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Expert Advisors and Indicators for MetaTrader 4 - 29

Trading robots perform market transactions automatically, while indicators allow you to better analyze quotes and predict the price behavior. With these applications, you will be able to perform deals in MetaTrader 4 in a more informed manner, while capturing more opportunities.
Auto SL TP
Henry Lee Taylor
Number one rule to investing is to protect your capital. Never worry about trading without stop loss or take profit with Auto S/L T/P. Auto S/L T/P will automatically  add your preset default stop loss and take profit to any order on the chart it's installed. Be sure to enable auto trading in order for the EA to work. Entering a trade on the go from your mobile is breeze with Auto S/L T/P running on the chart on your desktop. Just enter a trade and your default stop loss and take profit will be
Laguerre Envelopes
Dmytro Zelenskyy
Laguerre Envelopes is a well-known indicator with the lines based on the algorithm of the Moving Average Laguerre. This shortens delay time and reduces the noise. Settings gamma - smoothing ratio Shift - shift Applied_Price - price type Filters Qty - amount of filters (1-10). The greater the amount, the greater the smoothing. Deviation - channel width The indicator is applied based on the assumption that the price often goes back even after a strong movement. In other words, the price remains
CCI plus
Pavel Veselov
CCIplus is a modification of the commodity channel index with smoothing, pivot point indication and analysis mode selection. Description The CCIplus has the following settings: Smoothing Market entry and exit point indication Point determination selection mode Usability settings Indicator operation It is optimal to use M5-M30. Testing and refining signals from M1-M5. A corresponding message is displayed when entering incorrect data. The settings are corrected automatically. Settings CCIper
Smart Forex Lab.
MT4 To Telegram is an app that communicates with a Telegram bot to share your orders flow or even broadcast trade signals from Metatrader 4 terminal to a Telegram group or channel. Once you have connected MT4 To Telegram to your trading account and Telegram channel, your trades are sent immediately. Features Telegram channel, group, chat compatible Multiple MT4 installations Easy to use No delay Hashtags for quick searches Settings apiKey : Telegram API token chatId : Telegram chat ID Id :
Dmitriyx WeightTF FREE
Dmytro Oliynyk
WeightTF FREE is a free demo version of the WeightTF automated trading system, which is based on intelligent monitoring of a number of strategies for each time frame of the currency instrument. The user manually sets the numeric parameters of the “Weight” of each timeframe, and the robot makes a decision on opening a trading order to buy or sell on the set of signals for each timeframe. The main idea of ​​a trading robot is minimization of false entries into the market, which arise due to the sh
Auto Chart Alert MT4
Young Ho Seo
Introduction Auto Chart Alert is a convenient tool to set alert for your trading in your chart. With Auto Chart Alert, you can set the alert line in one click in your desired location in your chart. You can even set alert over the sloped lines in your chart. Auto Chart Alert is a great tool when you have to watch out importnat support and resistance levels for your trading. You can receive the sound alert, email and push notification when the price hit the alert line at you desired location. A
Mikhail Nazarenko
Индикатор отображает различными цветами на фоне графика три торговые сессии. Открытие - закрытие Лондон, Нью Йорк, Токио по умолчанию. Применение Для успешной торговли важно знать начало и конец торговых сессий с наибольшей ликвидностью, так как именно в это время цена делает самые большие движения. Особенности Настройки по умолчанию - торговые сессии по Лондону, Нью Йорку, Токио. Возможность выставить свои рамки тоговых сессий Алерт при открытии сессии Показ открытия дня по GMT Настройки для
Advanced reversal system RRR 1 to 5 free
Andrii Malakhov
Индикатор показывает точки входа с Risk-Reward-Ratio 1 к 5. Основной таймфрейм H1. Рабочие инструменты - все. Принцип работы - найти разворотный уровень, а потом отследить реакцию цены на этот уровень. В настройках не нуждается. Откладывает стандартно 5 уровней одинаковых тейк-профитов (красный/синий для селов  и баев)  и 1 уровень стоп-лосса - оранжевый.  ВНИМАНИЕ! Тестовая версия индикатора. Полноценно работает только на паре USDCAD! Чтобы получить доступ ко всем сигналам, перейдите по ссылк
