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Write me and i'll send you superbot strategies for crypto, stock USA, stock indexes, gold. You can test them before purchase.

Superbot allows you to turn Metatrader5 into a software package for creating and testing trend and reverse trading systems for different markets.

Also after purchase you'll get online course "How to create algorithmic strategies with superbot".

It has five modes:

  1. Constructor: manually assemble a strategy from the available blocks;
  2. Generator: using genetic optimization you can automatically generate trading systems;
  3. Stress testing: allows you to test the created strategy using the Monte Carlo method and Walk forward analysis;
  4. Loss protection money management: you can target max drawdawn on weekly, monthly or absolute scale;
  5. Trading: you trade the created strategy on a real account;
  6. Bridge for  Binance appeared (synchronization of transactions in Metatrader 5 with the Binance and ByBit futures section)
  7. Exporting basic algorithmic strategies in the form of  mq5 code

The list of assets for which you can create trading systems:

1) For Moscow Exchange:

  • futures for the US dollar against the ruble (Si);
  • futures for euro (Eu);
  • eurusd (Ed) futures; 
  • oil futures (Br);
  • gold futures (Gold);
  • futures on the RTS index (Ri);
  • Sberbank common stock futures (Sbrf);
  • futures on preference shares of Sberbank (Sbrp);
  • futures on Gazprom shares (Gazr)

2) For Chicago Mercantile Exchange (futures)

  • micro E-mini Nasdaq 100;
  • micro E-mini SP500;
  • micro E-mini Dow Jones;
  • micro E-mini Russel 2000;
  • micro SIlver;
  • micro Gold;
  • micro EURUSD;
  • micro GBPUSD;
  • micro AUDUSD;
  • micro CADUSD;
  • micro JPYUSD.

3) Forex

4) Crypto

5) Stock & ETF (CFD)

Reviews 9
Thomas Bradley Butler
Thomas Bradley Butler 2022.09.18 21:34 

Great help from author and interesting product, helps me in learning

andrew1872 2022.03.24 18:17 

Мне Superbot помогает оформлять мои идеи в конкретные стратегии с определенными параметрами,с которыми я могу просчитать возможную успешность. Все начинается с того, что появлется смутная идея. Например, я заметил, что в понедельник чаще всего доллар растет. Но как понять, это небольшое наблюдение или стойкая тенденция, которой можно воспользоваться для заработка? Вот тут на помощь приходит на помощь система: я пытаюсь оформить эту смутную идею в терминах возможной стратегии, например, в данном случае можно покупать фьючерс на доллар каждую пятницу в конце дня с переносом позиции на следующую неделю и посмотреть что было бы, если бы такая покупка проводилась бы регулярно с 2014 года. Далее система позволяет перебрать большое количество параметров, например уровень стоплосса с определенным шагом, уровень тейкпрофита, и еще много разных параметров. На выходе я получаю конкретную реализацию моей идеи в виде нескольких тысяч стратегий, в которых заложены различные отклонения параметров, но все из них так или иначе выражают мою первоначальную идею. Конкретно в случае этой идеи – попробовать использовать возможный рост доллара с утра понедельника, я увидел, что она неоправдана и я не стал дальше ее развивать. Однако, есть несколько идей, которые в дальнейшем реализовались в конкретные стратегии, использующие реальные закономерности на рынке, за что очень благодарен авторам Superbot

