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Expert Advisors and Indicators for MetaTrader 4 - 31

icon Trading robots perform market transactions automatically, while indicators allow you to better analyze quotes and predict the price behavior. With these applications, you will be able to perform deals in MetaTrader 4 in a more informed manner, while capturing more opportunities.
Li Rong Tan
3.8 (5)
Introduction to PowerTrapezoid: The application of market Power deviation system is not a secret, such as volume price deviation, MACD deviation, Chanlun deviation and so on. However, how to correctly understand and calculate, and accurately judge the increase or decrease of POWER is a threshold in application, which is difficult to cross with the conventional system. How to avoid reciting? How to implement multi level backflow parallel computing? How to intuitively show the range of backtrac
RSI Extreme Zone
Alexander Chertnik
4.4 (5)
The indicator highlights the value in "over Sold" and "over Bought" zones. in addition, arrow indicates the return of the value from the extreme zone. Indicator can be easily customized by the user including change of colors, with, levels and arrows. Combination with other market signals and analysis is necessary and provides more stable results. Alert is also available for user.
Flow Trend BLACK FRIDAY: 50% DISCONT > OLD PRICE 100$ > NOW 50$ Flow  trend is designed to detect the market trend with special calculation and a combination of Bolinger band and statistical moving period to detect the market trend without frequency change and fault. This indicator is designed with simple parameters to use fast and easy and helpful tools to trade in a pure direction and set your SL/TP with this indicator cloud system.
SFE Freedom
Joel Juanpere
This EA includes 11 SmartForexExpert EAs.  These EAs belong to 3 different area types, momentum, reversal, trend. Using all EAs we can diversify risk and trade better and take advantage of different market behaviors where specific type of EA works better than others. Current Price 250. 2 of 5 left. Next Price 300 Version 3.0 on MT5 include SFE Crypto Master! A big effort has made to include the different EAs in 1 mt5 file, and keeping the low demand of the computer resources. The EA runs very
250 USD
CyberZingFx ZigZag Arrow
Afsal Meerankutty
4.5 (10)
As every ZigZag Indicator this Indicator Repaints . So use this only combining with other indicators or strategy.  CyberZingFx ZigZag Arrow MT4 Indicator, is one of the best tool for traders looking to identify trend reversals in the markets. This powerful indicator uses the ZigZag method to help you identify key support and resistance levels, making it easier to spot significant changes in price and filter out short-term fluctuations. With CyberZingFx ZigZag Arrow, you can quickly and easi
Indicators are for trend followers! A trading system constructed by three moving averages. Trade with the trend and let profits run. Strongly recommend trend indicators,   automatic calculation of wave standard   and   MT5 version of automatic calculation of wave standard Necessary for traders: tools and indicators Waves automatically calculate indicators, channel trend trading Perfect trend-wave automatic calculation channel calculation , MT4 Perfect trend-wave automatic calculation channe
MACD Signals Dashboard
Mihails Babuskins
5 (2)
Download directly the indicator file here. (if you can't open on MT4) MACD Indicator is one of the most popular momentum indicators among users. Searching and detecting MACD signals by the eye may not be easy. Scan Full Charts Dashboard Indicator with simple user interface and search customization panel saves time and scans all charts for MACD signals search and notifies the user with high accuracy. After finding the signal, the user was aware of the result by alerts and notifications. This ind
Angle Dashboard
Taras Slobodyanik
5 (1)
This is a multicurrency and multitimeframe indicator that calculates the angle between two points. Points for measuring the angle can be taken from the ZigZag (the last two points), or from the Moving Average (between two given bars), or it can be the closing prices of bars. Angle measurement is possible in degrees or in radians. You can select the scale for the calculation. For a better understanding of the indicator, you can study the free Angle High Low indicator. In the parameters you can
30 USD
SMT Killzones Combo
Perpetual Chinemerem Vincent
5 (1)
Presenting the SMT Divergence indicator, a versatile tool designed to aid in analyzing market dynamics. The indicator helps identify divergences between the highs and lows of two correlated major currency pairs during specific market periods ("killzones" abbrev. KZ). These periods are characterized by increased market activity, allowing traders to observe market behavior more closely. The indicator provides customizable options to adjust time settings and visually display the divergences an
30 USD
Davit Beridze
5 (1)
Indicator customers will get Ea based on Fiter indicator for free as a Bonus. (watch video to see Ea in action) Fiter is EMA+ATR*RSI hibrid yellow line combined with Moving average red line, cross of which gives much smoother results than two simple Ma cross usage in trading. Effectiveness is proven by backtest and comparison with two simple Ma crosses. History shows that this method Fits with different market conditions and it can be boldly used in real manual trading for determining big trend
50 USD
Skyfire EA
Md Masum Billah
The Skyfire EA was created in 2019 and till now it has been updated 3 times. EA "Skyfire" is an advanced system that exploits unique trading on Gold XAUUSD & GBPUSD currency pair. Historically, results show that these pairs used in composition always return the first moved pair after fast movement in one direction. This observation can allow us to include a Scalper & Day Trading system where it can get maximum points of these unique situations.