GBP 15m Demon Lite
Alexander Chertnik
designed especially for trading GBPUSD 15 minute market. minimum trading account 1000. expert advisor operates by a specific price action strategy and unique transaction algorithm of order management. this EA() {               operates only once per bar opening;                fast methods of optimization are valid;                 user can optimize by model (control point) || (open prices only); }
Musashi Free EA
Martin Dimitrov
This is free version of Musashi EA If you want much bigger profits, security and peace of mind, you can buy the paid version of EA: https://www.mql5.com/en/market/product/55687 or visit our website: https://forex-tradingsite.com/ The input parameters are optimized for EURCHF M5 ! It uses  virtual and hard stop loss levels . Minimal recommended deposit: $ 5 00. Trading is  not every day!  Average between 1 0-20 trades per month.  It depends on market situation.  My account is at Raw Spread E
Fast Scalping Minutes
Dedy Prasetiyo
How To Trade Execute your trades in 3 Easy Steps! Step 1: Trade Setup Entry Buy in Line color Blue Touch on line color Red. Entry Sell in Line color Blue Touch on line color Green. Success Rate ≥ 80% 100:20 depend your experience and fast your take. Step 2: Set Stop Loss Stop loss BUY ----> You can not put stoploss with a fixed price, your speed in determining the closing request------>Line color Blue Touch on line color Green. Stop loss SELL ----> You can not put stoploss with a fixed price, 
SC MTF Osma for MT4 with alert
Krisztian Kenedi
Highly configurable Osma indicator. Features: Alert functions.  Multi timeframe ability (lower and higher TF also).  Color customization.  Linear interpolation and histogram mode options.  Works on strategy tester in multi timeframe mode (at weekend without ticks also).  Adjustable Levels.  Parameters: Osma Timeframe:  You can set the lower/higher timeframes for Osma. Bar Shift for Lower Timeframe:   Shift left or right the lower timeframe's candle. Osma Period,  Osma Slow EMA, Osma SMA:   O
Hajime Tsuro
This is a traditional method of ZigZag strategy. If there is a big movement, the EA makes a order for the trend direction. The core part of the ZigZag strategy of this EA is something that you can study in everywhere so I may not mention about it here but let's talk about the function of the ZigZagBreakout. Best result on EURUSD and the best time frame is M15 and H1. Also it would work on other time frames as well, so far we may recommend as follows: M15 > H1 > M30. Not like many other breakout
Pavel Krysanov
The purpose of the CandlePattern indicator is to help the trader with determining the candlestick combinations on the chart. The advantages of using the candlestick combinations is that the candlestick combinations allow to determine the beginning of a trend much earlier than smoothing indicators like Moving Average and others. The indicator parameters ViewBars - The number of candles for plotting the indicator TextColor - text color It is recommended to use the indicator together with other t
Intelligent CCI Trial Version
Yaser Sabbaghi
Intelligent CCI It is CCI indicator with very smooth and noiseless movement that calculates four levels of buy, sell, overbought and oversold dynamically. Professional traders know well that level of 100, 200 or -100 and -200 are not always right and needs fine adjustments. This indicator calculates those levels dynamically by using mathematics and statistic methods in addition to shows divergence between indicator and price. Smoothed to filter the noises you see on CCI caused by market volatil
BoxInside MT4
Evgeny Shevtsov
This indicator calculates the volume profile and places labels that correspond to the VAH, VAL and POC levels, for each candle individually. Indicator operation features The indicator works on the timeframes from M5 to MN, but it uses the history data of smaller periods: M1 - for periods from M5 to H1, M5 - for the H4 period, M30 - for the D1 period, H4 - for the W1 period, D1 - for the MN period. The color and location of the VAL, VAH and POC labels on the current candle are considered to be
ERXGen Filter
Chima Nwokoro
Without volatility, trading the financial market is close to impossible. Profit is made ONLY when the price is moving. The ERXGen (Early Riser Next Generation) system is a short-term trading technique built around the phenomenon that there are certain times during a trading day when the price volatility has the tendency to be high. In essence, ERXGen is based on the very popular London Open Breakout strategy, although with bespoke tried and tested rules that increase consistency and profitabilit
