launched (Fibo D1 or Fibo M30, etc.), therefore preserving previously constructed levels on different time charts. This instrument will be useful for those who start studying Fibonacci levels and those who need to form these levels in a speedy fashion. The script does not have additional settings. Fibonacci lines can be amended in standard
Aleksey Semenov
5 (1)
STOCH+RSI+CCI Expert Advisor is based on standard Stochastic, RSI, and CCI indicators. A market entry is performed according to indicators' aggregate signals using stop levels and trailing. A deposit is a part of the trading system. This is a martingale. Both arithmetic and geometric progressions are available. Besides, the EA features the function of recovery from a loss. System settings averaging included – enable averaging. averaging only on signal – average only by a signal. averaging Type
50 USD
Switch symbols and timeframe by arrow buttons 1. You can switch multiple symbols of one or all charts. 2. You can set list of symbols to switch between them or get them from Market Watch. 3. You can change timeframe of one or all charts. List of timeframes here [M1, M5, M15, M30, H1, H4, D1, W1, MN1]. Switch symbol of all charts: indicator check current symbol of the chart to get index of it in list and change for next or previous. Key functions: - Right arrow key: switch to next symbol. - Left
OnBoard stats
Fabio Cavalloni
5 (6)
OnBoard stats is a panel that show in a single view a lot of usefull information about working orders and trading account. It has 4 different sub-panels (from left to right): Symbols order statistics : it can be found symbols for which there are orders (market or pendings). Symbol with pendings are colored with "Pendings color". Clicking on a specific symbol row, chart will be changed to that symbol. Current symbol statistics : informations about the "current" symbol, the one which is opened in
This is an EA not used to enter the order that helps you save profits by: - Trailingstop: Move stoploss continuously. - Breakeven: Move the stoploss once. Custom parameters: All OrderOpenTime:     + true: acts on all order     + false: only affect the order opened since EA run All OrderType:     + true: acts on all order.     + false: only the order is running (Buy, Sell) TraillingStop: true (Use), false (do not use)     TrailingStop Save (Point)     TraililngStop Distance (Point) BreakEven: tr
This utility allows you to check and improve your binary options trading skills. This is an indicator, not an Expert Advisor. Therefore, you do not need to remove your active EA from the chart. Inputs Expiry, min - option expiration time; InfoPanel background color - info panel background color; InfoPanel text color - info panel text color; InfoPanel text fontsize - info panel font size.
Vik Standart
Ivan Kopchuk
3.8 (5)
Features: 1. Your constructor strategies. 2. Large selection of standard indicators. 3. Exact market entry according to your strategy. 4. Slip filter. 5. Support for four and five characters. 6. Trend trading. 7. Trading in flat. 8. Minimum deposit. 9. Aggressive or quiet trade. 10. Limit the lot. 11. Position tracking. 12. Restoring balance after loss. Input parameters    Lot - fixed lot size.    StopLot - lot restriction.    UseVxod - enable / disable login pattern.