399 USD
Legend Trading USDJPY
Nguyen Hang Hai Ha
EA  Legend  Trading USDJPY is an auto-trading robot programmed specifically for the USDJPY currency pair. Expert combines scalper strategy with smart position management strategy for stable investment growth. The EA applies the same strategies as the Legend Trading EURUSD that was released before, it refines and optimizes indicator and signal elements to match USDJPY . By identifying price patterns and verifying signals by multiple indicators and multiple timeframes, the EA enters the market wit
30 000 USD
Sergey Ermolov
4.67 (3)
I think everyone knows such a rule of money management as "Safe". For those who are not aware, the safe assumes closing half of the position after the profit on the transaction has equaled the size of the stop. Thus, even if the price reverses and catches the stop, you will not lose money, because exactly the same amount of profit was received when closing part of the position earlier. The Safety Expert Advisor has only one setting – the closing lot. Leaving it at position 0, the adviser will
News Filter EA that send you a PUSH notification to your MT4 phone APP and TURN OFF MT4 Automatically Before News.  From version 1.05 you only need to allow that url in MT4 options: https://ec.forexprostools.com/ When Metatrader is turned off, it saves the status of all the charts, indicators and Expert Advisors that you have in them. What do we get out of this? No EA can open any trade during the Economic News, as Metatrader is Off! Many traders will recommend you NOT to trade during
30 USD
Multi Level Trend Swing is an indicator that identifies the most accurate buy/sell swing points with the highest probability, based on multi-level Zig Zag Swings. The indicator paints arrows at the Higher Highs, Higher Lows, Lower Lows and Higher Lows in the chart, but based on two level Zig Zag Swing. If the fast price swing is in line with the trend of the slow price swing, then the buy/sell arrows are biggest. If the price swing is against the trend, dots are displayed to signal a Higher High
75 USD
If you found this EA, it's probably because you want to get a funded account with a prop firm, but you see a rule that most of traders fear :   Maximum Daily Drawdown.  I've been through this problem myself as   I'm a prop firm trader   and I've made a bot to solve this rule, and you can get it to solve this problem too. How does it work ? When you first setup this EA, you need to input the   initial deposit   which corresponds to the size of your funded account. For exemple if you get a 10k$
60 USD
Introduction to Double Harmonic Volatility Indicator Use of the Fibonacci analysis for financial trading can nearly go back to 85 years from today since the birth of Elliott Wave Theory by R. N. Elliott. Until now, traders use the Fibonacci analysis to identify the patterns in the price series. Yet, we could not find any one attempted to use Fibonacci analysis for the Volatility. Harmonic Volatility Indicator was the first technical analysis applying the Fibonacci analysis to the financial Volat
60 USD
Introduction This is a volume based heatmap type indicator. The indicator does not repaint . Its gives a collective view of short, intermediate and  long term volume buy sell activities(bottom to top of map). This indicator should prove quite beneficial to all those who believe in  the power of volumes. As usual for any volume based indicators, a ECN broker is recommended.The indicator can be useful for both binary and other fx trading. Before wondering how to use it, it is probably wort
120 USD
Doctor Gold
Huynh Van Cong Luan
2.6 (5)
Doctor Gold  is a multi-functional expert advisor for the MetaTrader 4 terminals. The algorithm of the expert advisor allows you to trade both with the trend and against the trend. Trading with the trend is structured in such a way that each new order is opened only if the previous order has a Stop Loss in the profit zone. Trading against the trend is conducted in order to close unprofitable positions with a profit. The advisor has a large number of settings that allow you to conduct conservati
60 USD
The only Discord Copier on the MetaTrader Store that allows you to both receive and copy signals from   Discord To MT4   and send signals from   MT4 to Discord ! This product is presented in an easy-to-use and visually attractive graphical interface. Customise your settings and start using the product within minutes! User Guide For the MT5 Version please click here To get started and setup the EA contains instructions. Load up the EA and on the general tab select ' Get Connection Help '. F