PZ Random Trader EA
Arturo Lopez Perez
This EA trades in a completely random fashion with customizable lotsize, stop-loss and take-profit levels. [ Installation Guide | Update Guide | Troubleshooting | FAQ | All Products ] Easy to use and supervise Good for rebate generation Customizable SL, TP and lotsize Great for benchmarking tests against other EAs Works for ECN/Non-ECN brokers and 2-3-4-5 digit symbols Trading is FIFO (NFA) Compliant Input Parameters Stoploss: Stop-loss for orders in pips Takeprofit: Take-profit for orders
SFT Bullet Arrow
Artem Kuzmin
Arrow indicator, for determining price reversals Arrow appears on the closed bar Allows you to enter the transaction at the very beginning of the turn Can be used on any currency pairs, metals and cryptocurrency Suitable for working with binary options Distinctive features Determines the price correction; Advanced settings for fine tuning; It works on all timeframes and on all symbols; Suitable for trading currencies, metals, options and cryptocurrency (Bitcoin, Litecoin, Ethereum, etc.) Suita
Trendline EA Free
Carlos Oliveira
The FXTT Trendline EA Free for MT4 is a robot that helps you trade using the trendlines drawn on your chart. It basically allows you to set pending orders using trend lines . Something that Metatrader does not allow you to do by default. Easy to set up Choose default Lot size , Stop Loss and Take Profit Allows action on Touch, Pullback or Breakout of trendline The usage and configuration of the Expert Advisor is as follows: Load the EA Draw your trendlines on the chart Add Buy or Sell actions to
PZ Tick Chart
Arturo Lopez Perez
This indicator displays a complete tick chart with two optional moving averages, and makes paying attention to sub-m1 price data really easy. [ Installation Guide | Update Guide | Troubleshooting | FAQ | All Products ] Identify price spikes easily The blue line is the ask price The red line is the bid price The indicator doesn't lose tick data when reloaded It implements two optional moving averages The indicator is non-repainting Input Parameters Display Moving Averages: Display or hide the
OsMA Arrow
Pavel Shutovskiy
The indicator displays crossing zero level by Moving Average of Oscillator (OsMA) in the form of arrows. The indicator notifies about a signal by means of a pop-up Alert window, or sending notification to e-mail. Parameters Fast EMA Period - fast EMA. This is an exponential moving average from a price with a short period. Slow EMA Period - slow EMA. This is also an exponential moving average of a market price but with a longer period. Signal SMA Period - MACD SMA. This is a signal line which i
Trend lines by direction demo
Stephen Bailey
Trend Lines  Automatically draw trend lines. EURUSD Demo version. The full version works on any currency pair. This indicator automatically draws trend lines on your chart.  The indicator creates up to 6 trend lines, both support and resistance by analysing three sets of bars on the chart.  The first set support and resistance lines are created by looking at the first 200 bars on the chart. The second set is constructed from 400 bars on the chart, with the final set made by analysing 600
ATR parabolic
Alexander Chertnik
This EA trades the forex markets by a specific combination of ATR and parabolic SAR indicator signals and transaction management. the EA has stop loss and take profit. minimum trading account 500. default settings for GBPUSD 1h.  settings for optimization: ATRperiod lot sarStep sarMaximum tpFactor slFactor this EA(){      operates once per bar;      fast methods of optimization are valid(){      user can optimize by model (control point); || (open prices only); }}
Clever Market Profile Trend Levels Lite
Carlos Forero
LITE VERSION ONLY EURUSD FULL VERSION HERE Description Get one of the most important market maker levels, in which the price could react and show the real trend of a given financial asset. The indicator uses market profile theory to show the auction level on a user specified time basis. The Auction level is a key market level, that gives a trend bias, depending on the location of an asset's price, in relation to such market level. Here you can access our discord community for more information
Robust Filter FREE
Aleksey Ivanov
               The Robust filter   FREE indicator calculates and shows: 1. The direction of the trend ; 2. Entry and exit points of positions ; 3. StopLoss   lines calculated from current price probability distributions and selected probability of closing an order by StopLoss before the trend reversal ;   4. Lot sizes based on the accepted risk level, deposit size and StopLoss position .                  Indicator readings are visual, extremely simple and do not require comments. The purple lin
