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GND Big Bem

Big Bem is completely automatic.

First, it will open an order with TakeProfit or TrailingStopLoss depending on the user settings. 10 hours later, it will open another order. A grid-based transactional mechanism will close automatically by the user setup CloseProfit.

Requirements and recommendations

  • Deposit min $1.000 or optimal cent account.
  • Use small spread.


  • MagicNumber: The unique (magic) number of the EA.
  • TrailingStopLoss: As a position gains in profit, a stop loss follows as well.
  • TakeProfit: Take profit value. If you do not want to use it, fill it out with 0 (zero).
  • StopLoss: Stop loss value. If you do not want to use it, fill it out with 0 (zero).
  • UseBalance: Use percentage margin account (*UseBalance=1%) Balance $10.000 => trader Balance $100 (volume min 0.01 proportional to $100 and increases).
  • CloseProfit: Close all orders with average profit.
  • Martingale: True/False. Select the transaction method martingale:
    • True. Example: lots=0.01 for order A, next lots=0.02 for order B, next lots=0.03 for order C.
    • False. Example: lots=0.01 for order A, next lots=0.01 for order B, next lots=0.01 for order C.
  • MaxOrder: Limit the number of orders allowed to trade.
Ron David Klassen
2017.07.25 19:18 

The EA is very good. I have just one wish: please add a magic number parameter so I can run it with other advisors on one account.

Finally I can run it on live!!!!! Magic is there.

Aleksej Kravcenko
2017.07.23 11:36 

User didn't leave any comment to the rating

2017.07.22 18:58 

User didn't leave any comment to the rating

Boris Sedlar
2017.07.11 21:08 

first day, perfect , today 25 profit on 0.01 3pairs

Maksim Monkhorov
2017.06.28 05:02   

Второй день не открывет сделок, ошибок никаких не пишет странно, а на тестах работает красиво. (The second day will not open transactions, no mistakes are written, it's strange and it works beautifully on tests.)

Tiago Martins
2017.06.27 21:23 

Very good expert advisor, profitable and stable, congratulations to the developer.

Igor Dervuk
2017.05.27 00:01 

Хороший советник !

Version 1.2 - 2017.07.25
Added new parameters:
1. MagicNumber
2. MaxOrder