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Expert Advisors and Indicators for MetaTrader 4 - 29

icon Trading robots perform market transactions automatically, while indicators allow you to better analyze quotes and predict the price behavior. With these applications, you will be able to perform deals in MetaTrader 4 in a more informed manner, while capturing more opportunities.
Lisek Stochastic
Darius Hans Lischka
3 (7)
Lisek Stochastic   oscillator indicator with Alarm, Push Notifications and e-mail  Notifications. The Stochastic indicator is a momentum indicator that shows you how strong or weak the current trend is. It helps you identify overbought and oversold market conditions within a trend. The Stochastic indicator is lagging indicator, which means it don't predict where price is going, it is only providing data on where price has been !!! How to trade with Stochastic indicator: Trend following: As lon
Pivot Classic, Woodie, Camarilla, Fibonacci and Demark Floor/Classic Pivot points, or simply pivots, are useful for identifying potential support/resistance levels, trading ranges, trend reversals, and market sentiment by examining an asset's high, low, and closing values. The Floor/Classic Pivot Points can be calculated as follows. Pivot Point (P) = (High + Low + Close)/3 S1 = P * 2 - High S2 = P - (High - Low) S3 = Low – 2*(High - P) R1 = P * 2 - Low R2 = P + (High - Low) R3 = High + 2*(P -
本指标 基于 Zigzag 基础上... 增加了: 1.增加了箭头指示,使图表更鲜明 2.增加了价格显示,使大家更清楚的看清价格. 3.增加了报警等设置,可以支持邮件发送 原指标特性: 1.基本的波段指标构型. 2.最近的2个ZIGZAG点不具有稳定性,随着行情而改变,(就是网友所说的未来函数) 3.原指标适合分析历史拐点,波段特性,对于价格波动有一定的指导性. Zigzag的使用方法一 丈量一段行情的起点和终点 (1)用ZigZag标注的折点作为起点和终点之后,行情的走势方向就被确立了(空头趋势); (2)根据道氏理论的逻辑,行情会按照波峰浪谷的锯齿形运行,行情确立之后会走回撤行情,回撤的过程中ZigZag会再次形成折点,就是回撤点; (3)在回撤点选择机会进场,等待行情再次启动,止损可以放到回撤的高点。 一套交易系统基本的框架就建立起来了。 Zigzag的使用方法二 作为画趋势线的连接点 趋势线是很常见的技术指标,在技术分析中被广泛地使用。 但一直以来趋势线在实战中都存在一个BUG,那就是难以保证划线的一致性。 在图表上有很多的高低点,到底该连接哪一个呢?不同的书上画趋势线的方
This EA is fully automated , it is built based on  the method of catching the pop-up Alert event and forwarding them to Telegram Channel/Group. Parameters of the EA: -------- <EA Settings> -------- Magic Number:   The identifying (magic) number of the currently selected order. Bot name:   Name of the Expert Advisor. -------- <Telegram Settings> -------- Telegram Bot Token: Each bot is given a unique authentication token when it is created. Telegram Chat_ID: Unique identifier for the target cha
39 USD
Unreal Divergence EA
Antonis Michos
5 (2)
Join telegram group by clicking on the link you will find below my picture's profile. Welcome. IMPORTANT: Due to many drawings the testing will be very slow. YOU CAN USE CONTROL POINTS with visualization to see faster the strategy. Unreal Divergence EA uses a sophisticated custom made method to find possible exhaustion in price action.The EA waits for a pull back.Draws a Line where it scans close to it if there is possible exhaustion . Several TP strategies used to perform as better a
59 USD
Percentage Levels MT4
Alexandre Borela
4.5 (2)
If you like this project, leave a 5 star review. Follow on instagram: borelatech As institutionals trade large volumes, it is not uncommon for them to try to defend their position at specific percentage levels. These levels will serve as a natural support and resistance which you can use either to enter a trade or be aware of possible dangers against your position. An example of a common used percentages are 0.25% and 0.50% on EURUSD for the week, you can see this example on the screenshots.
