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MQLTA Show Magic Numbers

Show Magic Numbers will show you the magic number associated to the open orders. MetaTrader 4 doesn't show the magic numbers but for some people, especially who uses expert advisors and automation, it is very important to know the Magic Number.

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How does it work?

The indicator will scan your open orders and show you in a graphical table the details, including the Magic Numbers and Comments.

How to Use the EA

Just open the indicator, the buttons will show you tips hovering on them with the cursor.

Opening the Details Panel will show you the table with the orders and their details.

Why you should use this Indicator?

Since MetaTrader 4 doesn't show you the Magic Numbers associated to the orders it might be difficult to manage orders automated through expert advisors.

Show Magic Numbers is an easy way to see the magic number associated to an order.

How to Test and Backtest

The indicator works with open orders hence it cannot be backtested.

Indicator Parameters

  • Indicator Name (used for the panel) - Prefix for the created graphical objects, suggested to leave default.
  • Orders Per Page - number of orders to show in each page of the indicator's panel
  • Horizontal offset (pixels) - horizontal spacing of the panel from the border.
  • Vertical offset (pixels) - vertical spacing of the panel from the border.

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