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Expert Advisors and Indicators for MetaTrader 4 - 30

icon Trading robots perform market transactions automatically, while indicators allow you to better analyze quotes and predict the price behavior. With these applications, you will be able to perform deals in MetaTrader 4 in a more informed manner, while capturing more opportunities.
GA RSI Project
Osama Echchakery
Introducing the "Guardian Angel System" - Your Ultimate Trading Protector! Unlock the full potential of your trading with the Guardian Angel System - a comprehensive and powerful Expert Advisor designed to enhance your trading experience and safeguard your investments. Let's explore the remarkable features that make the Guardian Angel System a game-changer in the world of trading: Precise Trade Execution: The Guardian Angel System incorporates a sophisticated Spread Filter, allowing you to s
Magnet Draw MT4
Phongwiroon Khompradit
Emulate TradingView drawing experience with magnet snap to the nearest price. Supported drawing tools: Vertical Line Horizontal Line Trend Line Horizontal Ray (Angle Trend Line) Fibonacci Retracement Rectangle Input: Threshold (px) : The distance in pixel unit to snap the crosshair to the nearest price. Feel free to write the review, request more features or report bugs.
Khurram Mustafa
5 (4)
As per name  Strength,  This Indicator is a  affordable trading tool  because with the help of  Popular Developers & Support of M Q L Platform  I have programmed this strategy. I tried to input different types and different periods of Calculation regarding Support Resistance, Trends, Trend lines, Currency Strength, Oversold and Overbought Indications for good results. Furthermore, I have also care about  Adjustable Settings  So Trader can easily get in touch with market in another way also. What
Introduction RSI divergence is a main technique used to determine trend reversing when it’s time to sell or buy because prices are likely to drop or pick in the charts. The RSI Divergence indicator can help you locate the top and bottom of the market. This indicator finds Regular divergence for pullback the market and also finds hidden RSI Divergence to show continuing trend. This indicator shows divergence on the RSI that is a strong hint for an excellent entry point and finds immediately with
The Free XR Gartley Pattern MT4 is an indicator which displays and alerts Gartley pattern detected on the candlestick chart. It also displays potential trade with calculated Take Profit and Stop Loss, Timeframe H1. The Gartley pattern has two key rules: The retracement of point B must be 0.618 of XA (but not more than 0.786) The retracement of point D must be 1.272 of the AB movement The first leg (XA) will lead to a BC retracement movement (not reaching A). Patterns are visible on the chart as
his is a custom indicator based on double-average crossing and arrow marking. Make multiple lists when blue arrows appear up. Make a blank list when the red arrow appears down. When the pink line crosses the green line upwards, the pink line is above, the green line is below, the golden fork appears, and the blue arrow appears. When the pink line crosses down through the green line, the pink line is below, the green line is above, a dead fork appears, and a red arrow appears. This is a
Greedy Gray
Mihails Babuskins
4.55 (29)
Contact me after download to send you the user manual PDF file. This is the free version of the  Greedy-Expert  series. T he free version works on   “USDJPY”  chart. Monitoring the EA in real time: Signal 1 Signal 2 Signal 3 Signal 4 Signal 5 Full Automated trading robot, for the first time on the market, an Expert Advisor is designed based on Volume Profile FR . Volume Profile FR  calculates volume in price levels (typical volume indicator shows only candle volumes). With the volume of price
Indicator iPump for MT4
Sergey Batudayev
3 (2)
The iPump indicator is a versatile indicator   that combines the advantages of three categories of indicators. simultaneous trend detection on several Timeframes defining zones of resistance and support determination of overbought and oversold zones Indicator functions: Defining a trend This function will be necessary for all traders who want to objectively assess the current market direction and avoid subjectivity. It will be clear and intuitive. Determination of support and resistance levels
95 USD