Filtered TMA Arrows
Davit Beridze
5 (2)
Check my p a id tools they   work  perfect Here is an Upgraded version with Bonus Ea in case of purchase it costs 30$ only and you get Ea as Bonus:  https://www.mql5.com/en/market/product/96835 le a ve review ple ase . This indicator is experimetal, it shows TMA channel arrows with Volatility filter built in to avoid lagging. Try to experiment with it, search for better conditions of use. It is possible to adjust different timeframes for TMA and for Volatility filter Same time on the current
Volatility Ratio
Nesimeye Oswald
4.25 (20)
The Volatility Ratio was developed by Jack D. Schwager to identify trading range and signal potential breakouts. The volatility ratio is defined as the current day's true range divided by the true range over a certain number of days N (i.e. N periods). The following formula is used to calculate the volatility ratio: Volatility Ratio (VR) = Today's True Range/True Range over N number of days To calculate the volatility ratio, the true range is calculated using the following formula: Today's True
Reborn Scalper
Constantin Eduard Stefan
The "Reborn Scalper" expert advisor analizes the price movement continuously and if specific movement is detected it places pending orders very close (using the default settings) to the price , using small stops and trailstop for taking profit .  No martingale or lot size increase is used . Reborn Scalper   is mainly based on the possible  mean return of the price when fast price movements occure. BuyStop or SellStop orders are placed shortly behind the price , taking into account that ussualy f
95 USD
Exp TralPartionClose
Vladislav Andruschenko
5 (9)
Partial Close and Trail - assistant EA. Closes a part of a position (Closes part of the lot) during rollback. EA  closes a profitable position in partial closes when the price moves first in the direction of profits, and then comes back. EA monitors the position. If the price moves in the direction of profits, then ea establish the first level of rollback price at a distance. If the price continues to move in the direction of profits, this level of profit continues modifying this level of rollb
MACD 2Line MT4
4 (1)
The MACD 2 Line Indicator is a powerful, upgraded version of the classic Moving Average Convergence Divergence (MACD) indicator, now available for the MetaTrader 4 platform. This tool is the embodiment of versatility and functionality, capable of delivering comprehensive market insights to both beginner and advanced traders. The MACD 2 Line Indicator for MQL4 offers a dynamic perspective of market momentum and direction, through clear, visually compelling charts and real-time analysis. How
The  Awesome Oscillator  (AO) is an indicator used to measure market momentum. AO calculates the difference between a 34 Period and 5 Period Simple Moving Average. The Simple Moving Averages that are used are not calculated using closing price but rather each bar's midpoints. This indicator has email and pushup "mobile" features Alert, for any suggestions, please don't hesitate, thanks
The   Heikin Ashi indicator   is our version of the Heikin Ashi chart. Unlike competitor products, this indicator offers extensive options for calculating Heikin Ashi candles. In addition, it can be displayed as a classic or smoothed version. The indicator can calculate Heikin Ashi with moving average by four methods: SMA  - Simple Moving Average SMMA  - Smoothed Moving Average EMA  - Exponential Moving Average LWMA  - Linear Weighted Moving Average Main features The indicator shows Heikin
Roman Yablonskiy
4 (1)
MacdScapler   is an automatic expert advisor with two section of martingale strateges with automation takeprofit. The MACD indicator with adjustable parameters is used as inputs. If parameters of the entry points goes wrong, the EA changes them automaticly. General recommendation The minimum recommended deposit is 1000 cents for 0.01 lot. Spread is recommended less then 2 points. The martingale parameter can be set from 0.1 to any value in two steps - the first for the four trades and the secon
Save time placing orders and automate entry with Advanced Smart orders. Managing open trade with TBOM is easy Video tutorials and manuals   here .   Find contacts on my   profile .   FREE Order box Dashboard  tool  here FREE version works for CHFJPY and AUDCAD Money Management -  Risk percentage position size calculator, gain percentage, target risk reward ratio, spread and commissions are included in calculations Safe Trading -  Protect orders before big news spikes and Monday opening gaps
Gold robot experia
Meinrik Sikuvi Sipahu
This EA is created for scalpers who love trading the lows and highs of GOLD/XAUUSD on smaller timeframes.  It uses two indicators, the alligator indicator with the RSI. The EA can only be used on the Gold market and it doesn't trade anything else apart from that. Its advisable to turn the robot off during NFP week. It has a build in news filter but can only be very sensitive to High impact News. here is the inputs on the Ea volume size= lotsize      volumesize= risk percentage per trade      sto
