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DO IT - it is a Secure Automated Software for generation of daily profits for Forex market and indices.
The architecture is a Fully Automatic Autonomous Robot Expert capable of
⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐   independently analyzing the market and making trading decisions   ⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐

The Trading system is Multi-currency and is able to trade on charts:  EURUSD,DAX30, GOLD, USDJPY, SPX500

🔥  How to check the DO IT system correctly   🔥

🔥  The Best and Latest settings for DO IT EA   🔥 

🔥  You can additionally contact me Instagram 🔥 

💎  NOT  Martingale! NOT GRID, Averaging and other dangerous strategies are NOT used! 💎

⚡  DOIT this is a full compliance with the FIFO method ! ⚡ 

👍  The DEFAULT settings are for EURUSD H1 and GMT=2 (winter time) DST=None 

MyFxBook Strategies :   www.myfxbook.com/strategies/do-it-ea-mql5com/188053

The trading system is suitable both for experienced traders and beginners !    

  • ⭐ DO IT Expert uses only pending orders on the broker's server, which initially reduces the degree of risk through delays and slippages.
  • ⭐ The System has a built-in protection against increased broker Slippage
  • ⭐ DOIT Has a built-in protection against large broker Spreads
  • ⭐ The trading system Does Not leave Deals on Weekends
  • ⭐ Each trade has a fixed StopLoss, each deal observes the expiration time. Each deal contains protection against slippage and spread fluctuations in the market.
  • ⭐ The system does not use risky strategies such as Grid or martingale. No more than one trade can be executed for each currency pair.
  • ⭐ DO IT System trades during certain working hours when the market is most profitable!
  • ⭐ The trading system uses a searching mechanism for the most concentrated prices in the market, it allows you to predict the behavior of the market by 95% !

Input parameters


  • Allowable broker spread - maximum allowable working spread for the broker, spread protection
  • Allowable broker slippage - the maximum allowed slippage for each trade, if the slippage is greater, the trade will be completed
  • Broker GMT - fixed broker GMT (winter time GMT=2)
  • Show Info Panel - Enable Info Panel
D E P O S I T    L O A D 
  • RISK - Deposit loading for one transaction
  • Fixed Lot Size - fixed position size
  • Fixed StopLoss - fixed StopLoss
S M A R T    T R A I L I N G    S T O P 

  • Enable Fixed Profit  - enable Fixed profit taking
  • Fixed Profit for deal - fixed minimum profit for each trade
  • Trailing Start Profit - minimum profit to start Trailing
  • Trailing Step - trailing step
W O R K I N G    H O U R S 
  • Monday start hour - start time Monday morning
  • Friday stop hour - end time Friday night
  • Start hour - daily trading start time
  • End hour - daily trading end time

M O R E    S E T T I N G S

  • Personal comments on deals  - personal comments on transactions
  • Unique deals number - unique identifier for transactions

D E V I A T I O N 

  • Step Moving BUY -  deviation for BUY trades
  • Step Moving SELL  - deviation for SELL trades
  • Step Distance for BUY  - accepted channel deviation for BUY trades
  • Step Distance for SELL  - accepted channel deviation for SELL trades
  • Deviation for BUY -  horizontal market offset for BUY trades
  • Deviation for SELL - horizontal market offset for SELL trades

O P T I M I Z A T I O N  

  • Period ATR BUY -  ATR period to optimize the orders of the BUY type
  • Parabolic Step BUY -  Parabolic step to optimize BUY orders
  • Period ATR SELL - ATR period to optimize SELL orders
  • Parabolic Step SELL - Parabolic step to optimize SELL orders
Eduardo Calo
Eduardo Calo 2020.01.19 14:44 

Very good EA by the moment, it is my second week and nice results. The programmer Ildar is a really good person always helping us. Thanks

soccernacca11 2020.01.18 14:49 

The EA has thus far working great similar to backtesting.

the developer is incredibly responsive and helpful as he assisted me with my settings initially. Hard to find that type of support. I am fortunate to come Across this - thanks Ildar!

Marcin Pakulski
Marcin Pakulski 2020.01.17 18:32 

My first week: 12 trades, all in profit, +3% with low risk settings. Perfect support from the seller. I fully recomend buying the EA

RobotGrail 2020.01.17 14:18 

Учитывая мой большой опыт,советников много повидал есть с чем сравнить ! У этого робота очень понравилась стратегия торговли !

Поддержка автора - это вообще фантастика,он даже в выходные готов помочь по любому вопросу,индивидуальный подход,подскажет какой брокер лучше,setы сделает индивидуальные, видно как он дорожит репутацией! Этот продавец заинтересован в успехе каждого его клиента !

Настоятельно советую купить у него робота ! Для меня это были большие деньги но не жалею !

Forex Monkey
Forex Monkey 2020.01.16 07:11 

Very profitable EA. I love the risk control of this EA.

It won't blow your account for sure if use the default settings.

Traded with live ECN account for a week. It made 10% profit already.

