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Expert Advisors and Indicators for MetaTrader 4 - 24

icon Trading robots perform market transactions automatically, while indicators allow you to better analyze quotes and predict the price behavior. With these applications, you will be able to perform deals in MetaTrader 4 in a more informed manner, while capturing more opportunities.
AUTOMATIC TRADE COPIER for local * use . (copy trades between several metatrader terminals on the local computer/ *or GLOBALLY after setting your network /server !) Can copy trades from one or several main MT4 accounts to several MT4 and MT5 accounts (no limit). Get version for Metatreder 5 here:  https://www.mql5.com/en/market/product/80843?source=Site +Market+Product+Page#description - very fast execution -copy with or without SL/TP , also there is option to use "true stops" = SL/TP are r
30 USD
Night Cat
Denis Bogdanov
Fully automated trading system. Advisor in its algorithm uses the regularities of the market. The price movement in the channel in certain time intervals. The system uses: Defining price ranges. Calculation of volatility of currency pairs for signal confirmation. Dynamic closing levels. Spread and slippage filter. Dynamic calculation of the position volume depending on the current deposit (optional) Recommended currency pairs: EURUSD,GBPUSD,AUDUSD,AUDCAD,GBPCAD,GBPNZD,GBPAUD,EURNZD Before i
150 USD
This tool will allow you to export MetaTrader indicators data (Buffers) for any financial instrument present in your MetaTrader 4. You can download multiple Symbols and Timeframes in the same csv file. Also, you can schedule the frequency of download (every minute, 5 minutes, 60 minutes, etc.). No need to open a lot of charts in order to get the last data, the tool will download the data directly. The CSV File will be stored in the folder:   \MQL4\Files . How it works Report Tab : Select
30 USD
Naragot Telegram VPS Monitor
Alexander Mordashov
5 (1)
Receive notifications about the online status of your server in Telegram . If something is wrong with the server: reboot, no connection with VPS or no connection between MT4 and your broker - you will get a notification to your phone about it in just a few minutes. Remember that consistent online is very important for your EAs and the problems with the VPS may lead to financial or profit losses. Allow WebRequest for http: //hass-naragot.xyz (delete space before //) MT5 version : https://www.
30 USD
Bollinger Bands Alert MT4
KT Bollinger Bands Alert is a modified version of the classic Bollinger Bands added with price touch alerts and visible price tags for each band separately. Alert Events When the current price touches the upper Bollinger band. When the current price touches the middle Bollinger band. When the current price touches the lower Bollinger band. Features Separate alert events for each band. Ability to specify a custom interval between each alert to prevent repetitive and annoying alerts. Added
30 USD
DMZ X Zone Robot
Suriya Thammalungka
DMZ X Zone Robot  is the Expert Advisors trading with a combination of multiple strategy trading algorithms (Trend, Hedging, and Money Management with Martingale Zone recovery).  The Trading algorithms. 1. Follow trends with Indicators is Moving average and Envelopes. 2. Open order two ways that trading both BUY and SELL. 3. Open STOP orders for hedging with zone recovery distance. 4. Close orders and exit with a profit.  How to work? Open BUY When Moving Average is Above Envelopes Line Upper.
