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Expert Advisors and Indicators for MetaTrader 4 - 18

icon Trading robots perform market transactions automatically, while indicators allow you to better analyze quotes and predict the price behavior. With these applications, you will be able to perform deals in MetaTrader 4 in a more informed manner, while capturing more opportunities.
Golden Impact
Nguyen Hang Hai Ha
Expert Advisor Golden Impact is an automated trading robot dedicated to the Gold market (XAUUSD). The EA is programmed with our exclusive premium algorithms. EA strategies analyze market movements and execute scalper trades quickly, combining multi-entry and smart position management. The advantage of EA is to take advantage of the best signals from the market to have the highest probability. Trading orders have Stop Loss (Max Stop Loss) and early position closing strategies (before reaching Sto
Introducing the   Gold Multiply Funds EA   - a revolutionary trading tool that is based on the powerful principle of compounding.  MT5 Version :   https://www.mql5.com/en/market/product/95784 Brief description EA for XAUSUD: AI & machine learning detect/respond to market trends with precision. Trading Strategy Advanced pattern recognition using AI and Machine learning for profitable trades 65-70% correct prediction accuracy in 10 years of data Compounding strategy generates steady profits Small
Description Shows whether market is trending or not, to what extent, which direction, and if the trend is increasing. The indicator is very useful for trend following strategies. The indicator can also alert when the market transitions from being flat to trending, which can serve as a great entry point. The alert is controllable directly from the chart, with an on-chart tick box to enable the alert. Also includes bonus indicators of current spread and ask/bid prices in large text, color coded as
AnyProfile MT4
Evgeny Shevtsov
5 (23)
The indicator displays market profiles of any duration in any place on the chart. Simply create a rectangle on the chart and this rectangle will be automatically filled by the profile. Change the size of the rectangle or move it - the profile will automatically follow the changes. Operation features The indicator is controlled directly from the chart window using the panel of buttons and fields for entering parameters. In the lower right corner of the chart window there is a pop-up "AP" butt
UPD1 Watermark MT4
Vitaliy Kuznetsov
5 (1)
The indicator shows any text and any image on the chart, and can also output the information requested by macros. There are three text blocks and one block for images. Available font selection, size, color, indentation and positioning. If you want to brand your screenshots or display the necessary information on a graph, then UPD1 Watermark will be a very useful tool. Description of settings. Text Settings (3 blocks). Text 1, 2, 3 – enter the text and, or a macro. Font Name – write the font
Energy Scalper
Olena Kondratenko
Energy Scalper   Energy a fully automated scalper adviser using a sophisticated author's algorithm for price breakdown at key price levels and a formula for calculating the price speed for the most accurate entry points into the market. Each market entry point is analyzed by an advanced selection algorithm. Attention at the request of our customers first 3 days the price will be $399 !!! Then the expert price will be $1000! Hurry to buy at a discount 50% After identifying the optimal entry price
Easy Strategy Builder
Gheis Mohammadi
5 (4)
The  Easy Strategy Builder (ESB)  is a " Do It Yourself " solution that allows you to create a wide range of the automated trading strategies without any line of codes. This is the world’s easiest method to automate your strategies that can be used in STP, ECN and FIFO brokers. No drag and drop is needed. Just by set conditions of your trading strategy and change settings on desired values and let it work in your account. ESB has hundreds of modules to define unlimited possibilities of strategi
It works based on the Stochastic Indicator algorithm. Very useful for trading with high-low or OverSold/Overbought swing strategies. StochSignal will show a buy arrow if the two lines have crossed in the OverSold area and sell arrows if the two lines have crossed in the Overbought area. You can put the Stochastic Indicator on the chart with the same parameters as this StochSignal Indicator to understand more clearly how it works. This indicator is equipped with the following parameters: Inputs d
H Super Arrow
Hanan Al Safwah
