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Time trader

Time trader opens a trade at the time specified in its user settings with the ability to set take profit, stop loss and trade type. You can select whether the trade should be buy, sell or both in which case it will open both buy and sell for hedging based strategies. If neither trade type is set to true then it wont trade. For the stops, if a parameter is set to 0 then that wont be set on the trade. The EA settings are explained below:

  • Lots — Lot size for trading.
  • TakeProfit/StopLoss — Values for stop loss and take profit.
  • Slip — Slippage value.
  • AllowBuy — If set to true, the EA will open a buy trade.
  • AllowSell — If set to true, the EA will open a sell trade.
  • TradeTime — The time of which the EA should open the trade.
  • DelayMinutesAfterTrade — The EA will pause for this amount of minutes after opening a trade.
  • MagicNumber — Ensure each EA instance has a different magic number if running multiple instances on the same currency pair.
Oksana Machok
2017.02.08 14:14 

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Ovidiu Caslariu
2016.05.08 12:23 

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Manea Marian
2015.09.25 07:56 

Hello, i tried to set time to daily open ( 0:0, 0:0:20, 0:1 ) and nothing, why ?! no errors....

If i try 23:59:55 is ok but i have swap charge.....