79 USD
Clever MACD
Carlos Forero
5 (1)
Description Better version of MACD indicator which offer a complete visual trading strategy and realize an auto-optimization KEY LINKS:  How to Install  –  Frequent Questions  -  All Products  How is this indicator useful? NEVER repaints. Detect best parameters of MACD indicator, based on profit factor during the specified period. This indicator can be used as a visual strategy, following the recommendations of entry, stop, and targets. Indicator features It can be used as a complete trading s
ACB Breakout Arrows
4.17 (35)
The ACB Breakout Arrows indicator provides a crucial entry signal in the market by detecting a special breakout pattern. The indicator constantly scans the chart for a settling momentum in one direction and provide the accurate entry signal right before the major move.  Get multi-symbol and multi-timeframe scanner from here - Scanner for ACB Breakout Arrows MT4 Key features Stoploss and Take Profit levels are provided by the indicator. Comes with a MTF Scanner dashboard which tracks the brea
180 USD
Risk Reward Panel Demo
1.5 (2)
This is a useful tool to plan a trade risk to reward visually. The indicator is very simple to use with minimum settings.  Long or Short You can use the indicator for both long and short positions.  Lot Size Calculator You can also use this indicator as a lot size calculator. If you set the risk amount the indicator will calculate the lot size for you based on the stop loss line. You do not need to calculate the lot size manually.  Free Version Free versions works fully on EURUSD pair. For oth
Telegram Notify
Kin Hang Tan
1 (1)
Notify Telegram is a utility that bridge your MetaTrader4 trading activities to your Telegram chat/channel. It will help you to monitor your MetaTrader4 actions such as placing trade, modifying order's TP/SL, closing trades etc and send a notification message to your dedicated Telegram chat/channel. It does not execute any trade on your MetaTrader4 account. It can be useful for monitoring EA performance or providing signal to your Telegram channel/group subscribed. Parameters Token ="" - enter
250 USD
News Scalping Executor Pro is an utility which helps to trade high impact and huge volatility news . This utility helps to create two opposite orders with risk management and profit protection. It moves automatically stop loss level to avoid losses as much as possible by using many different algorithms. It helps to avoid trading the news if spread suddenly becomes very huge. It can lock profit by moving stop loss or partially closing of orders. To be profitable with this type of trading you
195 USD
Triangular EA Limited MT4
Kyra Nickaline Watson-gordon
1 (1)
Note: MT4 Backtest cannot test EAs that trades with several symbols simultaneously. For backtest use MT5 versions download here . Note : Limited version can trade with the volume less than 0.05 lots. Important : This is Arbitrage EA and may not work on all accounts. It is recommended to follow the testing process described on product screenshots. If you are not familiar with arbitrage trading, It is recommended to use our other trading robots . Strategy : EA will place trades based o
30 USD
Thomas Bradley Butler
This is order book which shows bids and asks. It is revised, reworked from open source to where values and bid/ask are changed to reflect order flow. This indicator totals up the amounts per hour of how many buys and sells in points, total are ticks. There are 24 hours and the analysis can be done hourly.  An imbalance can cause the price to rise or fall according to buy and sell volumes.  Observe the daily volume and make decisions accordingly.
With the MACD Multi Time Frame indicator you can spot divergences of higher timeframes while you are searching for pinpointed entries on lower timeframes. This blog post gives you real-time MACD Divergence Analysis for free and tips how to trade the divergences: Real-Time MACD Divergence Analysis The MACD Multi Time Frame gives you an very good overview of what is happening on higher timeframes without the need of switching to the higher timeframe. You will e.g. always see the MACD value of the
30 USD
LT Watermark MT4
Thiago Duarte
5 (1)
This indicator draw a watermark on the chart, with the timeframe and symbol name. You can change everything, including add a aditional watermark. Functions: Symbol watermark: Size -  text size. Font -  text font. Color -  text color. Background text -  watermark at foreground or background mode. Horizontal correction -  x correction in pixels. Vertical correction -  y correction in pixels. Separator period X symbol -  what will separate the period from symbol. Aditional watermark: Enable custom
- Alert, Notification and Email when price reaches a level. - Second channel possible. - The Channel updates with every new bar, so moves along with time. - Does not repaint. -  Generate a signal in your EA. Description Standard Deviation Channel is built on base of Linear Regression Trend representing a usual trendline built between two points on the price chart using the method of least squares. As a result, this line proves to be the exact median line of the changing price. It can be consi
30 USD
MQLTA Candle Timer
MQL4 Trading Automation
5 (1)
MQLTA Candle Timer is an indicator that can show you the details about a symbol/pair and alert you before the close of a candle. Used in swing trading and not only, it can help your strategies knowing and be ready before the close of a candle. How does it work Simply add the indicator to the chart and set the notifications options. You can load a minimalistic interface or a full interface. The alert will be sent once per candle. Parameters All the parameters, that you can see in the picture,
