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Expert Advisors and Indicators for MetaTrader 4 - 28

Trading robots perform market transactions automatically, while indicators allow you to better analyze quotes and predict the price behavior. With these applications, you will be able to perform deals in MetaTrader 4 in a more informed manner, while capturing more opportunities.
ATR Volatility Alerts
Synapse Investment Research Group, Inc.
ATR Volatility plots the ATR-based volatility, and triggers alerts when it crosses user-defined upper and lower thresholds (purple and tan lines, please see screenshots). Circles are painted when ATR volatility crosses either above the upper threshold, or below the lower threshold. This is a small tool custom-built by our group, by specific request of one of our customers. We hope you enjoy! Do you have an indicator you would like to see designed? Feel free to send us a message! Click here for m
Order Risk Management EA MT4
Young Ho Seo
Introduction to Order Risk Management EA ORM EA is specially designed for fast and accurate market order execution to be used with our Price Action and Econometric Trading strategies listed below. ORM EA is fully automatic and ORM EA is also very easy to use. ORM EA is totally free of charge. You can also use this robust order execution feature of this ORM EA for any other your own trading strategy. Harmonic Pattern Plus MT4 Harmonic Pattern Scenario Planner MT4 Price breakout Pattern Scanner MT
Free Telegram To MT4 Copy Trade
Mahamad Khairie Izwan Bin Yusli
⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐ Telegram to MT5 Copy Trade a.k.a Telegram Copier (FREE /TRIAL/DEMO) RENTAL MT4 Version: Telegram Copier For RENTAL FREE / TRIAL MT5 Version: Telegram Copier FREE  TRIAL RENTAL MT5 Version: Telegram Copier For RENTAL Please DM if you require further Details  Telegram Message 👈   Click Here to Download the How To Get Started - Telegram Copier EA.pdf 👈 Telegram Copier is an EA developed to automate your Trading from Telegram (Signal by Signal Provider or on your own signal) t
Stochastic Plus
Oleg Borisov
    Stochastic Plus is a visual indicator designed for both beginners and professionals.    Developed using Stochastic and Laguerre and the principle of three screen.     Stochastic Plus helps: correctly evaluate the current market movement; find optimal entry points; do not rush to close profitable orders and increase profit     Stochastic Plus works very well with INTRADAY SIGNALS indicator (see screenshot).    May be used with any currency and timeframe.
Break Out with TP and SL fibonacci
Dedy Prasetiyo
How To Trade Execute your trades in 3 Easy Steps! Step 1: Trade Setup Entry Buy in Signal price and TP1 in price indicator, You can use trailing stop in TP1. Entry Sell in Signal price and TP1 in price indicator, You can use trailing stop in TP1. Success Rate ≥ 75% 100:25 Step 2: Set Stop Loss Stop loss BUY ----> You can set stop loss on Line Order SELL.  Stop loss SELL ----> You can set stop loss on Line Order BUY.  Step 3: Set Take Profit Option 1: Take profit on TP1. Option 2: Partial take
Synapse simple
Synapse simple based on the latest neural network algorithms that allow high-precision forecasting of future price fluctuations. The advisor does not use grid, martingale or any other unsafe strategy. The advisor has a money management system that allows user to set both a fixed order size and calculate it based on the size of the deposit or the maximum allowable drawdown on one order. The Expert Advisor is pre-configured, so that it is enough for the user to install it and use it with default p
Simple MA Crossover
Mohamed Amine Talbi
This expert is very simple and basic, it is based on the crossover of 2 Moving Average of the choice of the user. The indicator settings can be customized to your need and way of trading. Expert Advisor Inputs: - Fast MA : The fast moving average. Default is set to 10. - Slow MA : The slow moving average. Default is set to 20. - Lot : The trading order lot. Default has been set to 0.01 lot (micro lot). - TP : The take profit. Default has been set to 10 pips. - SL : The stop loss. Default has b
Ind4 InfoPad Information Panel
Vladislav Andruschenko
INFOPad is an information panel that creates information on the selected currency pair in the MetaTrader 4 terminal. There are 5 functions of this indicator: Shows the main and main information on the selected symbol: Ask BID, Spread, Stop Level, Swap, Tick value, Commission prices; Shows the future targets of SL target and TP Target (The number of points of the established stop loss and take profit, the dollar amount); It shows the profit received for the periods: Today, Week, Month, Year, Tota