The Super Arrow Forex Signal indicator for Metatrader 4 is a complete FX trading system that prints accurate buy & sell arrows on the chart. The indicator appears in the main MT4 chart window as colored green and red arrows. Just follow the signals as displayed by the indicator! Trade signals: A green arrow is a buy signal. A red arrow is a sell signal. The Super Arrow Forex Signal indicator can be used for both trade entry and exit or as a trend confirmation signal indicator for other strategie
BlueDigitsFx Open Trades
Ziggy Janssen
4.92 (36)
MT5 Version Available Here:  https://www.mql5.com/en/market/product/62376 Telegram Channel & Group :  https://t.me/bluedigitsfx V.I.P Group Access:   Send Payment Proof of any of our Paid Products to our Inbox Recommended Broker:   https://eb4.app/BDFXOsprey * The Most Sought After Pip Counter for Metatrader ! Features Will show Currency Symbol in BLUE for Buy positions. Will show Currency Symbol in RED for Sell positions. Will Show pips in BLUE Color for Positive Pips Will Show pips in
Bar Counter MT4
Francisco Gomes Da Silva
5 (6)
candlestick counter indicator this indicator counts candles that are on the chart of any timeframe a free bar counter for you to download on mt4 the candlestick counter counts how many candles there are inside a larger chart with this candle counter you can do the automatic candlestick count free candlestick count indicator for you to download and count bars automatically bar counter to count the bars count candle counter indicator mt4 count candle bar counter for MT5 If you are interested in th
Ea Monster Multiple Strategies
Scott Fredeman
4.49 (39)
EA MONSTER IS NOW FREE - Direct Message me to also receive invites to our trading groups. Watch the Video to get Started. We have a trading group for this EA. Connect with other users of this EA to Maximize it's Potential. Contact me for the invite. Warning: I only sell EA's through MQL5.com. If someone contacts you saying it is me trying to sell you something, they are a Scammer. Block and report them as spam. If you purchase this EA anywhere besides MQL5 it is a Fake version that will n
DayTradingArrow v1
Nedyalka Zhelyazkova
5 (4)
"IF YOU'RE LOOKING FOR A UNIQUE TRADING APPROACH TO TRADING…AT AN AFFORDABLE PRICE…YOU'VE COME TO THE RIGHT PLACE!" Buy DayTradingArrow v1  Indicator And You Will Get  Forex Trend Commander Indicator for FREE ! In forex trading, like any business, there are some rules that must be followed, which are disturbing for now, many adhere to the rule that if a system has losses, it is not profitable. To create the PERFECT strategy, the Perfect one for you, you need to experiment with all ways and for
My Trades in Pips
Bernhard Schweigert
4.71 (24)
A trading tool you do not want to miss. The indicator displays all trades/deals in the chart with the symbol it is attached to. It prints the number of pips in profit or loss. By choice it prints a vertical line through sub-windows for better analysis. Check also the PRO-version here:  My Trade History PRO As well it adds the information about the total result of trades in the deposit currency and the total pips. You can choose to show only the trades of the day or to show only trades within a n
Note: do not buy any pirated clone in our name we do not sell in any other store other than the official mql5 market, not even on Ebay beware of scammers and do not fall victim out of curiosity. thanks. For Backtesting Parameters For FTMO, if encounter error 130 kindly change spread to 100 from current $ 100 K Below: Pair USTECHCASH100 Cm = "DMF_AI_EA_ROBOT" ; Strategy = 1 ElapsedSECONDS = 7 MaxDailyProfit = 3500 MaxDailyLoss = - 1500 MaxMonthlyProfit= 10000 LS= 1.3 CSL= 1.3 ESL= 1.3 PF= 50 STP=
Hige Trend
Hong Ling Mu
4 (2)
EA_HigeTrend https://youtu.be/4vXUD_o4reA?si=u76-GyUh053-Ljou The Hige Trend Forex robot was specifically designed for the XAUUSD pair. XAUUSD typically exhibits high volatility and trendiness in the market. Following this rationale, the Expert Advisor (EA) will execute trades in accordance with the prevailing market trend. Once a clear trend is identified, the EA will initiate an order. The configuration is straightforward, involving Take Profit and Stop Loss with a trailing stop. However, it
MQL Universal EA
Martin Eshleman
4.5 (8)
Summary of the Expert Advisor This EA will trade using standard MT4 indicators such as Moving Averages, MACD, RSI, Bollinger Bands, and so on. The EA was made so that these indicators can be mixed or matched so a number of possibilities can be traded with. Each indicator can be enabled or disabled and many settings are adjustable for each indicator. There are also other features included like multiple time frame capability and money management. As a result, many different trading strategies can
UPD1 Volume TimeFrame POC
Vitaliy Kuznetsov
5 (3)