1 000 USD
Greed Advisor
Vertex Investments LLC
4.67 (15)
Free version of Greed Advisor PRO . This is a flexible grid Expert Advisor, created specifically for greedy traders. Operation principle: set the desired daily profit, and the robot will attempt to achieve this result by any means possible. It uses the dangerous martingale principle to cope with drawdowns, because making the order chain profitable is the main purpose of the robot. Do not forget about the risks of martingale. In general, the EA is intended for those who understand why they need i
Index Master Pro
Paulo Martins Barbosa Junior
PRICING - Launch promotion: $98,00 - Next price: $148,00 MAIN FEATURES - Index Master is a 100% automated system. - Not martingale! Not grid! No dangerous strategies are used! - Every orders has a StopLoss and a TakeProfit. - Recommended broker : low spread; low comission; not market maker:  https://bit.ly/38hfs2D   - Designed for US30 - USTEC and USD500 at timeframe M1. - Live signal :     https://www.mql5.com/pt/signals/913370 SETUP -  No need set files . Just attach to the following
98 USD
Dracula EA
Anatoliy Lukanin
Fully automated, which does not use grid strategies, martingale, averaging positions, waiting out a loss, etc. The idea is not complicated, when flat, 2 limit orders are set when using USE_LIMIT_ORDERS = true, otherwise it trades by market. When an order is triggered, the position is closed by TAKE_PROFIT, SIGNAL_TRAILING_TAKE_PROFIT in an unsuccessful situation by STOP_LOSS_VIRTUAL. Or the orders are deleted. After closing a position, the expert looks at how the position closed, with
440 USD
Price 177 is set for a limited time then price 315 The uniqueness of this expert is that he uses one common set. for most Expert Advisors, this is not applicable and will not work because most Expert Advisors have either sets that you can download yourself or embedded in the code for each currency pair. This Expert Advisor uses only 1 set for all 20 currency pairs. the adviser can work with a small deposit starting from $50. I differ from many developers in that I continue. improve yo
177 USD
Sam TrendBlaster
4.55 (22)
*****ARROWS NON REPAINT ***** Trade With Sam Simple Strategy Guide :  https://www.mql5.com/en/blogs/post/740855 MT5 version of the indicator Try Out and see the Difference The Sam's Trend Blaster indicator tracks the market trend with an unmatched reliability, by ignoring sudden fluctuations and market noise. It has been designed to trend-trade intraday charts and small timeframes. Its winning ratio is around 85%. This is an arrow indicator that shows precise price reversals. A great ar
30 USD
Double Top Tracker
Dorian Baranes
4.44 (16)
This indicator analyzes in parallel price charts for multiple currency pairs on all timeframes and notifies you as soon as a double tops or double bottoms pattern has been identified. Definition Double Top / Double Bottom pattern Double Top is a trend reversal pattern which are made up of two consecutive peaks that are more and less equal with a trough in-between. This pattern is a clear illustration of a battle between buyers and sellers. The buyers are attempting to push the security but are
70 USD
The next price of the adviser will be 159 $ EA Pivot SR  is a fully automatic Expert Advisor for MT4. There are no sewn-in deals, as is the case with most fraudulent advisors. Transactions in the tester and in real trading will correspond exactly to 99.99%. The strategy of the Expert Advisor is based on trading from levels, which is the most acceptable solution than focusing on indicators that are usually late and give signals several bars late. Support and resistance levels are calculated
139 USD
Mini Dynamic is a reliable and profitable EA based Compounding Techniques and Smart Money Concepts.   Compounding Techniques and Smart Money Concepts  can make huge (a lot of) money for many years. I hope you are be patient do not withdraw minimal 6 month. This EA use automatic lotsize based risk and equity. This EA use money management with risk and reward ratio 1:2. This is free version from    Super Dynamic MT4       https://www.mql5.com/en/market/product/108965?source=Site +Profile+Seller
Introducing the Hull Moving Average Scanner , an advanced multisymbol and multitimeframe indicator for MT4. This powerful and versatile tool is designed to enhance your trading decisions. The indicator incorporates the Hull Moving Average (HMA) and offers additional features to provide fast and reliable alerts. With the Hull Moving Average Scanner, you can benefit from the unique characteristics of the Hull Moving Average across multiple currency pairs and timeframes. The indicator's comprehens
99 USD
