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Fundamental Trader


Ziwox Fundamental Trader

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Ziwox Fundamental trader is a trading assistant that helps financial markets traders reach smart decisions informed by the EA information data.

This EA uses real-time online sources + AI tools to catch necessary information like the fundamental bias of currencies, Sentiment of retail traders ratio on a pair, Bank and institute forecast, COT report data, and other economic macro data in a complex EA pannel.
Briefly, It's an integrated forex data source and information, that helps Manual traders to make better decisions.

Alongside this assistant, It's a FULL AUTO trading system too, that use fundamental, technical and sentimental data to trade automatically on pairs.

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Components and tools:

Read this link before continuing:

All the necessary information you need for a trade is collected here as a set of forex data stream components that are integrated into a data panel.

Each component individually acts as a trading aid indicator or explanatory market report to help traders in decisions making.

These components provide an outlook but the synergy of all components makes an integrated decision-aid system output that helps traders to improve trading results with buy, sell, or wait decisions. Institutions, hedge funds, and banks hold large amounts of market liquidity and they can drive the market and establish trends. They are the most common holders of the market liquidity and know the retail traders' positions and liquidity map.

Using all these components and staying in the direction of the smart money traders, is the key to success and this EA would be your assistance to trade according to the market direction. Traders can decide to make an opportunity that comes through each EA module, such as technical trend, fundamental Bias, next calendar event, retail traders sentiment, and Large Speculators traders’ behavior as COT reports.

Components Outputs:

  • All Currency Fundamental Bias base on the economic index, CPI, PPI, GDP, and central bank's interest rate
  • 10 Major pairs Forecast that comes from experts traders pols (Banks, institute, Funds)
  • Real-Time world trader sentiment (Retail Traders Sentiment) (How many traders are long or short in a pair)
  • COT report (Commitment of trader of CFTC)
  • Global country Bond Yield data
  • Economic calendar and news event
  • Market Sentiment (Risk Sentiment), Risk-On or Risk-Off that helps to find the daily trader's sentiment
  • Session time panel with a market Volatility indicator
  • Your Profit/Loss monitoring panel (Trade summery)
  • Trend Indicator

For Manual Traders:

For those who trade manually, hedge funders, and institute or bank traders.

Trade with your technical stratgy and our fundamental trader and data to make your trade decisions more accurate.

You can use EA as a manual trading assistant, and use fundamental information, COT data, market sentiment, retail traders ratio, and your own technical strategy or you can use our auto trade strategy

Auto Trade Strategy:

In Auto mode, EA trade with Fundamental Bias as the main market trend to Scalp on short-term trend with technical data (MA trend, our Flow Trend ind and stochastic)

    Other Features:

    • Full function Manual trading tools
    • Suggestion to trade or stop trading on special pairs
    • Money management, Automatically Position Lot
    • News filter, Stop taking position in High Impact events
    • Trail, Automatically Break-Even
    • AutoClose function with variable profit
    • Pivot points, Support resistance
    • Loss Recovery function


    • Use ECN account, leverage 1:500 
    • Min Balance, $500 per pair
    • Timeframe H1
    • Recommended symbol for Auto-Trade: All forex pairs, except CHF pairs
    • If your broker uses a prefix or suffix (e.g. EURUSD.p) you should set it in EA inputs
    • Please allow web requests to the following URLs for news filters and fundamental data. Attention to HTTP and HTTPS links

    You can't backtest this EA, Because this EA uses online economic calendar as a news filter to stop trading in High impact news.

    Also EA uses online fundamental data to analyze the movement, and this online data doesn't work in backtesting.

    Reviews 18
    Alex Adjei
    Alex Adjei 2023.11.25 09:37 

    It is awesome. I like the ideas and insights it communicates. Ali, keep up the excellent work. Kudos. Above all, they have a very reliable support base. I like their customer support, very prompt and attentive.

    Alfredo Idalgo
    Alfredo Idalgo 2023.03.22 23:48 

    Best EA ever. Approximately 1% daily profit. I've been using it for more than a year with 8 pairs, and my balance is $10k. Profits for 1 year are around 350%. As I've tested, the best company for Fundamental Traders is Alpari Nano account. Give it a try, and you'll be happy. I guarantee it!