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MANUAL OF RECOVERY GRIP The recovery grip system can recover both an isolated loss and a loss produced by a grip or multiple orders, the algorithm gradually compensates the losses until the equity returns to zero. The time it takes for the algorithm to reverse the loss is proportional to the volatility of the pair and the size of the loss.This system allows you to test the algorithm prior to purchase.For this, it has a powerful simulation system in which you can choose whether your loss i
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THIS EA IS DESING TO USED IN BTCUSD    Do you want to accompany  Criptotrading to the next level of bitcoin trading? You just have to download it and try it yourself. Also testing it is free. Are you not going to try them? Criptotrading  it is a Secure Automated Software for trade Forex market and indices. The architecture is a Fully Automatic Autonomous Robot Expert capable of independently analyzing the market and making trading decisions    Criptotrading  It is an advanced and profe
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DevilFish  is a fully automatic, multi-currency trading system. Trading is based on explosions of price activity. Big profits, low drawdowns and good hedging results. Minimum Deposit: $ 150. No configuration required. Accounts: Netting, Hedging. Currency pairs: EURUSD, GBPUSD, AUDUSD, NZDUSD, USDCHF, USDCAD, USDJPY. It works on hourly bars and is not demanding on the quality of the Internet connection.  Works in the strategy tester in the "open prices only" mode. Does not use the super short tra
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Description : RSI crossover MT5 Expert Advisor is based on Relative Strength Index Technical Indicator and works as follows : Buy order is placed when the Indicator crosses bellow Level 30 and the exit Buy when the Indicator crosses above Level 70 Sell order is placed when the Indicator crosses bellow Level 70 and the exit Sell when the Indicator crosses above Level 30 The Expert Advisor settings  are as follows  : The parameters below can be set according to your trading rules. Magic Number :
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The EA opens trades based on Fractals indicator signals and uses smart averaging and position volume calculation. Unlike most grid expert advisors, Double Grid Pro opens averaging positions only on signals. The Fractals indicator is considered the most effective in this case. The expert Advisor can be configured for an aggressive and conservative trading style. The key parameter in the strategy is the CorrectionValue parameter, it indicates the size of the correction at which we close the ent
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BTC King
Bo Shu Gui Shan
Please rate it. Approximate approximate buy / approximate approximate trend EA. Trends are trends. Buy a squeeze and choose a candle. You can wear it in black and white when going backwards. Currency Currency: BTCUSD Trading Style: Scalping Trading time: 5 minutes Parameters Magic: Magic number Lots: I use MM ExitRatio: Closed with N% account balance MaxPosition: Number of updates MM: Setting to use the lodging function MaxRisk: Large risk when using MM
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ZZ Scalper MT5
Stephen Reynolds
1 (1)
This EA exploits the inevitable behaviour of price fluctuations and breakouts. Because market prices will always fluctuate to higher highs before ebbing down to lower lows, breakouts of these levels will occur.   This EA will open a trade in anticipation of catching some of the profits from these breakout moves. We use the fixed exit methods of Stop Loss, Take Profit and Trailing Stop in such a way so that we will scalp small but consistent profits.  No martingales needed, just a simple but e
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Mercury MT5
Marta Gonzalez
Mercury MT5    it is a Secure Automated Software for trade Forex market and indices.The architecture is a Fully Automatic Autonomous Robot Expert. Mercury MT5       It is an advanced trading system.  The system is ideal for consolidated market.       You can download the demo and test it yourself. Very stable growth curve as result of smart averaging techniques. "Safety first" approach in development. Stress-tests on historical data  for         multiple  pairs. Broker type: Low spread, f
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Mir Station MT5
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Mir Station MT5  it is a Secure Automated Software for trade Forex market and indices.    The architecture is a Fully Automatic Autonomous Robot Expert capable of independently analyzing the market and making trading decisions      Mir Station MT5   Have neurals nets to used the correct algoritm in the correct market situation   Mir Station MT5         It is an advanced trading system. This is a fully automatic Expert Advisor.      Mir Station MT5   is a plug and play system Mir
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ISS Station MT5
Marta Gonzalez
ISS Station MT5      it is a Secure Automated Software for trade Forex market and indices. The architecture is a Fully Automatic Autonomous Robot Expert capable of independently analyzing the market and making trading decisions ISS Station MT5       Have neurals nets to used the correct algoritm in the correct market situation ISS Station MT5           It is an advanced trading system. This is a fully automatic Expert Advisor.        ISS Station MT5       is a plug and play system   ISS
30 USD
IlanisNeuro MT5
Mikhail Sergeev
1.67 (3)
IlanisNeuro MT5 - expert variation  Ilanis . The expert Advisor uses averaging. A neural network is used to open positions. The network was trained on seven major currency pairs (EURUSD, GBPUSD, AUDUSD, NZDUSD, USDJPY, USDCHF, USDCAD) in the interval 2010-2019. Compared to the MT4 version , the expert Advisor was able to multi-currency trading from a single chart and was retrained on fresh data. Version monitoring for МТ4:  https://www.mql5.com/en/signals/339250 Free version:  https://www.mql5.c
30 USD
The EA uses a strategy based on strong price deviations, trading is carried out on major currency pairs. For this strategy, the author's indicator "Indicator Maximum Price Deviation" was developed - the algorithm detects deviations in timeframes: M5 and H1 , and if deviations are found, then the advisor opens the first order and then if the price moves in a positive direction, then the adviser opens additional orders on each bar (a total of 9 additional orders are supported). The EA does not inc
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====  Live Results  ==== Stock Trader Hedge - CFD Mode:   here >>  (Admiral Markets Live) > Stock Trader Hedge v.1.6 Presets:   Download >> > Stock Trader   Hedge   v.1.2 Backtests :   Download >> Stock Trader Hedge  is a fully automated trading advisor designed to work at   US Stock Market . The system is based on the author’s trading strategy. Unlike Forex systems,   Stock Trader Hedge  opens only LONG positions by  the global direction of trend on price on price falls (dips), analyzing dat
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Master Bollinger MT5
Alexander Nikolaev
This adviser trades on the signal of the Bollinger Bands indicators: it buys at the lower levels when the price rebounds, and sells at the upper. Has the ability to close positions on the return signal, take profit or stop loss. Many traders use the Bollinger Bands indicator, and some use several Bollinger indicators on the same chart. In this adviser, you can use up to 3 of these indicators. When using the first and second indicators, the transaction will be carried out between the lines of the
50 USD
