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GOOD SANTA for MT5 is an automated trading scalping system. All operations are automated. Minimum settings. Maximum capacity.

You do not need to reflect on the eternal question of how to set up an Expert Advisor. Run the EA on an account, and it will do the rest.

The complete instructions are provided in our blog.

Version for the МТ4 terminal: Exp - GOOD SANTA MT4

This Expert Advisor is based on TickSniper. It has only basic parameters available. Parameters for fine tuning are built-in the code and not available for editing. If you want to adjust all the settings, please purchase TickSniper. It has all the parameters available for editing.

Monitoring work of our experts

The Expert Advisor automatically adjusts to a selected currency pair. In external variables, you can choose the lot or set auto-lot, as well as the trading level: EASY - MEDIUM - HARD. The EA also features a function of operation by time.

  1. EASY – fewer trades, less drawdown, more accurate entry.
  2. MEDIUM – the golden mean. A reasonable ratio of profitable trades and drawdown.
  3. HARD – many trades, risky drawdown, less accurate entry.
  4. CRAZY – trade level with a large number of trades in a small time interval with the use of martingale.
  • Trading strategy – scalping with averaging elements, stop loss and trailing stop.
  • The number of trades per month - depending in your broker's quoting speed: from 10 to 10000.
  • Recommended conditions - floating spread, no commission, no ECN.
  • Recommended deposit - from 100 USD per 0.01 lots. Recommended - $1000.
  • Recommended currency pairs - any. Preferably – flat.
  • TF - does not matter.

Before you buy the EA, please test it on a demo account of your broker. The EA is not intended for the tester! Its operation is based on the fast price movement which is not possible in the strategy tester.


  1. Before purchasing, please download the demo version and attach it to a demo or real account with USDJPY. Check performance capabilities of the system on your broker's server.
  2. The EA works not on all brokers! It depends on the speed of quotes in the terminal. You can download the demo version.
  3. The EA does not work on accounts with commissions. A commission can eat up the whole profit. Zero spread is prohibited for the system.
  4. The EA is tested on a floating spread. The system can work incorrectly on fixed spread!
  5. The tester has a fixed spread. So, tester and real trading results may differ.
  6. The EA operation is based on spread increase or decrease, as well as quote rate. Therefore, the results may be different at different brokers.
  7. The EA uses averaging and stop loss. Averaging triggers in every 50 spreads from the previous position. Stop loss = 250 spreads.
  8. This is a scalper EA: trades may be closed within the range of 1 - 8 888 888 888 pips.
  9. Recommended deposit: minimum of $100 per 0.01, but we recommend $1,000 per 0.01 lots.
  10. While testing the EA on your broker's server, make sure that your deposit can withstand the average annual symbol price movement.
  11. Re-invest your funds, withdraw your profits in time and manage your money.
  12. Forex is a risky business. Make sure to learn the basics before you start trading.
  13. The EA is fully automated.
  14. A small deposit leads to a huge drawdown.
  15. Today's profits do not guarantee future ones. Forex is unpredictable.
  16. While suffering a loss today, you may make a profit later.
10971108 2018.09.05 14:41 

son los peores 100 dólares que me he gastado, i want my money back!!!!!!!!!!

Дмитрий К
Дмитрий К 2018.03.26 16:28 

Der Benutzer hat keinen Kommentar hinterlassen

Scott Wilson
Scott Wilson 2017.10.24 16:03 

Great EA - I used this with 3 pairs at 0.03 lot per pair and made back the purchase price in 6 weeks. Good support from the author.

JCF 2016.07.01 09:54 

La demo en prueba funciona genial, al operar en real funciona diferente y mal! Asesor experto engañoso!!

The demo test works great, but when operating in real, the EA works different and wrong! Expert Advisor misleading!!

Guido Stiel
Guido Stiel 2016.01.11 15:55   

I like the EA very much, it is very profitable. I use it with 10 currency pairs and always minimum lot (0.01). Drawdown is small, you have to careful especially with GBPUSD, NZDUSD and USDCAD as they are very trendy, meaning the EA is averaging a lot so you need some capital. I would recommend 1000 USD per pair with minimum lot. Let it run and it will give you a good amount of money back. Vladislav always gives quick response, which is also very usefull and gives faith to the system.