You have good intuitions, but you want more from your trade ... or you are a tireless hedger . Would it be very useful for you if the TP moves further and further with configurable response times and offsets price ? Imagine: You have a buy order on a bullish day on Dow Jones. You set a "take profit" at 200 points, but you know he can give you more! Attach "Orions Move Target" to any chart and it will pass all the open orders in the terminal, moving them following these 3 trivial parameters:
Key level order block
Presley Annais Tatenda Meck
5 (5)
The key level order block indicator automatically draws order-blocks for you on the chart. The indicator compliments any strategy and can also be used as an independent tool. It can work with smart money concepts, harmonic patterns, supply and demand, flag patterns, Quasimodo strategy and many more. Advantages  The key level order block DOES NOT RE-PAINT, giving you confidence when a signal appears and also helps when looking back.  The key level order block includes an on/off button on th
59 USD
Clever Trend Force
Carlos Forero
4.83 (6)
Description: Indicator which uses trend, breakout and reversal innovative indicators to show a complete visual trading strategy, with transparent metrics. It follows simple visual patterns, which will improve your trading significantly. Support:   We create great tools for the entire trading community. Most of them are free. If you believe in what we do  Support Us Here.   KEY LINKS:   Indicator Manual  –   How to Install  –  Frequent Questions  -  All Products  Outstanding Features Shows c
Grid Manager
Himma Youssef
4.78 (9)
This is a  demo version . Download the  full version   from this link   https://www.mql5.com/fr/market/product/84850 Full version Allows you to :  Set the number of levels (trades). Lot size and you can do Martingale to raise the lot size for each level. Set distance between levels, and you can manage the distance for each level using Distance Q. Static TP and SL for each level. You can open : BUY STOP / BUY LIMIT / SELL STOP / SELL LIMIT (levels in one click). Close all buy orders. Close all
Lisek Weis Wave
Darius Hans Lischka
5 (3)
This Weis Wave Volume indicator is a tool to help traders identify the current price trend.  Understanding volume can provide insight into a market's behavior to help you determine its overall health. The most important rule is this: volume precedes price. Typically, before a market price moves, volume comes into play. It has 2 main colors histogram which are green and red. – Green indicates an upward wave. The more the price increases, the bigger the green volume gets. – The red color shows a d
Trend Based Fibo MT4
Nguyen Tuan Son
3 (1)
The most Flexible & Reliable   Trend-Based Fibonacci indicator by Safe Trading. This indicator helps you calculate Trend-Based Fibonacci levels base on the main and retracement trends to predict future price . If you just looking for a simple Fibonacci Retracement indicator, please use  this Free indicator . ### FEATURES ### Auto-calculate up to 7 Trend-Based Fibonacci levels on adjustable frame. Adjust Fibonacci levels as your need. Adjust the start and the end of calculated frame in indicato
Forex Mastery Escort EA
Nardus Van Staden
5 (1)
Introducing "Forex Mastery Escort EA," a game-changing Expert Advisor (EA) specifically designed for the MQL5 market. This innovative EA combines the power of multiple indicators, including IMA (Intrabar Moving Average), CCI (Commodity Channel Index), and MACD (Moving Average Convergence Divergence), to provide you with unparalleled trading accuracy. Forex Mastery Escort EA leverages a sophisticated algorithm that meticulously analyzes market conditions, taking into account the insights derived
BACD Cloud
Muhammad Elbermawi
4.57 (7)
Or B ermaui A verage C onvergence D ivergence Cloud , which is an oscillator that shows trend direction and measures its strength in percent. BACD Cloud calculation is as follow: 1- Calculate two exponential moving average. One of them is faster than the other. I will call the first (Fast) and the second (Slow) 2- Find the center between them, where: Center MA = (Fast + Slow) / 2 3- Calculate BACD Line as follow: BACD = 100 * (Fast / Center MA) 4- Calculate the BACD Signal Line, which i
40 USD
Auto SL TP
Henry Lee Taylor
3.6 (5)
Number one rule to investing is to protect your capital. Never worry about trading without stop loss or take profit with Auto S/L T/P. Auto S/L T/P will automatically  add your preset default stop loss and take profit to any order on the chart it's installed. Be sure to enable auto trading in order for the EA to work. Entering a trade on the go from your mobile is breeze with Auto S/L T/P running on the chart on your desktop. Just enter a trade and your default stop loss and take profit will be
UPD1 Impulse Channel
Vitaliy Kuznetsov
5 (7)