    Farzad Teimoori
    Farzad Teimoori 2022.05.14 19:29 

    Nice panel with great features. I love it for my manual trading to reduce my trades faults.

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    Have you ever wondered why most expert advisors are not effective in live trading, despite their perfect backtest performance? The most likely answer is Over-fitting . Many EAs are created to ‘learn’ and adapt perfectly to the available historical data, but they fail to predict the future due to a lack of generalizability in the constructed model. Some developers simply don't know about the existence of over-fitting, or they know but don't have a way to prevent it. Others exploit it as a tool to
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    Oracle Trading Expert the Quintessence of Modern Programming Technologies Expert Oracle for MetaTrader, trading on GBPUSD and Gold, represents the quintessence of modern programming technologies. Our unique proprietary methods and developments are based on advanced machine learning concepts, making our trading expert truly one-of-a-kind. We offer cutting-edge modules and neural architecture that embody innovative advancements in financial programming. Our algorithms rely on in-depth data analysi
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    Denis Kurnev
    5 (1)
    AI NeuroX EA is an innovative trading advisor based on advanced artificial intelligence technologies, including neural networks and the Perplexity and GPT-4 platforms. This advisor has a unique ability to analyze and predict the dynamics of financial markets using deep learning and advanced algorithms. Thanks to the intuition that even the most experienced traders would envy, AI NeuroX EA is capable of developing unprecedented trading strategies, ensuring excellent performance. This advisor oper
    Gold Excel
    Gregory Hay
    4.5 (4)
    Welcome to   GoldExcel EA , an effective trader for the XAUUSD pair (GOLD). Developed by our team to work in normal accounts, funded prop accounts and prop challenges! Does not use HFT! See all products here:   https://www.mql5.com/en/users/fxmanagedforexltd/seller **V3.0 Update Read Blog :  https://www.mql5.com/en/blogs/post/756411 ***IMPORTANT ANNOUNCEMENT DST TIME CHANGES - USERS PLEASE READ****:   https://www.mql5.com/en/market/product/111410?source=Site#!tab=comments&page=2 ***Next price ri
    ET9 for MT4
    Hui Qiu
    5 (3)
    ET9 New on the Market, Launch promo! Only a few copies left at: $599 Next price: $799 Final price: $1599 The Best  Expert Advisor  on   XAUUSD   any timeframes , It can also be used on GBPUSD at the same time! ET9  for MT4 Updated 4.20 !!   Important update:    Enable automatic closing of profits,  Various parameters of the ET1 strategy can be modified,   Optimized the stability of ET1 strategy Include Free  ET1 for MT4:  https://www.mql5.com/en/market/product/113219 Descriptions ET9 for MT4
    Dark Catcher mt4
    Marina Arkhipova
    5 (2)
    "Dark Catcher" is your night hunter in a world of financial opportunity, where every dark shadow of the market becomes a source of light. This advisor is your reliable assistant, helping you penetrate the darkest corners of the market and identify prospects for successful trading. Let "Dark Catcher" illuminate your path to financial independence and achieving your goals in the financial market. About the advisor: “Dark Catcher” uses a Bollinger Bands channel, CCI indicator and several filters t
    Bitcoin Robot MT4
    Marzena Maria Szmit
    The Bitcoin Robot  MT4 is engineered to execute Bitcoin trades with unparalleled   efficiency and precision . Developed by a team of experienced traders and developers, our   Bitcoin Robot   employs a sophisticated algorithmic approach (price action, trend as well as two personalized indicators) to analyze market and execute trades swiftly with   M5 timeframe , ensuring that you never miss out on lucrative opportunities.   No grid, no martingale, no hedging,   EA only open one position at the sa
    CyberVision EA MT4
    Eduard Nagayev
    5 (2)