PPC: Price Pulse Catcher is an Expert Advisor that uses stochastic as its main trading indicator. A module that executes only buys and a module that executes only sells perform trades while switching appropriately according to medium-term trends. If the medium-term direction of the market is clear, it is possible to select and operate only one or the other. As an indicator of medium-term trends, we use the moving average of the longer time frame of the chart to which Expert Advisor is applied
50 USD
Introducing the ultimate news trading robot for forex MetaTrader 5 - designed specifically for traders who want to profit from market volatility during news events. With this robot, you can easily set up two pending orders - buy stop and sell stop - just 10 minutes before the news release. Simply set the time on the robot to 10 minutes prior to the news release time (for example, if the news is scheduled for 6:30, set the time on the robot to 6:20), and the robot will take care of the rest. But
55 USD
Ichimoku Pro 2
Steve Zoeger
5 (1)
Welcome to the MT 5 Ichimoku Pro 2 Robot Simply set the Filter as you want and the Robot does the Job for you. This Automated Software works on all Time Frames and all Charts. Features: - Magic Number - Spread Filter - Take Profit - Stop Loss - Bar Shift - Exit at opposite Signal - Filter (adjustable) - Trailing - Martingale and many  more. Please feel free to download it and trade 24/7. If you need help setting it up please feel free to contact me. I recommend to run the optimization before you
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Mikhail Sergeev
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A simple trend trading system. To determine entries, the system uses an indicator based on three moving averages. It provides a wide set of parameters for advanced users and a fully automated mode using built-in presets. Real account monitoring: https://www.mql5.com/en/signals/author/fastinvestments Free version of the indicator: https://www.mql5.com/en/market/product/30382 MetaTrader 4 version: https://www.mql5.com/en/market/product/30383 BearsHunter Expert Advisor Does not use martingale or
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EA Genesis MT5
Evgenii Aksenov
EA Genesis MT5 Expert Advisor is a modern trading system with a return to the average value of the daily range. The first order in the series is opened at the moment when the trend reaches the average overbought/oversold value and is ready to turn around. It is possible to open additional orders in the direction of the first order in order to close the entire series of orders with a positive value. Thus, the Genesis ADVISOR is characterized by stability and predictability of results in complianc
125 USD
Matrix Arrow EA MT5
Juvenille Emperor Limited
5 (4)
Matrix Arrow EA MT5  is a unique expert advisor that can trade the  Matrix Arrow Indicator's MT5   signals with a trade panel on the chart, manually or 100% automatically.  Matrix Arrow Indicator MT5  will determine the current trend at its early stages, gathering information and data from up to 10 standard indicators, which are: Average Directional Movement Index (ADX) Commodity Channel Index (CCI) Classic Heiken Ashi candles Moving Average Moving Average Convergence Divergence (MACD)
80 USD
DreamlinerEA Live Results:  https://www.mql5.com/en/signals/1459431 DreamlinerEA MT4 version:   https://www.mql5.com/en/market/product/72691 DreamlinerEA   is a fully automated Expert Advisor based on the author's trading strategy. During a period of low market volatility, when liquidity is not enough for the formation of a trend and breakdown of important levels, the system trades in the Channel and use small TP values ​​ (scalping)   to quickly fix profit and re-enter the market, which sign
99 USD
Requires a learning network (optimization)! Professional robot, which implemented trading strategy using neural networks. Used multi-layer fully connected feedforward networks MLP (multilayer perceptron). The ability to learn is the main feature of the brain. Artificial neural networks for learning refers to the process of configuring the network architecture (structure of connections between neurons) and synaptic weight (affecting signals coefficients) for the efficient solution of the problem
127 USD
RSI Grid MT5
Joseph Anthony Aya-ay Yutig
GET OTHER EAs FOR FREE!!!  GET OTHER EAs FOR FREE!!!  GET OTHER EAs FOR FREE!!!  GET OTHER EAs FOR FREE!!!  GET OTHER EAs FOR FREE!!!  RSI Grid is based on the RSI overbought and oversold conditions and opens a grid when the trade is on the losing side of the market. The RSI provides technical traders with signals about bullish and bearish price momentum, and it is often plotted beneath the graph of an asset’s price. An asset is usually considered overbought when the RSI is above 70% and overs
30 USD
The   AI Concept EA   is a 100% hands free Auto Trader that is designed to trade and maximize your financial status, it's also designed to a certain trading behavior by which profits will always be   stabled throughout your trading journey .   This   EA   use   Martingale Strategy   but in the   very safe and effective way   of multiplying Lots to your balance. This AI Expert Advisor   search for a particular price action behavior that investors haven't come across as yet, in other words this EA
30 USD
Dragan Drenjanin
The Hulk v1.15, expert advisor is configured to trade with default settings on three currency pairs and the H1 time frame: CHFJPY,USDCAD and CADJPY. If you intend to test or use this robot on multiple symbols, assign a unique magic number to each of them to ensure the robot understands its tasks. The default risk is set at 0.01, but you have the option to activate the MM system and manually determine the risk level for each position. This robot encompasses 50 independent strategies that can b
665 USD
PZ Grid MT5
Evgenii Aksenov
4.67 (9)
You can use Stop Loss and Take Profit or activate the GRID function to open a series of orders in the direction of the Expert Advisor signal. We use advanced technologies DrawDown Reduce (reduce the deposit load) and Dynamic Zones (dynamic Buy and Sell zones) as well as News Filter and Time Filter to control price spikes during important news. Discounted Price: $125. Next price: $499 Contact me after the purchase to get a bonus! The Expert Advisor uses the signals of the ProfitZone PRO indicator
125 USD
UpdatedRSI EA
4 (12)
The Expert Advisor recommended for trade on EUS/USD M5. It is based on free indicator "UpdatedRSI". The robot calculates the market entry/exit points based on signals from indicator "UpdatedRSI". The trading volume for opening a position depends on results of previous trades. It is possible to limit the amount of risk (the AutoMM parameter). It uses an efficient trailing, which automatically adjusts the take profit and stop loss parameters to minimize losses. It is also possible to set the maxi
Dark Trader MT5
Vladimir Gribachev
The Expert Advisor works on sharp price movements; it can apply open position locking and pyramiding. Virtual stops are used (take profit, trailing stop), to limit losses, order locking and stop loss are used in% of balance. At the same time, several dozens of orders can be opened and the advisor will need free funds to exit the locks and close all positions for total profit, this should be taken into account when choosing the number of instruments for trading. The work of the adviser does not
35 USD
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Introducing   Quantum Emperor EA , the groundbreaking MQL5 expert advisor that's transforming the way you trade the prestigious GBPUSD pair! Developed by a team of experienced traders with trading experience of over 13 years. IMPORTANT! After the purchase please send me a private message to receive the installation manual and the setup instructions. ***Buy Quantum Emperor EA and you could Quantum Trade EA or Quantum Gold Emperor for free !*** Ask in private for more details Live signal 1:   CL
