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GND Magic Hedging

Magic Hedging is based on the hedging technique. The Expert Advisor tries to enter the market at the beginning of a trend.

If the price moves in the unfavorable direction, Magic Hedging attempts to recover losing trades. It restores loss-making positions and tries to make them profitable by opening an opposite position with an increased lot.

This opposite order can have a multiplied lot or a plus lot.

Requirements and recommendations

  • Deposit min 10.000$ or optimal cent account
  • Leverage 1:500
  • Stop level less than 30 or 50 points
  • Use small spread

Input Parameters

  • Trading - Selection of two options: Automatic/Manually.
  • Version - Selection of four options: Hedging V1/Hedging V2/Hedging V3/Hedging V4. (These are different trading methods, depicted in pictures below.)
  • Magic Number - The unique (magic) number of the EA.
  • Invest - Percentage of Account Balance.
  • Lots Size - Selection of two options: +/x (plus lot size/multiplied lot size).
  • Lots Start - Fixed first lot size.
  • Lots Size Next - Lots size increase for next orders.
  • Max Order - Maximum number of orders in one grid.
  • Distance - Distance for the next order.
  • Start Trailing - Trailing Start in points.
  • Step Trailing - step for setting Stop Loss and moving Stop Loss in the direction of profit.
  • Close Trailing - Close the order with a minimum profit.
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Version 1.2 2018.04.16
1. Added new parameter: Lots Start.
2. Added new options (Hedging V4) for parameter: Version.
3. Updated entry signal on H1.
Version 1.1 2018.03.30
Fix error parameter Close Trailing (for broker 4 digit)