    CyberVision EA is a technology I developed during my undergraduate studies. CyberVision EA is not just an advisor, it is a high-speed computing machine that can generate historical data. CyberVision EA is not just an EA, it is a high-speed computing machine that works with recurrent neural network (RNN) and generative adversarial network (GAN), and my EA also uses data quantization. Live Signal:  https://www.mql5.com/en/signals/2218278 CyberVision EA Operation Description The price of the EA is
    Bitcoin Scalp Pro
    Profalgo Limited
    5 (2)
    NEW PROMO: Only a few copies copies available at 349$ Next price: 449$ Make sure to check out our " Ultimate EA combo package " in our   promo blog ! NEW: Now also supports Ethereum! Bitcoin Scalp Pro is a unique trading system on the market.  It is fully focused on exploiting the volatility of the Bitcoin market by trading the breakouts of support and resistance levels. The focus of the EA lies on safety, which translates into extreme low drawdowns and a very good risk/reward ratio on the tr
    Quantum Gold Emperor MT4
    Bogdan Ion Puscasu
    5 (5)
    Introducing   Quantum Gold Emperor EA , the groundbreaking MQL5 expert advisor that's transforming the way you trade the prestigious XAUUSD (GOLD )pair! Developed by a team of experienced traders with trading experience of over 13 years. IMPORTANT! After the purchase please send me a private message to receive the installation manual and the setup instructions. ***Buy Quantum Gold Emperor EA and you could get Quantum Trade EA for free !*** Ask in private for more details Live signal :  
    Never Dies MT4
    M Ardiansyah
    5 (1)
    Never Dies EA is a super professional EA using advanced mathematical and statistical theories. The EA analyzes multiple timeframes (Chart Timeframe and D1) to detect strongest directions and verify signals. The EA is in the category of HFT trading EAs and will not use any dangerous recovery methods such as grid, martingale, hedge, .... All trades are powered by TP/SL to control the risk of the account. Also some smart algorithms inserted inside the EA to adjust some settings based on selected sy
    TS Prop Firm MT4
    Marzena Maria Szmit
    5 (4)
    TS Prop Firm MT4 has been prepared for Prop Trading Firms and Forex Brokers. TS Prop Firm EA is a version that support the EURUSD, XAUUSD and US30 . There are three risk levels to choose from: Low, Medium and High. This robot is also protected during important news , when high-impact news comes out, the robot doesn't open positions for 60 minutes before and 60 minutes after the important news. TS Prop Firm is available in one version for MetaTrader 4. If you click on my profile, you can find the
    More from author
    Super Trend pro
    Sara Sabaghi
    5 (3)
    Super Trend Pro  Its simple. as you see in product picture you can find out how it work. We Use Several MA and use Statistics and Probability inside the code to draw nice, great and pure Trend Detection. Do you like it? Yes me too Here, Super trend pro with 100% non-repainting indicator Input Parameter is clear and simple. Inputs Period 1 --------------------------->>>> Use for mathematical calculating Period 2 --------------------------->>>> MA Period Indicator Type ------------------->>>>
    Trade Copier Local
    Sara Sabaghi
    4.6 (20)
    This tools is simplest Trade Copier that use your local pc to store your position list. Fast, Simple We dont have complicated files. Just this EA, with 2 mode. Master Mode to store your positions And Client mode to copy all the position from local storage. Its free tools, for unlimited usage, and unlimited Metatrader and unlimited account number. Enjoy Inputs: Mode > To select Copier Mode. Master Store your positions, and client mode copy the stored positions Slipage > To protect taking new po
    Flow Trend BLACK FRIDAY: 50% DISCONT > OLD PRICE 100$ > NOW 50$ Flow  trend is designed to detect the market trend with special calculation and a combination of Bolinger band and statistical moving period to detect the market trend without frequency change and fault. This indicator is designed with simple parameters to use fast and easy and helpful tools to trade in a pure direction and set your SL/TP with this indicator cloud system.
    Telegram Signal pro
    Sara Sabaghi
    4.88 (8)