The indicator display the maximum horizontal volume on the selected timeframe. Based on the UPD1 Volume Box indicator . The lines can be connected or separated. In the settings, you can enable smart touch alert. Such an indicator will be useful for those who trade according to the market profile and the concept of smart money. Input parameters. Main Settings. Bars Count - indicate the number of bars on which the TF POC will be drawn. Data Source - the time frame from which the ticks will be
Royal Entry
Salvatore Caligiuri
5 (1)
PROMO PERIOD Current price: for only 5 buyers - Next price: 450,00$ - Final price: 1000,00$. Copies left at special price: 2 PRODUCT DESCRIPTION Royal Entry is the perfect Expert Advisot to add to your portfolio. A very simple use behind an High Sofisticated Algorithm  that will try to place the perfect entry on the market. No complicated to setup, no set files needed, just set the risk level per trade and the maximum allowed positions to have a full control of the risk. Designed for EURUSD onl
Fair Value Gap Scanner 4
Usiola Oluwadamilol Olagundoye
Fair Value Gap Scanner 4 is a sophisticated MetaTrader 5 indicator designed to detect fair value gaps (FVGs) in price action and display them as rectangles directly on the chart. This powerful tool empowers traders by providing visual representations of FVGs, enabling them to identify potential trading opportunities with ease and precision. With customizable parameters for color, width, and style, traders can tailor the indicator's appearance to suit their preferences and trading strategies. Key
Daniel Stein
SIEA ZEN - major update   Live signals We recommend using the SIEA MT5 versions to run realistic real-tick multi-symbol backtest. TRADING STYLE SIEA ZEN   trades all 28 trading pairs based on the 8 major currencies, USD, CAD, EUR, CHF, GBP, AUD, NZD, and JPY. Our unique volume analysis determines market imbalance and how intense they are to spot reverse entry opportunities. SIEA ZEN  closes all its positions at the end of every month and starts a new cycle at the beginning of the ne
New Genius AI FTMO
Vitali Vasilenka
3.96 (23)
Expert Advisor that used to count new geniuses in the CopyFx system   The trading method is based on the algorithm of the Iron Man trading advisor and the methodology for calculating the trading system from the Thomas advisor AI NEW GENIUS    - has 5 stages of trade management (search, analysis, control, entry, exit) and 3 stages of trading decisions (adapted mathematical model of the Fourier and Laplace transforms), combining all this into one automatic full-cycle trading scheme. Using in
CyberZingFx Trend Reversal
Afsal Meerankutty
4.26 (19)
Indicator captures the trend reversals with no-repaint Buy and Sell Arrow signals. CyberZingFx Trend Reversal Indicator - your go-to solution for accurate and reliable trend reversal signals. With its  advanced trading strategy , the indicator offers you Buy and Sell Arrow signals that do not repaint, making it a reliable tool for catching Swing Highs and Swing Lows in any market and any time frame. Indicator works on  any market  and  any time frames . __________________________________________
Breaker Blocks with Signals
Minh Truong Pham
3.67 (3)
The Breaker Blocks with Signals indicator aims to highlight a complete methodology based on breaker blocks. Breakout signals between the price and breaker blocks are highlighted and premium/discount swing levels are included to provide potential take profit/stop loss levels. This script also includes alerts for each signal highlighted.   SETTINGS   Breaker Blocks Length: Sensitivity of the detected swings used to construct breaker blocks. Higher values will return longer te
BoxChart MT4
Evgeny Shevtsov
4.57 (7)
The market is unfair if only because 10% of participants manage 90% of funds. An ordinary trader has slim changes to stand against these "vultures". This problem can be solved. You just need to be among these 10%, learn to predict their intentions and move with them. Volume is the only preemptive factor that faultlessly works on any timeframe and symbol. First, the volume appears and is accumulated, and only then the price moves. The price moves from one volume to another. Areas of volume accumu
BeST_Hull MAs Directional Strategy is a Metatrader Indicator based on the corresponding Hull Moving Average.It timely locates the most likely points for Entering the Market as well as the most suitable Exit points and can be used either as a standalone Trading System or as an add-on to any Trading System for finding/confirming the most appropriate Entry or Exit points. This indicator does use only the directional slope and its turning points of Hull MAs to locate the Entry/Exit points while it a
Jarmin Jamike Ugorji
5 (7)