120 USD
Draw and Sync Objects MT4
Nguyen Thanh Sang
4.8 (10)
Draw and Sync Objects Multiple Charts 1. Draw objects by key press. ( You must: 1.  Press Function key =>   2.   Click where you want to draw =>   3.   Draw it =>   4.   Press ESC to complete). (If you don't want to draw after pressing function key, you must press ESC to cancel). 2.   Developing  : Sync selected objects to multiple charts by button. 3. Developing: Hide objects that do not belong to the current symbol (Objects drawn with this indicator will belong to the symbol they are plotted
Boom and Crash Spike Detector indicator is coded based on an advanced strategy primarily for detecting the Boom and Crash in the prices. Complex algorithms were implanted to detect high probability Booms and Crashs in the prices . It alerts on potential Boom or crash phases. Key Features Sends push notifications to mobile phone Pop up and sound alerts on computer or laptop Displays non repaint arrows (up arrows for Potential Boom and down arrows for Potential Crash) Working with all pairs.
30 USD
Are you tired of wasting time trying to figure out the total value of your TP and SL lines on Metatrader charts? Look no further, because we have a solution for you. Introducing our free MT4 indicator that allows you to easily track the total SL and TP of your positions on any corner of your screen. With customizable X-Y parameters and color options, you can personalize your screen to fit your trading style. Say goodbye to the hassle and confusion of monitoring your positions, and make smarter
Pin Bar Indicator free
Luca Pulito
4.59 (22)
The Free  Pin Bar MT4  indicator  identifies Pin Bars  It will even give you sound or email alerts if want them. If you download it and like it please leave a review! It would be wonderful Pin Bars are purely based on price action as reflected by the candle formations created by Forex price movements. input Parameters are maximum allowed body/length ratio for the Nose bar. Nose body should be position in top (bottom for bearish pattern) part of the Nose bar.  tells the indicator that the Left E
XS Forex Range MT4 is an indicator which displays values of Range 2022 as a histogram bars where color of the bar indicates the trend defined by positive and negative directional index. Indicator also display information about range boxes for predefined zones and most recent potential entry from those marked ranges. Conditions for the potential entry are based on detected range box and values of histogram in the chosen Range 2022 (Start Time – End Time). Direction of the trade is defined by maj
UPD1 Murrey Math Levels
Vitaliy Kuznetsov
5 (6)
Murray's mathematical levels are based on observations by Gann and his theory of the squareness of prices. According to Gann, the price moves in 1/8 of the range. These 1/8 allow us to get different resistance and support levels for a given chart, which have their own characteristics. After a breakout of -2 or +2 levels, or with a decrease in volatility, they are rebuilt. You can choose which period to display (current or entire history). All lines are drawn through buffers. Blog-Link -   Murrey
Time Scale
Taras Slobodyanik
4.67 (6)
The indicator draws the time scale on the chart. You can specify the time offset, adjust the size and font to display on the chart (it is displaying your local time on your chart instead of MT time). You can also select the desired format for displaying the date and time. While holding down the middle mouse button, and moving the cursor, a slider will appear on the scale. You may be interested in my other product , which contains a more advanced version of the Time Scale. Parameters Hours (tim
Mid Trend
Ivan Simonika
A technical analysis indicator that determines the direction and strength of a trend, and also signals a trend change. The indicator shows potential market reversal points. The intelligent algorithm of the indicator accurately determines the trend. Uses only one parameter for settings. The indicator is built for simple and effective visual trend detection with an additional smoothing filter. The indicator does not redraw and does not lag. Take profit is more than stop loss on average 9-10 times!