Fisher Steel
Ivan Simonika
5 (1)
The Fisher Steel  bot implements the maximum of the HFT definitions. The expert system goes through the entire history and all currency pairs with a single setting. If there is a commission on the account, it must be converted into the equivalent of the spread and fill in the Commission field. Both virtual and real stop losses are used. Normal working conditions: The lower the commission and the spread, the greater the profit. The more latency your broker has in the amount of the Internet cha
589 USD
Swing Continuation
Nesimeye Oswald
2.6 (5)
The swing continuation pattern happens in a trend direction after a short reversal / pull back . As the name suggests , these patterns occurs along the swing high and swing lows of a trend , this makes the patterns very low risk patterns with potential high rewards . The swing continuation indicator also combines Currency Meter as a filter for its execution. The idea is to go with both the price trend flow and currency trend flow. Which means the price action must be supported by the currency st
79 USD
AQ XFifteen Pro
Χ15 indicator is a MetaTrader 4 tool that allows you to  BUILD & BACKTEST ON REAL TIME  your own strategies quickly, easily and efficiently. It contains  15 of the most popular technical analysis indicators  that you can use, each one in a different way. Choose the indicators that you want to use, select how you will use them and you will see on the chart BUY (green) and SELL (red) arrows implementing your strategy. Choose Take Profit and Stop Loss and you will see the results of your strategy w
30 USD
Optimus EURUSD
Nguyen Hang Hai Ha
When trading manually, we often take profits quickly and let losing trades float. This is a common mistake that often causes accounts to evaporate quickly. This EA's strategy will overcome the above mistake, it will cut losses quickly and let trade orders have floating profits, to optimize profits and reduce risks for the account. EA Optimus EURUSD is a fully automated trading system specially designed for EURUSD. Special price $30 for 10 purchases only. Next price $59. Note: + When Equity > Br
55 USD
Christian Opperskalski
NIGHTCRUSHER is a fully automated expert advisor, designed for scalping on quite market situation. ·         you can also run different strategies like swing trading or grid ·         different Trade Entry Signals ·         different Exit Strategies included (MA Cut / Signal Change / Trailing TP) ·         clever Risk & Money management - Balance based - Longrun trades tracking ·         You can also use a Grid function or Lot multipier, if needed ·         News Feature included - to protect you
33 USD
CAP Bollinger Bands EA
3.89 (9)
MeetAlgo Bollinger Bands EA  trades using the Bollinger Bands Indicator. It offers many customizable Bollinger Bands trading scenarios and flexible position management settings, plus many useful features like customizable trading sessions, a martingale and inverse martingale mode. [  Installation Guide  |  Update Guide  |  Submit Your Problem  |  FAQ  |  All Products  ] Easy to use and customizable Bollinger Bands setting. Enable Grid trading. Customizable break-even, SL, TP and trailing-stop Wo
Nasdaq 13
Sami Saydam
New update: 5th August 2022 It is very simple automated trader working on NASDAQ100 Cash or the USTECH Cash product on 30 minutes chart only. It is a combination between Sami Saydam invented indicator which is copyrighted since 2010 under the number 316009 for the owner Sami Saydam and the CCI indicator with special setting. This EA is showing its monthly performances in this signal:  https://www.mql5.com/en/signals/1640743&nbsp ; Noting that both EA Nasdaq 13 and Nasdaq 11 are operating this Si
4 900 USD
RFX Trend Follower
Rasoul Mojtahedzadeh
RFX Trend Follower  predicts the start and end of a trend in the market. The indicator eliminates the noise in the market and visualize the current trend. The indicator can be used on any time frame of interest. It is designed to help traders to make better decisions for both entries and exits. The input settings of the indicator are flexible and the trader can set up to which percentage of change in the market they prefer the indicator to filter. Input Settings Period (min. 5) : A positive inte
33 USD
Sergey Sapozhnikov
4.1 (10)
Alan Hull's moving average, more sensitive to the current price activity than the normal MA. Reacts to the trend changes faster, displays the price movement more clearly. Color version of the indicator. Improvement of the original version of the indicator by Sergey <wizardserg@mail.ru>. Suitable for all timeframes. Parameters Period - smoothing period, recommended values are from 9 to 64. The greater the period, the smoother the indicator. Method - smoothing method, suitable values are 0, 1, 2
Virtual Targets
Hoang Van Dien
3.6 (5)
This indicator is very useful for day traders or short term traders. No need to calculate the number of pips manually, just look at the chart and you will see the Virtual Take Profit / Virtual Stop Loss target line and evaluate whether the entry point is feasible to reach the intended target or not. Enter the intended Take Profit / Stop Loss pips for your trade. The indicator will display Virtual Take Profit / Virtual Stop Loss lines for you to easily see if the target is feasible or not.