True Direction Oscillator Demo
Muhammad Elbermawi
This is a Demo version that works only on EURUSD , one-hour chart with full functionality. TDO Full version: https://www.mql5.com/en/market/product/12914 TDO User's Manual: https://www.mql5.com/en/blogs/post/717970 TDO F.A.Q: https://www.mql5.com/en/blogs/post/722015 TDO video library:   https://www.mql5.com/en/blogs/post/722018 Why demo version Try before you buy on live charts, without the MT4 Tester restrictions. Try Mobile Notifications and eMail service. Try all indicator functions like d
M1Arrows MT4 Indicator
Marcos Camargo
M1Arrows is a MT4 trend arrows Indicator * Smart Scalper Setup (M1) :: Signal 5 Main 20 + Signal 20 Main 80 + Fibonacci ZigArcs 20 (Screenshot1) Add the indicator with first setting, then add it again to the same graph with other settings. You can add as many as you want, but 2 M1Arrows in just one graph is enought Never open orders againt the slow setting trend Do not open more than 3 orders per slow setting trend It will work better in Europe/USA markets, * M15 Day Trade Setup: Sig
Break Even Price Tag
Khalil Abokwaik
The indicator shows a price tag at the breakeven price when multiple orders are opened for the current instrument symbol. When no orders are open the price tag disappears. The indicator calculates a unified break even price for both buy and sell orders, taking into consideration the lot size for each order. Inputs Price Color : here you select the appropriate color for the price tag.
Quantina Advanced RSI Indicator
Quantina Intelligence Limited
One of the most popular technical analysis indicator is the Relative Strength Index (RSI) is an oscillator that measures current price strength in relation to previous prices. The RSI is a highly recommended tool for traders, it can be used to: Generate BUY and SELL signals Show Overbought and Oversold conditions Warn of price reversals through divergences How to use RSI Indicator The (RSI) Relative Strength Index Indicator is going to measure price changes over the past XX periods (where XX b
BB Multi Currency RSI
Bertwin Bartha
The BB Multi Currency RSI shows the RSI value broken down to each important currency. It compares RSI values of all supported currency pairs with each other and draws the average value in a line chart. You can keep track of all important currencies (AUD, CAD, CHF, EUR, GBP, JPY, NZD, and USD) at a glance and see which currency is the most oversold/overbought. It may help to find good reversal or breakout levels. Parameters RSI Period - period of the RSI indicator the calculations are based on.
Trend Channel MT4
The Trend Channel will draw a channel that can be used for buy and sell points. The buy point occurs when the candle crosses the lower limit of the channel and indicates conditions will turn upwards. The sell point occurs when the candle crosses the upper limit of the channel and will be showing conditions will turn downwards. Input indicator: +Bars Count: Data history bars that will be calculated. + Standar Deviation Coefficinet: The coefficient of multiplying the standard deviation. T
Srcci free
Jorge Alejandro Agudelo Alvarez
SRCCI Free ** EURUSD ONLY **   An indicator based on RCCI , is a combination of the RSI and CCI indicators, adapted into three levels categorized into A, B and C. Taking advantage of their combination to maintain a controlled filter and applicable to different strategies. The RSI (Relative Strength Index) is one of the most popular and used oscillators to operate in the markets. It is a valuable tool to measure both the speed of price changes and the possible levels of overbought or overbought
Manual zig zag
Andrey Koshcheev
Manual Zig-zag allows you to build a zig-zag with the mouse, to build it is necessary to turn on the zig-zag and left-click. The file must be placed in the \ MQL4 \ Indicators folder then in the terminal from the list of indicators put it on the chart. A zigzag can be built so that this zigzag can only be seen on the current time frame or in all halves at once. You can change the color and thickness of the line while on the chart without getting into the settings. You can quickly remove e
SFT Horizontal Volume
Artem Kuzmin