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Marzena Maria Szmit
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We proudly present our cutting-edge robot, the Big Forex Players EA designed to maximize your trading potential, minimize emotional trading, and make smarter decisions powered by cutting-edge technology. The whole system in this EA took us many months to build, and then we spent a lot of time testing it. Only after all that work did we decide to add it to our list of products. We will not create additional EAs, instead, we are going to dedicate our time to the expansion of this EA, guided by cus
999 USD
Gennady Sergienko
4.91 (11)
Attention!   The low price 999 USD promotion is coming to an end. Hi I'm NESCO / - I am a fully automatic robot expert and independently analyze the market and make trading decisions. Some of my functions are written using GPT-4_COPILOT and optimized by the MQL5_CLOUD_NETWORK . I have my own server for getting financial events in the world. I can work for you 24/5 without your intervention and notify you with a message on the phone If your attention is needed; My main feature is the methodol
999 USD
NorthEastWay MT5
4.2 (5)
NorthEastWay MT5  it is a fully automated “pullback” trading system, which is especially effective in trading on popular “pullback” currency pairs: AUDCAD, AUDNZD, NZDCAD. The system uses the main patterns of the Forex market in trading – the return of the price after a sharp movement in any direction. Timeframe: M15 Base currency pairs: AUDNZD, NZDCAD, AUDCAD Additional pairs: EURUSD, USDCAD, GBPUSD, EURCAD, EURGBP, GBPCAD LIVE Signals (different settings): MultiWayStrait MT5 Roboforex NEW
6 243 USD
Darwin Swing MT5
Guillaume Duportal
4.91 (35)
Darwin SWING Launch price 999 USD , future price 1490 USD DESCRIPTIONS: -- To understand how it works, come read the blog (This EA reflects my philosophy of forex trading...If you like the way I look at it, then you will like my EA. Take the time to do it! (Forex is not a race): https://www.mql5.com/en/blogs/post/745790 -- To see the past performance here are the links of the signals Live and demo signals: https://www.mql5.com/en/users/tradedeal/seller EXPLANATION: After t
999 USD
Top Characteristics of the Strategy: Defined Stop Loss and Dynamic Take Profit on all trades. Just One trade per pair at a time. No Averaging, No Martingale. Flexible risk management system. The average of position holding time are about 2 hours. The account leverage is requested for 200 or above. Result: The real signal MT5: https://www.mql5.com/zh/signals/1582966 Supported  pairs: XAUUSD/GOLD EA Running: Working Timeframe: M15. Min deposit:$30. EA works better in low-spread ECN accounts.
1 880 USD
Yvan Musatov
5 (3)
Professional expert Bird analyzes the market using a special algorithm. The basic principle is that the bot takes the indicated prices for a certain period of time and calculates the strength and amplitude of the price by comparing it with its own indication system based on the actual data. Version for mt4 :   https://www.mql5.com/en/market/product/102081 The moment is fixed when the trend loses strength and reverses, and then the previous series closes and a new one is being prepared. The bo
1 299 USD
Darwin Evolution MT5
Guillaume Duportal
4.61 (56)
Darwin EVOLUTION promotion !! 1490 USD to 990 USD Limited time (Offer valid up to arrival of the next update, do not waste time ) !!! You can not make Backtest of this EA, it will open orders without any logic! Descriptions: - To understand the operation, come and read the blog (this EA reflects my philosophy of forex trading ... If you like my way to see things, then you will like my EA. Take the time to do it !! (Forex is not a race): https://www.mql5.com/en/blogs/post/745790 -
999 USD
Perceptrader AI MT5
Valeriia Mishchenko
4.5 (4)
EA has a live track record with 48 month of stable trading with low drawdown: Live performance MT4 version can be found here Perceptrader AI is a cutting-edge grid trading system that leverages the power of Artificial Intelligence, utilizing Deep Learning algorithms and Artificial Neural Networks (ANN) to analyze large amounts of market data at high speed and detect high-potential trading opportunities to exploit. Supported currency pairs: NZDUSD, USDCAD, AUDNZD, AUDCAD, NZDCAD, GBPCHF Timefra
2 200 USD
First Brick EA
Hoang Danh Duc
First Brick  - DCA EA - Many options from safe to high risk high return - Use D1 to confirm buy and sell zone - DCA with M15/H1 - Hold profit for combo - Lower risk than other strategies, but higher profit than all of them - open around 4-5 times in a year for a pair -> use 8-10 pairs that will open 3-5 times for a month - can be make x500 after a year with risk ratio if the markets is not too strong (ratio 0.05/1000$) dm me to get setfile and recommend all pairs to run telegram @goldcrazy <ifr
1 499 USD
Promex MT5
Evgeniia Terekhova
5 (3)
Promex is a unique Expert Advisor that trades when there is a strong deviation of the price from the normal value. By opening trades at the moment when it is very likely to move in the opposite direction the Promex Expert Advisor accompanies it with a short trailing stop, thus collecting a small profit from the market, but with a probability of 95%. Have a look at the signal of the EA Promex (m ore than 15% in the first 3 weeks ):  https://www.mql5.com/en/signals/2108355 Trading account require
1 279 USD
Price Action Gold MT5
Evgenii Aksenov
5 (6)
We present to you Price Action Gold EA - progressive Expert Advisor that changes the way Gold is traded, the most popular tool in the forex market! Our vast experience in trading and programming since 2004 helped us to create aт unbeatable Price Action Gold Expert Advisor to change your way of trading. After purchase   Price Action Gold EA     you can additional Expert Advisor for free.  MT4 version: CLICK HERE The real MT5 signal: CLICK HERE All our   Signals  and   programs can be find he
1 250 USD
The Legend EA MT5
Sergey Simakov
4 (7)
I am pleased to introduce my latest development - a revolutionary achievement in the field of automated trading. The Legend Expert combines the capabilities of the "Investment Innovator" Expert with the unique features of nuclear matrix norm (NNM) and QML. Unlike its predecessor, The Investment Innovator Expert, this new system delivers more accurate results and significantly enhances performance.The core concept of Nuclear Norm Maximization Method (NNM) lies in improving precision in novelty e
999 USD
Waka Waka EA MT5
Valeriia Mishchenko
4.42 (36)
EA has a live track record with 4.5 years of stable trading with low drawdown: Live performance MT4 version can be found here Waka Waka is the advanced grid system which already works on real accounts for years. Instead of fitting the system to reflect historical data (like most people do) it was designed to exploit existing market inefficiencies. Therefore it is not a simple "hit and miss" system which only survives by using grid. Instead it uses real market mechanics to its advantage to make p
2 400 USD
Neuron Net GOLD
4.38 (13)
Neuron Net GOLD is an integration of the Python programming language, deep learning machine and mql5 code to be able to predict XAUUSD price movements so as to produce entries and exits based on artificial intelligence. Signal  : Click Here   Why Neuron Net GOLD ? + Neuron Net GOLD has been through the research and development stage for almost 1 year, and has passed the testing phase on demo accounts and real accounts. + Neuron Net GOLD does not use martingale + Neuron Net GOLD is not sprea
1 050 USD
Finvesting EA
Ugochukwu Mobi
Unlock the full potential of your Forex investments with the Finvesting EA, your trusted ally in the world of currency trading. This expert advisor (EA) is designed to enhance your Forex investment and help you achieve your financial goals with confidence. Live Performance: Finvesting EA has a live track record with stable trading.  Real account  Live performance MT4 and Here MT5 Discover the potential of the Finvesting EA and join a community of successful Forex investors. It's time to maxi