Indicator panel
Vladimir Khlystov
The panel shows 6 indicators and their signals for all timeframes. You can enable or disable various signals, entire timeframes, and individual indicators. if the alert button is pressed and all signals match, the indicator sends a message to the alert window. You can disable and enable both individual signals and the entire indicator for all timeframes, or disable individual timeframes for all indicators
Adrian Armenta
3 (2)
VolumeFX works placing pending orders up and down of the current price, taking benefits from the oscillations, so when the price its out of operation range a new batch of orders will be placed, allowing the program to work continously every time a new price range its shaped All the parameters of the program may be modified, so you can adjust them to the pair you most like to operate, though the default parameters works well in the EURUSD pair with accounts of 500 usd or more. Here is how you c
MA 2 Histogram
Pavel Shutovskiy
The indicator is based on two Moving Averages. Its only difference from traditional indicators is that it is presented as a histogram. The histogram has four colors; each color represents a MA with its own period. In case of a descending trend, if a price is lower than a moving average, the indicator displays a value lower than the red zero level. In case of ascending trend, the indicator value is higher than the green zero level. Parameters: Period MA 1 - Period of the first moving average. MA
Trailing Step is an EA that lets the order's stop loss at a specific distance of current price, set by pips. Its configuration is very simple: Trailing stop in pips - sets the stop loss distance in relation to the current price in pips. Trail step in pips - sets the "step" of stop loss in pips. Never miss a trade by forgetting to move the stop. Guarantee your profit! Any doubt or suggestion do not hesitate in contact us. Enjoy! Obs. You need to set the stoploss when you open your trade
Currency Outlook DM30
Kriengsak Peitaisong
5 (1)
Currency Outlook   is an indicator that can help us "Trade the right pair in the right direction and at the right time". This indicator analyzes prices of all cross currency pairs of the selected currency and report the result to us in form of double colours histogram diagram.   The maximum height of the histogram diagram of the indicator is 100.   The indicator is exclusively programming for AUD, CAD, CHF, EUR, GBP, JPY, NZD and USD. A feature for calculating trade lot size has been added to th
Trend PRO Expert Advisor  is developed base on the PipFinite Trend PRO Indicator, the best indicators on the market so far. PipFinite  Trend Pro's smart algorithm detects the trend, filters out market noise and gives entry signals with exit levels.  This EA open order when the indicator has buy/sell signals and set SL/TP follow the indicator rules. You can read more information about PipFinite Trend PRO indicator  here . Important Information   This EA will only work if you purchased  PipFin
39 USD
The Entry Point
Mohamed Mahmoud Sayed Kabesh Kabesh
[DESCRIPTION] The Entry Point indicator shows up/down arrows as an entry point for buy/sell. The signal based on EMA, MACD and Price Action. A Red arrow means it is a good opportunity to Sell. A Green arrow means it is a good opportunity to Buy. [MAIN FEATURES] A Red arrow means it is a good opportunity to Sell. A Green arrow means it is a good opportunity to Buy. Easy to use and manage. The indicator is very simple and intuitive even for beginners. Works with any trading symbols: Forex pairs,
30 USD
Recognizing trends is one of the most important analytical skills in trading. Not only technical traders, those who are fundamentally leaning to make the forex trend as the basis of analysis to determine entry trading. However, learning how to look at forex trends is not as simple as it seems. If you want signal accuracy to estimate the direction of the next price, then there are advanced methods in learning how to look at forex trends that you need to know. Strategy SIMPLE HOw to read trend mar
Alexey Lopatin
3.6 (5)
SwapTrader is a simple Expert Advisor for swap trading at the end of the day. The EA scans the current chart instrument and instruments specified in the settings, looking for the currency and order with the positive swap. It opens positions with positive swaps after user-defined time and then closes these positions after user-defined time as soon as the specified profit is reached. The EA trades the current currency and instruments listed in the settings. Expert Advisor Settings SymbolsList -
Hidden Fractals
Christian Ricard
4 (1)
This indicator allows to hide Bill Williams Fractals (on all MT4 timeframes) from a date define by the user with a vertical line (Alone) or a panel (with "Hidden Candles"). Indicator Inputs: Indicator Color Indicator Width Information on "Fractals" indicator is available here:   https://www.metatrader4.com/en/trading-platform/help/analytics/tech_indicators/fractals ************************************************************* Hey traders!!  Give me your feeds!  We are a community here and we hav
