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Forex Robot EA

Forex Robot EA is a hedged irregular grid strategy that based its grid distance on the price range. It automatically hedges reversing entries. The hedge is used to minimize drawdown and maximize profit. Lot sizes are calculated so you will see different lot sizes. Some are small, and some are big lot sizes. At a certain point, it closes all open trades when Account Equity is bigger than Account Balance depending on the calculated profit.

Recommended Environment

  • Timeframe: M5.
  • Quote Price: 3 and 5 digits only (2 and 4 digits are not allowed).
  • Leverage: Maximum of 1:200.
  • Starting Fund: Minimum of 500 USD on any Cent Account / Minimum of 2,000 USD on any Non-cent Account.
  • Currency Pair: Fully optimized on USDJPY. Use one pair and one chart only. Using on more than 1 chart is not recommended.
  • Type of Account: Micro-Account or Cent Account (ECN or Non-ECN is ok).

Parameter Setting

  • Target Equity: Suggested value is to add 10% to your current Account Balance. Once target equity is reached the Forex Robot EA will stop trading until you set another target equity. The purpose of this feature is allow your EA to breathe and it will also allow you to withdraw some profit.
  • Conservative Setting: If this is set to TRUE, the EA uses a conservative strategy. It is ideal to use with fund lower than 2,000 USD. If your fund is above 2,000 USD, you have an option to set this to FALSE for an aggressive trading.
2017.09.10 01:22 

Time activated: 2 months

Max drawdown: 65%

Money Management: Very poor

Overall, very risky as i mentioned with very poor MM.