2 500 USD
Nasdaq Quants NAS100
Teresa Maria Pimenta
Nasdaq Quant NAS100 Expert Nasdaq is a Dynamic and Optimized Scalper Trading System Designed to Profit Safely Complete system with risk management based on neural networks optimization and smart lot increase system based on balance profit is suitable for beginners and traders experienced. Use Mobile Pending Orders And Take Advantage Of Market Pullbacks So You Can Offer A Shorter And Safer Stop You Can Cover Your Winnings Use Default Settings Or You Can Request An Optimized Setup For Your Brok
2 500 USD
Aleksei Krasov
3.38 (37)
TradeGPT has 4 stages of trade management (search, entry, control, exit) and 3 stages of trade decision making (GPT system on 4 SMA, 12 patterns for buy and sell, adapted mathematical model of Fourier and Laplace transforms), combining all of this into one automatic full cycle trading system, which does not require constant external monitoring or complicated setup. The Expert Advisor applies trailing stop loss and take profit, tracking every tick of price change. Real account:  https://www.mql5.
1 049 USD
Apocalypse XAU EA
Xian Qin Ceng
5 (1)
The new, more powerful XAU EA, using an unprecedented approach, outperforms any EA in its category. This is my best work on XAU. EA features: Built-in two excellent trading methods, buy one EA is equal to get two EA. Use dynamic small stop loss and dynamic stop profit, built-in a variety of closing methods, fast closing, protect profits. Only trade one pair at a time. No Martin, no grid. All currency pairs can be loaded with just one chart. The average holding time is about 2 hours. Just crank
1 000 USD
Aura Black Edition MT5
Stanislav Tomilov
4.05 (20)
Aura Black Edition is a fully automated EA designed to trade GOLD only. Expert showed stable results on XAUUSD in 2011-2020 period. No dangerous methods of money management used, no martingale, no grid or scalp. Suitable for any broker conditions. EA trained with a multilayer perceptron Neural Network (MLP) is a class of feedforward artificial neural network (ANN). The term MLP is used ambiguously, sometimes loosely to any feedforward ANN, sometimes strictly to refer to networks composed of mult
1 995 USD
Ivan Zaidenberg
5 (1)
Automated trading system it's a professional instrument which allows you to achieve results without the negative influence of a human factor. Effectiveness is confirmed by trading on a real account since 2017. Perform all the tests with the modelling type RealTicks or EveryTick. LINKS Signal  trading monitoring ( WeTrade + BOA System ); Telegram community; Video  tutorial installation; Video   tutorial optimization; Presets for popular symbols. TRADING STRATEGY  DESCRIPTION The trading strategy
1 890 USD
Arthur Hatchiguian
3.72 (29)
Sun  is an aggressive  multi-cycle  scalper designed for  EURUSD M1 . Each cycle is  independent.  it uses a sequence of orders and has its own  TP  and  SL . It uses a  martingale  system. This EA is using  strong recurrences  of the past to take position and achieve a  high success rate . It is very important to read the blog post before you start. The   minimum   deposit is   $100   for a 1:500 leverage. An   autolot   system is   included .  I recommend to use a   1:500 ECN   account wit
999 USD
Exponential Ai
Roy Ndisho Vivasi
Exponential (A.I.) -  Finally an EA Advisor That Stacks Real Profits Harness the power of Oxford-level mathematics and AI behind this expert advisor designed by an award-winning algorithmic trading pioneer with over 15 years of markets experience. This EA achieves what many believe to be impossible in trading:  75%+ win rate across 3 major currency pairs/instruments  Under 4% ultra-tight historical drawdowns    5+:1 average risk to reward ratio  Adaptive logic adapts to changing market dynami
2 000 USD
Undefeated Triangle MT5
Nauris Zukas
4.2 (10)
Description. This product was created as part of a project " PULSE OF MARKET ". EA "Undefeated Triangle" is an advanced system that exploits unique fluctuation between AUD, CAD, and NZD currencies. Historically results show that these pairs used in composition always return back first moved pair after fast movement in one direction. This observation can allow us to include a grid-martingale system where can get maximum points of these unique situations. EA "Undefeated Triangle" uses only 3 pai
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Bonnitta EA MT5
Ugochukwu Mobi
3.28 (18)
Bonnitta EA  is based on Pending Position strategy ( PPS ) and a very advanced secretive trading algorithm. The strategy of  Bonnitta EA  is a combination of a secretive custom indicator, Trendlines, Support & Resistance levels ( Price Action ) and most important secretive trading algorithm mentioned above. DON'T BUY AN EA WITHOUT ANY REAL MONEY TEST OF MORE THAN 3 MONTHS, IT TOOK ME MORE THAN 100 WEEKS(MORE THAN 2 YEARS) TO TEST BONNITTA EA ON REAL MONEY AND SEE THE RESULT ON THE LINK BELOW. B
5 750 USD
The Forex Exchanger MT5
Fabio Cavalloni
5 (4)
All explainations about the strategy:  https://www.mql5.com/en/blogs/post/747470 Live signals:  Single instance of the EA:  https://www.mql5.com/en/signals/1416185 Multistrategy:  https://www.mql5.com/en/signals/1489462 Here I will explain only the EA inputs part. This EA will be consistently updated with new and unpredictable things that can bring its performance to a better level every day! Buying this EA you will not only got a powerful automatic trading system, but also all knowledge and e
1 399 USD
Mighty Makers EA MT5
Sergey Simakov
3.5 (16)
Introducing Mighty Makers - Your Path to Informed Investing. Investment decisions can often feel overwhelming for investors. However, with Mighty Makers, you can seize control and make well-informed choices. Our cutting-edge system is designed to provide you with up-to-the-minute information by analyzing vast amounts of real-time market data. Through advanced algorithms, we identify patterns and trends, delivering personalized recommendations that align with your unique investment preferences. O
1 299 USD
Trend Forex Trade
Dmitri Speranski
Last chance!!! We are waiting for the last buyer and are removing the robot from sale!!! Don't miss the opportunity to buy!!! Trend Forex Trade Robot - looks for a trade line, draws it, follows it for a certain amount of time, if prices break through the line, opens a short position, calculates the take profit itself and sets a stop loss according to a given algorithm. Our team, which has professional traders with more than 10 years of experience in trading, has been monitoring  currency pairs
5 000 USD
Lic M5
Andriy Sydoruk
Lic trend analytical bot. An expert system based on geometric virtual pattern algorithms specially designed for time series. For this version of the Expert Advisor to work, there is no need to download any indicators or additional products; the bot is an independent finished product. Lic is a tool for trading in the foreign exchange market. The minimum recommendation is $1000. While the recommended minimum deposit ranges from $1000 to $10000 for one currency pair. Serious traders are reco
1 253 USD
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Vladimir Chamin
The investment robot   Cyclope   is a specialized tool for working with the phenomenon of seasonal superperiods in the quotes of financial instruments. In the demo version, you can only find sell signals. Cyclope helps you: Find investment ideas based on seasonal patterns; Automatically trade based on these ideas. The robot analyzes the asset, analyzes, calculates and identifies trading instruments that have signs of similar periods in the near future. What is a super period in the quotes of a
997 USD
Vladimir Mazyrin
Vladimir Mazyrin 2022.10.10 15:13 