Kelter Channel is a technical indicator designed to find overbought and oversold price areas, using a exponential moving average and ATR. And it implements a particularly useful twist: you can plot the bands of a higher timeframe in the current chart. [ Installation Guide | Update Guide | Troubleshooting | FAQ | All Products ] Find overbought and oversold situations Read data from higher timeframes easily The indicator displays data at bar opening The indicator is non-repainting Trading implica
(Previously named Top Gun Oscillators) This indicator provides Best of the Best linear filter momentum oscillators that I am aware of (Low Pass Differentiators, LPD's) . All of them are  recent developments by this developer, or other researchers. The oscillator line is the first buffer of the indicator, and can be called  in other indicators or EA's by iCustoms. In my previous indicator   True Momentum , I briefly described the characteristics of a true momentum oscillator and exposed the weakn
PipFinite Cluster Helix
Karlo Wilson Vendiola
5 (2)
A combination of trend, pullback, range breakouts and statistics in one indicator Mainly functions as an Entry indicator. Works in any pair and timeframe. Suggested Combination Cluster Helix with Strength Meter Strategy: Confirm signals with ideal strength levels Watch Video: (Click Here) Features Detects range breakouts on pullback zones in the direction of the trend Analyzes statistics of maximum profits and calculates possible targets for the next signal Flexible tool, can be used in many
88 USD
Khurram Mustafa
5 (4)
As per name  Strength,  This Indicator is a  affordable trading tool  because with the help of  Popular Developers & Support of M Q L Platform  I have programmed this strategy. I tried to input different types and different periods of Calculation regarding Support Resistance, Trends, Trend lines, Currency Strength, Oversold and Overbought Indications for good results. Furthermore, I have also care about  Adjustable Settings  So Trader can easily get in touch with market in another way also. What
This indicator shows the latest untouched support and resistance as horizontal lines. The indicator can show support/resistance from higher timeframes. With this indicator you can e.g. easily see the support/resistance of the timeframes H4, D1 and W1 on a H1 chart, which can be a big advantage while time your entry on H1. This is the FULL version of the indicator: Support Resistance Multi Time Frame FREE Parameters referenceTF: the timeframe from which the support/resistance is calculated cand
69 USD
ONI EA mt4
Evgenii Aksenov
The strategy of the Expert Advisor is based on the return of the price to the average value. This is a simple and effective strategy using StopLoss and TakeProfit.  Additional orders in the same direction are allowed. The entire series of orders is closed with a positive result - this is another advantage of ONI EA. When creating the ONI Expert Advisor, we optimized it hundreds and thousands of times using 100% quality ticks. Signal:   https://www.mql5.com/en/users/neurofx/seller Advant
299 USD
Igor Semyonov
The Sprint is an automated scalper EA for high-frequency trading on the financial instrument of the chart it is attached to. For multi-currency trading the EA should be attached to a chart of the corresponding financial instrument. The EA requires two account types, i.e. (MT5/MT4 or MT4/MT4) terminals on one computer. provider. receiver. The EA trades on the receiver account based on the advance market information of the provider. Input Parameters Symbol Name - name of financial instrument of
499 USD
Easy Daily Open
Simon Busley
5 (3)
This indicator lets you easily mark the daily open levels on a chart with several possibilities of customization. For many trading strategies, the daily open level is an important level to base trading decisions on. That is why I chose to create this indicator that is designed to assist you with trading these strategies, as well as further optimizing them and getting a general understanding of the markets movements. With this tools help, you can easily take a look at the previous price action ar
Niguru Gold V1
Nino Guevara Ruwano
GOLD (XAU) is one of the most volatile assets, and is the most attractive asset for traders. Use this EA with this simple setup to trade Gold. To use this EA, the user only needs to fill in the Lot , TP , SL , and the EA will work optimally.  Choose the   M1   time frame for this EA, to get as many trades as possible. Even if the user leaves the TP and SL values (TP=0 & SL=0), the EA will automatically determine the best TP and SL values so that trading can be profitable. As an addition
his is a custom indicator based on double-average crossing and arrow marking. Make multiple lists when blue arrows appear up. Make a blank list when the red arrow appears down. When the pink line crosses the green line upwards, the pink line is above, the green line is below, the golden fork appears, and the blue arrow appears. When the pink line crosses down through the green line, the pink line is below, the green line is above, a dead fork appears, and a red arrow appears. This is a