The channel indicator is trending and does not repaint. It creates an ATR price channel with the opposite volatility border. The indicator has proven itself well in the strategy of trading on impulse levels and fake breakout. The entry point should be looked for on the correction to the indicator line, and the take profit should be set on the opposite border. Blog-Link -   Retest and Fake Breakout with UPD1 Input parameters Bars Count - history to display ATR - average true range period
Niguru Gold V1
Nino Guevara Ruwano
GOLD (XAU) is one of the most volatile assets, and is the most attractive asset for traders. Use this EA with this simple setup to trade Gold. To use this EA, the user only needs to fill in the Lot , TP , SL , and the EA will work optimally.  Choose the   M1   time frame for this EA, to get as many trades as possible. Even if the user leaves the TP and SL values (TP=0 & SL=0), the EA will automatically determine the best TP and SL values so that trading can be profitable. As an addition
Volatility Ratio
Nesimeye Oswald
4.25 (20)
The Volatility Ratio was developed by Jack D. Schwager to identify trading range and signal potential breakouts. The volatility ratio is defined as the current day's true range divided by the true range over a certain number of days N (i.e. N periods). The following formula is used to calculate the volatility ratio: Volatility Ratio (VR) = Today's True Range/True Range over N number of days To calculate the volatility ratio, the true range is calculated using the following formula: Today's True
Three Stochastics
Pavel Zamoshnikov
4 (19)
This indicator signals about crossing of the main and the signal lines of stochastic (lower stochastic) in the trend direction which is determined by two stochastics of higher time frames (higher stochastics). It is not a secret that stochastic generates accurate signals in a flat market and a lot of false signals in a protracted trend. A combination of two stochastics of higher time frames performs a good filtration of false signals and shows the main tendency. The indicator is recommended for
FREE TopClock  Indicator: This indicator is   an Analog Clock That Shows: Local Time Of Pc or Time Of Broker Server or sessions(Sydney -Tokyo London -NewYork)Time or custom Time( with GMT -Base) this can  shows Candle Time Remainer with Spread live. You can run this indicator several times for different times and move it to different places on the chart. If you would like, this indicator can be customized for brokers and their  IB based on customer needs.  For more information contact us if you
Improved Fractals
Denis Glaz
3.67 (3)
This is a modified Fractals indicator. It works similar the original Bill Williams' indicator, and is additionally enhanced with the possibility to change the top radius, in contrast to the standard radius of 2 bar. Simply put, the indicator checks the top and if it is the minimum/maximum in this radius, such a top is marked by an arrow. Advantages Adjustable radius. Use for drawing support and resistance levels. Use for drawing trend channels. Use within the classical Bill Williams' strategy or
Profit Percent Series 2 The scanner dashboard available here (for  Free) : https://abiroid.com/product/profitpercent-arrows-ma-confluence Read detailed information about MA Confluence here: https://www.mql5.com/en/blogs/post/747474 Here's a post about Common Settings for all Profit Percent Series Indicators: https://www.mql5.com/en/blogs/post/747456 Strategy: Main Signal Indicators (Any One): MA Cross (In-built) or Hull, OBV Cross, Heiken Ashi Cross Validation Indicators (Preferably l
65 USD
Description for EA Magic Sand                     STANDARD ACCOUNT (broker Broker)   Minimum 500 USD  single currency pair EURUSD TF H1-H4 Use with news filter to avoid news (true) use with trend filter XAUUSD (if pair name is GOLD then news filter will not work) TF H1 1000usd (lot size 0.01) use with news filter Live Signal for Currency https://www.mql5.com/en/signals/1876933 CENT ACCOUNT - ( broker click here) The EA is simple and convenient to use - just attach it with
49 USD
Purchasing the Flag Trend Pro indicator  Free!!!  Down load DashBorad: Flag Trend Pro DashBoard    ---> Scan  All pairs and All Timeframes This Indicator  For Cutomer who looking Trend Trading And Filtering With All Important Features Built Inside One Tool!!! Filters out market noise and gives entry signals with exit levels.  All this makes it an easy-to-use trend trading system for beginners, advanced and professional traders. Advantages:  Easy, visual and effective reverses de
35 USD
Champion MT4
Evgenii Aksenov
4.64 (14)
