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The expert advisor ONE TREND was developed by traders with over 10 years of experience in the FOREX market, with special focus on the EURUSD pair. The system operates in favor of the trend, and ability to adapt if there is a sudden change in the main trend, thus protecting potential loss orders. We recommend using the supplied parameters, in an account with an initial capital of $ 1,000. If you want to test new values ​​must do so first in a demo account.

As a future project, we will incorporate new features that can make ONE TREND even more lucrative.


  1. LOTS - sets the initial lot size according to the maximum risk;
  2. MAXIMUM RISK - factor that defines the maximum risk capital in each trade, directly affects the value of the lot;
  3. DECREASE FACTOR - factor to reduce the lot if there is a losing trade;
  4. ALL POSITIONS = false - used to control only the orders of the EA;
  5. PROFIT TRAILING = true - used to activate the trailing stop;
  6. TRAILING STOP - value to activate the trailing stop;
  7. TRAILING STEP - increment value of the trailing step;
  8. STOP LOSS - value of stop loss;
  9. TAKE PROFIT - value of the take profit;
  10. MAGIC - single number to track the orders of the EA;

Use ONE TREND on 1 Hour Chart in pair EURUSD

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Version 2.0 - 2015.06.24
Version 2:

- included icon image;
- fix bug to correct calculate microlot(0.01).