RSI Color
Corentin Lobet
Simply a RSI with the possibility to highlight when it is overbought and oversold. Seeing these kind of market setups rapidly is a key for short term traders. A beautiful chart is essential to be a reactive trader. Especially if you are behind your screen several hours a day. Parameters RSI period Overbought / Oversold zones to highlight NumberOfBars on which the indicator is displayed
Real Bid and Ask
Martin Braun
Some brokers tend to show wrong bid and ask prices in the chart. This free simple indicator fixes it by drawing the correct bid and ask price on the chart. ‌(If you prefer to hide the wrong bid price you can turn the grid color to transparent, see screenshot.) P‌arameters AskLineColor‌ - Color of ask price line. BidLineColor - Color of bid price line. DrawOnBackground - If set true, the lines will be in the background of candles and other elements on the chart. This will hide the price tags of
Clever Trend Force Lite
Carlos Forero
LITE VERSION ONLY EURUSD - FULL VERSION HERE Here you can access our discord community for more information about our tools and benefits. KEY LINKS:  Indicator Manual  –  How to Install  -  Discord Server  –  Frequent Questions  -  All Products  Description: Indicator which uses trend, breakout and reversal innovative indicators to show a complete visual trading strategy, with transparent metrics.  It follows simple visual patterns, which will improve your trading significantly. Outstanding Feat
Phoenix Cartel Math Grid
Edouard Jean Phil Kombo
Hello dear traders, I couldn't find any reliable grid EA anywhere so I created mine and decided to share it with you for free. Mine is the most robust and reliable grid you will ever find on the web, why? Because it will make you survive the test of times, just like all my other EAs. Who am I? I am a quant developer and trader, meaning I apply complex maths and machine learning algorythms to create EAs, we don't do trading like the 99%. My suite of EAs, "Phoenix Cartel..." contains the most re
RSI BB Indicator
Gerardo Monita Ruiz
RSI + BB Indicator es una herramienta de trading poderosa, el cual genera señales de compra o venta al alcanzar los niveles combinados de ambos indicadores, RSI y Bollinger Bands.  - Uselo en cualquier marco de tiempo TF - Funciona en todos los activos de Forex y otros mercados financieros - Recomendable usar con los parámetros por defecto - Estrategia probada en trading manual por indicadores con estrategia.
CPM Extended
Sergey Efimenko
The algorithm is based on the idea of the Currency Power Meter indicator. In this version, the number of displayed values is unlimited, its code is more compact and fast, values of the current bar can be obtained through indicator buffers. What the indicator shows : a thin band and the upper number in front of the currency shows the relative strength index for the last N hours (N is set in the parameters in the variable 'Hours'), a wider band shows the daily index. The more currency pairs using
Roman Gergert
It is based on Surfing strategy. USES MARTINGALE. The EA catches the moments when the previous candle crosses the moving average indicator and eliminates the false breakouts using the RSI+MA indicator, and at the same time analyzes the trend direction. The EA trades pending orders, which also allows to avoid false movements. If the pending order was not triggered and the chart reversed, then the EA deletes the pending order. If the pending order was not triggered and the chart reversed, then the
DI Support resistance
Dmitry Iglakov
The indicator shows support and resistance levels on the chart. Features: It shows support and resistance levels for the last 12 months. Shows the High and the Low of the last week. Shows the "MA 200" value. Shows gaps with a preset filter. The indicator settings: ShowMA200 – show/hide the MA 200 value. ColorMA200 – the MA 200 line color. LineStyleMA200 - MA 200 line style. LineWidthMA200 - MA 200 line width. ShowMonth - show/hide support/resistance levels. ColorMonthL – line color. LineStyl
MA Line Martingale OPS MT4
Erwin Rustandi
EA "MA Line" with martingale feature EA will open position once per signal To see how EA works, please watch the video below.  In the video, I perform parameter optimization and do a backtest. The parameters that are optimized are: - MA Period - Stop Loss - Take Profit For the future, I will try to optimize and test EA, especially the expert advisors in the mql5 community. hopefully it can be useful for colleagues in the mql5 community.