EA Airplane
Aleksei Sukhanov
5 (1)
Use quality quotes for testing. Tds2 is desirable. Use a low spread.   Thanks for the feedback that helped improve the advisor. Good luck to everyone and read the description carefully. 1. Brief description The EA analyzes the market situation using several indicators and evaluates price patterns, measures the rate of change in the exchange rate to determine the best open price. Before placing an order, the EA checks the availability of trading by the instrument and the account leverage, as w
The indicator displays overbought and oversold levels, calculating them using the Fibonacci golden ratio formula. It enables both trend-following and counter-trend trading, accommodating breakouts and rebounds from these levels. It operates on all timeframes, across various currency pairs, metals, and cryptocurrencies. Suitable for binary options trading. Key Features:  Based on the Fibonacci golden ratio  Shows overbought and oversold levels  Suitable for market and pending orders  Sim
Aleksandr Valutsa
The advisor can work both at a certain time of the day and around the clock. Trading takes place inside a certain channel in overbought and oversold markets, precisely at the time when the likelihood of a rebound from strong levels is highest. To protect the deposit, market and virtual stops are used, as well as closing orders based on the opposite signal from the indicators. Options CloseAll - close everything immediately StopAfterLastTrade - stop trading after the last trade is closed TargetEq
625 USD
Trader Assistant Mini MT4
Faran Ataeiraveshti
5 (1)
Hello guys "Trader Assistant Mini" is a handy tool to calculate risk per trade with a fluent R:R panel. Risk to Reward Ratio plus Trade Panel: It is handy for every trader to calculate the size of loss concerning the size of profit and also manage the risk per trader so that he can judge whether it's a good trade or not. Also, it shows the loss and Profit in pips and percentages and loss and profit. It has partial exit (TP1) capability too. How to install the demo version + Demo file: Trader Ass
30 USD
PZ Multi TDI
4.85 (13)
This indicator is a personal implementation of the famous Traders Dynamic Index, which uses RSI, moving averages and volatility bands to find trends, reversals and price exhaustions. However, this particular implementation supports not only RSI, but also CCI, Stoch, AO, AC, Momentum, WPR, Demarker, RVI and ATR. It is suitable for scalping, day trading, and swing trading and aims to provide a full picture of the current market conditions. [ Installation Guide | Update Guide | Troubleshooting | FA
AW Stochastic EA
AW Trading Software Limited
5 (2)
Automated advanced trading system. The EA trades on the signals of the classic Stochastic indicator. To exit positions, it uses an intelligent trailing system and averaging using pending orders. Advantages: Fully automated trading system Customizable oscillator signals for robot operation Intuitively easy setting of input variables Suitable for all types of instruments and any timeframes Built-in adjustable trailing system Note! The indicator lines are not displayed in the EA Strategy: The Stoc
45 USD
The Expert Advisor finds strong trend movements of a currency pair over the specified number of bars. It also finds correction to this trend (for the same period). When the trend is strong enough, and the correction becomes equal to the values specified in the EA parameters, the Expert Advisor opens the a trade in the trend direction. The advantage of this is that the EA will not buy at the trend maximum or sell at its minimum - trhe EA only trades after correction. However, you can set differen
15 USD
harmonic patterns   Harmonic patterns can be used to spot new trading opportunities and pricing trends – but only if you know exactly what you are looking for. Harmonic patterns are formed by combining geometric shapes and Fibonacci levels. As a result, Fibonacci levels are the key concept of these patterns. Identifying harmonic patterns requires more practice than other market classical patterns. But by learning these patterns, you can recognize the future trend of the price chart. These patter
30 USD
MST EurUsd
Alexander Chertnik
5 (11)
M ulti S trategy T rader for EURUSD 1H. Minimum trading deposit   100 $ . EA uses candle formations and RSI indicator strategies to define entry points. All trades covered by fixed   Stop Loss   and   Take Profit . No Grid. No Martingale. Works with high spread This EA operates only once per bar opening.       Fast methods of strategy testing and optimization are valid.      User can test / optimize by model: (control point) / (open prices only) developed tested and optimized from 2000 to   rele
50 USD
FIBO Trend PRO mt4
Evgenii Aksenov
5 (7)