Didi Trend Scanner MT4
Zhilwan Hussein
5 (1)
Didi Trend Scanner is an indicator for scanning market watch and detect market direction for each Time Frames and give signals for each pair You can make decision of making trades by this scanner that specify market trend direction for you   For each time frame you can add and remove any pairs you want to scan the scanner send alert via push notifications and email 
59 USD
CIS is designed for trading a basket of correlating currencies, as well as single instruments: indicators VSA indicator which draws arrows (does not redraw). Its signals indicate the price reversal on a calm market or decrease of the rise or fall rate during strong movements. Works fine in the flats. As the indicator uses volumes in its calculations, be careful during evenings and night times, when there are very small volumes. It is recommended to be used only on multiple currencies or at l
999 USD
Artem Kuzmin
5 (1)
A classic indicator with advanced features for more accurate display of the market situation. All settings of all moving averages are available, such as the moving average type and the priced used in its calculation. It is also possible to change the appearance of the indicator - line or histogram. Additional parameters provide the ability of fine tuning. Distinctive features Does not redraw. Additional parameters for fine tuning. Displayed as a line or as a histogram. Works on all timeframes
Pyramid MA
Iurii Tokman
5 (1)
Pyramid MA - Characteristics of the EA: uses Moving Averages (MA) indicator. Changes order grid when a trend reverses. Exponent of order volume increase by the main trading grid against averaging positions. Works on pending BUYSTOP and SELLSTOP orders. Uses a system of averaging losses which controls a balance of open trades and moves it to breakeven. Sound alert about open and completed trades. You can easily create your own trading strategy on the basis of PYRAMID MA. Expert Advisor settings
30 USD
Levels HighLow 2TF
Andrei Fandeev
4.33 (3)
The indicator shows the High and Low levels of candles for timeframes selected in the settings. It is recommended to use it on smaller timeframes to determine the levels of higher timeframes. Parameters TYPE_LINE - type of the line (short based on the bar time, or long for the entire chart) ============= TF 1 ============= block of lines for the first timeframe TF_1 - timeframe of the first block of lines Bars_1_from=1   - Bar of the beginning of the line of the corresponding Timeframe. Bars_1
How it works? This EA trades with Fast MA and  Slow MA  crossovers. Moving Average will base its value on the current time frame. Only allows one open trade at a time. Two strategy to choose,  crossover and trend following. Optimize risk management settings for lot size and martingale. Strategy: Crossover Opens a Buy position if the  Slow MA  crosses below  Fast MA. Opens a Sell position if the  Slow MA  crosses above  Fast MA. Trend Following Opens a Buy position if the  Slow MA  is below  Fast
50 USD
MQLTA Take Screenshot
MQL4 Trading Automation
4.5 (2)
MQLTA Take Screenshot is a utility that will allow you to take screenshots of the current chart, directly from the chart. The utility is useful to quickly save an interesting situation and to save the current chart before opening or closing an order. How does it work? Take Screenshot uses an embedded function in the MQL4 Language to save the current chart. How to Use the Utility Load the indicator and select your preferred options, once the panel is open you can click the save icon to take a
I Compass
Nikolaos Pantzos
2 (1)
This indicator uses Moving Average to detect markets trend. It's a very useful tool for manual trading. If line is Midnight Blue, indicator detect up trend. If line is Dark Violet, indicator detect down trend. The readings are very simple to use and understand. Indicator works best on H1 timeframe. You can use this indicator with FollowLine to have more accurate signals. You can to get source code from here . Parameters BarsCount —How many bars used to show the line. MAperiods —Period of Mov
Trend PRO and Breakout EDGE Expert Advisor is developed using the PipFinite Trend PRO and Breakout EDGE Indicators, the best indicators on the market so far. PipFinite  Trend Pro's smart algorithm detects the trend, filters out market noise and gives entry signals with exit levels. Whereas  PipFinite Breakout EDGE follow a step-by-step system that detects the most powerful breakouts, discover market patterns that generate massive rewards based on a proven and tested strategy. This EA open order
49 USD
An   egg   is the organic vessel containing the   zygote   in which an   embryo   develops until it can survive on its own, at which point the animal hatches. An egg results from   fertilization   of an   egg cell . Most   arthropods ,   vertebrates   (excluding   live-bearing mammals ), and   mollusks   lay eggs, although some, such as   scorpions , do not. Reptile   eggs,   bird eggs , and   monotreme   eggs are laid out of water and are surrounded by a protective   shell , either flexible or