The indicator shows on the selected range tick volumes in the form of a horizontal histogram Highlights the maximum and most significant price levels near which correction and price reversals are most likely Allows you to conduct trend and counter trend trading using support and resistance levels It works on all timeframes, on any currency pairs, metals and cryptocurrency Can be used when working with binary options Distinctive features Shows the most significant levels of support and resistanc
MACD stopper x2 free
Andrii Malakhov
The MACD_stopper_x2 indicator shows where the trend has a tendency to stop or reverse. It uses the standard MACD indicator and a proprietary formula for processing data obtained from MACD. There are 2 types of stop/reversal signals: Small cross - probability of a trend stop/reversal is 70-80%; Large cross - probability of a trend stop/reversal is 80-80%; If there are open trades (for example, BUY) on the symbol the indicator is attached to, and the BUY trend ends, the indicator sends push notifi
Trader Board
Khurram Mustafa
Introduction This is an indicator with reporting panel. User will get information in one panel. The most important part is to see time frames trends, ATR values and Time Remaining of current bars. This will be good indicator for those Traders who loves to trade by using different time frames Settings This indicator panel have the following responsibilities Symbol = Where This Will Attach Time Frame = Currently Open Time Frame Bid Price = Current Bid Price Spread = Current Spread Shows Time R
Trend Magic Indicator free
Heiko Kendziorra
The Trend Magic Indicator shows the direction of a trend and indicates when it changes. Blue dots in the chart indicate an uptrend, red dots indicate a downtrend. The indicator is the trigger for the Trend Magic Expert . Input Parameters Counter : number of bars used for calculation PowerSet : shows how near to the bars the trigger dots are placed DotSize : size of the shown dots The colors of the dots can be changed. Difference from the paid version This is a free version, it works in every
Heiken Ashi Scanner Free
Philip Pankaj
Heikin-Ashi charts , developed by  Munehisa Homma  in the 1700s. Munehisa Honma was a rice merchant from Sakata, Japan who traded in the Dojima Rice market in Osaka during the Tokugawa Shogunate. He is considered to be the  father of the candlestick chart.   The man who invented the use of candlestick charts for finding and profiting from chart patterns.He was a billionaire trader on those days if we compared his net-worth with todays dollar. Free Version: Analyze only  Daily Timeframe . Paid V
Rua PinBar
Rua Pinbar This is an indicator to help you quickly identify pinbar candles in the chart. Can be used on any currency pair and any time frame you want. This indicator is often used to determine entry points. You can refer to the product here: https://www.mql5.com/en/users/phamruacoder/seller A product of Ruacoder Get code indicator and robot (EA) as required.
Telegram Signal Trader Free
Ugur Oezcan
Telegram to Metatrader4. Do not miss any trading signal or to be late to enter or exit from telegram channel anymore.  Our tool give user ability to parse all kind of telegram signals. You can use tool with any telegram forex Signal channels. Users can also copy their trades if they are only members of a VIP channel. Admin rights is not required. We include also valuable functions for trader, which you can use independently form channel signals 3 money management systems. Use tool to copy at any
Mohamad Zulhairi Baba
RoundNumbers indicator is a simple and powerful psychological price levels. Trader usually use these levels as a Support and Resistance (SnR). Indicator Input: Levels - Numbers of levels drawn on chart. Default 30 levels. BoxSize - Box size drawn on each levels, indicate buffers around levels. Default value 1pips (10point) above and below each levels. ZoneSize - Distance between each levels, default value 10pips (100point). Style & Colours - User inputs customization. For MT5 version, please r
PZ Relative Charts
Arturo Lopez Perez
This creates a mean-reversion chart using a moving average as a reference, detaching ourselves from the changing value of fiat currencies. [ Installation Guide | Update Guide | Troubleshooting | FAQ | All Products ] Get a mean-based view of the market Find real overbought/oversold situations easily Isolate your perception from the changing value of fiat currencies The center line represents the moving average Your imagination is the limit with this indicator Customizable chart period and Bolling
RSI Buy Sell With Alert
Abhimanyu Hans
