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Bitcoin guru

The issued robot(BTCG) is a result of several years of trading research  practice on thousands of startegies, multiple indicators of forcasting, aimed at creating the beauty of online trading perfection, By combining several strategies and algorithms in this robot at changing each tick price, with th utmost precision and lightening speed. what ever you need as a trader the robot gives it in a fraction of seconds

The important advantage of this EA is that you can start to trade with a minimum of $25 initial deposit, it support manual trading on  Bitcoin only  and lot size can be customized in ratio of the $25-100 minimum, 0.01 lot for $25-100, meaning to increase the lots size to 0.002 you need to have a minimum of $50 and so on, it is how ever recommeded but not compulsory, in other to trade with only 1 % of your equity, then you need to deposit $200 minimum, but that is not a must!, it is also recommnded to withdraw or transfer profit to another account each time it has made a reasonable profit.

This EA maintain a low draw down of less that 50% of your equity and can achieve a tremendous results, it also has the capability to respond to news and high volatility period in the market, with stop loss, high profit ensuring a high win ratio, it has a win ratio of more 99%.


This robot manage your account by focusing on the following 4 processes

1, Activities before doing a transaction(buy)

This measure include capital management, lot size, it forcast and find favourable divergence and convergence to enter a trade and be profitale

2. Activities to open a transaction

Activities related to managing orders placed, securing proit with trailing stop and ensuring maximum profit  is achieved.

3. Activities After Transaction to protect transactions ad achiev profit as much as possible

These activities are in two parts of the reverse trading and trailing stop, which combines many strategies and special mathematical formulas to follow the current price by trailing stops

4. Activities Associted with exit from market or closing a transaction.

These Measures are related to the methods of exit from the market, in the first instance the total profit is reached at the optimal point, in second, the elimination of trades that are in any case disadvantageous such as a mismatch in forcasting or the news that changes market sphere. when you reached a certain point the robot eliminates these positions in small parts(Position Close [Partial) from the place of profit, not deposit




ACCOUNT(STOP OUT): 50% or less

ACCOUNT TYPE: Real Account

Account Mode: Trend following

Take Profit: Automatically

Stop Loss: Automatically

LOT size: Automatically 

Trailing Stop: Automatically

Chart Time Frame: 30 minute,15 minute,5 Minute and 1 Minute(Most profitable is 30 minutes,next is 15,5,and 1, don't trade on H1,H2 OR Daily to avoid lost)

Profit: over $52 with $25 initial deposit, under 0.01 lot, in short period .

These results are based on the strategy tester and historical data

Fully Automated trading EA/ROBOT

Manual Trading: Enabled


Though it has been thought about all the possiblities of failure, but users should use the robot to comply with the requirement of continous presence in the market, 

Control of the following continual and daily

1, This robot has Just been created for trading on only Bitcoin, on 30 minute time frame (recommended).

2 Check out and Read Carefully these overview, updates, screenshots and comments of these EA

3, Do not close position manually

Testing The Robot/EA (BTCG)

To test the robot, be sure to use the metaQuates demo account data(every tick)

Because Real Account Tick price data are diverse in different brokers

Note that the settings in the relevant screenshot image should be entered carefully.

Note: After Rent age or purchase  contact me for Setting, on either scalping method /day trading or swing trading method setup..

Wishing you a great and successful trading!

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