This is a multi-currency Expert Advisor with an intelligent order opening function, a news filter and dynamic drawdown control.  The Expert Advisor analyzes the price of each candle and its dynamic deviation in the flow of quotes and makes a decision only when the candle closes. A series of orders is closed only when a positive result is achieved.  A system of algorithms is used in combination with risk control technology to reduce account drawdown. Champion EA is suitable for beginners and
299 USD
Ugochukwu Mobi
If you want to find good trading opportunities, then you must trade near the Trend Line. This allows you to have a tighter       stop loss   on your trades — which improves your     risk to reward . But that’s not all… Because if you combine Trend Line with Support and Resistance, that’s where you find the best trading opportunities. Now you might wonder: “So when do I enter a trade?” Well, you can use reversal     candlestick patterns   (like the   Hammer, Bullish Engulfing, etc.) as your entry
125 USD
StrategyQuant Gold Break MT4
StrategyQuant s.r.o.
4.67 (3)
The Expert Advisor tool has been developed for XAUUSD (GOLD), based on KAMA,Ichimoku and Market orders. The stop loss is based on fixed pips. It has been backtested on more than 10-year long on M1 data with high quality of modeling. The enclosed screenshots demonstrate the complexity and coverage of the test by Monte Carlo analysis with 200 simulations. The Expert Advisor passed via Cluster Analysis, Optimization profile, System parameter Permutation . There is no need to set up parameters - a
ITS FREE I Recommend   www.CoinexxBroker.com  as a great broker and the one I personally use Asia session 1:00 to 9:00 (6pm est to 2 am est) Eur means London Session 10:00 to 18:00 (3 am est to 11 am est) USA means New York Session 15:00 to 23:00 (8 am est to 4 pm est) Session indicator highlights the start of each trading session. You can show all sessions or edit the settings to only show the hours you want highlighted  (Asia) means Asian Session ,(Eur)  means London Session , (USA) means New
Clever MACD
Carlos Forero
5 (2)
Description Better version of MACD indicator which offer a complete visual trading strategy and realize an auto-optimization KEY LINKS:  How to Install  –  Frequent Questions  -  All Products  How is this indicator useful? NEVER repaints. Detect best parameters of MACD indicator, based on profit factor during the specified period. This indicator can be used as a visual strategy, following the recommendations of entry, stop, and targets. Indicator features It can be used as a complete trading s
ADX Channel
Alexander Nikolaev
4.83 (6)
ADX Channel is an indicator that plots the channel depending on the values of the ADX (Average Directional Movement Index) indicator. The resulting channel is a little similar to the Envelopes, but its lines depend on the market volatility. The sell trade is usually executed fast when the price touches and bounces from the upper line of the channel, buy - from the lower. It is recommended to trade when there is no significant news. The recommended timeframes: M5 - H1. The indicator is not design
Andrey Spiridonov
4 (6)
The BinaryFortune indicator has been developed and adapted specifically for trading short-term binary options. The algorithm of the indicator analyzes numerous factors before generating a signal. The indicator is installed in the conventional way. The indicator consists of an information window, which displays the name of the trading instrument, support and resistance levels, and the signal itself ( BUY , SELL or WAIT ). A signal is accompanied by a sound and a pop-up Alert. Advantages of the in
This trend scanner indicator is using two main indicators to identify trends. Frist the EMAs to provide a view on Bullish / Bearish momentum. When the shorter EMA (calculated off more recent price action) crosses, or is above, the slower moving EMA (calculated off a longer period of price action), it suggests that the market is in an uptrend. Second the Stochastic RSI, When RSI is < 20 it is considered oversold, and when > 80 it is overbought. These conditions suggests that momentum is very str
Breakout Monster Mini
Abdulfattah Yahya Mohammed Alhazmi
It is a very profitable EA, to trade trends breakout, and manage trades, takeprofit, stoploss, move to breakeven, and trailing stop. I work with this EA, and the reversal/pullback version since 2014.  This is a demo   version of the full   Breakout Monster EA . It works on Real and Demo accounts. Demo version restrictions: Money Management is disabled. Lot size is restricted to 0.01 lots only (Or the minimum allowed by broker). Numerical, SL and TP set to 100 pips. They cannot be modified i