Harvesta  is an Expert Advisor that makes use of   "Probabilistic approach" to trade the congestion zones   using the   demand and supply principles. It is   smart,   robust, not adversely affected by any broker, leverage, and slippage.  Live Signal is available here    https://www.mql5.com/en/signals/2085755 Recommendations Timeframe: M 15  Balance: 3000  Pairs: NZDCAD, GBPNZD, AUDCAD, AUDNZD, NZDUSD, EURGBP, NZDCHF, EURAUD, GBPAUD, GBPCAD. Settings: The default settings are already configu
EA Ambrosia
Conor Stephenson
3.86 (7)
Ambrosia trades levels created by both the Institutional Levels Indicator and  Central Pivot Tool . These levels include CPR zones, Fibonacci levels, Support & Resistance, Quarter Points and more. In total there are 26 different entry options / combinations the expert advisor can take. Each day Ambrosia will calculate new Pivot and Fibonacci levels based on previous days price action. Coupled with a constant watch above and below current price for Institutional Levels, this expert can trade mult
ICT Smc draw
2.83 (6)
Indicador SMART MONEY CONCEPTS DRAW Este indicador te permitirá dibujar de forma sencilla, rápida y fácil todos los conceptos de Trading Institucional e Smart Money Concepts basados en la terminología de The Inner Circle Trader (ICT) necesarios para realizar análisis técnico en tus gráficos de Metatrader. Este indicador ha sido desarrollado por el equipo de TradingForexTV y lo entregamos totalmente gratis para toda nuestra comunidad y seguidores de nuestro canal y redes sociales. Algunos de
Multi Timeframe ZigZag Indicator
Salman A A A T Bakhash
5 (2)
Description: This indicator draw ZigZag Line in multiple time frame also search for Harmonic patterns before completion of the pattern. Features: Five instances of ZigZag indicators can be configured to any desired timeframe and inputs. Draw Harmonic pattern before pattern completion. Display Fibonacci retracement ratios. Configurable Fibonacci retracement ratios. Draw AB=CD based on Fibonacci retracement you define. You can define margin of error allowed in Harmonic or Fibonacci calculatio
Total Lock MT4
Vadim Zotov
5 (1)
Lock is a powerful tool for saving a trader's money. Instead of the traditional stop loss, you can now use this robot. The robot will place a pending lock — a counter order. When the price moves sharply against the trader, the lock becomes a market one, and therefore the loss does not increase, but freezes at the same level. The main position is saved and will bring profit as soon as the lock closes. Each position is locked by a separate lock. The number of positions is not limited. The robot
Exp4 Tester PAD for Strategy Tester
Vladislav Andruschenko
4.86 (28)
The utility allows you to manually test your strategies in the strategy tester. One-click trading on the visualization chart. The latest version of the utility offers advanced features for traders to manually test their trading strategies. With the strategy tester, you can now evaluate the effectiveness of your trading strategies in a simulated environment. This functionality allows you to analyze the performance of your trading techniques and refine them to improve your trading skills. Moreove
Extremum Reverse Bar
Yurij Izyumov
3.55 (11)
This indicator has been created for finding the probable reversal points of the symbol price. A small candlestick reversal pattern is used it its operation in conjunction with a filter of extremums. The indicator is not redrawn! If the extremum filter is disabled, the indicator shows all points that have a pattern. If the extremum filter is enabled, the condition works – if the history Previous bars 1 candles back contains higher candles and they are farther than the Previous bars 2 candle, such
Ants Lite ATR allows you to enter and manage your trades based on the market volatility, giving you safer entries and better exits. Based on the work by Daryl Guppy. Features Ability to define the bar the Long and Short calculation starts from. Can be used to generate both entry or exit signals. Customizable ATR period and multiplier. GMMA is a tried and tested indicator with a long pedigree. Volatility based entry and exit signal rather than time based. How To Use Simply drag the indicator
Once you purchase product please drop the review in order to receive invitation to the new community. Flexible trade manager is a simple and effective trading tool for setting new order by pressing B as Buy or S as Sell on keyboard. All with ability to  see additional characteristics before opening with predefined risk and observation of the risk and potential profit. Set and manipulate order levels straight from the charts or or place them right as pending orders Additional buttons helps t