The "RSI BUY SELL WITH ALERT" is an indicator works same as normal RSI indicator. What makes this indicator unique is the alert option. Input Parameters Send Email — if set to true, enables sending email notifications whenever RSI gets overbought or oversold. If set to false — disabled. Audible Alerts — if set to true, enables sending audible alerts with on screen pop up window. If set to false — disabled. Push Notifications — if set to true, enables sending alerts on mobile phone. If set to f
HighLowClosePeriods MT4
Maxim Polishchuk
The indicator HighLowClosePeriods displays the previous periods' High, Low and Close levels on the chart. These are strong support/resistance levels. The higher the period, the stronger the levels. Settings Show Close/High and Low Month/Week/Day – show/hide corresponding levels of a month, week, day. Allow showing the message – enable messages. Enable sound notification – enable sound notifications. The name of the sound file – sound file name. The file should be located: in the terminal_dire
Scalping Trap BB
Yahor Masakou
The Scalping_Trap_BB is an automated trading scalper EA that will detect high-probability entries for price action breakouts on the current chart timeframe. It uses intelligent algorithms to adapt to the market based on the Bollinger Bands, Fractals and SMA indicators. A minimal amount of parameters are required for the optimization, which allows to configure the EA in the shortest time and to apply the tactics of multi-currency trading. The EA uses a SL so the account is always protected from h
FT 123 GAP Formation MT4
Indicator which recognizes 1-2-3 GAP Formation. Inputs InpTimeFrame - The time frame on which indicator works (current timeframe, 1 minute, 5 minutes, 15 minutes, 30 minutes, 1 hour, 4 hours, 1 day, 1 week, 1 month) InpMaxHistory - Maximum history, which is calculated at startup indicator InpShowRectangle - Show rectangle? (true / false) InpShowLine - Show line on the high / low? (true / false) InpColorRectangleBUY - Rectangle color for BUY GAPs InpColorRectangleSELL - Rectangle color for SELL
Sergey Shashkov
The Expert Advisor trading is based on signals of indicators. Stops within the bounds of 20 points and trailing stops are set. A trade is closing according to trailing stop or, in some instances, by market reversal signal. Trade volume can be changed according to situation. You can trade on any symbol and timeframe. Minimal stop loss level cannot exceed 10 points. It was being tested from 2010 to 2015 with following parameters: L =0.8 is an initial lot and Mart =4 is a lot limit. Symbol is EURUS
Time of Renko Bar
Jad Eid
This "Time of Renko Bar" indicator can be utilized by traders using Renko bars. The indicator will record the time taken for each box to be formed (in seconds) and display those values in a separate indicator window. Some traders use the time of a Renko bar to assess momentum. This means that if a box is taking more time to form, it could mean that the trend is weakening.
Trend Line Map Free
Sayadi Achraf
⭐️   ⭐️   ⭐️   ⭐️   ⭐️     Trend Line Map Free Version     ⭐️⭐️⭐️   ⭐️⭐️ Important Note : 1. Trend Line Map is a Trend Line Scanner based on Trend Screener Indicator. Please make sure that you get Trend Screener Pro before getting Trend Line Map indicator. 2.  If you don't have Trend Screener Pro Indicator, the Trend Line Pro it will not work. Trend Screener Pro Link  =>    https://www.mql5.com/en/market/product/46303 Trend Screener Free Link =>   https://www.mql5.com/en/market/pr
Andrey Spiridonov
SmartStochasticMt4 is a universal indicator for making trading decisions. An indispensable tool for novice traders, as it has no settings and is ready to work after installation. Advantages of the indicator: 1. Works with any trading symbol 2. Works on any time period 3. Has no configurable parameters 4. Provides a complete picture of the trading situation from different time periods 5. Not late Working with the indicator 1. To set the indicator 2. To exclude from the time of the rel
PZ Lopez Flow
Arturo Lopez Perez
This indicator studies price action as an aggregation of price and time vectors, and uses the average vector to determine the direction and strength of the market. This indicator highlights the short-term directionality and strength of the market, and can be used to capitalize from short-term price movements by trading breakouts or binary options. [ Installation Guide | Update Guide | Troubleshooting | FAQ | All Products ] Find market direction easily Confirm with breakouts or other indicators D
Volatility Hunter MT4
Roman Pritulyak