    What is it? Think about it, you can send all the orders/positions info to your telegram channel or group to create your community or VIP signals on telegram. Position info means this EA forward all of your new positions open details (Open price, Open time, Position Type, position Symbol and volume), positions changes ( SL or TP modifying or pending price changes) and position close (Close price, profit or loss, position duration time) and also EA Send NEWS alert (Economic calendar event) on y
    Ziwox Fundamental Trader Contact us after purchase (no rent) to access our VIP group. (Set files, tips, community) Ziwox Fundamental trader is a trading assistant that helps financial markets traders reach smart decisions informed by the EA information data. This EA uses real-time online sources + AI tools to catch necessary information like the fundamental bias of currencies, Sentiment of retail traders ratio on a pair, Bank and institute forecast, COT report data, and other economic macro da
    Ziwox COT report
    Sara Sabaghi
    5 (1)
    What is The Commitment of Traders (COT)? The Commitment of Traders (COT) report is a weekly publication of net positions in the future market that is released on Fridays by   CFTC commission . It is an outline for the commitment of the classified traders as commercial traders, speculators (non-commercial traders), and non-reportable traders. We use this report to understand the dynamics of the market. The commitment of commercial traders is not important for us because they take a position to h
    Trend Scalp Pro
    Sara Sabaghi
    3.2 (20)
    Exciting Black Friday Deals  have been activated for this Tools Shop Now: Old price was 170$   and now 85$   Brief Many traders don't trust robots... they Just use technical analysis and make manual orders. So what happens if this technical analysis for make the best decision, working AUTOMATIC!   Yes. We do that. What is it? the Trend Scalp pro Trend Scalp Pro   is achieved from 10 years of experience and research on thousands of strategies, By combining them to make Real Smar
    Night Theft
    Sara Sabaghi
    5 (2)
    What is Night Theft? When Market is in Rest of the night, when all Banks, all market actors in a nice sleep WE ARE WORKING JUST in this Time WE USE a lot of statistical analysis and Super Smart Trend catcher to detect the trend and theft the price at the night We trade on special hours of GMT | 20 PM until 2 AM We use Intelligent Smart algorithm to recover loss orders to profit orders. Test EA on backtesting, See the sweet result and Enjoy this EA Features: If your order is in loss, Ea has a
    Order Squeeze
    Sara Sabaghi
    5 (1)
    Order Squeeze Easy to use indicator to predict the market movement with calculated HIGH important levels. These levels are calculated in the lowest time frame with candle details. Ind calculates the quantity of market tick, volume per tick, and orders per candle. So with this statistical data, you catch the important price levels that supply and demand in the market are attractive for sellers and buyers. Institutes and banks trade with huge order lots and they need a lot of sellers for their
    Gold Extractor
    Sara Sabaghi
    4.38 (40)
    Brief about, gold/XAUUSD? Contact us after purchase (no rent) to access our VIP group. (Set files, tips, community) Gold has been considered a highly valuable commodity for millennia and the gold price is widely followed in financial markets around the world. Most commonly quoted in US Dollars is (XAU/USD). All the times in Forex, Hedge funders and big kids use gold to hedge their basket from market risk. and they use this gold as a hedge. For this reason, gold holds value well and makes it a
    Trade List
    Sara Sabaghi
    ZIWOX TRADE LIST Description: Feeling weary with your small screen? and you need to close your trade list tab to have a larger perspective of chart? Require better management of your trade list? such as win rate, risk/reward ratio? Its a simple tools, but usefull. consolidate your trade list, active positions, opened positions and pending orders onto a distinct chart embellished with refined visuals. It contains with a lots of usefull information. Feautures: List your trades and positions
    Alex Adjei
    Alex Adjei 2023.11.25 09:37 