The   VWAP indicator   is our version of the popular Volume-Weighted Average Price indicator. The VWAP is the ratio between the value traded (price multiplied by the number of volume traded) and the total volume traded over a specific time period. As a result, it measures the average price of the instrument much better than the simple moving average. Although there are many ways to use the VWAP, most investors use it to calculate the daily average.  The indicator works in five modes: Moving  
69 USD
HFT Challenge Pass
Forex Retails Ltd
Introducing This Expert Advisor uses a high frequency algorithm working 100% on prop challenges of NOVA FUNDING, NEXT STEP FUNDED e MSOLUTION FF. Promotional price 97.00 USD for a few days only! Reccomended pairs US30 Timeframe M1 Backtesting instructions Premise: live performances are higher than those obtained by backtesting due to the high frequency algorithm. To perform a backtest as reliable as possible it is necessary to be connected to a demo account on the "MetaQuotes-Demo" server,
97 USD
Discover: The Quantum Forex Trading System _Mastering the Market with Advanced Algorithms & Multifaceted Strategies_ ---This system requires you to install  https://www.mql5.com/en/market/product/104637  for trading signals to be generated. Redefining Forex Trading: In the vast realm of forex, where uncertainty is the only certainty, what if you had a tool that seamlessly combined the best trading strategies into one efficient system? Enter the Quantum Forex Trading System — a harmonious blend
Pin Bar Indicator free
Luca Pulito
4.59 (22)
The Free  Pin Bar MT4  indicator  identifies Pin Bars  It will even give you sound or email alerts if want them. If you download it and like it please leave a review! It would be wonderful Pin Bars are purely based on price action as reflected by the candle formations created by Forex price movements. input Parameters are maximum allowed body/length ratio for the Nose bar. Nose body should be position in top (bottom for bearish pattern) part of the Nose bar.  tells the indicator that the Left E
MTF Stochastic and RSI
Georgiy Gazaryan
5 (2)
A simple but effective helper that will allow you to track both global and local market trends. The indicator combines the work of two oscillators: Stochastic and RSI. Both indicators can be set to any timeframe. Advantages of Use Multitimeframe - you can adjust both indicators to the desired timeframes. To obtain the entry points, you can use the Elder's triple screen system. Highly customizable - you can configure not only the parameters of the indicators, but also their appearance (color an
Heikin-Ashi-Sniper is a perfect addition to your portfolio. It is meant to be traded on EURUSD on H1 Timeframe. It uses Heikin-Ashi High and Low/High of Monthly timeframe to determine optimal entry signals while having a reasonably low drawdown More EA´s will be published shortly to complete the Portfolio. The EA Trades not very frequently it waits for the right chance and places the order. The rest of the time, your capital is free to be traded on other strategies Please see backtest results
Master Trend Dashboard
Chantal Sala
4.67 (3)
Master Trend Dashboard is a new generation indicator, compact, light and efficient. Each element of this Dashboard is designed to return specific signals as: Price Action, Breakout, Net Change (performance of the instrument), algorithmic studies, correlations and statistical calculations. This tool will change your way of trading allowing you to receive important information. See the Graphic Signals to understand every single signal below: Graphic Signals Symbol name and arrow color Green = Cu
150 USD
To see the other products please click here. Divergence Divergence refers to when the price of a currency pair moves in one direction while the trend indicator is moving in the opposite direction. With divergence, there can be positive and negative signals. Divergences in Forex trading are quite common signals of technical analysis. These are basic early Forex signals indicating the trend reversal and filter false signals. Application of this indicator It is usually not easy to detect diverge
UPD1 Murrey Math Levels
Vitaliy Kuznetsov
5 (7)
Murray's mathematical levels are based on observations by Gann and his theory of the squareness of prices. According to Gann, the price moves in 1/8 of the range. These 1/8 allow us to get different resistance and support levels for a given chart, which have their own characteristics. After a breakout of -2 or +2 levels, or with a decrease in volatility, they are rebuilt. You can choose which period to display (current or entire history). All lines are drawn through buffers. Blog-Link -   Murrey