Please PM me right after buying so I can invite you to our Slack group, where we discuss the indicator, associated strategies and our current view on the markets.  Finally, for the first time ever, we are revealing the best kept secret in the FX Market that banks and Market Makers don't want you to know about. Now you can systematically map the market and follow the smart money using the Monday Range. As you know, smart money is buying or selling the tails of candles during those big up or d
47 USD
Ind4 Extra Report Pad
Vladislav Andruschenko
4.49 (35)
Traders Diary: This is a statistics panel providing analysis of your trading account for MetaTrader 4. The analysis results are displayed on the chart in real time. Version for MetaTrader 5 terminal:  Ind5 Extra Report Pad for MT5 ExtraReportPad - Full Description Multicurrency trading is quite popular nowadays. However, the greater the amount of trades, the more difficult it is to analyze the profitability of each of them. Analyzing trades by months and calculating statistics per each trade ar
CyberZingFx Trend Reversal Lite
Afsal Meerankutty
4.72 (25)
Indicator captures the trend reversals with no-repaint Buy and Sell Arrow signals. Good at catching Swing Highs and Swing Lows. SCROLL DOWN TO VIEW SCREENSHOTS AND WATCH VIDEO ________________________________________________________________ THIS IS LITE FREE VERSION OF CYBERZINGFX TREND REVERSAL INDICATOR. LITE VERSION SHOWS REAL TIME SIGNALS IN EURUSD ALL TIMEFRAME CHARTS WITH FULL FUNCTIONALITY. Signals in other charts are delayed.  Real time signals for other charts are available in full
Automatic advisor locker. It opens a buy and sell order and then opens a grid with a martingale, while each grid order will be locked by an opposite order. The order grid is closed upon reaching a certain profit value in the deposit currency. For one currency pair, the minimum deposit is 5000 usd. For 50 usd cent bills. Trading leverage 1: 500 and higher. Settings Start time - Start of trading Number of trades per day - Number of trades per day Number of locking orders - Number of locki
33 USD
Internet Copy MT4
Pavel Kolchin
5 (1)
The program for copying over the Internet - allows you to copy transactions between different MetaTrader 4 and MetaTrader 5 accounts in any direction and quantity as quickly and easily as possible - an intuitive interface allows you to quickly understand the main settings of the program without reading additional descriptions, and powerful functionality will satisfy the demand of even a demanding user. The program is designed to work on "Windows PC" and "Windows VPS". Any type of copying is avai
95 USD
HMA grid EA
Dorian Baranes
3.67 (12)
HMA Grid EA is a grid system which analyzes trend based on the Hull Moving Average (HMA) indicator. Unlike the Simple Moving Average (SMA) the curve of HMA attempts to give an accurate signal by minimizing lags and improving the smoothness. This EA proposes two trading strategies which combine a slow period HMA to identify the main trend and a short period HMA to identify short trend reversal movement. This combination make usually sell and buy signals accurate and in case if the trend reverse w
This indicator recognizes over 30 Japanese Candlestick Patterns and highlights them beautifully on the chart. It is simply one of those indicators price action traders can't live without. Boost your technical analysis overnight Detect japanese candlestick patterns easily Trade reliable and universal reversal patterns Hop onto established trends safely using continuation patterns The indicator is non-repainting and implements alerts The indicator implements a multi-timeframe dashboard It detects
99 USD
ATR Scanner Pro is a multi symbol multi timeframe dashboard that monitors and analyzes Average True Range indicator value in up to 28 symbols and 9 timeframes  in 3 modes  : ATR value:  It shows the ATR indicator value in all pairs and timeframes and signals when the ATR value reaches a maximum or minimum in a given duration. Short term ATR/Long term ATR ratio:  It shows ratio of 2 ATRs with different periods. It's useful in detecting short term volatility and explosive moves. ATR Value/Spread
50 USD
Black series MT4
Dmitriy Kashevich