The seller is so helpful as well.

jamal hamdan
jamal hamdan 2020.01.15 14:21 

trusted Seller Helpful i buy The Ea and i dont know the settings and Kabirov login my Vps And he did everything for me Thanks for you Kabirov

Rakesh Kumar
Rakesh Kumar 2020.01.14 02:39 

Very unique EA. I discovered this GEM after spending 2 years on mlq5 -spending thousands of pounds on several EA's /signals/scalpers.

With DO IT -11 trades so far all in Profit. Very thoughtful EA who knows more when NOT to trade.

Author is a thorough gentleman who is very keen to help.Helped me twice remotely when requested to do so.

This EA is highly recommended.

kup235 2020.01.11 09:59 

This ea is the best that i ever seen, one week 10 trades, 10 profits, so for me its impossibe to be better.

The author is very very professional, help me to setting all on my vps, this is the EA that all people are looking for.

miracle222 2020.01.09 15:38 

Very helpful seller, i had some adjustment problem on my broker platform due to the bug in the system and the seller is react quickly help to solved the problem. The problem did make some loses to my account and the seller are willing to compensate the amount. The EA is now start to have profits trades.

will update with results when i have some.

Kad Mech
Kad Mech 2020.01.07 21:20 

Thanks to the author, good service, I had an adjustment problem and it was resolved very quickly. concerning profitability to be seen over time! I trust

Haoyu Du
Haoyu Du 2020.01.04 20:45 

Why is it so slow for all ea on these platforms to make money? The money earned in a month is not as good as my manual operation in a day, but this ea is the best among ea

pasensio72 2019.12.30 00:01   

Why don't I get the upper left information screen?


Kwok Fung Chan
Kwok Fung Chan 2019.12.23 06:35   

I use my own settings.

Dominik S
Dominik S 2019.12.20 16:30 

I purchased that EA and testing it on a live account. I had a technical issue on my side, but the developer was able to logon and correct it and now I am up and running. I will post results in the next few weeks after the holidays.

Xymeca 2019.12.18 00:12 

Lo acabo de comprar , en el backtest se ve muy bueno y con bajo DD , el creador ayuda mucho y resuelve todas las preguntas que tenga uno , cuando lleve 3 semanas compartiré mis resultados por aquí.

18/01/2020 El EA es excelente , lo resultados en el backtest son muy parecido a la vida real , desde que lo compre ya e obtenido mas del 20 % de profit , Recomiendo este EA , para mi es el mejor en mql5.

Patrolea Florin
Patrolea Florin 2019.12.13 17:20 

Just purchased this EA. Looks promising, and the author is there to help with everything, from original set up to follow up questions. Will also update with results when I have some.

Albert Gommeren
Albert Gommeren 2019.12.13 02:28 

Very helpful seller; Ildar is very responsive to enquiries and is an allround good guy. Great original concept this project.

Will update with results once I have a decent sample.

rrayzz 2019.12.03 22:00 

The author is very friendly and dedicated to his EA it's efficient resource usage and very stable. Started running this week. 2 days on 10% profit very promising!. Will forward test on more in different situations and risk settings. Looking forward to more pairs and indices. Great work Ildar!!

13/12 update. system working great quite profitable trades follow the same as signal authors signal++++

09/01/2020 started trading this week again very profitable!

Versión 5.88 2020.01.21
Added reverse adaptation for brokers with large spreads
Added Automatic adjustment of micro settings for all brokers
Versión 5.77 2020.01.13
Added correction for Trailing and Break even for large spreads
Fixed graphical issues For virtual Trailing
Added adjustment for a large spread for brokers with a large StopLevel level (more than 5 points)
Versión 5.55 2020.01.13
Added an additional correction for bad brokers with a spread of more than 5 points
Added level correction for brokers with a large spread
Versión 5.45 2020.01.09
Added virtual Trailing
Added protection for brokers with StopLevel, FreezeLevel restrictions
Added additional protection and adjustment for brokers with high average spreads
Fixed graphic bug with InfoPanel frame
Versión 4.95 2019.12.30
Graphic changes
Versión 4.90 2019.12.30
Fixed the graphical panel, now it is always displayed
Added average spread calculation and efficiency estimation
Added the ability to use only one transaction for specific users
Versión 3.57 2019.12.24
Added graphical panel if Christmas trading is disabled
Added option to enable trading on Christmas holidays
Versión 3.47 2019.12.17
Fixed a rare bug when determining historical volumes for more than 50 hours
Versión 3.17 2019.12.12
added ability to trade for SPX500
added a new type of trading using a loop
added new risk types for large accounts
added new settings for SPX500
Versión 2.27 2019.12.09
Fixed calculation of minimum position for GER30 indices
Versión 2.17 2019.12.05
added better settings for EURUSD
added the ability to trade on GER30
fixed graphics
graphics fixed a typo when adding the dashboard
standard settings for EURUSD H1 GMT=2
Versión 2.16 2019.12.05
Corrected a typo in the description
Versión 2.15 2019.12.05
added better settings for EURUSD
added the ability to trade on GER30
fixed graphics
standard settings for GMT=2