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FXRog = Forex Running On Growth

Expert Advisor description

ShortTerm : Yes

MidTerm : Yes

LongTerm : Yes

TargetProfit : By Money (fixlot mode), value can be changed in the parameter. 3% (volumelot mode)

StopLoss : By Maximum Open Position, all position will closed when maxtrade is reach, value can be changed in the parameter

optimum time frame H1 eurusd

Parameter description

StartTrade :  begining time to start trading

EndTrade :  last time ea to open a position

MoneyManagement :  1 = FixLot,  2 = VolumeLot

FixLot :  lot of transactions with a fixed amount

VolumeLot :  transaction lots can change according to balance exp: balance = $1000, volume = 500, result lot = 0.05

TargetProfit :  target profit in money 

MaxTrades :  maximum number of trading positions

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