119 USD
***** The REAL , ORIGINAL, Non-Repainting, Non-Delaying, Arrow Trade Entry indicator for Very Low-Risk market execution ***** Check MYFXBOOK HERE!!! Check out my   LIVE   channel to see the EA based on this Indicator in profitable action! Check My Profile . ***This is the Golden standard in arrow indicators for MT4.*** BING Setup Arrows Indicator(BSA) will show easy-to-read High Probability trading situations with Non-Repainting , Non-Delaying , Up or Down arrows on the graph.  So simple, it'
30 000 USD
The   Pivot Point indicator   automatically calculates and displays the pivot point line and support and resistance levels. Pivot can be calculated according to the Classic, Floor, Fibonacci, Woodie, Camarilla or DeMark formula. It is also possible to select the period for calculating the indicator. A trader can choose from daily, weekly, monthly, or user-defined periods. Types of pivots Classic Floor Fibonacci Woodie Camarilla DeMark Main features The indicator shows the current and histor
Gold Raptor
Andrea Damiano
Gold Raptor is an Expert Advisor designed, built and tested for scalping XAUUSD in m5. Trades rely on the convergence of multiple indicators to minimize the amount of stop losses reached. The EA is fully automated, both in times and days of the week. It comes with a standard configuration which can later be customized. The graph will be customized by adding information that allows you to monitor the work of Gold Raptor. By entering your telegram ID you can receive live notifications on the behav
100 USD
Absolute Bands
Aleksey Ivanov
4.5 (4)
Principles of construction of the indicator.               The Absolute Bands (AB) indicator is reminiscent of the Bollinger Bands indicator with its appearance and functions, but only more effective for trading due to the significantly smaller number of false signals issued to them. This effectiveness of the Absolute Bands indicator is due to its robust nature.               In the Bollinger Bands indicator, on both sides of the moving average - Ma, there are lines spaced from Ma by the standa
Igor Kryuchkov
4.17 (6)
This indicator is an original view on volumes. It is known that volumes show the amount of buyers and sellers for a certain period of time. A candle is used a period of time. Volumes at a candle High show the buyers. Volumes at a candle Low show the sellers. A candle Open shows the Delta. Delta indicates who was dominant on a given candle, buyers or sellers. Input parameters Distance - distance of the volumes text from High and Low. Font size - text font size. The indicator provides levels tha
Easy Virtual Trader
Anoop Sivasankaran
4.9 (10)
Setup Easy Virtual Trader > Input your Rules > You are ready to trade from mobile or another EA or anywhere....Let robot manage your Trades !  This powerful EA will help you manage ALL or SPECIFIC trades automatically based on your PRE-SET rules and settings Once it is setup and running on just one chart, you don't need to monitor your orders anymore, the software will keep watching and control your orders with your predefined rules You can trade from your desktop MT4 or from your mobile appl
50 USD
The Indicator show Daily Pivot Points. It is possible to specify the number of days to display. For forex it doesn't consider the sunday session data. It is possibile to modify the color, style and  width for every level.It is better to use this indicator with timeframe not higher than Н1. 4 Levels of support and resistance with also Intermediate Levels that is possible to hide.
