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MQLTA Bollinger Bands Breakout Alert

Bollinger Bands Breakout Alert is a simple indicator that can notify you when the price breaks out of the Bollinger Bands. You just need to set the parameters of the Bollinger Bands and how you want to be notified.


  • Indicator Name - is used for reference to know where the notifications are from
  • Bands Period - is the period to use to calculate the Bollinger Bands
  • Bands Shift - is the shift to use to calculate the Bollinger Bands
  • Bands Deviation - is the deviation to use to calculate the Bollinger Bands
  • Notify When - this is to set if you want to be notified about the candle in formation or the one that just close
  • Eanble Notification - To enable or disable the notification system
  • Send Alert - to enable or disable the on-screen alert
  • Alert Sound - to select the sound to play
  • Send Notification to Mobile - to enable the notification to app
  • Send Notification via Email - to enable email notification

Mussa Marques
Mussa Marques 2018.10.17 20:19 

Only works if shift is set to 0 or +..... wont work with a - shift...

sponsorman 2018.10.12 22:26   

Thanks a lot. Worked very well. It will be more useful if we arrange the arrows. e.g filled arrows will be more visible.

Diogo Pinhal
Diogo Pinhal 2018.09.28 12:11 

it works well, but it would be very good if we can can set up a time stop alert. For example to set it up 5 minutes, if an alert is trigerred, it will not do alert again for the next 5 minutes. Because when you trade in 1 min, you get alerts every 5-10 seconds and its frustrating. But otherwise, its a very god tool and FREE, so thanks to the author.

Version 1.3 2018.09.29
- bug fix
Version 1.2 2018.09.28
- added visual arrows for the signals
- added option to select a notification interval
Version 1.1 2018.09.17
- Added alert option