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Stairs Up

The Stairs UP Expert Advisor trades following signals of the following indicators:

  • Regression Channel
  • Modified Stochastic

The EA looks for overbought/oversold areas in the channel, after exiting the areas it checks the Stochastic levels and additional filters. If signals match, the EA will open a position. The EA can manage and close both a single order and a series of order.

It can use a fixed risk per trade or calculate risk as a percentage of equity.

The EA can open additional deals in the trade direction. The volume of additional deals depends on the EA settings.

You can set a breakeven level.

Settings of internal indicators can also be modified in order to comply with your trading style.

An additional filter based on a selected timeframe can also improve results and reduce risk.

Expert Advisor Settings

  • Lot mode - select lot option (Fix Lot or % risk).
  • Lots - the lot value (if Fixed Lot is selected in Lot mode).
  • Maximum risk in percents - percent of initial lot (if percent of balance is selected in Lot mode).
  • Multiplier mode - method of averaging:
    • None - not used;
    • Arithmetical - Arithmetic increase (increase of each next order by the value of the initial lot);
    • Geometric - Geometric increase (multiplication of lot by "Multiplier", 0.01 and above);
  • Multiplier - parameter for "Geometric - Multiplier mode". Can be below 1, which means all next positions will be opened with a smaller lot value;
  • Max orders - maximum number of open orders.
  • Step - step between orders in points.
  • Takeprofit - take profit value in points.
  • If more than 0, stoploss of total breakeven - Stop Loss parameter.
    • If 0 - SL is not used;
    • If above zero - Stop Loss in points for each order;
    • If greater than zero, and "Use breakeven" is enabled - the value in points of total breakeven.

"============= First order ==============" - parameters of the first order.

  • First order without Takeprofit
  • First order without Stoploss
  • First order breakeven - move the first order to breakeven upon reaching Take Profit.
  • Averaging without signal - use averaging without waiting for a signal.
  • Max drawdown of first order - 0-automated.

"============= Breakeven =============" - Breakeven settings.

  • Use breakeven
  • Level Profit for breakeven
  • Level of breakeven - set Stop Loss at a number of points from the order open price.

"============= Setting indicators =============" - indicator parameters

... and other settings.

The EA is now trading with optimized settings on two accounts:

https://www.mql5.com/en/signals/175018 - on tis account, two different EA configurations are used on EURUSD M5.

https://www.mql5.com/en/signals/178077 - on this account one configuration is used combined with a filter on a higher TF.

mayamak 2017.01.23 10:51 

I using this EA for about 3 months now with profitable results. I'm using both settings that are provided by developer on Overwiev tab. Very big plus to developer that response me with update about comments to trades (version 1.6).

EA with comments is running form 23.01.2017 after month I will paste live account results form my 3 accounts (LMAX, ICMarkets and Tickmill-UK)

asaens15 2016.10.03 19:35 

Poor performance

Version 1.6 2017.01.20
- Added check for the minimum spread, for accounts with floating spread.
- Added check for the current bar volume relative to the volume weighted average volume for the last 24 hours for opening an order (not to be confused with the filter for the last full day).
- Added ability to add comments to the EA.
Version 1.4 2016.06.14
Version 1.4
Added the time filter to select the allowed EA operation time.
This filter can be used by specifying the trading start and end times.
The time is specified in the HH:MM format.
It is also possible to set the time passing through the midnight (start trading at 23:00, and stop trading at 07:00).