Rsi Decoder
Philip Pankaj Suthagar
5 (1)
Inspired from, Time is the most important factor in determining market movements and by studying past price records you will be able to prove to yourself history does repeat and by knowing the past you can tell the future. There is a definite relation between price and time. -William Delbert Gann   Caution:   It's not HolyGrail System,I t's a tool to give you insight of current market structure. The decision to trade is made only with combination of economical understanding of underlying instru
39 USD
Candle Binary Scalper - is a technical analysis product for forex and binary options. Includes several technical indicators combined into a trading system. Suitable for manual trading within a trend, for scalping and binary options. Works on all time frames and trading instruments. Recommended Timeframes for trading M15, M30, H1 and H4, M5 and M1 should be used in case of high volatility. There are several types of alerts. How to use the product The optimal settings have already been sel
50 USD
Copier4Fee Advanced
Vladimir Tkach
4.78 (18)
The utility copies trades from the signal provider accounts (master accounts, one or multiple providers) to unlimited number of receiver accounts (slave accounts).  Attention! Y ou need to use identifiers (Provider number) of the same length if you use several master copiers. For example. 1, 2, 3 or 11, 13, 22. The copying can be set in the opposite direction. The comments with all the recently performed actions are displayed on the screen to monitor the utility actions in slave mode. To avoid p
60 USD
Night channel scalper
Aleksei Moshkin
3.25 (8)
Night channel scalper is a fully automatic trading advisor. The strategy of night scalping in the channel, working hours 2-3 hours. Advisor does not use martingale. does not use a grid, does not use hedging. All trading orders are protected by stop loss, the recommended timeframe for working M5 is M15. It has a setting of dynamic take profit and stop loss. The minimum deposit for work is 10 -15 dollars for one currency pair, leverage 1: 500 Settings Take Profit - Fixed Take Profit Dynamic Ta
Greed Advisor
Vertex Investments LLC
4.64 (14)
Free version of Greed Advisor PRO . This is a flexible grid Expert Advisor, created specifically for greedy traders. Operation principle: set the desired daily profit, and the robot will attempt to achieve this result by any means possible. It uses the dangerous martingale principle to cope with drawdowns, because making the order chain profitable is the main purpose of the robot. Do not forget about the risks of martingale. In general, the EA is intended for those who understand why they need i
OpenEA TradeGPT EA Pro  is an automated and easy to use expert advisor that has the Stochastic indicator working in combination with RSI and MACD filters built in.   We have spent a lot of time testing many expert advisors e.g. Hero,  XG Gold Robot, Quantum Emperor, Bonnitta EA, XT EurUsd EA, PipFinite EA, Alise EA, Zeus EA, EA Gold Stuff, The Most Wanted EA etc. After years of testing and development, the result is an dynamic EA that is very active with trades and capital management. Our produc
1 099 USD
Stefano Cocconi
5 (1)
Check My Products Contact me to discover all my services  FEEL FREE TO ADD A REVIEW TO HELP ME AND OTHER COSTUMERS This is an indicator based on the famous SuperTrend. Thanks to this mt4 software, it is now possible to have them directly on the mt4 platform, without having to pay subscriptions for external platforms. It is one of the most functional trend indicators that exists, and it really makes a difference when it comes to discretionary trading. Furthermore, it can be used for many e
Top Gun Oscillators
Safwan Rushdi Khalil Arekat
5 (2)
Note : New in 1.6: the indicator now exports the trade signal (but not displayed). Go long with light blue. Go short with red. Exit otherwise. Signal to be imported to your EA using iCustom. This indicator provides Best of the Best linear filter momentum oscillators that I am aware of (Low Pass Differentiators, LPD's) . All of them are  recent developments by this developer, or other researchers. The oscillator line is the first buffer of the indicator, and can be called  in other indicators or
Synapse smart
4.23 (13)
Synapse smart based on the latest neural network algorithms that allow high-precision forecasting of future price fluctuations. The EA uses the algorithm we developed for setting the SL and TP levels, considering the levels of support and resistance, channel width, and extremes of the price chart. The advisor does not use grid, martingale or any other unsafe strategy. The advisor has a money management system that allows user to set both a fixed order size and calculate it based on the size of t