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Vladimir Chamin
Reply from developer Vladimir Chamin 2022.10.10 15:36
Благодарю, Владимир за отзыв. Вы молодец!
Thomas Bradley Butler
Thomas Bradley Butler 2022.09.18 21:34 

Great help from author and interesting product, helps me in learning

Vladimir 2022.06.14 20:53 

Проект интересный, мне сразу понравился. Все бы хорошо, НО... В тестере стратегий на истории бот торгует, совершает сделки ежедневно. Пытаюсь поставить на торги демо счета форекс, неделями жду ничего не происходит. Не могу понять где что пропустил и что я делаю не так. Пересмотрел весь ютуб канал, ни в одном видео не показано как это делается, одни тесты и переборы стратегий. Владимир сделайте хоть 5 минутную инструкцию об этом.

Vladimir Chamin
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Владимир, приветствую. Спасибо за обратную связь . Напишите мне в личку, пожалуйста, отвечу на все вопросы.
andrew1872 2022.03.24 18:17 

Мне Superbot помогает оформлять мои идеи в конкретные стратегии с определенными параметрами,с которыми я могу просчитать возможную успешность. Все начинается с того, что появлется смутная идея. Например, я заметил, что в понедельник чаще всего доллар растет. Но как понять, это небольшое наблюдение или стойкая тенденция, которой можно воспользоваться для заработка? Вот тут на помощь приходит на помощь система: я пытаюсь оформить эту смутную идею в терминах возможной стратегии, например, в данном случае можно покупать фьючерс на доллар каждую пятницу в конце дня с переносом позиции на следующую неделю и посмотреть что было бы, если бы такая покупка проводилась бы регулярно с 2014 года. Далее система позволяет перебрать большое количество параметров, например уровень стоплосса с определенным шагом, уровень тейкпрофита, и еще много разных параметров. На выходе я получаю конкретную реализацию моей идеи в виде нескольких тысяч стратегий, в которых заложены различные отклонения параметров, но все из них так или иначе выражают мою первоначальную идею. Конкретно в случае этой идеи – попробовать использовать возможный рост доллара с утра понедельника, я увидел, что она неоправдана и я не стал дальше ее развивать. Однако, есть несколько идей, которые в дальнейшем реализовались в конкретные стратегии, использующие реальные закономерности на рынке, за что очень благодарен авторам Superbot

kebmaster 2021.06.21 17:15 

Качественный продуманный продукт

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Version 3.46 2023.09.29
1) Внедрены новая команда FM/ и FMX/ в командной строке для фильтрации сделок в течении определенного интервала
2) Выделен отдельный параметр выбора тайм-фрейма для расчета расстояния между уровнями
3) Исправлены небольшие ошибки
Version 3.45 2023.07.21
1) Added parameters "Period" and "Time Frame" for calculating stop loss based on ATR (previously they were equal to 14 and PERIOD_D1 respectively)
2) Added calculation of take profit multiple from 5 to 10 stop loss
3) Fixed the error of placing a market order on the derivatives market of the Moscow Exchange
Version 3.44 2023.07.04
1) Added calculation of stop loss and take profit based on the percentage of the price
2) Added calculation of capital based on a fixed amount and percentage of capital
3) Added the ability to prohibit trading in certain months and intervals, which are specified in the command line of the Settings block
4) Now it is possible to place pending orders based on a percentage of the price
5) Added the choice of the day of the week for notification in Telegram in the Management block
6) Fixed errors in the calculation of independent take profit
Version 3.43 2023.06.13
Fixed bugs related to day of the week filters.
Version 3.42 2023.06.05
Fixed bugs in calculating cyclic strategies
Version 3.41 2023.05.26
Some bugs fixed.
Version 3.4 2023.05.24
1) Added a new type of Momentum signal with the ability to select a time frame
2) Added filtering deals on Saturday and Sunday
3) New type of Shot signal (level shot)
4) Added the function of translating the strategy ini-file from version 3.3 to version 3.4
5) Added a channel constructor based on Close, Middle, Pivot, Extreme prices with the ability to select a time frame
6) Added week of month filter
7) Added trend filters TrendX and anti-trend AntiTrendX

Video description https://youtu.be/XTz358gEytk
Version 3.3 2023.01.12
Block "Settings"
Comment and magic are combined in one line through "/"
CAGR parameters are simplified (only the number of years left, indicated through /) and removed to the command line

Block "Strategy"
Only the [O5] field remains, which is used for both Stop Loss in points and Stop Loss based on ATR(14)

Block "Filters"
Added filter [10] Day and [11] Month filter

Block "Capital"
Parameter [C3] added to [3] line as last element

Block "Management
[1], [3], [5], [8] parameters added to [6] line before notification time