Xtreme TrendLine is an advanced powerful trend indicator. This indicator is based on candles analysis and trend channels. It can be used on any trading pair or instrument on any time-frame. This indicator is accessible in EA via iCustom functions and is fully customizable by user. Features Any trading instrument Any timeframe Fully customizable by user More Trendlines on one chart Can be used in EA via iCustom function Can be use on more timeframe at once to catch best moment for the trade ent
49 USD
MT5 Version Williams Vix Fix MT4 Need help trying to time the bottoms in the market? Williams Vix Fix MT4 is based on the volatility of the market and grants a huge support for finding out when a correction is comming to its end. TRY IT FOR FREE NOW! Williams Vix Fix MT4 derivates from Larry Williams's VixFix indicator addapted for fitting   every asset class . VIX reprensents the fear and greed in the market based on its volatility. A high VIX value shows fear in the market, this is usually a
129 USD
This indicator is intended to assist in the backtesting process. It can be used to highlight time zone session based on your time setting in which you are either asleep or away from your charts, or intraday trading sessions that you want to trade. It will help you to monitor the market move during a period of time. Key features Selecting trading zone time ( Beginning and ending time ) Highlight the trading zone ( Highest High and Lowest low of that specified session ) 100% free indicator. Wor
Fibo Reversals is an indicator which has carefully been put together to attempt to indicate a time period in which an ongoing trend is most probably exhausted and a new trend (actually a reversal trend) inadvertently begins. At this, it should be okay for the manual trader to be on the look out for good trading opportunities. Input Settings Father Fibo - Firstly, this value determines the bars input period within which the calculations of the maximum high price and minimum low price is done. S
75 USD
Fx BFP Pivot Points
Maged Ait Abbi
5 (4)
A forex   pivot point   strategy could very well be a trader’s best friend as far as identifying levels to develop a bias, place stops and identify potential profit targets for a trade. Pivot points have been a go-to for traders for decades. The basis of pivot points is such that price will often move relative to a previous limit, and unless an outside force causes the price to do so, price should stop near a prior extreme. Pivot point trading strategies vary which makes it a versatile tool for
HST Expert
Alexander Chertnik
Head and Shoulders Expert Advisor for mt4 please take into consideration: the EA trading a very specific H&S Pattern, number of trades is low. Minimum trading deposit   100 $ . Default settings for   EURUSD 1H  chart, can be optimize for more charts. Fixed SL/TP & Grid. No Martingale. Works with high spread This EA operates only once per bar opening.     developed, tested and optimized   on "   VantageMarkets   " platform. Recommended broker > Vantage Account Options: leverage 500:1  ( low spr
Yesterday High Low
Jonathan Destailleur
The "Yesterday High Low" indicator for the MetaTrader 4 (MT4) trading platform is a powerful tool designed to help traders identify key price levels from the previous trading day. This indicator provides a visual representation of the high prices, low prices, high/low price averages, and intermediate average levels on the chart. Primarily used by institutional and professional traders, this indicator offers an instant view of price levels that are often considered crucial in financial markets
Indicators are for trend followers! A trading system constructed by three moving averages. Trade with the trend and let profits run. Strongly recommend trend indicators,   automatic calculation of wave standard   and   MT5 version of automatic calculation of wave standard Necessary for traders: tools and indicators Waves automatically calculate indicators, channel trend trading Perfect trend-wave automatic calculation channel calculation , MT4 Perfect trend-wave automatic calculation channe
Zigzag Auto Channel
4 (1)
Automatically draws channel base on zigzag, with option to draw zigzag based on candle wicks or close prices. All zigzag parameters can be adjusted in settings, option to display or hide zigzag also available, every other adjustable settings are self explanatory by their name, or at least so I believe.  Only download this indicator if you need a program to automatically plot channels for you based on zigzag of any specific settings. 