M1 Turbo Scaper
Vadym Velychkov
1 (1)
M1 Turbo Scape r is an automatic trading robot for the GBPUSD currency pair. Recommended timeframe for trading M1 or H1. You can put a robot on both timeframes at the same time, only for this you need to specify any unique magic numbers in the settings of each robot (Magic parameter). In this case, the robot will start trading simultaneously on both timeframes, and using unique magic numbers, the robot will understand which deals it opened and which deals were opened by another robot. It is a sc
77 USD
HFTslow EA
Niklas Templin
HFT EA You Tube Video:  https://youtu.be/fXT3vBXdYRk?si=EkqaHWOMWsafbn5_ -DE40, US30, US500, USTEC -IC Market Recomment Broker -EA can Trade with every Broker  -only DE40 with this Standart Settings (Change the Compare Count to 3 or higher 10 for better Results) -for other Indizes or Pairs Set the Stop Loss x10 to actuall Spread or higher, and Set Take Profit x40 from Spread, PriceOffset x4 from Spread or higher -Recomment  M5, M15, M30, H1, D1 -minimum 1000$/€ ...Lot 1 in first 3 Weeks -Exper
Introduction to Fractal Moving Average Fractal Moving Average indicator was designed as part of Fractal Pattern Scanner. Inside Fractal Pattern Scanner, Fractal Moving Average Indicator was implemented as multiple of chart objects. With over thousands of chart object, we find that it was not the best and efficient ways to operate the indicator. It was computationally too heavy for the indicator. Hence, we decide to implement the indicator version of Fractal Moving Average indicator to benefit
Multiple Indicators for Major Currencies The purpose of this indicator is to save time to detect more good trading opportunities by scanning all 28 cross currency pairs of AUD, CAD, CHF, EUR, GBP, JPY, NZD and USD in the same time. There are 5 indicators included in this indicator which are CCI, RSI, Stochastic, MACD and the different between plusDI and minusDI of ADX (PlusDI-MinusDI). The indicator can help in determining the following properties of each currency depending on which indicator
39 USD
The indicator gives buy or sell signals based on the Parabolic SAR indicator, and it also contains strategies with Moving Average. There are alerts and alerts to the mobile terminal and to the mail. Arrows are drawn on the chart after the signal is confirmed. They don't redraw. I recommend watching my advisor -   Night Zen EA To keep up to date with my latest products and ideas, join my telegram channel and subscribe to my profile. The link in my profile contacts - My profile   The indicator i
FlySystemEA Pro
Nikolaos Pantzos
3.42 (12)
This Expert Advisor is a pure scalping system. The expert place and manage pending orders. Runs perfect on pairs with tight spread and low commission broker (commission plus spread equal or less than 1.0 pip). Choose a broker with zero stop level and fast execution to use expert. Pairs and Time Frame Pair: eurusd Time frame: M1 Default settings are good for eurusd. Information Please test expert on demo account first, before uses it on real account. Have on your mind, all scalpers are sensi
Lightning Gold
Nguyen Hang Hai Ha
5 (1)
EA Lightning Gold is an expert advisor designed specifically for the gold market (XAUUSD). Its innovative strategy combines analysis of price action, momentum, and money flow to provide high-probability trading opportunities. This robot's advanced auto-trading algorithms and intelligent position management strategy make it suitable for all timeframes and incredibly easy to set up. At the core of EA's success is its strategy, which has been carefully crafted to deliver consistent and reliable
79 USD
STOCH and RSI Alert
Che Jeib Che Said
4.43 (7)
STOCH AND RSI ALERT https://www.mql5.com/en/users/earobotkk/seller#products (I have created a dashboard from this product, please take a look by clicking here ) (I have also created an EA from this product, NOW user can go automation, click here ) P/S: If you like this indicator, please rate it with 5 stars in the review section, this will increase its popularity so that other users will be benefited from using it. This indicator notifies and draws an arrow on the chart whenever     the main sto
Master Gold Scalper VIP
Mohamed Javeed
4 (12)