MA Super Trend Free
Jorge Alejandro Agudelo Alvarez
MA Super Trend Free ** EURUSD ONLY ** An indicator based on the average maximum and minimum of a candle period, and next to the average true range (ATR) result in a powerful visual work tool to optimize the trend zones and potential areas of market entry. With great adaptability in any type of financial asset and with a potential for visual simplification in the graph, which will make the graph a simple work table. Accompanied by sound notifications, direct messages and enabled emails for an eff
Euro Gift EurUsd M15
Marek Kupka
Euro Gift (EURUSD M15) I am celebrating my birthday, so i will publish some EAs for FREE. This EA has been developed for EURUSD M15.  Strategy is based on ICHIMOKU indicator and has very little parameters - so its VERY ROBUST. It uses Stop pending orders with   ATR   Stop Loss . At 9:00 pm we are closing trading every Friday to prevent from weekly gaps. !!!Adjust these times to your broker time. Preset values are for UTC+2 only!!! For every candle the pending orders are modified to adapt the mar
AQ Pattern Explorer
Pattern Explorer is a reliable tool for applying all the power of the most popular Japanese Candlestick Patterns . It uses Machine Learning algorithms to confirm all the patterns. What is the most impressive thing about it? Select Take Profit and Stop Loss and click on “Backtest your strategy” button to backtest your strategy in real time and to see according to your selection: Total signals Testable signals (signals that are reliable to be tested) Profitable signals (%) Loss signals (%) Total p
Time Levels
Yurij Izyumov
The indicator is designed for displaying the following price levels on the chart: Previous day's high and low. Previous week's high and low. Previous month's high and low. Each of the level types is customizable. In the indicator settings, you set line style, line color, enable or disable separate levels. The version of the exact same indicator but only with sound alerts there - Time Levels with Alerts . Configurations ----Day------------------------------------------------- DayLevels - enable
Vortex Trend Indicator
Francesco Petralla
Developed by Etienne Botes and Douglas Siepman, the Vortex Indicator consists of two oscillators that capture positive and negative trend movement. In creating this indicator, Botes and Seipman drew on the work of Welles Wilder and Viktor Schauberger, who is considered the father of implosion technology. Despite a rather involved formula, the indicator is quite straightforward to understand and easy to interpret. A bullish signal triggers when the positive trend indicator (VI+ green line) crosse
Telegram Alerts
Gad Benisty
Telegram Alerts is a tool which send alerts on trades to Telegram Alert on any event concerning a position : Opening, Closing, modification (SL, TP) Alert on Equity change Display Risk, Reward and progress of profit/lost for each position Send signals from your indicators or experts Multi-lingual This Utility is FREE but has huge ambition. The only " cost" is to give me Feedback (comments & reviews) to make it a best giver If you are facing any issue using this utility, please contact me to be s
RVM Pro Free
Enrique Enguix Vino
Spot price changes with the RVM Pro channel! Confirm signals with unique algorithm based on my iTrend Indicator Its self-adjusting channel that works using volatility allows to detect the most possible points where the price can reverse. It adapts to all markets, thanks to its ability to optimize itself. Also in its panel there is a temporary table of Moving Averages for different Time Frames! Important Information for Using RVM Pro Learn how to properly use RVM Pro:   English instructi
Chart sync move
Xiaowei Yan
This to is to view history data with multi symbols and timeframes. It move all charts to the same datetime so you can view candles of different symbols, different timeframes at the same time. To use, simply load the indicator to charts that need sync moved. Description size must be 300 to 3600 characters without spaces, so I have to add some meanless words here, balabala
TrendFinder SMA
Jose Miranda Ramos
Trendfinder SMA are Colored candlesticks showing the trend based on two Simple Moving Averages and the slope of the slow moving average. This indicator will give you the color change on the next bar on the confirmation candle and will never repaint   Trendfinder SMA is optimize to trade on any market and to be used trending and None trending markets. PLEASE TAKE NOTICE: For best results use this indicator as an extra tools after you have completed your regular analysis and use it for alerts base
Mikhail Bilan
TRADING INDICATOR SHOWS AS JUDGING FROM the NAME BEGINNING AND the END of the THREE TRADING SESSIONS in the FOREX market : ASIAN(RED),EUROPEAN (GREEN), AMERICAN (PURPLE) COLOR. This indicator applies a color marking on the chart of any currency pair, in the form of squares. Each square corresponds to the duration of the session and its height corresponds to the trading range. 
