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MQLTA Supertrend Multi Timeframe

MQLTA Supertrend Multi Timeframe indicator combines the Supertrend detected on multiple timeframe to confirm the trend of a pair.

This indicator requires you to already have the FREE indicator MQLTA Supertrend Line to work https://www.mql5.com/en/market/product/25951.

How does it work?

The indicator checks the status of the Supertrend in all your selected timeframes showing you the result in an easy-to-read table.

How to trade with Supertrend Multi Timeframe indicator

Ideally you want to Buy when the Supertrend confirms an Uptrend and Sell when the Supertrend confirms a Downtrend.


  • ATR Multiplier - the lower it is and the more sensitive is the line, meaning it will follow the price more closely
  • ATR Period - Period of the ATR used for the calculation
  • ATR Max Bars - Number of bars to draw the lines to
  • Candle shift to Calculate the Supertrend - if you want to calculate the Supertrend for previous candles
  • Enable Timeframes - To enable or disable specific timeframe result
  • Enable Notifications - To Enable or Disable the notifications
  • Notify in - To set if notify in Trending or Uncertain situation
  • Notification Interval - Specify the minimum interval between notifications
  • Send Alert Notifications - To enable or disable on screen alerts
  • Alert Sound - To select the alert sound
  • Send Notification to Mobile - To enable or disable the app notifiations
  • Send Notification to Email - To enable or disable email notifications
  • Draw Lines - To enable or disable the display of lines
  • Draw Window - To enable or disable the drawing of the window
  • Horizontal spacing - distance of the window from the left border
  • Vertical spacing - distance of the window from the top border
  • Indicator Name - Prefix of the objects on chart

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zero9898 2020.03.04 07:59 

Brilliant! Excellent tool!

cade_boyuk 2018.10.25 18:40 

Hi Luca.

I am using your MTF Super Trend indicator with your color Trend Line which are very useful to filter entries.

Good combination, my best congratulations for these helpful indicators.


Clepsosoa15 2018.05.24 16:47 

Indicatore molto utile per determinare il trend su diversi time frame. Con la comodità di vedere il tutto su un unico grafico.

Version 1.9 2020.01.30
-Bug Fix
Version 1.7 2019.01.26
- extended notification description
Version 1.6 2018.11.07
- bug fix on alerts
Version 1.5 2018.11.06
- Bug fix on alerts
Version 1.4 2018.11.03
- Added Notification Options
Version 1.3 2018.11.02
- Added notification options for Trend Change
Version 1.2 2018.10.18
- Buffer fix to use with iCustom function
Version 1.1 2018.10.04
- Fixed Notification Interval