Details https://superbot-3.gitbook.io/docs-eng/
Version 3.2 2022.11.03
1) Added bridge for Bybit crypto exchange
2) 50% faster superbot testing process in the strategy tester
3) Added the function of connecting external channel indicators
4) Added functionality for creating arbitrage strategies
Version 3.1 2022.09.16
Changes have been made to the work of the bridge for synchronization with Binance
Version 3.0 2022.08.07
1) Added a built-in bridge to synchronize transactions on the Binance cryptocurrency exchange
2) Added new time frames for building volatility channels: M5, M15, M30
3) Added exit by Parabolic SAR
4) The notification time in the “Management” block can be set taking into account minutes
5) Added trading management mode during the 7-day week
6) Fixed errors in volume calculation based on Martingale
7) Fixed error in calculating position volume based on risk for fx
8) Fixed error sending notification via telegram

If you have any questions about the changes, send me a private message

3.0 version over-view https://youtu.be/cqKSNb46DEA
Version 2.63 2022.06.13
Martingale added

Video comments https://youtu.be/vWOL7Rj9QKU
Version 2.62 2022.05.24
Fixed take profit calculation error
Version 2.61 2022.05.22
1) Added EOD+ mode - transferring a position to the next day only if it has a margin of profit, otherwise the transaction is closed intraday;
2) Added quarterly compression mode to money management methods to control drawdown within a quarter
Version 2.60 2022.03.23
Добавлена функция управления алгоритмической стратегией на основе индивидуальной просадке.
Version 2.59 2022.02.04
Исправлена ошибка вывода CAGR при оптимизации на основе "Максимума пользовательского критерия"
Version 2.58 2022.01.24
1) В новой версии поле “Комментарий” прописывается в комментарии сделки вместе с мэджик
2) Доработано с учетом новинок функция формирования описания стратегии
3) Временные ограничения “упакованы” в одну строчку. Например: 10:15,23:00,19:00, где 10:15 время начала торговой сессии, 23:00 время окончания торговой сессии, 19:00 и последующее время через запятую - игнорируемое время
4) Параметры для пользовательского критерия на основе CAGR также “упакованы” в одну строку. Например, 50,25,8,200,1000, где 50 - среднегодовая доходность в %, 25 - максимальная просадка в %, 8 - срок тестирования в годах, 200 - минимальное количество сделок, 1000 - максимальное количество сделок
5) Добавлена возможность торговать отложенными ордерами в сроке “Тип отложенного ордера”, расстояние может быть фиксированным или на основе ATR. Срок жизни ордера в барах прописывается в строке “Время жизни ордера”
6) Теперь можно получать информацию о состоянии робота в телеграм. Первый канал в поле “Название telegram каналов” - технический, второй - сигнальный, в него superbot будет транслировать сигналы
7) В поле “Токен” указывается токен бота в телеграм
8) Добавлены сигналы на основе CCi, RSI
9) Добавлены сигналы выхода на основе индикаторов
10) Добавлено поле выбора третьего фильтра
11) Добавлены фильтры на основе разнообразных средних скользящих и трендовых/антитрендовых паттернов
12) При выборе сигнала Momentum можно указать в % насколько должна быть больше/меньше цена относительно цены N дней назад. Это делается в поле O2 блока параметры
13) Второй актив теперь при его указании в поле F7 применяется для всех фильтров

Описание версии 2.58 https://youtu.be/djYJNJVAkvg
Как перевести стратегию из 2.57 в 2.58 https://youtu.be/L9wAmJeHelM
Как транслировать информацию в телеграм https://youtu.be/YX2hLdRw7ko
Version 2.57 2021.12.16
Добавлены новые источники торговых сигналов:
1) CCI,
2) RSI,
3) H1 Close,
4) H1 Extreme,
5) H4 Close,
6) H4 Extreme,
7) H8 Close,
8) H8 Extreme,
9) H12 Close,
10) H12 Extreme.

Видео-комментарий изменений https://youtu.be/tvBXGE8vNCI
Version 2.56 2021.11.17
1) Добавлен фильтр "2day flat filter"
2) Исправлены ошибки в формировании файла форвардного анализа и ресемплинга
Version 2.55 2021.11.11
1) Описание параметров на русском помещено на первое место
2) Сигнал Momentum добавлен в стресс-тест Монте Карло
3) Доработка функции описания стратегии
4) Стоп Лосс на основе Параболика
5) Добавлен Ресемплинг и аналитика в Форвардный тест
6) Добавлена функция проверки стратегии перед запуском в торги
7) Добавлена возможность пересчет профит фактора каждый день в блоке Управление стратегией

Видео-описание https://youtu.be/Ia9ZDw1F2NE
Version 2.54 2021.10.03
Исправлена ошибка в расчете индикаторов Volume, Accumulation Distribution - реальный объем заменили на тиковый
Version 2.53 2021.10.03
Исправлена некритическая ошибка расчета ATR при создании канала
Version 2.52 2021.09.23
Техническое обновление (изменений нет)
Version 2.51 2021.09.21
1) Заменили условие открытия позиции Momentum - теперь сигнал на покупку подается если Close прошлого дня больше Close N дней назад при трендовом сигнале и меньше при реверсном сигнале. N задается в строке 5 блока Параметры индикаторов;
2) Добавили возможность в фильтрах D1, AD1, Week, AntiWeek, Month, AntiMonth анализировать не актив, на котором стоит робот, а вторичный актив, который прописывается в строчке F7 блока "Параметры индикаторов".
Version 2.5 2021.09.09
1) Время начала и окончания анализа теперь представлено в формате "10:15";
2) Добавили 2 новых фильтра: AntiWeek и AntiMonth;
3) Добавили постепенное закрытие позиции: Partial close 2/1 и Partial close 3/1;
4) Добавили закрытие позиции по индикаторам: на основе Bollinger Bands и Price channel;
5) Добавил в Монте Карло выбор того, что тестировать: ширину или глубину канала;
6) Добавили функцию формирования описания стратегии;
7) Добавили динамические управление капиталом (DPS) с привязкой к дням недели;
7) Сделали CAGR пользовательским критерием.