Black series MT4 - The indicator is designed for trading on binary options with Timeframe M1-M5-M15 Multicurrency (Works on cryptocurrency and currency pairs) The signal appears when the candle opens Up to 90% correct signals There is no signal redrawing at all Can be used with other indicators. Good for scalping! In Settings there is: -Indicator working methods -I Allert Arrow color Red signal down Blue signal up Also watch the video how the indicator works and signals
999 USD
Standard KDJ
Choi Wing Leung
5 (4)
The standard KDJ indicator is presented by KING.Ai. This indicator were built base on the the theory of  KDJ . KDJ is a very effective and useful strategy to trade especially in swing trading. Method to apply (please also refer to the graphic): 80/20 rule: Price from bottom to top 20 to 80. And price from top to bottom 80 to 20. Both is enter market signal. Indicator period: The indicator is made by period 9,3,3 KING.Ai Forex trader believe that such strategy must complement with other indicato
Tick Signal MT4
Renate Gerlinde Engelsberger
4.79 (19)
An indicator that operates based on tick data Signal with the latest market strategies, based on data tick, to monitor market leaders After they trade, you trade like them It consists of three parts:(3 indicators in one indicator) Display data tick (suitable for those who need more accurate data and less than 1 minute) "Tick data difference" in a currency pair "Tick data differences" in several similar currency pairs simultaneously The third part is to increase the winning rate. Increase the win
CyberZingFx RSI
Afsal Meerankutty
4.11 (9)
About RSI The relative strength index is a technical indicator used in the analysis of financial markets. It is intended to chart the current and historical strength or weakness of a stock or market based on the closing prices of a recent trading period. _______________________________________________ Features Indicator gives alert when reached oversold or overbought levels Gives dot indication while reaching levels. Can set indicator bar alert intervals for alerts Can choose needed timeframe. S
IMPORTANT; Price is subject to rise at any time from now! Do not miss this offer! Dear trader I am glad to introduce my new tool called Trend Analyser Dashboard to you. The design, style, and settings of this indicator  have been made simple to make its users not take too much time in understanding the indicator itself.   The purpose is to help traders in analysing the direction of the major trend and the status of the trend whether in weak trend or its strong trend. The indicator will also prov
275 USD
Trend Reverting PRO
Nedyalka Zhelyazkova
4.2 (15)
“THE ADVANTAGE OF FOLLOWING THE TREND OF BIG BANKS AVOIDING RETAIL TRAPS AND TRIPLE YOUR PRODUCTIVITY INSTANTLY!” Following the trends of the big banks is one of the most important things in the forex market. It can be one of the most profitable activities of any trader. Of course this is possible if you avoid consolidation zones and market noise. Trend Reversing is one of the most powerful trend following systems. Download now and test for free how the indicator works: https://www.mql5.com/
50 USD
Hurst Channel
Kristmundur Roman Zakharii
This tool is known as the Hurst Channel  or Hurst Bands . At first sight, it might resemble the  Bollinger Bands  because it consist of three bands, upper, lower and middle band.  So how do you trade this? If the asset is in a downtrend , you will see lower highs . If these lower highs retrace up to the upper band, you go with the main trend and take a sell. If you are in an uptrend , you should see higher lows that bounce off of the lower band. Stay concentrated on the highs and lows! For tar
30 USD
Cesar Napoleon Guio Martinez
RsiGridBot is an expert advisor created to enter the market at times of high probability of a short-term market reversal, but in the direction of a major trend. The robot does not use SL, but uses a grid hedging protection system. This bot does not use martingale. The Bot is very simple, it uses two RSI indicators to define the entry signals. This also has a trend filter that looks for the best conditions to trade. I have spent a lot of time setting up the robot and can recommend this setup:  Se
400 USD
EA TDI Scalper Pro
Tran Quang Trung
