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PZ Supply Demand

Pz Supply/Demand Indicator analyzes past price action to anticipate buying and selling pressure in the market, and is a state-of-the-art confirming indicator.

  • Predict buying and selling pressure in the market
  • Avoid getting caught in buying/selling frenzies
  • No settings and no optimization needed
  • The indicator works in all timeframes
  • Extremely easy to use

Potential supply and demand prices are those, at which lots of market participants are likely to be holding their losing positions hoping to liquidate them in the future. Unwary longs are caught at price peaks and shorts are caught at price valleys. The indicator analyzes past price action and displays how many peaks and valleys can be found around the current price, thus accurately predicting buying and selling pressure in any timeframe.

  • Both supply and demand are quantified as numbers
  • If supply is above demand, you can expect selling pressure
  • If supply is below demand, you can expect buying pressure

The trading implications are the following:

  • Look for shorts when supply is above demand and the current price is close to the supply line
  • Look for longs when supply is below demand and the current price is close to the demand line
For visual examples, kindly check example1 and example2.


In order to build an expert advisor, you can read data from the indicator using the iCustom() function as exemplified below.
//---- Read value from supply and demand buffers
int start()
   // Read values
   double demand = iCustom(Symbol(), Period(), "Market\\pz-supply-demand", 0, 1);
   double supply = iCustom(Symbol(), Period(), "Market\\pz-supply-demand", 1, 1);
   // Print supply and demand values
   Print("Current demand is "+ DoubleToStr(demand, 0) +" | Current supply is "+ DoubleToStr(supply, 0));
   // Do something
   if(demand > supply)  { /* Your code if demand is above supply */ }
   if(demand < supply)  { /* Your code if supply is above demand */ }
   if(demand == supply) { /* Your code is supply and demand are equal */ }
   // Exit


Arturo López Pérez, private investor and speculator, software engineer and founder of Point Zero Trading Solutions.

Happy Mans World
2014.12.26 17:17 

Useless, waste of money, that is all I can say

Version 2.0 - 2016.04.26
- Important bug fixes