Blahtech Daily Range
Blahtech Limited
4.8 (5)
Was: $99  Now: $34   Blahtech Daily Range indicator displays the average daily range alongside the individual session ranges. Using the daily open price as a reference the indicator shows fixed range and dynamic range targets as lines on the charts. These lines clearly show when the average range has been exhausted. Daily and session ranges can be useful for confirming entries or setting targets and is an excellent odds enhancer for many trading systems. Links [  Documentation   |   Install  |
34 USD
Top Currency Strength
Madzhid Forgani
5 (1)
This indicator is one of the useful tools for traders who trade on currency pairs and based on the strength of each currency they can make a correct decision or confirmation in the positions.  It has been calculated for all the minor currency pairs supported by the broker and displays the values of the major currencies. These currencies are displayed horizontally or vertically according to the trader's config when executing the indicator. One of the trading strategies that can be used is to cho
When you work with several assets and have several open positions in assets, it is a little complicated to visualize when profit or profit each active problem is giving, so with this in mind, we develop this indicator where it facilitates the visualization of operations in assets, where you you will be able to open several different resources and you will be able to visualize the individual result of each asset and speed up your decision making in your business.
EZ Risk Reward Ratio is a simple to use MT4 indicator that allows the user to automatically change the Risk Reward Ratio of an open trade simply by dragging the Take Profit or Stop Loss lines to desired positions on any chart.  Risk to reward ratio is displayed in whichever corner you choose and can be changed by dragging TP and SL lines. First, place the EZ Risk Reward Ratio indicator on the MT4 chart. Second, open a trade on the MT4 chart.  EZ Risk Reward Ratio works on any currency pair and
Super Fibo Idea
Antonis Michos
5 (5)
Telegram Group: Find the link in my profile or contact me Added Trading Panel for OPTIONAL trading. In the left side of the chart you can see Sell and Buy buttons. You can initiate a trade yourself if you want. AFTER THAT ,the EA will manage it. I REPEAT: This is optional. The EA is trading full auto. But you can use the panel for some extra trades if you want. Welcome. Super Fibo IDEA is an extreme idea that uses two super important tools in forex market along with other
69 USD
Account Dashboard Statistics MT4
Nestor Alejandro Chiariello
4.71 (7)
Account Dashboard Statistics It is a tool that will help you have a focused view in order to know the   profits and losses of your account , so you can keep track of it, it also brings a   drawdown   analysis to know the risk obtained as well After downloading and activating it in your account, you must attach it to any symbol for example EURUSD H1, then from this moment the tool will start to monitor your statistics, you can see my other free products here Mql5 the panel is completely adva
SmartZone Reversal Master
Perpetual Chinemerem Vincent
5 (1)
Introducing the SmartZone Reversal Master, a powerful indicator designed to assist traders in identifying potential trade entry points. This indicator utilizes the SMC concepts of liquidity engineering and higher resolution trend analysis to help traders make informed decisions. By identifying institutional key levels in the market and monitoring price movements in relation to them around certain times of the day (ICT killzones) when volatility is higher, the SmartZone Reversal Master enhance
30 USD
FSS Report
Bao Ying Huang
This is a professional report statistical indicator, which can be counted by day, week, month, quarter, year, magic and comment, and display the growth curve. install: select "File" in your MT4 client,and open the folder "MQL4\indicators",then copy file "FSS_Report.ex4",reload MT4 and enjoy. Para List: UI_XY_Setting=21 UI_X_default=0 UI_Y_default=21 custom_title=FSS Report UI_reload_time_interval=5 report_time_from=0 report_time_to=0 filter_demo=____________symool, magic and comment, all su
60 USD
Buffer Finder Tool
Afsal Meerankutty
4.4 (5)
CyberZingFx Buffer Finder Tool Developed for Finding Buffers of Indicator to use in Universal Indicator EA . This is Not an Indicator or EA CyberZingFx Buffer Finder Tool is utility tool designed specifically for MetaTrader 4 (MT4) users. It is a standalone application that helps you easily find the buffers of any MT4 indicator, allowing you to use them in your Universal Indicator EA. With the Buffer Finder Tool, you no longer have to search through the data window to find the buffers you need.
