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MaRs1 is a fully automated trading robot. It trades by support/resistance levels.

You can test it on a real account for only $10 within a single month.
  • 0.1 lot per $1 000 or (1 000 cent)
  • For London and the American trading sessions.
  • No martingale.
  • The EA works with all brokers.
  • Timeframe - М5, however, you can optimize the EA for any other.

See the Signals section of my Profile to find out how the robot works on a real account.

 Real account monitoring: https://www.mql5.com/en/signals/145403

VPS is recommended.

The EA can work on several symbols simultaneously (Magic should be different for each currency pair).

The default settings are for the EURUSD pair.


  • Use_Timing - time to enable the EA
  • Start_Hour - operation start (hour of the terminal time)
  • Start_Minuts - operation start (minutes of the terminal time)
  • Stop_Hour - operation end (hour of the terminal time)
  • Stop_Minuts - operation end (minutes of the terminal time)

Настройки индикатора

  • Shift_50_levels - shift of the entry levels relative to the channel center


  • USE_TS - use standard Trailing Stop (the default is "true")
  • TS_Pips - trailing distance - distance from the price covered by a stop order
  • TS_Start - level to start trailing (0 - disable)
  • TS_Step - trailing step - number of points to start trailing stop
  • TS_Modific - standard Trailing Stop (0 - standard - takes effect immediately after opening an order), (1 - takes effect after moving an order to breakeven ("Break_Even_At"))

Break_Even_Param (moving an order to breakeven)

  • USE_Break_Even - enable breakeven
  • Break_Even_At - amount of points, after which an order is moved to breakeven
  • Break_Even_Pips - profit remained after the order has been moved to breakeven

Trade settings

  • NewBarTrade - trade on a new bar (true) or on ticks (false)
  • USE_FilterSignal - use the entry field
  • CloseFilterSignal - close an order by a filter signal
  • CloseSignalLevels - close orders by level signals
  • Tp - TakeProfit (0 - disabled, closed by levels)
  • Sl - StopLoss (0 - disabled, closed by levels)


  • Auto_4_digits - automated conversion from 5-digit quotes to 4-digit quotes
  • OpenPlay - activate a signal when opening
  • Magic - magic number
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Version 2.0 - 2015.12.18
Added spread and slippage control and the ability to trade with a specified deposit percentage.