This EA Utility allows you to manage (with advanced filtering) unlimited open orders (manual or EA) with trailing stops based on 16 methods: fixed, percent, ATR Exit, Chandelier Exit, MA, Candle High Low Exit, Bollinger Bands, Parabolic, Envelope, Fractal, Ichimoku Kijun-San, Alligator, Exit after X Minutes or Bars, RSI and Stochastics . The trailing stop can be either real or virtual, and you can exit fully or with a partial close percent on touch or bar close. Visualize all orders and their tr
Sivakumar Subbaiya
Welcome to Range Move Indicator page This indicator is suitable for Multitime frame and working with any pair including gold and silver pattern also. Very simple and profitable indicator forever. Buy open: when the candle break above the break line 100% sure buy call has open and buy tp line formed in yellow color. Sell open: when the candle break below the break line 100% sure sell call has open and sell tp line formed in yellow color. Subscribe our MT4 trading signal copier https://www.mql
The demo version only run on pair EURUSD, for full version please follow this link,  mql5.com/en/market/product/54595 Every time Trader opens a trade, he must know the profit and risk of the trade he made, so that he can determine the risk and profit opportunity he will get. Determining this calculation manually can be quite troublesome, especially if it has a lot of open trade to do. The Katana Trading Panel is a utility tool that really helps traders meet those needs. Opening a Market or pendi
1. This documentary system is a local documentary system, that is, the transmitter and receiver must operate on the same computer. Because MT4 / 5 account can be logged in on multiple computers at the same time, you only need to send the read-only account password to the customer. Local merchandising is very fast and stable because it does not involve the network. 2. It is currently the receiving end. When loading the chart, you need to change "senderaccount" in the input parameter to the MT4
This indicator zone indicator.Indicator displays high and low zone. Features Green color - Shows movement on the high zone. Red colr - Shows movement on the low zone. Yellow colr - Shows movement on the zero zone.    How to understand the status: If the bar is higher than the yellow color line , trend is up. If the bar is lower than the yellow color line , trend is down.
30 USD
Are you a day/week/month trader, or even a quick scalper? MCTS will show you the best trending currencies to trade on any timeframe. By using a unique algorithm MCTS measures the strengths of individual currencies and then combines them into pairs to show you the best pairs to trade. Monitor all 8 major currencies and all 28 pairs. Monitors the strengths of the following currencies: EUR, USD, GBP, JPY, AUD, NZD, CHF, CAD. Measure the true strength of a currency on any timeframe. Know which curre
30 USD
Higher period
Dariel Iserne Carrera
5 (1)
With this customizable indicator you will be able to observe other timeframes besides the usual one. This way you will get to know better the general environment in which the price moves and probably will be better your effectiveness. *It is important that the timeframe in the indicator is greater than that set in Metatrader. I'll share more indicators for free soon. If you have any specific ideas of an indicator that you want to have you can write me a private message directly. Opinions, review
Cycle Scalper is a unique proprietary indicator that uses a neural network to determine the current market phase. For training, the neural network uses cyclic (reversal) patterns. Currency markets tend to cycle from bearish to bullish periods and back again. In this product, we combined patterns from four timeframes (M5, M15, M30, H1), which allowed us to significantly increase the accuracy of the signals! Cycle Scalper should be used on the EURUSD currency pair, H1 timeframe! Learn mor
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Ema Trader
Surya Wijaya
Ema Trader is expert advisor base on indicator exponential moving average  EA Fitur : Auto lots compound  Auto cut profit or loss base on ema Time trading filter  Info trade and revers order button EA Inputs : EA_Name = " - Ema Trader - ---> ea name  Logic = 2111 ---> identification ea number Text color = White ---> text color Button color = Green ---> button color Arrow color = Yellow ---> arrow color Trade_buy    = true ---> order open buy on Trade_sell  = true ---> order open sell on Lots
Countdown Bar Timer
Makarii Gubaydullin
Countdown timer till the bar closure, + % Progress status:  My   #1 Utility :   includes 54+ functions  |   Contact me  if you have any questions In the settings of the indicator, you can configure: Timeframe for Calulculation; true / false: Higher TimeFrame option (next from the currently used: M15->M30, H4->D1...) Position: 1 = Bottom Left corner; 2 = Bottom Right corner; 3 = Top Left corner; 4 = Top Right corner; Font Size; Color; Font Style;

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