EA TDI Scalper Pro This is a price action trading robot, the EA will stick to the medium term trend and price to deliver trades. Orders are always protected by the user set stop loss points. With the capital management system, it will help that EA operates in accordance with its purpose. Telegram : https://t.me/trungtqIT Timeframe is M15 And Up. Minimum account balance: $30. Features: Every trade is protected by stop-loss EA has the ability to trade multiple currency pairs at the same time
30 USD
Baby Shark
Tran Quang Trung
5 (1)
This is a price action trading robot, the EA will stick to the medium term trend and price to deliver trades. Orders are always protected by the user set stop loss points. With the capital management system, it will help that EA operates in accordance with its purpose. Telegram : https://t.me/trungtqIT Timeframe is M5,M15. Minimum account balance: $30. Attention is Important: EA only test live on demo or real accounts. Backtest results are just random and inaccurate. Features: Every trade is
30 USD
#1  Copy Signals automatically from   Signals Copier Telegram to MT4   & Never miss a trade again FREE SIGNAL CHANEL:  https://t.me/redfox_daily_forex_signals Free BOT AUTO FORWARD TELEGRAM Messages:  https://t.me/Auto_Forward_Messages_Bot Pro Version:  https://www.mql5.com/en/market/product/71929 Time saving and fast execution Whether you’re traveling or sleeping, always know that Telegram To Mt4 performs the trades for you. In other words, Our Telegram MT4 Signal Trader  will analyze
Trend Prediction
Hoang Ngoc Thach
5 (3)
i-Regression Channel generates regression channel: Linear regression channel consists of two parallel lines located at the equal distance from the linear regression trend line. The distance between the channel borders and the regression line is equal to the value of the highest close price deviation from the regression line. degree - degree of regression, changes from 1 to 61; kstd - regression channel width; bars - the number of bars for the channel calculation; shift - the channel horizontal s
129 USD
Aleksandr Kostusev
5 (2)
The indicator displays all possible levels (support, resistance, channels). The trader does not need to draw anything, the indicator will do it for you. When you switch the timeframe, the data is automatically recalculated. The indicator also makes a forecast of the possible direction of movement, based on all the information received. The more homogeneous signals on different timeframes, the more accurate the forecast accuracy indicator! Good trades to you!
MonsterDash Harmonic Indicator is a harmonic pattern dashboard. It recognizes all major patterns. MonsterDash is a dashboard that displays all detected patterns for all symbols and (almost) all timeframes in sortable and scrollable format. Users can add their own user defined patterns . MonsterDash can open and update charts with the pattern found. Settings MonsterDash's default settings are good enough most of the time. Feel free to fine tune them to your needs. The color settings are for tho
139 USD
IceFX ProfitInfo
Norbert Mereg
4.73 (15)
The goal of this indicator is to give you a quick & comprehensive view of your current profit. IceFX’s ProfitInfo is a utility indicator which displays the profit which is calculated from the actual trades on the chart(s). The indicator displays on a daily / weekly / monthly and yearly breakdown and shows the profit in pips / currency and percentage. Main features: You can easily adjust IceFX’s ProfitInfo to display profit on the current open chart / current trade or even the profit of the ent
My Trades in Pips
Bernhard Schweigert
4.65 (20)
A trading tool you do not want to miss. The indicator displays all trades/deals in the chart with the symbol it is attached to. It prints the number of pips in profit or loss. By choice it prints a vertical line through sub-windows for better analysis. Check also the PRO-version here:  My Trade History PRO As well it adds the information about the total result of trades in the deposit currency and the total pips. You can choose to show only the trades of the day or to show only trades within a n
The Flat Horizontal Channel Range Price indicator automatically draws a horizontal channel (range) of prices on a higher or current timeframe. This indicator was developed to simplify the determination of sideways movements of the market, as well as to search for entry signals for a pullback from the boundaries of a channel (range) or for its breakdown. Input parameters: BarsCount - 1000 - Number of bars to search for a horizontal channel AutoPeriodDraw - true - Enabled automatic drawing of