Eugeny Kotovschikov
Eugeny Kotovschikov 2015.06.26 22:04 

Отличный советник, сначала купил на 1н месяц, потом купил полную версию (маловато стало). Единственное, чтобы я бы добавил, это возможность отключить троллинг и включать свои TP...

Vasily Sumanov
Vasily Sumanov 2015.05.22 23:26   

Арендовал сегодня на месяц, поставил на демку, - из-за того, что стоп лос не настраивается - сливает просто в помойку! Так что новичкам не подходит - сначала программист должен его доработать - нужно в явном виде поставить параметр стоп-лоса для установки в начале!!!

ANDHUPP 2015.05.01 12:27 

Nice EA! Once it works also with averaging is recommended not use more than 0.01 lot per US$ 1000.00 in account.


Megatrader777 2015.03.05 09:12 

Хороший эксперт. Для новичков самое то. Ничего настраивать не нужно.

На сто долларов торговля идет слабо. Поставил 300 долларов торговля оживилась. +26$ за вчера.

Перед тем как поставить на реал - нужно поставить на демку и протестировать несколько валютных пар. Можно все на депозите 10 000 долларов минимальным лотом.

После теста - определить самые выгодные валютные пары и ставить их на реал.

В целом советник полностью оправдывает надежды.

Есть просадка на маленьких депозитах. Это и понятно. Здесь усреднение.

Алгоритм очень прибыльный. Хотелось бы еще доработать по моим функциям. Владислав идет на встречу!

Version 19.325 2019.03.25
- EAPADPRO v27 update
 - Fixed the error of obtaining the average spread when opening a new bar on some currency pairs (when Ask and Bid = 0).
Version 19.103 2019.01.05
- Update EAPADPRO v 25
- Additional languages ​​added to the panel: Spanish, Portuguese (Brazil), German, Chinese, Japanese;
   The translation was made using the GOOGLE Translator + MQL + Terminal site!
   If you find an error in your language, please report it in messages. Thank!
 - Increase the speed of the panel;
 - Updating data on the block "Profit by Date" works 1 time in 5 minutes to save computer resources;
 - Fixed "duplication" of lines in the help and greeting;
 - Automatic closing of the panel 3 hours after the last use to save computer resources;
 - Automatic closing of the panel on the VPS from METAQUOTES to save resources MQL VPS;
 - Added the ability to Collapse / Expand the panel when you double-click on the window title (Analog Windows);
 - By default, we collapsed the Extra Buttons block;
Version 18.991 2018.12.21
- Update EAPADPRO panel to v23 version
- Added a control unit and control the speed of the quotes and the speed of testing.
- Added block output table open deals and positions.
Version 18.946 2018.10.23
EA works on the movement of currency pair quotes.
An important parameter of the system is the spread.
A zero spread is prohibited for the program.
In this version, the adviser brings the average spread to 1 if the spread on the server is 0.
This allows you to avoid erroneous opening positions with an average value of 0!
-------------------------------------------------- -------------------------------------------------- ------------
For your convenience, we have added a brief description of the parameters in the table of external variables and expert settings.

Update panel EAPAPDPRO v21:
-Graphics improvements.
-Added tooltips.
-Added information about the ban on trade for various reasons.
Version 18.830 2018.08.30
Version 18.828 2018.08.28
New version
Version 18.820 2018.08.20
Upgrade the EAPADPRO to version 20.
Version 18.7 2018.05.03
General improvements
Version 18.6 2018.04.17
Added new feature:
Use the original calculation of commission and swap when enabling the functions: Breakeven, Trailing Stop, Averaging.

The original commission calculation is based on the formula for calculating the value of 1 point from the open positions on a given symbol and magic number. Negative swap and commission are taken into account during calculations. The function returns the value of the negative swap and commission in points, and considers this when working with breakeven and trailing stop.

Note: if your broker has a floating spread, commission is calculated and set during the operation of the breakeven and trailing stop functions, but the spread may increase, leading to additional loss points. This is not a calculation error!
Also, note that when a swap occurs, the EA recalculates the breakeven line and sets new stop loss levels is the server allows it (restriction on the minimum Stop Level of your broker). If the server does not allow setting breakeven and returns the minimum stop level error, the EA will be unable to modify the position and additional loss points may be received.