The indicator allows you to instantly determine the current trend by color and FIBO levels. Higher Timeframe the panel shows the current trend of higher periods, helping to determine the strength of the trend Trade according to the trend when changing the color of candles or trade against the trend when the price hit the extreme levels of the   FIBO Trend PRO  indicator     Advantages of the FIBO Trend PRO Indicator never repaint and does not change their values Very easy to use and intuitive
75 USD
ATR Exit
4.75 (8)
The ATR Exit indicator uses the candle close + ATR value to draw trailing stop lines (orange under buys, magenta over sells) that advance with the trend until the trend changes direction. It uses a multiple of the Average True Range (ATR), subtracting it’s value from the close on buy, adding its value to the close on sell. Moreover, the trailing stop lines are generated to support the order’s trend direction (long or short):  In an upward trend, the long trailing stop line (orange line under bu
Netsrac ADR Dashboard
Carsten Pflug
4.91 (11)
The intention of the dashboard is to provide a quick overview of the daily, weekly and monthly range of configured assets. In "single asset mode" the dashboard shows you possible reversal points directly in the chart, thus making statistics directly tradable. If a configured threshold is exceeded, the dashboard can send a screen alert, a notification (to the mobile MT4) or an email.  There are various ways of using this information. One approach is that an asset that has completed nearly 100% of
59 USD
Introduction RSI divergence is a main technique used to determine trend reversing when it’s time to sell or buy because prices are likely to drop or pick in the charts. The RSI Divergence indicator can help you locate the top and bottom of the market. This indicator finds Regular divergence for pullback the market and also finds hidden RSI Divergence to show continuing trend. This indicator shows divergence on the RSI that is a strong hint for an excellent entry point and finds immediately with
The indicator represents the session boxes for the Asian, European and American sessions. It is possible to change the time of each session, such as color. It is also possible to disable the display of each session. You will find in input parameters variables to modify time sessions  in format hh:mm and  the color of boxes of each sessions. If you need some implementations please contact me.
GT Trend M1
Oleg Rodin
5 (3)
GT Trend is a trend indicator specially designed for trading on M1 and M5 charts. The indicator is ideal for traders who prefer intraday trading. You can use this indicator as a basis for your trading system, or as a standalone trading solution. The indicator is easy to use. You just need to follow the signals. I will also provide additional indicators to all users of this indicator for free, which will help to use this method as efficiently as possible. Please contact me after purchase to get t
45 USD
EMA Alert
Santi Dankamjad
5 (5)
Indicator overview   Trend indicator usage Moving averages. Highest quality alerts that need no introduction. It is completely loyal to the original algorithm and uses other useful features. Easy to trade Carry out all kinds of notifications It's not a new paint and it's not a back paint. Setting Indicator EMA50 in Time frame H1 for any pair currency and Gold Spot. EMA200 in Time frame H1 for any pair currency and more than EMA250 for Gold spot. Using it for maximum benefit Set up notificatio
Trend Based Fibo MT4
Nguyen Tuan Son
3 (1)
The most Flexible & Reliable   Trend-Based Fibonacci indicator by Safe Trading. This indicator helps you calculate Trend-Based Fibonacci levels base on the main and retracement trends to predict future price . If you just looking for a simple Fibonacci Retracement indicator, please use  this Free indicator . ### FEATURES ### Auto-calculate up to 7 Trend-Based Fibonacci levels on adjustable frame. Adjust Fibonacci levels as your need. Adjust the start and the end of calculated frame in indicato
Paul Reymkhe
3.6 (10)
PROscalper is a perfect tool for traders who use the scalping strategy! It gives you the visual view of the main Stoploss, Takeprofits and current/last pips on the chart and also in the integrated menu. So with this overview you have the high quality indicator for scalping! You can use PROscalper on any timeframes and on any pairs, but lower timeframes are recommended. To improve results, you can combine PROscalper with a Trendindicator (TrendfollowerSR) to get a dual confirmation for the entrie
99 USD
Flow Trend BLACK FRIDAY: 50% DISCONT > OLD PRICE 100$ > NOW 50$ Flow  trend is designed to detect the market trend with special calculation and a combination of Bolinger band and statistical moving period to detect the market trend without frequency change and fault. This indicator is designed with simple parameters to use fast and easy and helpful tools to trade in a pure direction and set your SL/TP with this indicator cloud system.