35 USD
Wick Fill MAX
Javier Morales Fernandez
This Max version has Wick Fill Trend PRO and Wick Fill Reversal PRO . It has Success rates simulator and Screener for both Trend and Reversal indicators. Concept of both indicators -Wick Fill Trend concept During a high volatility events in the market, candles tend to create wicks along the way on their moves.   A wick in a candlestick reflects a rejection in the price.  Mostly these wicks are filled because have a huge volume pushing in that direction.  Wick Fill Trend  scans those opportunitie
169 USD
Heiken Ashi Button
Lee Teik Hong
5 (3)
Heiken Ashi Button Heiken-Ashi , often spelled Heikin-Ashi, is a Japanese word that means "Average Bar." The Heiken-Ashi approach can be used in conjunction with candlestick charts to spot market trends and forecast future prices. It's useful for making candlestick charts easier to read and analysing patterns. Traders can use Heiken-Ashi charts to determine when to stay in trades while the trend continues and close trades when the trend reverses. The majority of earnings are made when markets a
Oleg Pavlenko
3.33 (6)
NOW trading will become much EASIER ! JUST INSTALL the EA on separate charts with currency pairs: AUDCAD,   AUDCHF,   AUDJPY,   CADCHF,   CHFJPY,   EURAUD, EURCHF, GBPAUD, GBPCAD, GBPCHF,   GBPNZD,   NZDCHF,   USDCHF and SELECT the same pair in the EA settings I will not deceive you - This is NOT the Grail, NOT a SCAM and not the promise of huge profits. This is Cheap Stable Result EA Stability and Results  is a fully automatic EA that is distinguished by its stability and reliability I will
129 USD
Super Trend MT4
Chao Chen Li
5 (1)
简介 不重绘入场信号的趋势指标 显示精确的价格反转指标。是可以添加到任何图表中的交易武器。 反转信号有高度准确性,适合在5分钟进行剥头皮交易,或在30分钟波段交易。买入和卖出箭头在图表上显示为进入信号,但在K线结束后形成带有警报的确认选项。 很多交易者在Super Trend MT4指标的帮助下,在第一个交易周内改善了交易结果。 优点 不重新绘制仪表板箭头 仅适用于台式机MT5 适合剥头皮 适合波段交易 仪表板箭头输入警报 仪表板箭头信号严格警告“蜡烛图收盘关闭” 移动警报、桌面警报、电子邮件警报 显示任意时间段的箭头 适用于任何Mt4货币对 适合新手和专家交易员 设置 Period: 周期 Multiplier: 倍增器 Show Trend Line : 显示趋势线 Show Arrow:  显示箭头 关于我们 欲了解更多我们产品信息,请 点击这里
Exp TralPartionClose
Vladislav Andruschenko
5 (6)
Partial Close and Trail - assistant EA. Closes a part of a position (Closes part of the lot) during rollback. EA  closes a profitable position in partial closes when the price moves first in the direction of profits, and then comes back. EA monitors the position. If the price moves in the direction of profits, then ea establish the first level of rollback price at a distance. If the price continues to move in the direction of profits, this level of profit continues modifying this level of rollb
Telegram Trading Signals
Alexander Pekhterev
4.93 (30)
(MT4 to Telegram) -   Fast and instant publication of your trade in the telegram channel (chat or personal message).  F rom version 1.77 it sends Alerts of any indicators in telegram! !!!Attention!!! If you want to test all the functions of this utility please contact me and get this advisor for 1 month for FREE! TTS   can send the following messages in   all   languages: Opening a new position; Placing a pending order; Pending order activation; SL and TP modification; Pending order price modi
59 USD
M W Pattern Free
Nesimeye Oswald
5 (2)
Note : This free version only works for GBPUSD H1 chart . To use on other charts and pairs . Get the Pro Version M & W Pattern Pro is an advanced scanner for M and W patters , it uses extra filters to ensure scanned patterns are profitable. The indicator can be used with all symbols and time frames. The indicator is a non repaint indicator with accurate statistics calculations. To use , simply scan the most profitable pair using the statistics dashboard accuracy , then enter trades on sign
Evgenii Timoshin
Neonys has a complex algorithm based on artificial intelligence. His strategy includes classic safe trading using breakout and bounce patterns. Inside it is a complex architecture of decision trees, containing tens of thousands of trading patterns, averaged and weighted to determine the optimal decisions for entering and exiting a trade. Particular attention is paid to exiting trades - a separate asynchronous neural network is responsible for this, which is able to minimize losses and choose th
199 USD
Kumo Breakout indicator
Anchor Trading S.R.L.S.
