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Antique EX

Antique EX  looks for strong price movements and trend reversals. The system is based on volatility breakouts."stop loss and take profit does not exist".

For each order, the EA opens pending orders, the trade is additionally controlled by a trailing stop. If there is a strong movement in the market, the EA opens a trade and moves the trailing stop to the best positions as soon as possible.



Please note! Do not try to test Antique EX in the strategy tester, as the MetaTrader 4 platform is limited,as such, "in such a concept as all ticks", I have already taken care of this,the product was tested in the term MetaTrader 5 more about the results,you can download and see the set files, where the results are laid out in the format (Microsoft Excel)!.


Hello dear friends!you should understand that the average product can earn 10-15% per month!if you have a Deposit of 10K?,you will be able to earn  1000-1500 USD per month, respectively, with a Deposit of 200 USD, you will not become a millionaire!but it is worth noting that there are months 100-150%, but I say the average numbers, so as not to expect the supernatural, so as not to be disappointed!you don't have to buy on the market (mq5.com), you can rent for a year and also you will need (VPS) which is also a must!its per year rental costs 95 USD!so my friend, count on the calculator and you understand whether you can keep this product for a good income, or not!



Minimum Capital :  200$ USD,500$ USD,1000$ USD,5000$ USD,10.000$ USD.                                                                                                



Hi friends!

  1. This is a unique and professional product,even works with spread (2000).
  2. On this product, as you can see,all 310 symbols have been tested on the broker (ICMarkets - MetaTrader MT5).And after,I product made for you,for MT4 terminal!of these,only (6) have been successful, as currency pairs,cryptocurrencies,metals,futures,and stocks.
  3. There is a separate set of files for each symbol!download it,under the title of ( Antique,EX_12),page .
  4. I recommend broker (ICMarkets), account (   Raw Spread account.).leverage 1: 500.
  5. If you have an open deal and you overloads the computer?in this case, your transaction will be closed!pay special attention to this!!!what is needed for this      (VPS) to avoid technical problems such as power outage,Internet outage,or computer restart.
  6. I wish you All a good day and successful trading.


      1. Leverage: 1:500.
      2. Raw Spread account..
      3. VPS hosting is recommended.
      4. Timeframe: M30;
      5. Spread no more than 2000 points (the less, the better).

      Input parameters

      • SightSystem— SightSystem  auto load setting file.
      • UseMM — Enabling capital management (Money Management).
      • Risk — Capital Management Risk.
      • FixedLots — Lot size for fixed trade if Money Management is set to FALSE.
      • MaxLots — Maximum lot (with the UseMM value FALSE, the volume of the lot will not increase).
      • MaxOrders— You can now open many trade on one chart
      • Slippage — Slippage. 1-3 suggests - no more and no less.
      • Indicator - number of indicators;
      • TradeManager - trade manager;
      • TradeComment - order comment;
      • Magic Number - magic number;
      • MaxSpread - maximum allowed spread;
      • FixedLot - fixed trading lot size;
      • RiskPercent - risk per trade (in percent);
      • MaxDrawdown - the maximum drawdown (in points);
      • StartHour - trading start hour;
      • EndHour - trading end hour;
      • GMTOffset - time zone (GMT);
      • TradeDelta - trade delta (in points);
      • Trailing - trailing stop distance (in points);
      • StartTrailing - trailing stop start (in points);
      • VirtualStops - virtual stop loss (in points).

      simeon068 2019.10.16 10:51 

      Thumbs up to antique, this EA is excellent and reliable. I have been using a numbers of EAs that have lost money during this past weeks. Antique is cool even in the storms it has not lost money. I started using it at the beginning of this month of October and it is really wonderful. I will add another review at the end of the month. Everyone needs an antique.

      Ivica Candrlic
      Ivica Candrlic 2019.09.10 01:47 

      5 star EA

      Kamal 2019.09.05 17:22 

      Perfect EA Working Great

      caspius 2019.08.27 21:59 

      Rented it for a year today, will update in a 2 weeks time.

      Update 05/09/2019 : Doing extremely well as promised

      Andrew Lee
      Andrew Lee 2019.08.24 06:13 

      Very promising EA. The author is very attentive and support of the EA is excellent. Robert goes out of his way to make sure you have all the best settings for successful trading.

      matheuslauar 2019.08.23 00:37   

      estou usando em conta real, ele nao esta abrindo operação em xausd (fiz becktest e ele não abre nenhuma operação nesse par desde 2017), me passa seu telegram ou whatsapp para cotato

      sama superfund
      sama superfund 2019.08.18 03:12 

      Very supportive author.

      trampcat0817 2019.08.08 23:47 




      我給5星 !

      Michail Manelidis
      Michail Manelidis 2019.08.04 17:43 

      25 stars!!!! This is the only EA that you need!! Antique EX delivers amazing results! Antique EX provides very strong signals and high profits, with best support on MQL5!!! I really recommend Antique EX to everyone! Well done Robert!! Thank you very much for your creation and sharing with the world.

      Victor Minaev
      Victor Minaev 2019.07.22 15:44 

      5 stars!

      Upd: It's been a month of trading. Confirm the rating, 5 stars!

      Upd: Floor of year... have a safe flight! 5 stars!

      jie_lin 2019.06.25 22:35 

      This EA is very good and has already made a profit for me. I will continue to comment on it based on its operation. The author is also a very good person, he is very patient to help you when you encounter difficulties, thank the author! !