Clever MACD
Carlos Forero
5 (2)
Description Better version of MACD indicator which offer a complete visual trading strategy and realize an auto-optimization KEY LINKS:  How to Install  –  Frequent Questions  -  All Products  How is this indicator useful? NEVER repaints. Detect best parameters of MACD indicator, based on profit factor during the specified period. This indicator can be used as a visual strategy, following the recommendations of entry, stop, and targets. Indicator features It can be used as a complete trading s
Wolfe Waves are naturally occurring trading patterns present in all financial markets and represent a fight towards an equilibrium price. These patterns can develop over short and long-term time frames and are one of the most reliable predictive reversal patterns in existence, normally preceding strong and long price movements. [ Installation Guide | Update Guide | Troubleshooting | FAQ | All Products ] Clear trading signals Amazingly easy to trade Customizable colors and sizes Implements perfor
99 USD
Reverse Spot
Stefano Cocconi
Check My Product Contact me to discover all my services  Reverse Spot is an indicator that can help you find and identify possible price reverse zones.   This indicator can be used both as a trend continuation signal after a small period of consolidation or retracement and as a trend change signal. Reverse spot is a very easy to use indicator and thanks to the signals it sends with the arrows it is easy for the trader to identify moments in which to evaluate his own operations. Reverse Sp
TMA Stochastic is an indicator based on stochastic oscillator and tma bands indicator , this indicator is based on a reversal strategy . Recommended time frame : 15 and above  Recommended settings : lower values for scalping , higher values for swing trading  WORKS ONLY ON EURUSD , GET THE FULL VERSION :  https://www.mql5.com/en/market/product/108378 ======================================================================= Parameters :  tma history : how many bars back to show tma bands on stochas
Bollinger Scalper EA
Robots4Forex Ltd
3.75 (4)
The Bollinger Scalper EA is a fully automated Expert Advisor that trades based on Bollinger Band and RSI entry signals. The EA trades using market orders and uses averaging to safely turn otherwise negative trades positive. This EA works best on EURUSD using the M5 timeframe. A VPS is advisable when trading this system. Check the comments for back test results and optimized settings. Please note: I have made the decision to give this EA away and many more for free with limited support so that I
THE Daily breakout
Mr Valentin Michel Draperi
THE DAILY BREAKOUT  The simple and efficient way. ️ No martingale ️ No Grid system ️ No overcrowded charts     I recommend pairs with low spread such as  EUR/USD  or  AUD/USD.    THE  Daily BreakOut   work well too on indices such as   SP500   or   CAC40.   You should be using  EA Daily BreakOut  on a   daily timeframe   but is suitable for other   TF   as well with the right settings. HOW IT WORKS   First of all this EA is based on the daily breakout which means that as soon as
35 USD
BeST_Hull MAvgs Strategies_EA is an MT4 Expert Advisor based on the Market indicator named  BeST_Hull MAs Directional Strategy  and can make trades according to it or using only 1 HMA while it also applies all common Trade and Risk Management features. Generally the Hull Moving Average (HMA - developed by Alan Hull) is a directional trend indicator. It captures the current state of the market and uses recent price action to determine if conditions are bullish or bearish relative to historical d
45 USD
Paranchai Tensit
5 (1)
SafeLockdown is a fully automated Expert Advisor. This EA has passed 21 years back test of real tick data (2003-2021)   and (2021-2023) . The Expert Advisor does not use martingale, grids, hedging, averaging and other risky strategies. This strategy works well with the wave of ever-changing markets, which is targeting small market movements to generate profits in a short time by entering and exiting the market, taking profits from small price changes. Protected by a volatility stop loss and take