The indicator identifies when a divergence occurs between price and an indicator or oscillator. It identifies bullish and bearish hidden or regular (classical) divergences. Combined with your own rules and techniques, this indicator will allow you to create (or enhance) your own powerful system. Features Can detect divergences for the following indicators/oscillators: MACD, OsMA (Moving average of Oscillator), Stochastics, RSI, CCI, RVI, Awesome (AO), ADX, ATR, OBV, MFI, Momentum and   Composi
Pivot Point Fibo RSJ is an indicator that traces the support and resistance lines of the day using Fibonacci rates. This spectacular indicator creates up to 7 levels of support and resistance through Pivot Point using Fibonacci rates. It is fantastic how the prices respect each level of this support and resistance, where it is possible to perceive possible entry/exit points of an operation. Features Up to 7 levels of support and 7 levels of resistance Set the colors of the levels individual
Contraction And Expansion FVG 4
Usiola Oluwadamilol Olagundoye
5 (1)
The Contraction/Expansion Breakout Indicator for MetaTrader 4 (MT4) is a powerful tool crafted to identify and signal the breakout of bullish and bearish contraction or expansion formations within financial markets. Utilizing advanced algorithmic calculations, this indicator assists traders in recognizing significant price movements that frequently accompany these formations, providing valuable insights for strategic trading decisions. Key Features: Contraction and Expansion Identification: The
Advance 123 Pattern Scanner
Mihails Babuskins
3.91 (11)
Contact me after payment to send you the User-Manual PDF File. How To Test You can test the indicator by free version, to get the free version please contact me   (  the free version scans charts in W1 and MN1 time-frames )  it's free. 123 Pattern Breakout Trend is your friend, trade along the trend, but how do we identify trends? Sometimes the simplest methods have the best results. Pattern 123 is based on the breakout important price levels, when the price is trying to break the previou
QQE MOD of Trading View 4
Mohammad Taher Halimi Tabrizi
The QQE indicator is a momentum-based indicator used to identify trends and sideways. The Qualitative Quantitative Estimate (QQE) indicator works like a smoothed version of the popular Relative Strength Index (RSI) indicator. QQE extends the RSI by adding two volatility-based trailing stops. This indicator is converted from Trading View QQE MOD by Mihkel00 to be used in MT4 Version.
A huge overhaul and improvement on the highly successful Three Line Strike Finder https://www.mql5.com/en/market/product/60396?source=Site+Profile+Seller This fantastic tool will scan your selected timeframes, and display new three line strike patterns as they appear.  No more having to flip through different timeframes to check if a new three line strike pattern has emerged. The supported timeframes are, the current timeframe, 15 minute, 30 minute, 1 hour, 4 hour and Daily, all of which can be
RoboArter 5
Vlastimil Straka
Expert for portfolio of basic set long term strategies.    You can choose for your AOS trading two ways – first way is purchased for EA with grid, martingale and other similar dangerous strategies.     This EAs work great and have very profitable results – days, weeks, maybe months, years?.. Until they didn’t blow up your account. The second way is to use EAs based on real trading strategies and logical patterns. On MQL Market are very few of these strategies. The risk of trading with these EAs
To get access to MT5 version please click here . This is the exact conversion from TradingView: "Zero Lag MACD Enhanced - Version 1.2" by "   Albert.Callisto ". This is a light-load processing and non-repaint indicator. All input options are available.  Buffers are available for processing in EAs. You can message in private chat for further changes you need. Thanks
To get access to MT5 version please click   here . This is the exact conversion from TradingView: "ZLSMA - Zero Lag LSMA" by "veryfid". This is a light-load processing indicator. This is a non-repaint indicator. Buffers are available for processing in EAs. All input fields are available. You can message in private chat for further changes you need. Thanks for downloading
To get access to MT5 version please click here . This is the exact conversion from TradingView: "Top Bottom Indicator" by "ceyhun". This is a light-load processing and non-repaint indicator. All input options are available. This is not a multi time frame indicator. Buffers are available for processing in EAs. Extra option to show buy and sell signal alerts. You can message in private chat for further changes you need.