A Fully Automated strategy with daily trading on high performance Forget losing your deposit: EA MasterLevels Gold Scalper is already ahead of its time! join My Telegram  https://t.me/forexmastelevels The EA uses a Trend  trading order management system for XAUUSD (Gold), CONTACT ME FOR SET FILES AFTER DOWNLOAD CONTACT NOW DOWNLOAD SETFILES   DOWNLOAD The Expert Advisor was developed on the basis of mathematical analysis of the price moving average High-frequency trading, or high-fr
This Dashboard is free to download but is dependent on you owning the Gold Pro MT4   indicator.  Get the indicator here:  https://www.mql5.com/en/market/product/60430 The   Dashboard    will show you on a single chart all the timeframes (M1 to Monthly) with their own status for the indicator: Gold Pro MT4   all time frame and all symbol:  smart algorithm detects the trend, filters out market noise and gives entry signals!!! How to understand the status: Dashboard Show "Buy" - Buy Signa
The "Dagangduit Spread Indicator" is a versatile tool designed to provide traders with essential information about the current spread in the chart window. This indicator offers customizable features, including font parameters, display location on the chart, spread normalization, and alerts to enhance your trading experience. Key Features: Real-time Spread Display : The indicator displays the current spread in real-time on your trading chart, allowing you to stay informed about the cost of execut
SFT Bullet Arrow
Artem Kuzmin
3.5 (4)
Arrow indicator, for determining price reversals Arrow appears on the closed bar Allows you to enter the transaction at the very beginning of the turn Can be used on any currency pairs, metals and cryptocurrency Suitable for working with binary options Distinctive features Determines the price correction; Advanced settings for fine tuning; It works on all timeframes and on all symbols; Suitable for trading currencies, metals, options and cryptocurrency (Bitcoin, Litecoin, Ethereum, etc.) Suita
MFI arrow
Anton Iudakov
5 (3)
The indicator is completely based on the classic MFI indicator. I recommend watching my advisor -   Night Zen EA It contains two basic trading strategies: The output of the MFI line from overbought/oversold zones. The entry of the MFI line into the overbought/oversold zones. Arrows are drawn after confirming the signal by strategies and are not redrawn. Alerts are also registered: Alerts Push notifications to the mobile terminal email Settings: MFI period - the period of the MFI indicator L
LT Triple Support Resistance Screen Method is a kind of levels indicator that consist of three SR lines. It is built by MQL4 programming language and can be used to MT4 platform.  A free version indicator to determine the support and resistance levels easily This indicator works based on the screen method to calculate the most appropriate value for each buffer. A complex algorithm based on long research is applied to this free custom indicator. But this indicator has limited features and simpler
Night Owl
Profalgo Limited
3.91 (11)
NIGHT OWL is a night scalper that trades during the most quiet times of the market. Markets tend to range in that period and the EA will trade those ranging movements. Each trade will have an initial stop loss and take profit, but the EA uses also advanced SL management algorithms that will evaluate the strength of the trades and close out early if necessary. The EA works on all pairs that have stable spread and quiet moves during the night. But it is programmed to also handle bigger spreads wit
125 USD
Dmitriy Epshteyn
4 (5)
The Monday EA trades on Mondays depending on price movement on Fridays. Its aim is to take 10-20 points of profit and leave the market. This strategy works from March 2014. Currency pairs are EUR/USD and GBP/USD. For GBP / USD trading on the CCI indicator is recommended not to use Time frame is daily D1 Settings: Sig_Open1 = true; - if true, the EA trades on Mondays StartTime = "00:00"; time to start trading (applies only to "Sig_Open1") Sig_Open2 = true; - enable only on EUR/USD (works only on
IT Parabolic EA
Quentin Gilbert Roger Dacheville
Discover our brand-new Expert Advisor (EA) designed for the MetaTrader 4 (MT4) market: IT Parabolic EA . This innovative EA harnesses the powerful Parabolic SAR strategy to provide you with an efficient way to maximize your operations in the financial market. Key features : Parabolic SAR Strategy : Our EA utilizes the Parabolic SAR strategy, a recognized approach in technical analysis. By relying on the reversal points generated by Parabolic SAR, it identifies trading opportunities to e