Tired of constant hanging in dull markets and/or missing big trends? Volatility Hunter can be a good solution for you. This novel indicator uses second derivative to measure volatility (and thus probability of beginning/continuing of a trend). It monitors minor changes in character of price movements simultaneously with volumes, therefore providing early entry points and conservative exits. Though Volatility Hunter shows its best results with reliable volume data, special option of "synthetic"
Market Clock for MT4 demo
Victor Klenov
The professional indicator of Trading Sessions is now available in MetaTrader4.  Also the professional   BROWSER of NEWS  and Trading Sessions is now available in MetaTrader5. One dial shows the time of the 18 largest stock exchanges in the world. This makes it possible to trace the characteristic movement of the market at the appropriate time of day. Thanks to sound and Push notifications, you will never miss the start of trading on the next exchange! The full version of the program is
Mission Automate Demo MT4
Andrey Barinov
This is a visual strategy builder . The way it is supposed to be. Turn your trading strategies and ideas into Expert Advisors without writing a single line of code. Generate mql source code files with a few clicks and get your fully functional Expert Advisors, which are ready for live execution , strategy tester and cloud optimization . This is a DEMO version . It has the following limitations: Schemes and snippets cannot be imported from a file Every time the EA restarts (e.g. when MetaTrader r
Aleksandr Teleguz
SRVector is an arrow indicator based on short-term support and resistance levels. The indicator provides signals using two market patterns (Signal 1 and Signal 2) that can be enabled or disabled in the input parameters. When a signal is triggered, a recommended StopLoss level is displayed that may follow the price (according to Trailing Stop principle). Signal 1 is not recommended for use on timeframes higher than H1. Signal 2 is not recommended for use on timeframes lower than M15. The indicato
Investment GBPCAD
Evgeniy Kuzevanov
The Expert Advisor operates based on 4 trading methods, using various built-in MT4 indicators. The EA can be attached to 4 charts with different methods and the same magic number. In this case the EA will operate as one unit, taking into account open orders. If you set different magic numbers, the EA will operate as four different trading methods. If you set different magic numbers, use them like this: on chart 1 magic=1, on chart 2 magic=50, on chart 3 magic=100, on chart 4 magic=150. During ba
Tipu Trend Dashboard
Kaleem Haider
Tipu Trend Dashboard is based on the Tipu Trend indicator. Please contact me here at MQL5 if you would like to use this panel for your custom signals. Tipu Trend Dashboard plots trend + signal of the major currency pairs and the selected time-frames. If you are constantly missing opportunities and having trouble in constantly changing charts to find the opportunities, this indicator is just for you. Tipu Trend Dashboard uses the visual panel created for the Tipu Panel indicator and gives signals
MT4 Money Manager
David Kiss
Money Manager calculates the correct position size for each trade accurately and immediately. Calculations are based on the account balance or equity (optional), the risk percentage you set (input) and the Stop Loss distance (lines). Money Manager also indicates many useful info, like candle time remaining, spread, minimum Stop Loss, etc.
KDJ Index 4
Kaijun Wang
Necessary for traders: tools and indicators Waves automatically calculate indicators, channel trend trading Perfect trend-wave automatic calculation channel calculation , MT4 Perfect trend-wave automatic calculation channel calculation , MT5 Local Trading copying Easy And Fast Copy , MT4 Easy And Fast Copy , MT5 Local Trading copying For DEMO Easy And Fast Copy , MT4 DEMO Easy And Fast Copy , MT5 DEMO "Cooperative QQ:556024"  "Cooperation wechat:556024"  "Cooperative email:556024@qq.com" Strong
Easy Candlestick Patterns
Alexander Nikolaev
This EA recognizes candlestick patterns, opens trades depending on the last candlestick pattern, and also displays its name (when the ShowInfo option is enabled) directly on the chart of the currency pair. There are also additional indicators whose parameters are adjustable (for example, ADX volatility indicator, dynamic stop loss parameter, trailing stop). The EA can determine both simple models consisting of 1 candlestick, and complex ones from 2 to 5 candles. The simple version of this advise
Display Local Time
Theresia Yovitha Herwanda