TDI RT Clone
Irina Polyakova
В основе индикатора TDI лежат следующие индикаторы: RSI, Moving Average, Bollinger bands, но основным из них нужно выделить RSI, весь расчет индикатора завязан от его значений. Зеленая линия (линия RSI) – сглаженные простой (по умолчанию) скользящей средней значения индикатора RSI, период сглаживания 2. Красная линия (сигнальная линия) – сглаженные простой (по умолчанию) скользящей средней значения индикатора RSI, период сглаживания 7. Синие линии – индикатор Bollinger bands по умолчанию п
Level Harvester FF
Catalin Zachiu
          The robot places limit and stop orders at key price levels and closes orders , or the basket of orders when profit is reached .If the profit target is not reached by the first opened order it makes use of the power of accumulation , it accumulates orders untill the profit target is reached .             For a more professional and a more customizable EA you may try the paid version here .               The best result is achieved on the EUR/USD pair on timeframe H1 . Lower or higher ti
CoupleHedgeEA Pro
Nikolaos Pantzos
It's a two (2) pairs correlation system to use 3 currencies to make 2 pairs to open hedge orders on those. The expert starts opening four orders for each couple (2 plus and 2 minus) and wait to move prices in one direction to make a grid of orders. The expert can use a maximum of 5 currencies to make 10 pairs and make 30 couples. It is important the order of currencies is from the strongest to the weakest. Strongest... EUR/GBP/AUD/NZD/USD/CAD/CHF/JPY ...weakest. Canto inputs minimum o
Roman Smirnov
We present the latest development of 2014 - a non-redrawing AutoPilot indicator for working on Forex. The indicator draws an automatic trend line. No need to draw it manually any more! Our product is an essential tool that allows you to monitor multiple currencies at the same time! The indicator is not redrawn and is very efficient in detecting the trend. We have tried to make it effective for trades who trade serious money, while at the same time keeping it simple and clear for beginners. Our i
Ranger FF
Catalin Zachiu
The expert places limit orders above key price levels trying to buy lower and sell higher than the key price levels and when the total sum of buy orders , in currency  or the total sum of sell orders reaches the profit factor or the maximum loss factor allowed the EA closes all opened orders. The expert advisor multiplies lot size in acordance with floating loss in order to achieve the profit factor .  This is the free version of the product and lot size , magic number are locked . To get the fu
Adx color candles
Christophe Godart
This indicator is based on the ADX indicator and indicates the trend very easily. You can customize the indicator to your needs: ADXPeriod ADXSignal_Level BarWidth CandleWith HeikenAshi The    Adx color candles  indicator is fully FREE and compatible with the other part of the system; the Acc arrow >>>>  https://www.mql5.com/en/market/product/33770 ENJOY and check out my other indicator:  https://www.mql5.com/en/market/product/32111
Algo Profit Booster DEMO
Soumitra Dan
This is a 30-day trial version of the full-featured, full-function paid version of Algo Profit Booster Tool for MetaTrader 4 platform. There is no usage restriction during the trial period. It can even be applied to realtime charts. Registration is required. In this release there are major upgrades and modifications over the previous release. The following lists summarizes the release notes, It includes 2 robust expert advisors with source code (except for the indicator). Both EAs come with de
Fibo Zone Lite
Evgeny Galikhin
The indicator displays strong support and resistance areas near the levels of certain type calculated using ZigZag vertices with greater amplitude. The strength of levels is defined by the accumulation of Fibo levels calculated using ZigZag vertices with lower amplitude. These areas can be considered as potential reversal zones and used to perform trades and fix profit. Potential reversal zones efficiently sort out the signals received from the oscillators. Also, the functionality for the detect
Simple CCI
Kenneth Parling
Introduction Expert adviser 'Simple CCI' - Simple? yes and totally free! Suits both the novice trader as the professional and all in between. Entry signals by well known and popular Commodity Channel Index. Adviser open and closing orders by a change in signal. To lock in and secure profits adviser use trailing stop,no dangerous trading techniques used in trading operations. Equipped with stop loss which operates in two modes,automatic or by user defined pips. Forex tested,others not. Enjoy,it's