The HedgeFund Experiment This is a basic version of the professional version; The HedgeFund Manager  https://www.mql5.com/en/market/product/85241 It is a multi-currency EA that needs only to be loaded in one chart. It will access all Forex pairs or CFD provided by your broker and will only trade those with a spread less than or equal to MaxSpread specified in the settings. It uses standard Metatrader4 indicators to generate signals but with a customized trend filter to pick which pairs to includ
Fully automatic scalping Expert Advisor that uses a sophisticated proprietary algorithm to determine key price levels for a certain period of time (own price channel). The system does not use averaging or other dangerous money management methods. Each point of entry into the market is analyzed by several levels of protection to avoid false entries. The advisor analyzes the dynamics of price changes on any timeframe .. The   expert system works on any currency pairs, timeframe m5. when
125 USD
Pivot Timeframe
Mohamad Zulhairi Baba
4.83 (18)
Daily pivot are relatively important in trading. This indicator have options to select 5 commonly use pivot point calculations. User input Choose Pivot Point Calculation ( Method Classic, Method Camarilla, Method TomDeMark, Method Fibonacci or Method Woodies. ) Choose Applied Timeframe for the calculation (M5, M15, H1, H4, D1, W1 etc) Can be attached to any timeframe Choose color of Pivot point For MT5 version, please refer here:  https://www.mql5.com/en/market/product/38816
PZ Grid MT4
Evgenii Aksenov
5 (3)
You can use Stop Loss and Take Profit or activate the GRID function to open a series of orders in the direction of the Expert Advisor signal. We use advanced technologies DrawDown Reduce (reduce the deposit load) and Dynamic Zones (dynamic Buy and Sell zones) as well as News Filter and Time Filter to control price spikes during important news. Discounted Price: $125. Next price: $499 Contact me after the purchase to get a bonus! The Expert Advisor uses the signals of the ProfitZone PRO indicator
99 USD
Scorpion Grid
Evgenii Kuznetsov
5 (2)
Multi-currency grid Expert Advisor, in most cases it receives quite accurate entries. If an entry is not accurate enough, the positions are managed using an elaborate martingale strategy. Work on real account:  http://tiny.cc/nkaqmz Entries are performed using the signals of RSI and Stochastic indicators, in the overbought/oversold areas, plus additional entry conditions based on a proprietary algorithm. Recommended timeframe - М15. The EA features a drawdown management system, which takes into
100 USD
This indicator evaluates volatility and price directionality simultaneously, which finds the following events. [ Installation Guide | Update Guide | Troubleshooting | FAQ | All Products ] Decisive and sudden price movements Large hammers/shooting stars patterns Strong breakouts backed by most market participants Indecisive but volatile market situations It is an extremely easy to use indicator... The blue histogram represents the bullish impulse The red histogram represents the bearish impuls
75 USD
Buffer Finder Tool
Afsal Meerankutty
4.4 (5)
CyberZingFx Buffer Finder Tool Developed for Finding Buffers of Indicator to use in Universal Indicator EA . This is Not an Indicator or EA CyberZingFx Buffer Finder Tool is utility tool designed specifically for MetaTrader 4 (MT4) users. It is a standalone application that helps you easily find the buffers of any MT4 indicator, allowing you to use them in your Universal Indicator EA. With the Buffer Finder Tool, you no longer have to search through the data window to find the buffers you need.
Round Numbers Levels indicator for MT4
Renaud Herve Francois Candel
3 (2)
Round Numbers Levels indicator for MT4 Round Numbers indicator is a simple but useful indicator to draw 00 and 50 price levels in your chart. These levels act as supports and resistances, and therefore should be taken into account when trading. These levels can be used as profit targets or entry points. Inputs of the indicator are: TGridColor00: color to be used for xx00 levels GridStyle00: line style to be used for xx00 levels GridWidth00: line width to be used for xx00 levels GridCol
Clock GMT Live MT4
Nestor Alejandro Chiariello
5 (8)
Clock GMT Live has everything you need to know more about our broker, many times you will have wondered what gmt I am on or what gmt my broker is working on, well with this tool you will be able to know in real time both the GMT time offset of the broker and of your local time, you will also constantly know the ping of the broker Just by placing it at a time of day you can get the information The price increases for each acquisition, with this we will protect so that few can have my unique st

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