In order to avoid losses when using accounts with commission and when receiving a negative swap, it is recommended to increase the distance of the breakeven or trailing stop.

The breakeven level (LevelWLoss/LevelWLossMANUAL) can be calculated manually, taking the commission into account.
For example: commission for opening and closing position = 2 USD (EURUSD) per 1 lot. So, in order to cover the loss on the commission, it is necessary to set LevelWLossMANUAL = 2 (points) + 1 (confirming) = 3 points.
Thus, the EA sets breakeven to +3 points, which in turn will cover the loss on the commission.

- Added a special mode to the breakeven function through the LevelWLossMANUAL parameter
When LevelWLossMANUAL = 0, the breakeven point is calculated based on the current spread. This allows making the breakeven level dynamic and closing with the minimum profit of 1 spread. If the position's profit increases, trailing stop comes into play.
(This mode worked in previous versions of the expert)
If LevelWLossMANUAL = 1, the EA will set breakeven to 1 point!

To the Last Price information output block:
Added the number of points till the next averaging. Indicated in brackets from the last opening price.
To the Aver Price information output block:
Added the amount of commission and swap in points.

The CloseByMa function has been divided into 3 types of closing:
False=0 - the EA does not close positions when the MA direction changes.
OnlySignal=1 - when the MA direction changes, the EA closes only when one main signal position is open. There should be no averaging positions open.
SignalAverage=2 - when the MA direction changes, the EA closes all positions, including averaging positions.
Version 18.3 2018.03.08
- Update for the information panel EAPADPRO v2.0;
- The code of the EA has been optimized to receive a large number of signals;
- Increased the EA operation speed;
- Updated work with a small spread;
- Updated the operation of averaging;
- Updated the commission calculation algorithm;
- Updated the average spread calculation algorithm;
- Updated the operation by bars, now the EA is able to perform multiple deals if a signal is repeated on 1 bar.
Version 17.525 2017.05.29
- Fixed the trailing stop error when there are positions in different directions.
- Improved the operation of the Set_StopLoss_to_the_next_profitable_position_level
- Improved the operation of the Averager
Version 17.501 2017.05.03
Fixed an error with position averaging when trading multiple symbols with the same magic number simultaneously
Version 17.330 2017.04.05
- Увеличена скорость обработки алгоритма в сторону производительности и получения сигналов.

- В блок EAPADPRO добавлен параметр SecondsToRefresh - частота обновления информации на графике (по умолчанию 10 секунд). Это сделано для того, чтобы не загружать процессор вашего компьютера.

- Добавлена опция Set_StopLoss_to_the_next_profitable_position_level. Данная опция, при ее включении, следит за открытыми позициями и переносит Стоп Лосс на следующие прибыльные уровни. Если советник открывает направление BUY, но цена идет против позиции, открываются 3 позиции усреднения на уровнях ниже. Далее цена идет по направлению, но еще не цепляет среднюю линию для включения трейлинг стопа. И если цена прошла уровень открытия 2 нижней позиции, новая опция включает перенос Стоп Лосса самой нижней позиции на уровень безубытка. А если цена проходит уровень 3 нижней позиции, тогда Стоп Лосс первой позиции будет уже равен = уровню открытия 2 позиции. А Стоп Лосс 2 позиции = цене открытия этой позиции, и так далее. Если цена зацепит и пойдет вниз, 2 позиции сработают в безубыток и прибыль. И советник снова откроет позиции усреднения по алгоритму. Но мы уже зафиксируем 2 прибыльные сделки.

- Исправлена ошибка безубытка для счетов, где уровень стопов = 0.

- Добавлена автоматическая функция уровня спреда. На счетах с комиссией из-за маленького спреда советник может выставлять слишком маленькие уровни. При этом на панели управления EAPADPRO будет появляться надпись Low. Данная функция защищает советника от использования на маленьком спреде и позволяет нивелировать разницу между "нормальной торговлей" и торговлей на счетах с "маленьким спредом"

- Добавлена поддержка валют депозита для Автолота, отличных от EUR USD RUB

- Добавлен параметр RiskRate - курс вашей валюты по отношению к доллару. По умолчанию RiskRate = 0 означает, что советник будет пытаться найти правильный курс в "Обзоре рынка". Для того чтобы автолот работал адекватно с всеми валютными парами, вам необходимо включить в "Обзоре рынка" опцию "Показать все" валютные пары.
Version 17.307 2017.03.10
Opened parameter PercentDDMAX
Version 17.224 2017.03.01
Update of the "Averaging" block for the Brazilian market
Version 17.211 2017.02.20
Global update 2017