50 USD
CyberZingFx ZigZag Arrow
Afsal Meerankutty
4.5 (10)
As every ZigZag Indicator this Indicator Repaints . So use this only combining with other indicators or strategy.  CyberZingFx ZigZag Arrow MT4 Indicator, is one of the best tool for traders looking to identify trend reversals in the markets. This powerful indicator uses the ZigZag method to help you identify key support and resistance levels, making it easier to spot significant changes in price and filter out short-term fluctuations. With CyberZingFx ZigZag Arrow, you can quickly and easi
Atm Gbpusd Robot v1
Tshivhidzo Moss Mbedzi
ATM GBP/USD Robot V1: Elevate Your Trading Excellence Experience a revolutionary Forex trading tool with the ATM GBP/USD Robot V1. Designed to deliver outstanding performance across prop firm accounts and live trading setups, this automated solution is tailored for success. Key Features: Wide Compatibility: Seamlessly integrates with top prop firm accounts, including , MFF , True forex funds, FTMO, and more. Also suitable for live accounts starting from $200. GBP/USD Specialization: Thrive with
News Loader Pro
Vu Trung Kien
4.5 (8)
News Loader Pro is a tool that automatically updates every economic news in real time with detailed information from several online data sources. It uses the unique technology to load data with full details from popular Forex websites. An alert will be sent to your mobile/email before an upcoming news release. Moreover, it also marks the news release points on the chart for further review and research. In Forex trading, news is one of the important factors that move the market. Sticking with new
79 USD
Yesterday High Low
Jonathan Destailleur
The "Yesterday High Low" indicator for the MetaTrader 4 (MT4) trading platform is a powerful tool designed to help traders identify key price levels from the previous trading day. This indicator provides a visual representation of the high prices, low prices, high/low price averages, and intermediate average levels on the chart. Primarily used by institutional and professional traders, this indicator offers an instant view of price levels that are often considered crucial in financial markets
RT SyncChart
Mr Thanya Kanapornpong
4.67 (3)
This program will make analysing multiple timeframes more convenient. It will help to sync all charts in a different Timeframe sync charts to show same symbol, same specific time period and sync drawing objects Show on all charts at the same time How to use it  >>  https://youtu.be/NEHUW7v1h1c In this edition there are only 6 object types that can be synced all chart.   Drawing Object Type Support  : Vertical/Horizontal Line, Trendline, Rectangle, Arrow, Fibo-Retracement Additional Featu
Day Bar Info
Nikolay Frolov
4.69 (36)
The indicator 'draws' a daily, weekly or monthly candlestick on the current chart. Shows in points the sizes of the upper and lower shadows, the body and the entire candlestick. Real time work. Works in the strategy tester. Indicator parameters: How_much_to_show - how many blocks to show. Block_period - block period (day / week / month) Shift - shift from the edge of the chart in bars. language - language selection.
4 (1)
Limited number of copies will be sold on MQL5 market.  Price $69.99 4 of 10 left at this Price Next 10 copies $149.99. Expert will be available on sale untill 1 of January.   Unbrekeable for XAUUSD is a fully automated EA designed to trade GOLD only. It is based on machine learning analysis and an incredible trend detection system.   This EA tries to win 1% of the account in each of the trades!!!! works like magic :)   EA contains self-adaptive market algorithm, which uses   XAUUSD in 2015-2020
69.99 USD
Shows you the time of the server you're on as well as the current time of the time zone you're in. 12-hour clock format (12:00:00 am to 11:59:59 pm) Charts from 1-5 mins are in hour:min:sec format Charts from 15 mins to 1 month are in hour:min format" You can also change the color of the clock to any color MT4 offers. If there is anything you would like me to add ask. As long as it isn't extensive, I might add it.

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