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SFE Fire and Forget S1

This is a Fire and Forget System (F&F S1). No external parameters, no need to optimize.

Do you want a solid system but you don't have or don't want to spend a lot of hours optimizing and changing the parameters regularly for adapting to the condition of every moment? The SFE Fire and Forget System 1 will help you.

The system uses simple but smart Price Action setups to enter the trade, and simple but smart management of the open orders, which don't need to be optimized because they work in all kind of markets along the years, this is the reason for selecting them.

This is not a tuned system, the good performance over past years with the few rules that the expert manages, are the best guarantee to have a real chance of good performance in the future.

Pairs and Timeframes

The expert can work with several pairs, with the EURUSD as the best pair. Please, consult the updated information about all the pairs and timeframes recommended, in the signal's page or the comments page.

The timeframes recommended, listed from best to worse, are: M5, M15, M30, H1

Recommended Balance

The minimal recommended balance for work with the expert is 500$, but a balance of at least 3.000$ is recommended to use the expert with all his capacities (do a diversified management of the opened positions using partial closes).

For an easy management of the size of the trade, the expert has an 'Autolot' option.

Other Features

  • No risk of narrow markets. The signals are triggered on active market hours, when the pairs have best liquidity and spread conditions.
  • No martingale, grid, hedge techniques.
  • No scalp, works on all brokers. The system has enough wide stop loss and take profit, and isn't dependent of spread or slippage issues. The trades last from some minutes to few days. Anyway, ECN with good spread brokers are recommended to maximize the performance.
  • Doesn't get trapped in news gap. Some signals are launched after news, but only at the beginning of the next bar, avoiding the gaps that often produce the 'news' bar.
  • Real correlation between tester and real operations. You will notice a big similarity of the operation in the tester and in live account. The programming of the expert has put special attention on that.
  • Lightweight CPU consumer. The system only runs the first tick of a new bar.


  • Broker_Server_GMT_Winter : Enter the GMT offset of your broker in the winter period (not DST).
  • Broker_Adapt_GMT_On_DST_Period : Enter 'yes' if your broker changes the GMT offset, in the DST period.
  • Use_Internal_Hours: Select 'no' if you want to define your own trading hours (open positions) in the next parameter.
  • Trading_Hours: User defined hours are used to open positions. They work when Use_Internal_Hours='no'. List of values between -1 and 23, separated by comma. -1 means 'all the hours'.
  • Fixed_Order_Size: Enter the size of the order here (used only if Apply_Autolot is not selected).
  • Apply_Autolot: Select 'yes' if you want to set the size of the trades automatically.
  • Autolot_Risk_Level: Select the risk level (used only if Apply_Autolot is selected).
  • Autolot_Balance_Percentage: Define the percentage of your account balance to assign to this expert (value between 0.0 and 200.0).
  • Order_Comment: Set the value of the order comment.
  • Apply_FIFO_Compliant: Change the value to yes ONLY if your account is FIFO compliant.
  • Test_Hour: Value from -2 to 23, used when back testing to find the best hours to allow open the trades. -2 means 'apply internal defined hours'. -1 means 'all the hours'. From 0 to 23 are the hours (in broker server time). You can choose your desired trading hours in the parameter 'Trading_Hours'.
Tao Zhang
2016.10.18 16:37   


Frank B
2015.10.22 19:59 

First Impression after 2 Days real with LCG and Activetrades. A lot of trades and nearly all trades at a loss. Only one with a small profit. A look at the signals isn't better:


I will make a new rating, if it's getting better the next time. But I'm skeptical.

Update 22.10.15

Today a good day! Recover some previous loss trades

2015.06.23 19:54 

You wrote a very good robot. I'm grateful. Thank you for everything. ;)


Backtest results are the same as the real account trading.

Version 4.0 - 2016.08.03
- General improvement of the algorithms, especially in relation to the exit of trades, with partial exits implemented.
- The hours to open trades are defined internally (optional).
- Autolot calculation improved
- Custom order comment has been implemented
- Easy definition of the GMT offset of the broker
Version 3.0 - 2016.02.08
- set the trading hours (optional)
- filter out some bad setups
Version 2.10 - 2015.09.21
- Revision of some algorithms
- Revision of recommended pairs and timeframes. Visit the signal page to see this recommendation
Version 2.0 - 2015.09.09
- more operations on EURUSD after a general revision of the algorithms.
- autolot only supports EURUSD from now. Other portfolio combinations must be studied and handled manually.
- autolot risk management has changed. Now is handled through the level_of_risk parameter.
- the recommendation of other pairs than the EURUSD may change along the time. Follow the signal page to see other recommended pairs on certain moment.
Version 1.2 - 2015.07.02
- improvement of non EURUSD pairs, with a filter that automatically checks and discards trade in non active hours for the pair.
- this allow to get better results with other pairs than in previous versions. The new recommended pairs added to EURUSD 5/15/30 that comes with this version are (pair and timeframe):

(Check the expert inputs tab to see the recommended size of the recommended portfolios)
Version 1.1 - 2015.06.17
version 1.1 :
- Improvements in the management of the trades in order to reduce the relative drawdown
- FIFO accounts now supported (see FIFO_enabled parameter)