    It is awesome. I like the ideas and insights it communicates. Ali, keep up the excellent work. Kudos. Above all, they have a very reliable support base. I like their customer support, very prompt and attentive.

    Sara Sabaghi
    Reply from developer Sara Sabaghi 2023.11.25 15:12
    We do not hesitate to serve our customers. We wish everyone success and more income.
    Thank you for choosing us and thanks for using our tools
    Kenley Jacques Lamaute
    Kenley Jacques Lamaute 2023.06.12 10:50 

    The main strategy is a martingale. Martingales appear great when trading with very, very low risk and may even last for a year or two... until one day suddenly it will blow your account. They always lose more than they earn in the long run.

    Alfredo Idalgo
    Alfredo Idalgo 2023.03.22 23:48 

    Best EA ever. Approximately 1% daily profit. I've been using it for more than a year with 8 pairs, and my balance is $10k. Profits for 1 year are around 350%. As I've tested, the best company for Fundamental Traders is Alpari Nano account. Give it a try, and you'll be happy. I guarantee it!

    Sara Sabaghi
    Reply from developer Sara Sabaghi 2023.03.23 09:55
    Thanks, dear Alfredo. Thanks for using our tools and thanks for your comment
    shahram entezari
    shahram entezari 2023.03.10 19:34 

    User didn't leave any comment to the rating

    Sara Sabaghi
    Reply from developer Sara Sabaghi 2023.03.23 09:54
    Thank you very much for writing your opinion about our program
    Your success makes us proud
    Dias82 2022.10.06 18:36 

    User didn't leave any comment to the rating

    Sara Sabaghi
    Reply from developer Sara Sabaghi 2022.10.07 15:21
    I appreciate you. Thank you for your kind review and thank again for using our EA.
    Wish you the best
    Farzad Teimoori
    Farzad Teimoori 2022.05.14 19:29 

    Nice panel with great features. I love it for my manual trading to reduce my trades faults.

    Sara Sabaghi
    Reply from developer Sara Sabaghi 2022.05.14 22:46
    Thank you for using this EA. good luck and wish you more green positions
    Huan Guo Li
    Huan Guo Li 2022.05.09 12:38 


    Sara Sabaghi
    Reply from developer Sara Sabaghi 2022.05.14 22:45
    Thank you for using our tools. Hope you enjoy this tools
    forexsignalgermany 2022.04.30 10:14 

    This is my second ea from Ziwox. The price is way below the worth! I decided to go for fundamental cause I was happy with the support on gold extractor. Also here, I got great help! Me personally I let the ea run on one account (smaller one) and using the terminal for manual trading. So far it's best on market. I really, really love it. Thank you so much for the great support!

    Sara Sabaghi
    Reply from developer Sara Sabaghi 2022.05.06 12:29
    Thank you for sharing your experience and thanks for your comment.
    Hope you enjoy all of them
    KKYLin 2022.04.15 06:02 

    Great EA with great winnings, author is always responsive to questions on telegram, keeping on adding new features to the EA to make it a better tool for everyone to win the market... Another of Ziwox gems indeed!!! every cent is worth it.. great tool to help those who manually trade as well. AMAZGING TOOL!!!

    Sara Sabaghi
    Reply from developer Sara Sabaghi 2022.04.15 10:33
    We are really happy to see our customer satisfaction. Thanks for using this tools and thanks for the review
    samaka0341 2022.03.12 11:32 

    this EA is one of the best i've worked with. :-)

    Sara Sabaghi
    Reply from developer Sara Sabaghi 2022.03.12 12:15
    It's our pleasure. Thank you for using Ziwox tools.
    vincenzo1964 2022.02.09 05:23 

    Appena acquistato, ma non riesco ad installarlo, il sistema si comporta come se dovessi ricomprarlo nuovamente offrendomi soltanto l'utilizzo in demo. Come posso fare per risolvere? Grazie

    Sara Sabaghi
    Reply from developer Sara Sabaghi 2022.02.18 11:52
    Because you download it before as a demo to test. Please remove your installation file in your MetaTrader data folder, Market folder and try again
    Christian Bolduc
    Christian Bolduc 2022.01.23 23:53 

    I've bought a lot of EA, some goods and some crap, but i can confirm that this one is one of the best i've worked with. Thanks for such good products AND awesome support guys, keep on good----EXCELLENT work!! Update 2023/12/22 this is probably my best EA, this EA is underestimated IMHO

    Sara Sabaghi
    Reply from developer Sara Sabaghi 2022.01.23 23:56
    You're welcome. Thanks for using our tools and thanks for your review.
    Wish you the best
    outhay 2022.01.20 08:34 

    After testing during 3 weeks I am able to say that is again a great tool from this author. For manual trading it help me to avoid bad trade by trading in the right move. Using the EA it give me 7% return in 3 weeks that is reasonable so far. Very recommended

    Sara Sabaghi
    Reply from developer Sara Sabaghi 2022.01.20 09:53
    I'm really happy to see this comment.
    Best regards and thank you for trusting and using our tools.
    Boris Jimenez
    Boris Jimenez 2021.12.29 13:03 

    This is an Excellent EA, you have All Important Information inside, I like for Manual Trade in Open Season, at Night Season i turn on Automatic Trade, it is profitable, I can sleep good, any worries. Five Star for the Best.

