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VKVN Meta 4

VKVN Meta 4 is a fully automated Expert Advisor, using indicator MACD, RSI and Moving Average to trading. It is a combination of 2 experts advisor.


  • Volume1: The volume level 1.
  • Volume2: The volume level 2.
  • Volume3: The volume level 3.
  • Orders_Loss: The loss value to close orders when didn't have second orders be open. .
  • Loss_Trade: The loss value to open next orders.
  • Orders_Profit: The profit to close orders when didn't have second orders be open.
  • TotalProfitClose: The profit maximum of 2 trade to close the orders.
  • MagicNumber1: Magic number for the EA1.
  • MagicNumber2: Magic number for the EA2.
  • comment1: Comment for the EA1.
  • comment2: Comment for the EA2.
  • Timeframe: Timeframe M15.
  • Fast_EMA_period: Fast EMA averaging period.
  • Slow_EMA_period: Slow EMA averaging period.
  • Signal_line_period: Signal line averaging period.
  • SMA1: The indicator Moving Average 1.
  • SMA2: The indicator Moving Average 2.
  • SMA3: The indicator Moving Average 3.
  • SMA4: The indicator Moving Average 4.
  • RSI_Period: The indicator Relative Strength Index.

User Setting

  • Recommended pairs GBP/USD, EUR/USD.
  • Can trade with $200 initial deposit for 0.01 lot.
  • Free Margin > 100.
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