OB Breakout is alert indicator that identifies when a trend or price move is approaching exhaustion(Supply and Demand) and ready to reverse. It alerts you to changes in market movement which typically occur when a reversal or major pullbacks are about to or have happened. The indicator identifies breakouts and price momentum initially, every time a new high or low is formed near a possible Supply or Demand level point. The indicator draws in a rectangle on Supply or Demand Zones.   Once price we
Make grid trading safe again | Built by a grid trader >> for grid traders.    Walkthrough Video  <== Get Grid Rescue up and running in 5 minutes  This is MT4 version, click  here  for  BlueSwift GridRescue MT5  (settings and logics are same in both versions) BlueSwift Grid Rescue MT4  is a risk management utility  EA  (used together with other grid trading experts) that can help you trade aggressive grid systems with manageable drawdown, therefore reduce substanstially margin call risk as w
VR Locker
Vladimir Pastushak
4.2 (5)
The Forex Expert Advisor VR Locker is an automatic trading strategy based on network trading using positive locks. A positive lock is a situation on a trading account when a sell position is above a buy position, and both positions are opened with the same lot. For a set of files, instructions, a nice bonus write to me The monitoring of the advisor's work can be found in the author's profile The Expert Advisor was developed for the EURUSD currency pair, but it can work on other currencies and
PrecisionWedge Detector X Description: PrecisionWedge Detector X is an innovative indicator designed to identify and analyze wedge patterns on financial charts with unparalleled accuracy and precision. Developed using advanced algorithms, this indicator provides traders with a powerful tool to detect potential trading opportunities based on wedge formations. Key Features: Automatic Wedge Detection: Powered by sophisticated algorithms, PrecisionWedge Detector X automatically scans price data to
Scalp Bot EURUSD
Abu Talha Md Mahi Uddin
BUY ONE GET ONE FREE  LIMITED TIME OFFER ! For Last 1 year real time performance :  Click here PUBLIC GROUP CHAT : Click Here After purchase to get free one contact me direct message.   EA Strategy Take scalp Positions in Higher Time Frame Trend with safe Pips Distance/ Major Pair EurUsd Then you can also use :AudUsd/GbpUsd/NzdUsd Major & Safe TF is H1 / Minor & Aggressive TF is M1 Minimum Deposit is 100$ / Secured Deposit is 300$ For each 300$ you can add 1 Major Pair I am running this EA
Elite Renko
Jermaine Wedderburn
5 (2)
Renko Charts with Heiken Ashi Filter now have the alerts and the    Win-rate . Now you can know which signal will give you that edge your trading needs. Risk to Reward Settings  Wins versus Losses Count There are four alert types to choose from for notification on screen, email or phone notification. The alert types also have buffers for use with automation. This indicator can be incorporated with any system that requires renko charts. The four (4) alert types are: Three-bar Formation ;  Pinbar
Bolinger Band Arrows
Humphrey Kebaya Mwamba
A visual tool to assist in trading and analysing bolinger bands.  Arrows are not to be used for entry but rather assist in developing potential bias. Repaints in lower timeframes. Predicts if price will be higher or lower than the signal candle. Perfect for mean reversion trading, binary options or futures contracts on larger time frames. The indicator was backtested on 5 years of data and has a 90% accuracy for predicting price reversals over time.