    Sara Sabaghi
    Reply from developer Sara Sabaghi 2021.12.29 13:10
    Appreciate for using our tools. Yes this EA is great tools for who trade manually and they have all needed information on the chart. Wish you the best. I hope your enjoying with this EA
    191994 2021.12.29 04:07 

    I purchased this ea for about a month now, it has been performing wonderfully. This has been my second purchase from Sara, my first purchase was the gold extractor, both ea's has been taking trades profitably. I just followed the recommended settings by Sara and both ea's are closing trades in profit.

    Sara Sabaghi
    Reply from developer Sara Sabaghi 2021.12.29 11:33
    I'm really happy, for your support. thanks for purchasing our tools, Thanks for using them and thanks for your comment
    atg50 2021.11.04 17:16 

    This is an exciting app I am a trader and I manage a lot of people's accounts. With this EA, I have all the information that I need for trade on fx It makes your win rate deal more than old

    Sara Sabaghi
    Reply from developer Sara Sabaghi 2021.11.05 13:24
    Thank you for using our tools. and thank you for your comment
    Bogdan Foitos
    Bogdan Foitos 2021.10.20 11:42 

    Good product ! Very useful !

    Sara Sabaghi
    Reply from developer Sara Sabaghi 2021.10.31 10:42
    Thank you for your review. wish you best
    holuck 2021.10.19 15:08 

    i am a ziwox fans which always watch their telegram channel, they come up with ideas that put fundamental real data in auto trading and compose this ea, as a fans of ziwox i must support it. i will add more review in the future about the performance of this ea.