TDI Signal
Devy Tanusukma
Traders Dynamic Index (TDI) Signal  Input parameters: signal mode: set it to true if you want to plug it into   STAT (Signal Tester and Trader) arrow shift: distance between fast EMA line to arrow on chart middle band filter price line filter RSI period RSI price method Volatility period MA period 1 MA period 2 Averaging method You can find the best setting for 4 hour EURUSD on  this video
SC MTF Ma for MT4 with alert
Krisztian Kenedi
Highly configurable Moving average indicator. Features: Alert functions.  Multi timeframe ability (lower and higher TF also).  Color customization.  Linear interpolation.  Works on strategy tester in multi timeframe mode (at weekend without ticks also).  Parameters: MA Timeframe:  You can set the lower/higher timeframes for Ma. Bar Shift for Lower Timeframe:   Shift left or right the lower timeframe's candle. MA Period,  MA Method, Applied Price, MA Shift:   Ma parameters. Stepless (Linear I
KST Know Sure Thing indicator
Robert Maidla
KST, Know Sure Thing indicator, is a popular indicator amongst swing traders. The formula was developed by Martin J. Pring. The indicator is used for detecting market momentum and catching huge trends. "KST indicator is useful to identify major stock market cycle junctures because its formula is weighted to be more greatly influenced by the longer and more dominant time spans, in order to better reflect the primary swings of stock market cycle. The concept behind the oscillator is that price tre
Dmitri Zaitsev
Any trader knows that proper exit out of the trade is at least as important (may be even more important) than the entry. Forex Expert Advisor ArgoTrail is designed to help you exit from your trades at the best possible moment.  How to work with this EA? Assume we are trading a trend movement of the price. In this case, the common approach is to exit the trade when the trend movement is exhausted and the price returns to its moving average or some other indicator. Of course, you can sit before yo
TWG Kryptonite Free
Guan Chuan Lee
THIS EA IS FREE VERSION OF   https://www.mql5.com/en/market/product/57386 JOIN OUR TELEGRAM GROUP  https://t.me/tradewithgc THIS EA ONLY SUPPORT EURUSD MT4 Free:    https://www.mql5.com/en/market/product/57443 MT4 Paid:     https://www.mql5.com/en/market/product/57446 You should understand this before you purchase this EA. Please do not over believe in the back testing result. No one can predict the future. This is not a confirm profitable strategy. There will be ups and downs in your tra
Custom MACD Demo
Augustine Kamatu
This is a demo version of the EA    https://www.mql5.com/en/market/product/52043 Check out other great products from  https://www.mql5.com/en/users/augustinekamatu/seller   The EA analyses multiple currencies and multiple time frames and picks the best entry points based on Tipu MACD which is freely available in the market here   https://www.mql5.com/en/market/product/17731   . It will look for quick exits where the trend changes. All exits are purposely designed to be with some profit at mo
LT Round Numbers
Thiago Duarte
Round numbers (or key levels) is an amazing strategy. These numbers are strong support and resistance levels. So what this indicator does is draw horizontal lines on the chart to help you find these levels. Configurations: 1St level: Color - lines color. Style - lines style. Width -  lines width. 2Nd level: Second level lines? -  turn off second level lines. Color -  lines color. Style -  lines style. Width -  lines width. Space between lines in points -  I don't need explain :) Display at backg
Sergey Ponomarev
The MacdiMoving Expert Advisor trades using signals of the MACD and Moving Average standard indicators. It is good in following the trend. It features a trailing function, which moves the stop loss towards profit. It works on all currency pairs and all time frames. If you did not set the take profit and/or stop loss, the EA will automatically close the positions according to the signals. You can always monitor the EA operation. All of its trading actions are displayed in the top left corner, as
Auto SL and TP Maker
Oleg Remizov
Auto SL & TP Maker  is an assistant for all those who forget to set StopLoss and/or TakeProfit in deal parameters, or trade on a very fast market and fail to place them in time. This tool automatically tracks trades without StopLoss and/or TakeProfit and checks what level should be set in accordance with the settings. The tool works both with market and pending orders. The type of orders to work with can be set in the parameters. It can track either trades for the instrument it runs on, or all i