Gold Rush
Aibek Mugiynov
3.33 (18)
The Gold Rush EA is based on the strategy of resistance and support level breakouts, it runs in fully-automatic mode on a VPS server. The EA was tested on real ticks. For the correct operation it needs a Pro account, ECN - Market Execution. The Expert Advisor can work with any pair, everything depends on your desire, but the XAUUSD pair is recommended, as this pair shows the best results. Parameters LotProc - deposit percentage lot. Lot - fixed lot. DTime - pending order removal time if not tr
Bar Direction with Alert for MT4
Naththapach Thanakulchayanan
Bar Direction, This indicator is created for MetaTrader 4, It will show you strength of bar directions which you can add more options of bar as adjustable requirement such as Bar Timeframe, Bar Shift, Bar Period and also you can set true or false for Signal Alert to your Popup, Email or Push Notice and more of more you can set to show guideline for entry point according to your adjustable options also Ask-Bid and Spread Showing. It will be your assistance for reading bar strength direction easil
GOLD Scal1
Hong Chang Ban Ru
5 (1)
完全日本語対応!日本人トレーダー向けのEAです。 レビューを書いてくれた方には素敵なEAまたはインジケーターのプレゼントがあります! 作者は他にも多数の無料EAを配布しています。 こちら 今回はその中からYoutubeで ライブ配信 しているGold Scalをご紹介いたします。 Goldのボラティリティに合わせたチューンを施した専用EAとなります。 2年以上にわたり1日平均2万円以上を稼ぎ続けています。 セットはノーマル、セーフティ、マニュアルからお選びいただけます。まずはノーマルまたはセーフティモードで運用に慣れて頂き、 マニュアルモードでのバックテストでご自身の資金に合った最適なカスタムを探しながら使いこなせるようになるとベストです。 勿論、ノーマルやセーフティのままお使い頂いても高いパフォーマンスを発揮するよう設計されています。
MetaBands M4
Vahidreza Heidar Gholami
5 (2)
MetaBands uses powerful and unique algorithms to draw channels and detect trends so that it can provide traders with potential points for entering and exiting trades. It’s a channel indicator plus a powerful trend indicator. It includes different types of channels which can be merged to create new channels simply by using the input parameters. MetaBands uses all types of alerts to notify users about market events. Features Supports most of the channel algorithms Powerful trend detection algorith
Goldfrenzy FX
Sayan Vandenhout
Tipu RSI
Kaleem Haider
4.52 (44)
Tipu RSI Features 28 symbols, multi-time frame powerful Dashboard for the full market view Customizable Buy/Sell alerts, push alerts, email alerts, and visual on-screen alerts. Marked overbought and oversold levels. Three colors RSI that marks the normal, oversold and overbought levels. The relative strength index (RSI) is an oscillator devised by J. Welles Wilder in his famous book New Concepts in Technical Trading Systems in 1978.1 He also introduced Parabolic SAR (see Tipu Parabollic SAR Pane
Harmonic Patterns are utilized for predicting market turning points with precision. These patterns offer a high win rate and numerous trade opportunities within a single trading day. Our indicator identifies the most prominent Harmonic Patterns based on principles outlined in Harmonic Trading literature. **IMPORTANT NOTES:** - The indicator does not repaint, lag, or redraw. It accurately identifies patterns at the D point, ensuring reliability in pattern detection.    **HOW TO USE:** 1. D
BeST Gann Hi Lo Strategy
Eleni Koulocheri
5 (12)
BeST_Gann Hi-Lo Strategy is an MT4 indicator that is based on the Gann Hi-Lo Activator the famous trend-following indicator that allow us to to enter a trade quite early while also stay in a trade as longer as we can for taking profit.While it is built of a moving average it helps traders determine the direction of the trends and to produce with-trend trading signals. This indicator is in fact a simple moving average of the highs and lows of the previous period. It follows the trends in the mar
This is an excellent technical indicator system, which analyzes the periodic upward or downward trading trends from small, medium and large aspects. Period1 in the parameter is a small time period, Period2 is a medium time period, and Period3 is a large time period; small_symbol is the identifier of signal No. 1, middle_symbol is the identifier of signal No. 2, and big_symbol is the identifier of signal No. 3 ;alert is the switch of the warning button, Mail is the switch of sending email, and
Trade Easily
Mehrdad Zarei
5 (3)