Kumo Breakout Indicator is a trading system based on Ichimoku Kumo levels. Parameters Trader can set Ichimoku parameters like: Tenkan-Sen (tk) Kijun-Sen (kj) Sekou-Span-A (ku) that are the classic parameters allowed on Ichimoku indicator on Metatrader. Other interesting parameters: "Configure Alerts" PopUpAlert= true or false PushAlert=true or false Mail= true or false and personalized texts for eMails:  TextMailUp1="WP Buy ";  TextMailUp2="WP Buy write here your text";  TextMailUp3="";  Te
199 USD
EasyTrend Pro
Denis Glaz
5 (4)
EasyTrend Pro is the powerful trend indicator provided with all necessary for trade and it is very easy to use. Everyone has probably come across indicators or Expert Advisors that contain numerous input parameters that are difficult to understand. But here, input parameters are simple and it is no need to configure anything — neural network will do all for you. Difference from a classic version The real-time multi time frame panel is added, so you can check a trend for other timeframes witho
64 USD
Lock balancer
Vadim Zotov
5 (6)
Used in manual trading to block losses on any price movement against a trader. Allows profits to grow as the price moves in the right direction. Can lock one position or grid. Helps other robots to reduce drawdown by locking. Principle of operation Instead of the traditional stop loss, the trader manually sets the initial locking line of this robot. The robot monitors the behavior of the price relative to this line. If the price goes against the trader, the robot locks the position (or sev
250 USD
Boris Sklyaruk
5 (3)
OwlSafe -  Multicurrency Trend Advisor   Trades only at night and has a fixed Takeprofit and Stoploss If the deals did not close during Takeprofit during the night, the system corrects it and the Stoploss remains unchanged. Set on any chart and choose which currency pairs you allow to trade the adviser. Trades in currency pairs: EURUSD EURGBP EURCHF USDCHF USDCAD AUDUSD NZDUSD EURAUD Each currency pair has its own trading strategy which is already configured in the adviser The trading system has
125 USD
MTF Moving Averages is an useful indicator that brings you data from fully customizable higher timeframe Moving Averages on your charts, you can add multiple Moving Averages to use even more data of current market conditions. Check the indicator in action [Images below] What MTF Moving Averages does apart from showing higher timeframe MA's? Time saver , having all your higher timeframe MA's in just one chart, time is key, avoid switching between timeframes. Enter Trends precisely, easy to fol
30 USD
SK Stochastic Candle Moves EA  based on Stochastic oscillator . It is used to generate  overbought  and oversold trading signals. Easy to use and Simple Max Drawdown protection No Martingale Recommended  GBPUSD,EURUSD Timeframe M30,H1    others timeframes with the appropriate settings. Works for ECN/Non-ECN brokers and 2-3-4-5 digit symbols A low latency vps is  and an lower spread   broker is always recommended. Support us by open  My recommended broker. Exness Tickmill How its work ? Candl
Price Surfing
Andrey Tatarinov
The advantage of the Price Surfing indicator is the search algorithm for the extremes of the price of the instrument. Most indicator signals are located at local maximums and minimums of the price . For the convenience of the trader, the potential profit of each signal is displayed on the chart. The indicator does not repainting, the signal appears after the bar is closed. MT5 version  https://www.mql5.com/en/market/product/47179 Parameters SendAlert - enable alert of a new signal SendEMail - e
49.99 USD
Three Stochastics
Pavel Zamoshnikov
4 (18)
This indicator signals about crossing of the main and the signal lines of stochastic (lower stochastic) in the trend direction which is determined by two stochastics of higher time frames (higher stochastics). It is not a secret that stochastic generates accurate signals in a flat market and a lot of false signals in a protracted trend. A combination of two stochastics of higher time frames performs a good filtration of false signals and shows the main tendency. The indicator is recommended for
EA Supersonic
Erik Prautzsch
5 (5)
Supersonic is an EA, which uses Relative Strength Index (RSI), Average True Range (ATR) Indicator and Candlestick Pattern to indicate the best entry for a trade. Various backtests have shown a high win-rate for currency pairs EURUSD & USDJPY since 2003. Supersonic does not use martingale, grid or averaging. The EA will open just one trade per pair   and this trade will be covered by SL. Therefore, Supersonic doesn't use any high risk money management system. MT5: https://www.mql5.com/en/marke
79 USD
Oeyvind Borgsoe
This EA is fully automated and uses a highly intelligent system to enter the market and manage the positions with accuracy and precision.  The strategy is based on price action and the EA uses advanced filters to identify the most rewarding trading opportunities. Each potential trade is analyzed inside out and bad entries are excluded.  Eve EA  is optimized for long-term stability and robustness. This EA is developed out of a longing to be free from the merry go around. The name Eve r
124 USD

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