Nikolaos Pantzos
This indicator uses Bollinger Bands lines to detect markets trend. It's a very useful tool for manual trading. Furthermore it is possible to use the indicator with ATR as a filter , as well as the option to pop up an alert when a reverse trend occurs. The readings are very simple to use and understand. Indicator works best on H1 timeframe. You can to get source code from here . Parameters BarsCount - How many bars used to show the line. BBperiod - Period of Bollinger Bands. BBdeviations - De
SMA Cross EA
Gerardo Monita Ruiz
Asesor Experto creado a base de una estrategia de 3 medias móviles. Puedes configurar los parámetros de cada una para lograr cruces de medias a medida. Puedes establecer los valores de TP y SL Cuenta con sistema de SL dinámico para proteger tus ganancias. Este asesor permite realizar Backtesting muy completo para crear estrategias solidas a tu gusto. Si conoces alguna confirmación basada en otro indicador para validar el cruce de la media y hacer este asesor aún más ´preciso, házmelo saber para
Universal Heiken Ashi Pro
Nikolay Churbanov
Universal Heiken Ashi Pro calculates Heiken Ashi candles with different smoothing methods. The indicator displays two series of Heiken Ashi candles with different parameters. The indicator generates signals along the trend in the direction of slow Heiken Ashi after correction of the fast Heiken Ashi. Then indicator shows statistics and trades for a certain period. Information dashboard The dashboard displays the following fields: Trades - trades count for a certain period; Win(%) - percent of
Pinocchio smart breakout system
Pavel Volkov
This Expert Advisor version works on a real account: https://www.mql5.com/en/signals/author/pvolku The EA features the breakout impulse strategy. At each bar, the EA looks at the impulse power relative to the previous group of bars, and if the conditions are met, opens a position in the direction of an impulse. At each subsequent bar, the EA checks the relevance of the last impulse and if it remains relevant, Pinocchio adds to a position according to the settings. Thus, the EA catches a movemen
Maxim Polishchuk
The SynchroCharts utility allows to simultaneously view quotes history on multiple charts by synchronizing charts by time and timeframe. After starting, the utility creates a dashboard on all charts: ÷ - allows to enable/disable the display of the crosshair on the current chart; ∞ - enable/disable synchronous display of the first visible bar of the current chart with the main one. The timeframes of the charts are also synchronized. Settings: Speed refresh - The refresh rate of the charts: th
IceFX SpreadMonitor
Norbert Mereg
IceFX SpreadMonitor is a special spread logging indicator which displays the current, minimum/maximum and average spread values. These values are set to be visible even after a reboot. Also, SpreadMonitor could save all the desired spread values to .csv files for later analysis of the results. Indicator parameters: SpreadLowLevel - low level of spread (show value in green color) SpreadHighLevel - high level of spread (show value in red color) BGColor - background of panel SpreadNormalColor - c
The Blue Sapphire
Himma Youssef
The Blue Sapphire   (Very Fast, Easy Setup, More Power!)   The Blue Sapphire  an  intelligent Trading Robot uses a smart Grid algorithm. Also it uses some Indicators as a filter to maximize Correct entries. More Options and Profits Please to use the Red Sapphire Robot: https://www.mql5.com/en/market/product/41400 Recommendations :  Pair = EURUSD. TimeFrame = 1 Hour. Broker = Trusted Brokers Inputs descriptions :  Initial Lot  - Initial lot size. Trailing Stop  - virtual take profit. More Opt
FFx Universal Strength Meter
Eric Venturi-Bloxs
PRO version is available here: https://www.mql5.com/en/market/product/12648 FFx Universal Strength Meter is more than a basic strength meter. Instead of limiting the calculation to price, it can be based on any of the 19 integrated strength modes + 9 timeframes. With the FFx USM, you are able to define any period for any timeframe. For example, you can set the dashboard for the last 10 candles for M15… Full flexibility! Very easy to interpret... It gives a great idea about which currency is weak
Support and Resistance Static and Dynamic
Mehran Sepah Mansoor