The ProfileVolumesMarket indicator calculates tick volume on each price level in a selected range. Volume is vital when determining strength and therefore significance of price levels. The calculation range is set by a trader by means of moving two vertical lines. Thus the indicator allows to track important levels on different steps of a symbol price formation. A histogram of volume profile can be displayed on the chart (or removed from the chart) if you press "ON" ("OFF") button. When you chan
40 USD
To get access to MT5 version please click here . - This is the exact conversion from TradingView: "Supertrend" by " KivancOzbilgic ". - This is a popular version of supertrend   on tradingview. - This is a light-load processing and non-repaint indicator. - Buffers are available for processing in EAs. Highlighter option isn't available in MT4 version. - You can message in private chat for further changes you need. Thanks for downloading
40 USD
Introduction to Double Harmonic Volatility Indicator Use of the Fibonacci analysis for financial trading can nearly go back to 85 years from today since the birth of Elliott Wave Theory by R. N. Elliott. Until now, traders use the Fibonacci analysis to identify the patterns in the price series. Yet, we could not find any one attempted to use Fibonacci analysis for the Volatility. Harmonic Volatility Indicator was the first technical analysis applying the Fibonacci analysis to the financial Volat
60 USD
The Pearson Trend!! My name is Murat Yazici. I have B.Sc. Statistics and M.Sc. Quantitative Methods degrees. I have several scientific papers, conference presentations in Texas, Toronto, London, Istanbul, books and book chapters studies, and many projects about mathematical and statistical modelling. I am also journal reviewer at some scientific journals. What is The Pearson Trend's Logic? It is based on   A Fuzzy Model  developed by me.  Vague or fuzzy data and application several fields,
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Introduction This is a volume based heatmap type indicator. The indicator does not repaint . Its gives a collective view of short, intermediate and  long term volume buy sell activities(bottom to top of map). This indicator should prove quite beneficial to all those who believe in  the power of volumes. As usual for any volume based indicators, a ECN broker is recommended.The indicator can be useful for both binary and other fx trading. Before wondering how to use it, it is probably wort
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KT Day Trading MT4
KT Day Trading MT4 provides simplified Buy and Sell signals using a combination of some specific candlestick patterns occurring in the market exhaustion zones. These signals are designed to identify market reversals and entry/exit points. The indicator can be used to trade on any timeframe from the 1 Minute up to the Daily chart. Features Three types of entry signals according to the market structure i.e. Trend following, Range bound, and Counter trend signals. Crystal clear Entry, Stop-L
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Brilliant Reversals Alert
Biswarup Banerjee
3.67 (3)
Brilliant Reversal Indicator - Your Ultimate Alert-Driven Trading Solution Unlock the potential for unparalleled trading success with the "Brilliant Reversal Indicator." This powerful tool has been meticulously designed to empower traders by identifying critical reversal opportunities with lightning-fast alerts. Key Features : Precise Reversal Detection : The Brilliant Reversal Indicator specializes in pinpointing potential trend reversals, helping you seize opportunities to enter or exit positi
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Five Minute Drives
Kenan Ozkarakas
4.33 (6)
"Five Minute Drives" indicator that is designed to be used in the 5 minute timeframe. One of its most important advantages is that it shows the general trend in the upper time frames when looking at the 5-minute timeframe. Therefore, when opening positions in the 5 minute timeframe, when it is in line with the trends in the upper timeframes, you are less likely to be upside down. If you can evaluate breakout/breakdown opportunities between the curves on the graphic screen with your geometric per

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