DLT (Display Local Time) displays local time that can be set in either auto or manual mode. Useful when you trade in your local market hours, or to evaluate candles in different local time. Note: Auto mode not working on strategy tester, because it needs the current time. Settings Auto Offset: Select auto or manual mode Manual Offset: Offset hour when using manual mode Offset Info Font: Font name for offset info display Offset Info Font Size: Font size for offset info display Offset Info Font
Hamster Lite
Vladimir Gribachev
Lite version of   Hamster   Advisor. Unlike the full version, the values ​​of the stop order installation levels, stop loss, take profit, trailing stop and breakeven -   can only be set in pips   . There is no work on time. Applies a strategy based on price volatility. Trading begins when the price rises by N points from the close price of the previous bar, for N minutes from the time the current bar opened. If in the allotted time the price has not exceeded N values, then trading is suspended
Exp4 The xCustomEA for MT4 DEMO
Vladislav Andruschenko
Universal trading EA on custom indicators for  MetaTrader 4 . Full version   The xCustomEA    for MetaTrader 5 terminal Full version  The xCustomEA    for MetaTrader 4 terminal The functionality of the universal trading EA The xCustomEA duplicates all the parameters of our advisor  The X  except one: The xCustomEA  works on a custom indicator and has the ability to program its own trading strategy for MT4 terminals. The xCustomEA  has a link to custom indicators that can be downloaded from the I
SFT Fractal Support and Resistance
Artem Kuzmin
The support and resistance levels are among the main components of the entire technical analysis. They are used both by professional traders and by beginners. Prices usually move within the price channels. The upper boundary of such a channel is called resistance, and the lower one is support. This indicator plots fractal support and resistance lines at the highest and lowest local price values (fractals). Distinctive features Does not redraw. Clear and understandable signals. It is possible t
Renko Bars 3in1 DEMO
Yuriy Shatsckiy
The Renko_Bars_3in1_DEMO is designed for plotting 3 types of Offline Renko charts. Standard Renko Bar (the reversal bar is twice the size of the bar). Renko Range Bar (the size of all bars is the same). Renko Bars with the ability to adjust the size of the reversal bar. Note . Renko_Bars_3in1_DEMO is a demo version of Renko_Bars_3in1 indicator. Works only on Demo accounts. A chart with the M1 period is necessary to build an offline chart. When the indicator is attached to a chart, the offline ch
Rsi Macd EA
Alexander Chertnik
Rsi Macd Expert Advisor uses combined signal from 2 indicators (Rsi / Macd). Minimum trading account 500. best pairs: GBPCAD / EURUSD / CADJPY / USDCHF / GBPUSD / GBPJPY / USDJPY best timeframe: 1H Setting can be define by the user: rsi levels / rsi period / macd period / risk / there are no stop loss or take profit and the expert closes orders by the indicator signal.
Elliot Wave Marker
This is a utility to allow you to quickly add and remove Elliot Wave numbers and letters to your charts allowing you to plot the main and sub Elliot waves for easy chart analysis. Please note, this is not an Indicator that adds the characters automatically, it is a utility to manually add them yourself with ease.   Elliot Characters and Buttons on screen:   0,1,2,3,4,5 A,B,C i,ii,iii,iv,v a,b,c Delete Input Parameters: Colors Font Size Font Type This is a free utility for MT4 only Check out
Fibo Alert
Che Jeib Che Said
FIBO ALERT https://www.mql5.com/en/market/product/34921 This indicator draws a fibonacci retracement (high and low) of a candle. It alerts  and notifies  the user whenever price touches or crosses the fibonacci levels. INPUTS ON Alert: set to true will alert pop up  whenever price crosses levels at chart time frame. ON Push: set to true will send push notification to phone whenever price crosses levels at chart time frame. ===== FIBO (High & Low) ===== Time Frame: indicator draws fibonacci lev
Stochastic Classic
Michael Kovalev
This is a classic Expert Advisor based on oscillator of the same name. Input Parameters Closure active? - closure by indicator (provided that the closure parameters are specified in "High" "Low" - Sell will be closed by the Low level, Buy will be closed by the High level, respectively) %K - the period of the oscillator %D - the period of the oscillator Slowing - slowing of the indicator High - the upper limit of the oscillator Low - the lower limit of the oscillator Take Profit - order to clos

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