This indicator can find important market points and help you draw static and dynamic support and resistance . It's also draw some fibo levels for more convenience. See profitable EA with lowest possible price   here With the help of the levels that it introduces to you, you can guess the return points of the market, or if it break levels ( breakout ), you can take advantage of the strong movement of the market. All Timeframes and All Currency, CFD , Metal , ... Inputs : -Model (Static / Dynamic)
Average Bar Chart
Brian Lillard
The ' Average Bar Chart ' indicator was created to showcase the traditional Heiken Ashi calculation as an exotic charting style. This indicator is known for reducing chart noise for a smoother price action however additional indicators are recommended. Key Features Candlesticks for OHLC are removed from the chart. Average bars may be shown as complete bars without tails. All functionality and features of this exotic chart are inputs. Input Parameters Chart Timeframe =  PERIOD_CURRENT; - peri
LT Watermark MT4
Thiago Duarte
This indicator draw a watermark on the chart, with the timeframe and symbol name. You can change everything, including add a aditional watermark. Functions: Symbol watermark: Size -  text size. Font -  text font. Color -  text color. Background text -  watermark at foreground or background mode. Horizontal correction -  x correction in pixels. Vertical correction -  y correction in pixels. Separator period X symbol -  what will separate the period from symbol. Aditional watermark: Enable custom
Pulse Indicator
Igor Kryuchkov
This indicator is suitable for trading Forex and Binary Options, depending on its settings. The indicator is designed for trend trading. A buy signal: An up arrow appears on the chart. A sell signal: A down arrow appears on the chart. Input parameters === Setup CCI === Period CCI 1 - Period of the CCI Period CCI 2 - Period of the CCI Level BUY - Level of the CCI for buying Level SELL - Level of the CCI for selling === Setup RSI === Level SELL - Level of the RSI for selling Period SELL - Period
Start Trade
Dmitry Shutov
Общие сведения Для начала торговли достаточно небольшого депозита. Идеален для быстрого разгона депозита!!! Подходит для мультивалютной торговли. Невосприимчивость к большой задержке и величине спреда. Принцип работы После запуска советника на графике советник запоминает уровень открытия первого ордера. Выше уровня открытия первого ордера советник выставляет сеть ордеров на  Sell . Ниже уровня открытия первого ордера советник выставляет сеть ордеров на  Buy . Если общая прибыль ордеров на поку
Double Parabolic MTF free
Pavel Zamoshnikov
This is an advanced multi-timeframe version of the popular Parabolic SAR indicator. Double Parabolic MTF free combines two timeframes on Parabolic SAR graph. The higher timeframe Parabolic defines the trend, while the lower timeframe one searches for the market entry point in trend direction. How to use Buy if the lower timeframe Parabolic has switched and is under the price. The higher timeframe Parabolic should also be under the price. A stop loss can be set at the higher or lower timeframe
Alexey Lopatin
ZigZagChannel draws the channel lines that are parallel to ZigZag's last sector. The upper and lower lines are built at the maximum possible distance from ZigZag lines. You can also set the ZigZag parameters (ZZ_ExtDepth, ZZ_ExtDeviation and ZZ_ExtBackstep input parameters). Besides, there are the following parameters for setting line drawing: DrawLines - enable/disable drawing the channel lines HighLineColor - the channel's upper line color HighLineWidth - the channel's upper line width LowLine
Hi Lo Breakout Free
Stephen Reynolds
A system with steady ROI > 10% a month like clockwork!  Hi Lo Breakout strategy opens and closes trades based on the time of day in relation to the highs and lows of both yesturday and today. It will then trade out these prices using the trade management settings within user inputs.    For best results see .set file at comment  no2 . FEATURES A purely mechanical system. Simply set and leave. No martingale or grid.    Risks are small per trade.   An optional automatic lot adjustment feature th
SR indicator
Alexander Chertnik
SR is a support and resistance indicator, it shows major highs and lows by different colors. The color of a level is changing if the last high or low are touching it. After the closing of a bar above or below level, it will delete it. extern inputs: loop for candles / colors / drawing time *This indicator signal is not perfect and have to be used with other market analysis and confirmations.