Видео описание изменений https://youtu.be/RPOUP2dbOa4
Version 2.4 2021.06.06
1) Добавили новый тип канала на основе Envelopes
2) Добавили фильтр тренда/флета на основе Bollinger Bands
3) Поменяли визуальное расположение блоков
4) Внесли изменения в критерии отбора
Version 2.3 2021.04.25
1) Добавили новые способы построения каналов CloseW + ATR, CloseM + ATR, (HighW+LowW)/2 + ATR, (HighM+LowM)/2 + ATR,(HighW+LowW+CloseW)/3 + ATR, (HighM+LowM+CloseM)/3 + ATR, HighW & LowW + ATR, HighM & LowM + ATR, Momentum
2) Добавили множитель для стоплосса на основе ATR
3) Добавили новые фильтры дня недели: Monday & Tuesday, Monday & Wednesday, Monday & Thursday, Monday & Friday, Tuesday & Wednesday, Tuesday & Thursday, Tuesday & Friday, Wednesday & Thursday, Wednesday & Friday, Thursday & Friday
Version 2.2 2021.03.28
Внесены правки в условие закрытия позиции по барам;
Version 2.1 2021.03.03
1) Расширили диапазон take profit;
2) Количество баров в закрытии сделок по барам прописывается вручную
Version 2.0 2021.03.01
1) Добавлено поле для комментариев;
2) Дополнен блок Education;
3) Добавлен блок управления superbot на основе профит фактора;
4) Добавлена разрядность Тейк профита;
5) Добавлен тип стоплосса на основе ATR;
6) Добавлен блок Walk-forward analysis (форвардный анализ)
Version 1.60 2021.01.21
1) Вернул блок Education
2) Исправлен расчет объёма позиции для дробных лотов
3) Поменял местами типы сигналов 4 пункт блока Strategy Structure, теперь они идут в таком порядке 1) Trend 2) Reverse 3) Back Reverse 4) Kickback 5) Shot
4) Временно скрыт блок расчета профит-фактора
Version 1.59 2021.01.17
1) Добавлен Williams percent range как источник сигналов
2) Добавлен фильтр Moving average trend
3) Убран блок Education
Version 1.58 2020.12.27
Добавлен блок автоматического расчета скользящего профит-фактора для управления роботом
Version 1.57 2020.12.08
1) Добавлены параметры выбора стратегии в блок Common settings. Теперь можно выбирать Пользовательский критерий при генерации стратегий и быстро отбирать стратегии подходящие по параметрам;
2) Внесены коррективы в блок Stress testing - теперь значение количество ATR и длины ценового канала при стресс-тестировании случайно выбираются в диапазоне: +/- (ATR or Price channel period max change, steps)
Version 1.56 2020.12.06
1) Добавлен параметр 6) Education в блоке "Common settings", в котором описаны ключевые параметры superbot
2) Внесены изменения в блок "Stress testing" для корректного проведения стресс-тестирования
Version 1.55 2020.11.30
Внесены коррективы в код блока Стресс-тестирование
Version 1.54 2020.11.29
1) Добавлен пункт 3) в блок Stress testing для ATR и Price channel. Определяет ширину интервала ATR или глубины канала Price channel для стресс-тестирования.
2) Исправлен пункт 5) в Capital Management теперь можно выставлять объём менее 1 лота
Version 1.53 2020.11.13
1) в 3) пункте в Strategy structure добавлен сигнал "Price action" и "Anti price action"
2) в 5) пункте в Capital management параметр может принимать дробные значения
Version 1.52 2020.10.31
1) Добавлен динамический метод управления капиталом;
2) Добавлена возможность выбора времени анализа;
3) Добавлены режимы компрессии просадки;
Version 1.51 2020.10.03
1) Параметры супербота визуально разделили на группы;
2) Добавили фильтр "22" - если Close вчерашнего дня меньше Open вчерашнего дня, то сегодня только покупаем. Если Close вчерашнего дня больше Open вчерашнего дня, то сегодня только продаем.
Version 1.42 2020.09.18
Внесли корректировки во время начала торговли в режиме "1" (торговля на MOEX через Just2trade) в "COMMON SETTINGS" чтобы робот пропускал первую свечу.
Version 1.41 2020.09.06
1) Структурировали порядок параметров блока STRATEGY STRUCTURE: теперь параметры структуры стратегии разбиты на 2 блока: блок базовой стратегии и фильтров "Filters";
2) Добавили сочетания фильтров в пункте 1) блока "Filters". Теперь оптимизацию можно проводить в диапазоне 0-21 с шагом 1
3) Временно убрали параметр Dynamic position sizing в блоке CAPITAL MANAGEMENT
4) Добавили 2 типа сигнала в 3) пункте Base srtategy: 2-t.kickback (trend kickback) вход по тренду с отката, 3 - back rev. (back reverse) обратный реверс
5) Теперь размер Take Profit выставляется в 4) пункте как множитель Stop Loss, а не количество пипсов. Например, если стоит 3, то Take Profit в 3 раза больше чем размер Stop Loss.
6) Во 2) пункт блока Filters вынесли уровень ADX.
Version 1.31 2020.08.17
Исправлена ошибка в фильтре времени торговой сессии (11 строка блока "Strategy Structure") при торговле через брокера Just2trade на Московской бирже. При условии 2 и 3 робот игнорировал начальный час 7:00 по времени сервера и торговал в момент открытия биржи. Сейчас все в порядке
Version 1.3 2020.08.04
1) Добавили режим "2" для торговли на Globex/Fx: торговля ведется с 00:00 по 23:00 по времени биржи;
2) Добавили 5) пункт в блок "Capital management", позволяющий роботу использовать часть капитала, а не 100%;
3) Добавили временной стоп (TimeStop) в барах 14 пункт в блоке "Strategy Properties", закрывающий позицию через N свечей. 0 - условие не используется.
Version 1.2 2020.07.15
1) Добавлена возможность выбора временного режима при торговле через брокера Just2trade (строка Time в Settings);
2) Добавлена возможность открывать позиции по каждому новому сигналу (строка Number of additinal positions в Capital management);
3) Добавлен Bollindger Bands в 1-й строке в блоке Strategy Structure;
Version 1.1 2020.06.25
Внесены изменения в блок "Stress-testing" - теперь скрытие сделок учитывается корректно