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Crazy Speed Scalper

Crazy Speed Scalper is a fully automated Expert Advisor that works by observing speed of price movements, RSI and Moving Average.

How It Works?

Crazy Scalper uses RSI and MA combining them with a price movement speed. This EA works by observing the speed price movement in each candle to look for entry points.

Below is a logic for an entry or exit point:

Entry Point

  • Logic Order Buy: If bullish candle with Speed price movements more than minimum speed, and RSI more than 70 and Bid prices more than EMA.
  • Logic Order Sell: If bearish candle with Speed price movements more than minimum speed, and RSI less than 35 and Bid prices less than EMA.

Close Order

For an exit point, you can use a standart take profit and stop loss with a breakeven or you can use a trailing stop method.


  • Not all brokers are suited to run this EA.
  • Only a broker with a low spread and order execution time of less than 100 milliseconds.
  • This EA is newly developed and has not been tested in the demo/real account.


  • 5 or 4-digit broker.
  • It is recommended to use an ECN broker with a low spread and fast execution.
  • The minimum leverage is 1:200.


  • Comment EA - order comment.
  • Fixed Lots - only used if UseMM (money management) is set to false.
  • Magic Number - any number that differs from other EA's numbers running at the same time.
  • Slippage - order slippage.
  • Take Profit - take profit in points.
  • Stop Loss - stop loss in points.
  • UseMM - money management.
  • Risk - risk setting in percentage of the balance, for 10.0 the risk is 10% of the balance.
  • Min Speed - minimum speed to open an order; set it between 10-20.
  • Use Trailling - set it to true to use trailing.
  • Start Trailling - distance from an order price to start trailing (in points).
  • Step Trailling - distance from the current price to trailing (in points).
  • Use Lock Profit - set it to true if you want to lock position when in profit.
  • Lock After Point - distance from an order price to a lock.
  • Distance lock - distance from the current price to a lock.
  • Start Hour - trading start hour.
  • Stop Hour - trading stop hour.
2015.11.26 08:12 

I regret buying this scalper. Waste of money, Aqus is a hopeless loser who offers no support and the scalper is a bigger loser than this guy, waste of time and money , !!! Do not deal with him, period.

jinhee Lee
2015.11.18 20:18 

After 3 days live forward testing, I found it works great as expected it to. Very profitable!

Edit: 2 weeks later, it continuously lose but gain is more than loss till now. But I won't use it any longer. Don't buy this EA because I'm not sure about this EA till now and the author doesn't reply to any question about this EA.

2015.11.09 09:26 

Testing toy in reality is selling at a loss.