Money Management will help you to Easy Trade with One Click , instance and pending, set SL, and manage number of your TP . You can use this expert for different currency pairs, CFDs, cryptocurrency, and stocks . The basic formula for calculating pip value and position size which has been used in this expert are: Pipette Value = Position Size * (Exchange Rate (Base Currency) / Entry Price) * Contract Size * Digits Exp.  Account Currency: USD Currency Pair: GBPJPY Position Size: 0.05 Lot = 500
XP Moving Average
Ahmed Soliman
5 (1)
Get all the moving averages in one indicator. Simple moving average, Exponential moving average, Smoothed moving average, Linear weighted moving average, Double Exponential Moving Average, Triple Exponential Moving Average, T3 Moving Average and MORE. Find in the comments a Free Expert Advisor that uses the XPMA . It will show you how easy to make an EA based on the XPMA (XP MOVING AVERAGE). Settings: Moving Average Type: The Moving Average Type. It can be one of these types: SMA (Simple Moving
SQUAT Bar BW for MT4
Sergey Chepurnykh
5 (1)
Squat bar. One of the signals of the "Trade Chaos" system of Bill Williams. It is calculated based on the difference in price changes and tick volume. Strengthens the signal of the "Bearish/Bullish Divergent Bar (First Wiseman)" if it coincides with it or is nearby. Tested in comparison with the original program "Investor's Dream". For more effective development of the system, read and see the materials of Bill Williams. In the settings you can choose the color and width of bar. (Widt
Group Discuss and Request Feature   :   https://t.me/redfox_community Or Inbox to Mql5 Chat EA send order’s information in MT4 to Telegram channels Alert MT4 to Telegram by RedFox     is an easy to use fully customizable utility that allows sending of specified signals to Telegram’s chat, channel or group, making your account a  signal provider. Key Feature Telegram Channel IDs : Send to many group, channel. Ex.  -100xxxxx Add Footer Content: Add signature for content Send Pips Running: Send p
Price move robot
Punza Yannick Kakungula
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News Filter EA that send you a Push notification to your MT4 phone APP and TURN OFF MT4 Automatically Before News.  This EA doesn't work in backtest From 1.7 version  the EA have  Close all trades before news functions added. You only need to allow that url in MT4 options: To see the url and how to add it to MT4, visit this post: https://www.mql5.com/en/blogs/post/754402 When Metatrader is turned off, it saves the status of all the charts, indicators and Expert Advisors that you have in t
Expert BDT MT4
Vladimir Khlystov
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Advisor based on triangular arbitrage. The Expert Advisor analyzes the prices of all trading instruments on the entire account opened in the market overview.   The analysis takes place at the expense of other currency pairs linked by a single currency.   (currency triangles). Examples of triangles: EURUSD – USDJPY – EURJPY USDCAD – CADCHF – USDCHF EURGBP – GBPUSD – EURUSD AUDUSD – USDCAD – AUDCAD GBPAUD – AUDUSD – GBPUSD The Expert Advisor analyzes each currency through the other two and calc
Top Bottom Scalper
Shiffolika Kapila
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Top and Bottom Scalper  BINARY AND FOREX   The signals indicate strong reversal points (Tops/bottoms)- The indicator gives accurate signals on any currency pairs and instruments. It also has a setting for adjusting the frequency of the signals. It is further strengthened and made robust by the support and resistance zones. There are different qualities of zones as per robustness. Inputs ZONE SETTINGS;  BackLimit - default is 10 000. Check the past bars for formations.  First Time Fram
The breakout algorithm is a technique based on price, price features, to shape a breakout strategy. The strategy in this indicator will not be redrawn (none-repaint indicator), it is suitable for short or long term traders In the screenshot is the EURUSD pair, these currency pairs, commodities or stocks, it have similar strength *Non-Repainting (not redrawn) *For Metatrader4 Only *Great For Scalping *Great For Swing Trading *Arrow Entry, Green is Long, Red is Short *Works On Any Timeframe *Work

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