    Sara Sabaghi
    Reply from developer Sara Sabaghi 2021.10.31 10:41
    Love you too. Thank you for trusting us and thank you for your interesting in ziwox
    Reply to review
    Version 3.1 2023.10.06
    1. Add a new feature to trade Neutral bias pairs.
    2. Bug fixed
    Version 3.0 2023.09.28
    // 1. Add retail traders ratio in trade strategy decision
    // 2. Commands customized in inputs
    // 3. Drag option for manual lines
    // 4. Show session times on the chart, by enabling the Session panel
    // 5. Draw tools. Lines, Box, Trend line and alert for them
    // 6. Add buy or sell splitter, you can split a trades in separate trades as step trades
    // 7. N pattern fixed for last pattern (Pure level)
    // 8. Use Prise instead of PIP for SL/TP in manual trades
    // 9. Bug fixed (Us10Y and VIX)
    // 10. Performance improvement
    Version 2.9 2023.05.28
    1. Add scalp suggestion on low timeframe
    2. Minor Bug fixed and EA performance (EAinIted)
    3. Bug fixed for High impact news filter
    Version 2.8 2023.04.21
    1. US10Y/RealYield last change bug fixed
    2. Auto market watch list based on chart symbol
    Version 2.7 2023.03.23
    1. Limit positions bug fixed
    2. Order Comment Box bug fixed. It removing by Dellet/ESC
    3. Add Manual Support/Resistant line management (Command by L)
    4. Bug fixed for News Update
    5. Add 4 types of alerts. If the price is close to a Weekly level. For N pattern, indecision candles and supp/resis levels
    6. Alert line: Check your manual levels(lines) price and alert with price closing in the MarketWatch tab
    Version 2.6 2023.01.06
    // Ver. 2.6
    // 1. You can change the Suggestion box size and also hide it.
    // 2. Bug fixed to show a profit in the panel
    // 3. Add an option to use a custom comment
    // 4. Fix the News filter in the Multipair strategy
    // 5. Bug fixed to remove old Ziwox suggestion
    // 7. Add SL TP draw on chart (SlandTPcheck)
    // 8. Limit positions by pairs (TotalOrderSymbols)
    // 9. Gold strategy use Flow Trend ind
    Version 2.5 2022.10.26
    // Ver. 2.5
    // 1. Bug fixed
    Version 2.4 2022.10.26
    // Ver. 2.4
    // 1. Bug fixes for Ziwox Suggestion draw
    // 2. Bug fixed for Auto stop trading
    Version 2.3 2022.10.24
    // Ver. 2.3
    // 1. Bug fixes
    // 2. Add DD control to Total account balance
    // 3. Add new function, The Ziwox Suggestion to alert you trade or Stop trading on special pair
    Version 2.2 2022.09.06
    // Ver. 2.2
    // 1. Gold strategy parameter changed
    // 2. Bug fixes
    Version 2.1 2022.09.05
    // 1. Bug fix, better performance, and fast backtest speed
    // 2. Alarm Set System for reminder special price on special pair
    // 3. Add new Safe Martingale. work with trend and position close if trend changes.
    // 4. Add Bolinger Band strategy and Multi pairs trading system.
    // 5. Multipair Trading is ready
    // 6. Fix Lot calculate for non-USD Account
    // 7. USD news shows for all CFT symbols
    // 8. Add VIX index on EA panel
    // 9. Old News draw customized on input
    Version 2.0 2022.05.10
    // 1. Find and draw a critical/important support resistance area
    // 2. Bug fixed
    // 3. Market watch is more useful with chart timeframe trend detection and trade opportunity with color
    ///// Green color: The pair is in the Buy trend
    ///// Red color: Pair is in Sell trend
    ///// Yellow color: Pair ready to cross MA trend
    ///// Orange color: The pair is near the Strong support/Resistance level
    Version 1.9 2022.04.30
    // 1. Add High DD and Max positions Email/Notification
    // 2. Change Martingale function Lot calculation, When first position SL hit
    // 3. First position close with last martingale position with a new function (Margin Load Reduce)
    // 4. Set your SL with S hotkey, EA set your TP with your Risk/Reward ratio
    // 5. Now you can set you maximum DD allower in $ value too
    // 6. Add DrawDown control function with 2 type, STOP trading or CLOSE positions
    // 7. Add Daily target profit (if daily target reaches A stop taking a new positions until the next day)
    // 8. Multiply number for martingale set to 0
    // 0 Means, EA use Ziwox strategy to calculate lot, 0.01 > 0.02 > 0.04 > 0.06 > 0.8 > 0.1
    // And if you set another number EA use classic martingale strategy. example if you set it to 2 0.01 > 0.02 > 0.04 > 0.08 > 0.16 > 0.32
    Version 1.8 2022.04.13
    // Ver. 1.8
    // 1. Change the EA look and some BUGs for drawing Objects
    // 2. ADR analysis shows the remaining possible range on the trade panel
    // 3. H and O HotKey, to draw/hide History and Open trades
    // 4. Command changed to this list as Hotkey:
    // To open a Buy pending press Q
    // To open a Sell pending press W
    // To Set your TP press T
    // To Set your SL press S
    // To draw your trade history press H
    // To draw your open trades press O
    Version 1.7 2022.03.20
    // 1. news download file name fixed
    // 2. Freez issue fixed
    Version 1.6 2022.03.01
    // 1. Add market watch
    // 2. Profit/Loss summery
    // 3. Hide/Show the panel
    Version 1.5 2022.02.22
    // 1. Add new features in pannel, Ziwox Assistant
    // It disables the BUY or Sell Button to force you don't trade against the fundamental data :)
    // 2. Default setting set to Fund+trend Scalp Strategy
    // 3. Panel design changed with a new look
    // 4. Panel TP/SL can be set with Price too
    // 5. New command added
    // Type "pb" for pending BUY setup, AND "ps" for sell pending orders
    // 6. You can set your custom command with your Manual orders
    // 7. News BUG fixed for NFP and FOMC news event
    // 8. Bug for panel and drawing panel freezing fixed
    // 9. News source link changed
    // (Please change the HTTP to HTTPS for ec.forexprostools.com link address)
    Version 1.4 2022.01.02
    1. Bugfix for SL-TP set
    2. Showing the symbol contract size on the status bar
    Version 1.3 2021.11.27
    1. Add strategy inside the EA for trade on XAUUSD
    2. Bugfix for panel draw
    3. Some change in auto close profit (performance)
    4. Disable the trail function if you turn on the Martingale
    5. Add new feature (Risk-Free ad trail, martingal positions to more gain)

    Version 1.2 2021.09.13
    1. Draw setting fault fixed
    2. Add risk Sentiment (Risk-On risk-Off market)
    3. performance of strategies
    Version 1.1 2021.07.16
    1. Bug fix in panel toggle (show/hide)
    2. Add command for Set TP/SL and close positions.
    when you are in the EA chart, Click dell on your keyboard. EA ready to Get new command
    Commands: type "SL" to set new SL, "TP" for set position tp and "close" to close your opened position