Tipu Stops
Kaleem Haider
Tipu Stops is a simple indicator that plots buy/sell stop loss channels and pips value using commonly used indicators. Tipu Stops also works complementary to the Tipu Trader Panel. You can use the stop loss values from Tipu Stops in Tipu Trader before using the panel for trading. How to Use Add the indicator to the chart and select your preferred method of stop loss plot. You may choose from the following methods: Average True Range on PRICE_CLOSE. Average True Range bands on Hull Moving Avera
ZigZag Wave Medvedev Double
Valeriy Medvedev
This ZigZag does not re-paint. It does not require the settings and reflects the real picture of the market showing the changes in the sellers' and buyers' attitudes and allowing you to join the winners. The indicator consists of the two ZigZags: the main one ( https://www.mql5.com/en/market/product/12859 ) shows the trade direction, while the second one ( https://www.mql5.com/en/market/product/12330 ) allows you to detect potentially profitable entry and adding patterns on small fluctuation wav
Alexey Lopatin
Extended version of the TrendLine Alert indicator. It displays alert - Alert, sends E-mail and Push-notifications, and plays a sound file when the price crosses a user defined line (horizontal or trend). You can specify the index of the bar on which the intersection (BarIndex) is checked. If you want to check the current bar, BarIndex = 0, if last closed, BarIndex = 1. Indicator Settings StrongSignal - trigger when a bar crosses the trend line (true), i.e. when the open price and the close pri
Icarus Reversals Indicator FREE
The Icarus Reversals(TM) FREE Indicator is a powerful tool to identify high-probability reversal points, across all instruments.  The Reversals Indicator provides traders and investors with a simple-to-use and highly dynamic insight into points of likely price-action reversals.  Generated by a unique proprietary code-set, the Reversals Indicator (FREE version) generates long and short trade signals, which can be customised for key inputs and colourisation. Settings of the Icarus Reversals FREE h
Easy Parabolic Sar
Alexander Nikolaev
The Expert Advisor places orders based on the points of the Parabolic Sar indicator. If your trading strategy utilizes this indicator, the EA will save you from the necessity to move your pending orders after every candlestick (e.g. 5 minutes or 1 hour) and will do it automatically. You can set the EA to open only BuyStop or only SellStop or both. Buy default both Buy and Sell are enabled. The EA does not use any indicators other than Parapolic Sar. Therefore you are to decide the time to run th
Vyacheslav Korolev
This trend following Expert Advisor trades based on signals from a built-in Pin Bar indicator . The trend is determined by two moving averages of any timeframe. Works on any timeframe. Better test and optimize it in the Tester using open prices. It is faster, and the difference between the test with every tick and the open prices is minimal.   Parameters MAGICMA — the magic number of the EA StopLos — the Stop Loss level TakeProfit — the Take Profit level Lot — fixed lot size MM — money manage
RSI TrendMT4
Vitaly Dodonov
RSI TrendMT4 is a trend indicator based, as one can guess, on RSI. As we know, oscillators have oversold and overbought areas. Indicators' lines do not stay for a long time in these areas in case of flat. But they spend quite a perceptible time there when the price follows the trend. The RSI indicator peculiarity is that it reaches oversold and overbought areas less often than Stochastic or CCI. It generates less signals (which are frequently false) about possible change in direction. This pecul
Simple Trend Follower
Georgi Gaydarov
This is a simple trend indicator. It draws the arrows live and shows when the potential trend starts or ends. It is separated by my indicator for positions on the trend direction Cross MAs Trend Entry , so that you can use it for free and get more familiar with my strategies. Note : the indicator does not redraw arrows, it works absolutely live and for every period and simbol ( it is most optimized for M5 ) It has simple input parameters, the default values are optimized for M5 for most of th

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