- Improved the signal detection system. Fully revised the algorithm for obtaining signals.
- Fully revised the function for determining the average spread.
Note: During the first 20 seconds the EA does not trade, but collects information!
This done to average the floating spread of your broker and to avoid false signals during significant fluctuations in the spread values.
This option is disabled for fixed spreads.
- Updated the calculation of averaging and the MaxOrders parameter for hedging accounts.
- Algorithm for signal calculations will be disabled when the trading time (Time Traiding) is disabled in order to increase the testing speed of the EA.
- Removed timer from the EA code, due to the unstable operation of the timer.
- When using trading by time, the calculation of the signals logic is stopped at non-trading time in order to increase the algorithm operation speed.
- Added the ReverseSignal parameter - reverses the strategy signals when enabled.

Note: When enabled, the МА filter is also reversed
- Added the Magic parameter (Other Settings block) - default values is -1 (for maintaining old positions without magic). If there are no existing positions, you may use a unique magic number.
- Added support for rouble accounts for calculation of the automatic lot in DynamicLot
- Added the EAPADPRO information panel
Details on the panel in our blog: http://www.expforex.com/publ....1-0-153
or https://www.mql5.com/ru/blogs/post/687140
Moved the technical information on the strategy to the Strategy block. Its details are not disclosed. This block helps in studying the market and subsequent signals
Version 17.12 2016.11.24
In the previous version I mistakenly attached the TickSniper Expert Advisor
Version 17.11 2016.11.15
Code optimized in order to reduce CPU load.
Added support for the EA operation on the Brazilian market.
Added automated calculation of commission and swap in the Trailing Stop and Breakeven functions.
Now Trailing Stop will only trigger when the position covers charged commission.
Version 16.955 2016.11.02
Fixed MovingInWLUSE breakeven error, where Stop Loss could be ranging between the breakeven level and an activated trailing stop.
Version 16.940 2016.10.24
The EA can work on Hedging and Netting accounts.
Improved the operation of trailing stop and stop loss modification.
Version 16.321 2016.03.28
Added Rounding parameter:
Without rounding - place stop orders without rounding
To 1 digit - rounding by 1 digit. For example, if Stoploss= 1.23456, the trade will be opened with a stop loss of 1.23450
To 2 digits - rounding by 2 digits. For example, if Stoploss= 1.23456, the trade will be opened with a stop loss of 1.23400
Version 16.105 2016.01.06
Added the variables:
DistanceAverageSpred - number of spreads of the currency pair for placing additional orders relative to the main position.
TrailingStopaTickSpred - number of spreads of the currency pair for setting the Trailing Stop. Once the position profit becomes greater than or equal to TrailingStopaTickSpred (in points), the system starts trailing the stop loss. The Take Profit will in this case be set to zero.
LotsMartin - increase the volume of the next additional trade according to the Martingale principle.
MaxOrders - number of averaging deals.
StoplossTickSpred - Stop Loss of deal in spreads.
Version 15.992 2015.12.23
Added automatic detection of the order filling type.
Version 15.991 2015.12.17
The maximum number of averagings has been set = 5.
Version 15.804 2015.08.05
Revised the EA signal levels.




// SlowQuotesBroker

Version 15.701 2015.07.02
Added parameters
TrailingStopUSE - enable trailing stop of positions
SpreadToNotTrade - maximum spread for trading. If the current spread exceeds this value, the EA will skip signals.
Version 15.601 2015.06.25
Added Scalping trading type.
Positions are opened by a signal (Medium) without averaging.
Stop loss is set at the minimum possible distance. After a position becomes profitable, a trailing stop starts working at the minimum distance from the price.
Version 15.406 2015.04.07
When you minimize the window to a minimal size, the Santa image gets hidden from the screen. This saves chart space.
Version 15.325 2015.03.25
Added a new parameter "typeorder" - type of trade:
- only Buy
- only Sell
- Buy and Sell
Version 15.316 2015.03.19
New parameter
CommentToOrder - Comments To Open Orders